With all the holidays to remember and new ones being added every now and then, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. And because there are tons of eCommerce hustlers out there and the competition is fierce, we’ve decided to gather all the main eCommerce holidays worldwide to keep in mind this 2024. We bring you the 2024 eCommerce holiday calendar to keep on your side.

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Needless to say, at Placeit by Envato, we use this calendar too! So we decided to share our calendar with you! Review month by month what you can expect from this year.  

Get on top of every holiday by keeping this eCommerce calendar on your side to get and plan ahead for your shops. By getting ahead of each holiday season, you can plan your campaigns, products, designs, sales, and more. Pick those holidays that align with your brand and audience and prepare your strategy. 

Download this calendar to add to your own, and you’ll never miss a holiday again! Simply add this calendar to your own personal Google calendar, and you’ll never miss a date again.

Give Yourself a Fresh Start With This 2024 Calendar

💡 Pro Tip: When following your calendar and creating your marketing strategies, there are a few highlights to stick to: Holidays, Cultural Events, & Product Releases.
Getting to know your customers is key to providing what they are looking for.


1 - New Year's Eve

Start the year fresh with new designs that appeal to new audiences too! This is a perfect time to plan out your yearly goals for your e-commerce brand.  

New Year’s Day is the best date to plan your marketing goals, especially for health, wellness, and sports brands. Use this date to launch brand-awareness campaigns to target new and existing customers. 

🎉 Dominate 2024 by Crafting New Year Marketing Campaigns

2 - Science Fiction Day

This is a great day to promote all sci-fi & comics designs and products your brand may have. You can promote products from your all-time favorite Sci-fi movies and books.

13 - National Sticker Day

We love stickers because they can say so many things! So, if you love them too, be present on this day and create stunning sticker designs, or get the best sticker mockups

15 - National Hat Day

The perfect time to promote your hats and make some creative discounts for all your customers to get excited. 

15 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Time to show your support with empowering designs for racial justice and to promote kindness. You can either get the message out on your social media or promote special products this day.  

Nerd Girl With Braids Wearing A T Shirt Mockup And Glasses
Sticker Design Creator Featuring An Alien At Its Office

21 - National Hugging Day

Hugs are a symbol of love, care, and affection. Join this unique celebration by sharing heartfelt and positive messages your audience can share with their loved ones!

24 - National Compliment Day

Spread the love with positive designs and promote positivity and kindness on social media as well!

26 - Australia Day

Visit the Australia Day Official Site to get ready for tons of celebrations, parades, BBQs, fireworks, and more. 

26 - National Spouse's Day (USA & UK)

There are tons of ways to say “I love you” to your significant other! Celebrate this joyful occasion with charming designs you can add to gifts such as t-shirts, mugs, and pillows. 

26 - Republic Day (India)

Independence holiday in India celebrating the Constitution that came into effect in 1950 that turned India into a newly formed republic. 

✨🇮🇳 Looking for more graphic resources for the rest of the year? Then don’t miss out on our beautiful Indian designs compilation. 

Spread the love with positive designs and promote positivity and kindness on social media as well!

31 - Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

This day calls for a dash of creativity! Why not boost your online presence by sharing stunning illustrations, designs, and videos that showcase your brand’s artistic flair? Think of your social media as your dazzling and unique canvas. 🎨✨


Black History Month

Also known as African-American History Month, this celebration recognizes important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. It’s the perfect time to get all your support out there with honoring designs and messages. 

Colorful Instagram Story Generator With A Black History Month Quote
Black History Month Themed Instagram Story Video Maker
Back View Mockup Of A Man Wearing A Sweatshirt With Customizable Sleeves At A Studio
Black History Month

2 - Groundhog Day

Traditional day in which groundhogs come out of their burrows to predict the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Typically Americans use this unofficial holiday to get some sales for their brands.

4 - World Cancer Awareness Day

Support everyone going through a rough time with supportive messages and bring out all your cancer awareness merch. You can also use your designs to raise money for an event, a non-profit, and so on. 

Iphone Xs Max Mockup Of A Girl In Ripped Jeans Against A Blue Marble Wall

💡 Pro Tip: These kinds of days give your brand the opportunity to tell a story. Telling stories is how we humanize a brand and connect with our audiences, which in the end is everything for engagement!

8 - Boy Scout Day

Boy Scouts promote values such as leadership, hard work, and loyalty. Embrace their spirit by collaborating with local organizations or joining initiatives that show your brand’s support to the community. 

9 - Pizza Day

Make designs for all those pizza lovers out there (so basically anyone, right?)

10 - Carnaval do Brasil

Get ready for the biggest carnival in Brazil with +30 Brazil shirts and carnival templates! 🎉💃🇧🇷 Let’s dance to the samba music and put your brand in the spotlight!

10 - Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year’s festival celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional lunar Chinese calendar. If it applies to your customers, you can get festive designs and promotions to acknowledge this day with a top-tier seasonal campaign.

Hoodie Mockup Of A Woman Wearing Cool Rose Colored Glasses

11 - Super Bowl LVIII

All football fans are awakened this Sunday. You can’t sell official designs but you can create super bowl-inspired merch. Be aware of trademarks! Also, this is a great time to offer special discounts.

Instagram Post Creator For A Football Night Promo At A Sports Bar

13 - Galentine's Day

Love is in the air! But wait, it’s not just for romantic partners. Instead, it’s about all the incredible buddies and pals that make everyone’s lives brighter. This is a great opportunity for your brand to reach a wider audience by joining a cool celebration highlighting friendships. 💖✨

New Orleans carnival festivities are definitely a happy time to celebrate with fun and vibrant designs!

14 - Valentine's Day

Celebrate friendship and love! This is the perfect time to tell someone how much they mean to you. Buyers all over the internet are looking for super cute designs for friendship and love.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect date to start your first-quarter sales. It is a great time for sales and traffic in all kinds of industries. Running early promotions is super important when writing down your strategy for this holiday. Add new Valentine’s gift ideas to your shop. 

Valentine’s Templates

Anti Valentine S Day T Shirt Design Maker Featuring A Cool Cat Clipart

15 - Singles Awareness Day

Celebrate and launch exclusive promos for all singles! Or simply design funny and cool assets. 

19 - Presidents' Day

USA holiday to celebrate and honor all past presidents. It’s a good time to create patriotic merch of offer special deals. 

Patriotic USA Mockups

19 - Family Day

This is a Canadian holiday to celebrate with the family. You can offer customizable merch to spice up their family reunions. 

20 - Love Your Pet Day

Perfect for all pet owners! You can make super cute pet designs, offer customized pet merch, or special pet products. If this is your actual business, then it’s time to promote it with special discounts and sales, or you can use it to spread awareness about pets or pet policies.

22 - National Margarita Day

Connect with your audience with fun-themed designs, quotes, and images that share these cheerful vibes. 

27 - National Retro Day

29 - Leap Day

This only happens once every four years, so a unique event calls for special promos! Maybe offer on-theme discounts or exclusive deals?


Spring Break

Springtime is here! Tons of opportunities to promote a new merch season and a few sales here and there to motivate your customers to try your newest products. You can talk about spring trends this year or simply look for some spring templates and spring color palettes to be in tune with this fresh season. 

1 - World Day of Prayer

This is a religious celebration initiated by Christian women to address important issues concerning children and themselves collectively. 

6 - Dentist's Day

This is the perfect time to demonstrate all the love and support for healthcare professionals who make our smiles brighter (literally!). 

6 - National Dress Day

Great date for all fashionistas out there to run flash sales.

8 - International Women's Day

Celebrate and support women’s rights with stunning designs. Raise awareness or help a non-profit with special merch. 

Powerful T Shirt Design Featuring A Graphic Of A Feminist Woman 4913b
Instagram Story Maker Featuring Empowering Women S Day Quotes
Instagram Post Design Creator For International Women S Day With A Feminist Flag

8 - Maha Shivaratri

Hindu festival in honor of the God Shiva.

9 - National Barbie Day

It’s a Barbie world; we’re just here for the ride! Celebrate this pinktastic occasion with flawless merch that captures the style of this iconic doll. 

14 - White Day

This is the Asian countries celebrations of Valentines. They love to give custom-made gifts on this date so you can offer custom merch.

17 - St. Patrick's Day

This is a cultural and religious celebration held to mark the death date of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland. Offer fun designs or even hold a bold sale. Browse all our St. Patrick’s Day templates!

19 - First Day of Spring (Northern Hemisphere)

Time to say goodbye to the cold weather and say hello to one of the warmest seasons! Get all you need to create a nice campaign with seasonal products and promos! 

20 - International Day of Happiness

If spring’s arrival wasn’t enough reason to brighten the season, this festivity is! The goal is to recognize happiness as a universal human right. So, don’t miss the opportunity to spread good vibes through fun and joyful designs!

21 - World Poetry Day

The perfect time to promote all your quote merch!

25 - Holi Festival

Hindu celebration for love, fertility, and spring!

T Shirt Design Featuring A Cartoonish Sun And A Happy Quote
Holi Festival Themed Instagram Post Featuring Colorful Graphics
Instagram Post Featuring A Holi Fest Theme And Graphics Of People Dancing

30 - National Doctor's Day

Share your gratitude for the medical community’s hard work! Some thoughtful ideas include a “thank you” campaign or sharing exclusive discounts as a token of appreciation. 

31 - Easter

Prepare your brands for this year’s Easter sale! Offer special deals for your customers. 


1 - April Fool's

This is the best time to come up with some jokes and humor! Beware of not deceiving your audience with fakes discounts! Find creative, fun ways to use this day to connect with your customers. 

2 - Autism Awareness Day

Use your brand’s power to share awareness on this day! Maybe share a post? Be sensitive about your messaging. 

2 - International Children's Book Day

Whether your brand caters to literary enthusiasts or you’re in the publishing industry, this is the perfect date to advertise your latest material regarding children’s books. You can even promote new authors!

7 - National Beer Day

Dive into the festive vibes by marketing beer-related products such as custom labels, coasters, or glasses! 🍻

T Shirt Design Featuring Smiling Beer Characters
T Shirt Design Featuring A Happy Crafted Beer

10 - National Sibling Day

Celebrate sibling love with super cute designs, matching products, or customs goods in your store!

11 - National Pet Day

This is just the perfect day for all those brands dedicated to furry friends. Offer custom products, pet-themed merch, and so on. Design all kinds of cute pet merch to show off your love. 

Bandana Mockup Of A Sitting French Bulldog
Dog Bowl Mockup Featuring A French Bulldog

12 to 21 - Coachella

A super popular music festival held in California. It’s the perfect time to get some Coachella vibes for your brand and merch. 

13 - International Kissing Day

Another cute festivity to spread the love! You can opt for romantic designs that match the ambiance. Or, if you prefer, keep up the lighthearted fun by sharing sweet quotes or facts about kissing.

20 - 4/20

If this date doesn’t align with your brand, don’t pay attention to it. However, if it does, you can promote your designs for cannabis products or have a special sale for them! This is definitely an industry that has been growing steadily for the last few years and will keep following that trend. 

20 - Volunteer Recognition Day

What better way to celebrate this occasion than by showing your brand’s commitment to important causes? 

22 - Earth Day

The perfect time to promote all your Earth-conscious designs and support environmental preservation. 

23 - World Book Day

Make some merch or even sales for your books. If this is your business, check out the best places to sell your book in case you don’t own your own shop, or you are looking for new sites to place your books in.

Book Cover Templates 

23 - National Lover's Day

Just like Valentine’s and love-themed festivities, you can opt for cute, personalized merch that couples will adore! 

29 - International Dance Day

It’s time to get your artsy vibes going with colorful, unique, and dazzling themes that celebrate dancers worldwide. 

30 - Children's Day Mexico

For all your Mexican audience, you can offer all kinds of fun designs that celebrate the children.  

Mockup Of A Woman In A Hijab Holding A Paperback Book


World Mental Awareness Month

Raise awareness with your designs, promote positive messages, and help a foundation. Your brand can help raise positive awareness for this cause. Check out our lovely and empowering collection of curated Mental Health Templates

3 - National Space Day

Make some space-related designs for all alien lovers. 👽

4 - Star Wars Day

Star Wars fans are a huge audience opportunity. You can take advantage of this day to start a themed campaign and promote Star Wars inspired designs

A holiday for all Mexican-Americans to eat delicious Mexican food and celebrate their culture. 


T Shirt Mockup Of A Girl Against An Outer Space Background

8 - World Red Cross Day

Embrace the importance of this cause by showing your support to the community. As a brand owner, you can raise awareness around important causes such as charities, fundraising events, and volunteer campaigns. 

12 - Mother's Day

Celebrate all mothers with some sweet designs. Mother’s Day is without a doubt, one of the most important retail events in the US. This is a great moment to drive traffic to your shop, so share posts and content on this holiday.

Keep in mind a sensitive message since mothers come in all sorts of forms. Why not show moms how special they are with personalized gifts?

Mockup Featuring A Woman Holding An Iphone 11 Pro At A Concert

15 - Buddha Day

A holiday in South Asia celebrating Tibetan Buddhism and Navayana. If this holiday applies to your audience don’t forget to celebrate with festive posts on your social media communities. 

16 - National Love a Tree Day

Make designs for all those nature lovers.

18 - Armed Forces Day

The third Saturday in May is dedicated to honoring people serving in the United States Armed Forces each year. This is a good opportunity to offer patriotic merch or promote exclusive discounts to veterans and active-duty personnel.

22 - Victoria Day

Canadian holiday in Queen Victoria’s honor celebrated with outdoor events, fireworks, parades, and more. You can offer special deals on this holiday! 

25 - National Wine Day

Make special designs for all the wine lovers, maybe even offer custom bottle labels for your customers to share with their favorite people?

T Shirt Design Featuring A Quote For Wine Tasting Enthusiasts
T Shirt Design Featuring A Wine Themed Quote In A Modern Font

27 - Memorial Day

Another great holiday to get out your finest patriotic designs and have some sales. Be mindful about your messaging this day. 

🎓 Graduation season also starts in May and runs into June. Check out these graduation templates to get your shop ready for this yearly tradition!


Pride Month

Pride month is here! If you want to follow all the events this year, check out this Pride event calendar and get your products ready! Tons of brands get their pride collection on point for all the festivities. 

Keep in mind that if your business is making a Pride marketing campaign, you have to be sensitive to the subject. You can check out this Pride marketing campaign guide to get it right! Plus, all the tips and tricks you need to launch your own vibrant collection.

Mockup Of A Happy Woman Wearing A T Shirt At A Pride Parade

5 - World Environment Day

Support this with environmentally conscious designs to share and raise awareness.  Also, promote eco-friendly products like tote bags!

5 - Global Running Day

Supporting a run? Is your audience big on running? This is definitely the day to promote your designs and even have a flash sale!

8 - BFF Day

 Everyone will want to share their love with their best friend forever with cool complementary designs.

Sublimated Tote Bag Mockup Featuring A Young Woman In A Cottagecore Styled Outfit

8 - World Ocean Day

Use your platforms to show support and advocate for this cause. For example, you can promote eco-friendly practices or green initiatives. ♻️🌊

T Shirt Design Maker For Environmental Awareness
Save The Ocean T Shirt Design Featuring Dolphins Clipart

9 - National Children's Day

Raise awareness for kids’ rights and celebrate their innocence in a fun, creative way. Maybe a special sale? Check out the best personalized gifts for kids and remember to post something! 

12 - Dia dos Namorados Brazil

Love and friendship celebration for your Brazilian audience is on point on this holiday! 

14 - American Flag Day

Once again, a great holiday to promo more patriotic merch in your shops and plan for a special deal for this day. 

16 - Father’s Day

Time to celebrate father’s too with all kinds of cute personalized gifts! Just like Mother’s Day, this is a great day to promote gift-giving. Keep your messaging inclusive and appeal to your audience’s emotional connection. 

20 - First Day of Summer (Northern Hemisphere)

This is the best time to renew your shop and offer all your summer collection merch and designs. We can tell you how to sell more this summer

The beginning of summer is a crucial point for every brand’s seasonality. Beachwear is trending, summer goods are looking hot, and this is the perfect point in your sales year to promote your remaining products or designs and move on to something new. Great season to develop a few paid campaigns. 

21 - Yoga Day

If your business is around the fitness niche, this is the perfect excuse to promote all yoga-related products

21- National Selfie Day

This is a great opportunity to offer special discounts in fun creative ways and connect with your social media following. For example, you can offer a discount to the most creative selfie with your merch, products, in your store, etc.

23 - National Pink Day

It’s time to let your brand’ most chic side shine through dazzling designs, all pink, of course!

Sports Bra Mockup Featuring A Long Haired Woman Ready For Yoga Class
T Shirt Design Template For Roller Skating Enthusiasts
T Shirt Design Featuring A Simple Layout For A Word Definition

26 to 30 - Glastonbury Festival

Gather all those UK summer goods for this year’s festivals! 

30 - Social Media Day

What better day to promote awesome sales only for your followers on social media?

✨ Go one step further into the future and discover the best Instagram and Design Trends!


1 - Canada Day

Parades, festivals, carnivals, and more to celebrate Canada’s independence. Create festive designs for all your Canadian folks and offer special deals on this day! 

1 - International Joke Day

Join the laughs with this cheerful festivity! Why not share an on-theme funny ad or boost your social media with hilarious quotes?

2 - World UFO Day

Get all your alien designs ready for all UFO lovers, or take a look at this incredibly cosmic UFO design compilation to get the most curated logos, videos, t-shirt designs, and more! 

Transparent Tee Mockup Of A Smiling Woman With Trendy Sunglasses

4 - Independence Day USA

 Once again, it’s time to get your patriotic arsenal ready for the festivities! Use patriotic designs and plan special sales for this holiday. 

🇺🇸​ Check out other patriotic 4th of July Templates to celebrate this day!

7 - World Chocolate Day

This yummy holiday is for all the chocolate lovers out there (so, the whole world, right?). Bring in the delights with some sweet designs or special discounts. 

14 - Bastille Day

Celebrate with super cute French designs. With parades, concerts, parties, and more, Bastille Day is a festive holiday to offer awesome deals. 

17 - World Emoji Day

It’s no secret that emojis have changed how people communicate through eye-catching, funny, and heartwarming visuals. Especially on this day, don’t forget to give your content a spin by including playful emojis that relate to your brand. ✨😀💓

19 to 21 - Evolution Championship

Get your merch ready for all gamers. This is one of the main events for gamers this year! 

20 - National Moon Day

For all NASA fans, get your merch ready!

21 - National Ice Cream Day

Ready for some sundae funday? Don’t skip out on this endearing holiday. Depending on your brand, you can share lovely designs or even offer freebies and special discounts! 🍦

24 - National Tequila Day

Like National Wine Day, you can opt for custom bottle labels your clients can celebrate with. Additionally, you can take over social media, share the best tequila cocktail recipes, and let the party begin. Cheers!

Christmas in July is a fantastic marketing opportunity for brands to capitalize on the holiday spirit during the summertime. Whether you’re a retail store, an online business, or a service provider, embracing the festive cheer of Christmas in July can inject new life into your marketing efforts and attract customers during a typically slow season.

T Shirt Design Template Featuring A Quote About Tequila
Heathered T Shirt Mockup Of A Happy Teenage Girl With A Santa S Hat Walking By The Beach Featured

26 - Summer Olympics (Opening Ceremony)

The perfect event for all the sports enthusiasts out there! 

30 - International Friendship Day

Alongside BFF Day, this is the perfect occasion to offer lovely, custom designs catered to all the awesome partners in crime. How about some matchy-matchy t-shirts, hoodies, or hats?


Back to School

Get all your special promos ready! If your brand focuses on tech and supplies, this is your time to shine! Use the new back-to-school online experience in your favor. Design a campaign to take full advantage of this season to sell personalized school supplies and amazing back-to-school printables

1 - National Girlfriend Day

Kick off the month with special designs catered to couples. Depending on your brand, you can offer on-theme suggestions with sweet designs, thoughtful quotes, or romantic gifts to make this occasion truly unforgettable. 💘

7 - National Purple Heart Day

This day honors those who were injured or killed while on their service. 

8 - International Cat Day

Cat designs are always a popular category for buying merch online because there is a large niche of cat lovers and because they are cute as hell! Try making a few designs and test their performance this holiday! 

9 - Book Lovers Day

If your brand revolves around book publishing, this is your day to make some great sales. Include all kinds of free resources in your marketing campaign to build the best plan for this day. 

15 - National Relaxation Day

If your business centers around the wellness industry, this is the ideal moment to raise awareness of the importance of prioritizing mental health and stress management.

17 - National Nonprofit Day

Promote designs for nonprofits, volunteers, special events for special causes, and more like this. Inspire others to support, share, and help out! 

T Shirt Design Featuring A Laughing Cartoon Character

19 - World Photography Day

The perfect day to promote your photography on all kinds of beautiful merch! You can offer canvases, tote bags, mugs, cushions, and shirts that feature your photography! Also, remember to offer a special deal, a coupon, or something to encourage your following to try your products this day. 

26 - International Dog Day

Get your cutest merch ready for all those dog lovers out there. Whether you promote dog t-shirts, designs or you actually have a pet-centered brand, you can take advantage of this day to offer a new exciting collection. 

🐶 Also, check out the best gift ideas for dog lovers

Mockup Of A Sublimated Pillow With A Customizable Background

26 - Women’s Equality Day

Advocate for this day by supporting women’s causes, partnering with non-profit organizations, or promoting gender equality initiatives.  

Feminist T Shirt Design Featuring A Quote About Women's Rights
T Shirt Design Template For International Women's Day Featuring A Powerful Message

26 - Janmashtami

Hindu festival to celebrate the birth of Krishna.


1 - Australian Father's Day

A great opportunity to celebrate Father’s Day for all the Aussies! Offer cute personalized gifts! Promote gift-giving, keep your messaging inclusive, and appeal to your audience’s emotional connection. 

2 - Labor Day

A federal holiday with tons of picnics, barbecues, and events. It is also the end of the summer season so you can plan your stock change and offer end of season deals.

8 - National Grandparent's Day

Celebrate grandparents with special designs, custom merch, and more!

12 - National Video Games Day

Super important day for the gaming industry! Offer all kinds of deals for gamers. They love to create merch for their own brand and promote their channels. 

13 - Positive Thinking Day

Take this day as an opportunity for your brand to promote positivity online! Aim to create uplifting content aligned with your brand’s values. Consider sharing inspiring anecdotes, stories, or quotes that resonate with your audience.

T Shirt Design Featuring Happy Bees With A Positive Quote
T Shirt Design Featuring A Good Vibes Quote With Smiling Notes

September 15 to October 15 - National Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrate the Hispanic-American culture with cool designs.

16 - Mexican Independence Day

September 15 and 16 mark a historical date for Mexico, now celebrated with parades, parties, and remembrance events. Tap into this festive spirit with designs that celebrate Mexican culture and heritage! Of course, be mindful of stereotypes, cultural insensitivity, or appropriation. 

17 - Moon Festival

Also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, this Chinese holiday marks an occasion for friends and family to come together. They usually celebrate by enjoying mooncakes and lighting paper beautiful paper lanterns. 

September 21 to October 6 - Oktoberfest

The largest folk festival celebrated in Germany with beer, costumes, and parties! Promote Oktoberfest designs and use this excuse to have special sales. 

21 - International Peace Day

This is a great day to promote peace and positive thought through your designs and products!

Online Flyer Maker For Oktoberfest Parties

22 - First Day of Fall (Northern Hemisphere)

So Q4 is coming, and there is a whole lot to prepare for before this last crazy season! Prepare your campaign with the best fall product ideas to sell in your storelearn how to increase your sales this season, and check out this guide to the fall sales period

Sweet T Shirt Design To Celebrate Autumn Season
Autumn T Shirt Design With A Cute Squirrel

27 - World Tourism Day

Target all the travel enthusiasts with empowering designs inspired by traveling the world. Promote a few backpacks, travel mugs, or traveling equipment.  You can even promote a sale with all your traveling goods in a packaged deal. 

😎✨Get ready for the last quarter of the year with this Holiday Marketing Checklist to Boost Your Seasonal Sales


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This whole month the public discussion is about helping share essential information to fight breast cancer and bring awareness. There will be tons of events around this and you can support the cause by sharing a post, inviting an expert to talk about it with your brand, creating merch to support breast cancer fighters, joining a non-profit and offering to help, etc.

There are tons of ways to use your brand’s power to show your support this month. 

Instagram Post Design Template Featuring Breast Cancer Information

1 - International Coffee Day

Coffee is a whole culture in itself. Get your mugs and tumblers out there on this day! Promote awesome coffee designs and more. 

1 - World Vegetarian Day

Perfect timing to get all your veggie designs out in the open.

Mockup Of A Travel Mug On A Surface

1 - International Music Day

If your brand revolves around music, this is the perfect opportunity to promote your latest hits and album covers. Do you want to switch things up? Connect with your audience by sharing some insights into your artistic process. 

3 - National Boyfriend Day

It’s time to bring out all the goodies and special merch designed for couples! 

5 - World Teachers' Day

Time to celebrate all the teachers and show appreciation for all they do for us! Make creative designs and offer special deals on this day.

6 - World Smile Day

Each year, on the first Friday in October, this holiday encourages people to do acts of kindness and spread positivity worldwide. 😃

10 - World Mental Health Day

Show your brand’s support with sensitive designs and posts! Click here to find out 50+ amazing mental health graphics.

12 - Dussehra

Here we have another important Hindu festival which celebrates the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana. But also the triumph of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura.

24 - United Nations Day

UN Day embraces cultural, religious, and ethnic diversity to advocate for worldwide peace. 

31 - Halloween

Great times for spooky costumes, deals, and terrific merch! Don’t get distracted, this day offers a great opportunity for special discounts, buy one get one, flash sales, and more!

31 - Diwali

The Hindu festival of lights is one of India’s most popular festivals. Give a shout-out to all your Hindu audience with a cute post

Bella Canvas T Shirt Mockup Of A Man With Zombie Like Illustrations


This is probably the most salesy month with tons of holidays to promote your store and offer special deals!

National Native American Month

Celebrate the Native American culture! Be mindful of your messaging.

1 - World Vegan Day

Show off all your plant love this day! You can celebrate the Vegan culture with stunning designs or custom products.  

T Shirt Design Featuring An Apple And A Vegan Quote
T Shirt Design For Vegan Enthusiasts With Cartoonish Carrots

2 - Día de Muertos Mexico

This holiday is big deal in Mexico, celebrating the passing of our loved ones and remembering them every year! There are parades, events, and tons of cultural events going on this day.  Check out some spooky and festive designs by browsing our Day of the Dead templates

19 - International Men's Day

Yes! Men have their day too. Perfect to promote all men-related products! 

28 - Thanksgiving

A huge moment for sales an promotions. Customers will be expecting a sale from you, no doubt! 

29 - Black Friday

Crazy sales are at their peak this day. You can’t miss Black Friday deals. People will expect great things from you. If you were planning a major sales campaign, you should choose either Black Friday or Cyber Monday (which we will soon get to).

T Shirt Design Maker With An Illustration Of A Pumpkin Character 4920d (1)

30 - Small Business Saturday

Time to support all small business owners! Get special deals out. Tell your audience all about your brand, how it all started, and the real people behind it. You can share videos or even make a live video, or answer questions. Basically, use this day to get close to your customers!  

✨ Give a very cool and wintry touch to any design with 45+ Winter Color Palettes


1 - World AIDS Day

Don’t forget to share supporting messages this day, share content, and promote supportive merch, designs, and more! 

2 - Cyber Monday

The Monday right after Black Friday is the biggest online sales day of the year. Perfect for all eCommerce retailers to get their best deals out there. 

Use the best Cyber Monday banners to promote your brand

4 - National Sock Day

Great day to promote your socks or have special deals for them.

Computer Themed Instagram Post Maker For A Cyber Monday Sale

9 - Christmas Card Day

Spread the holiday joy with heartwarming Christmas card designs!

9 - Green Monday

On the second Monday in December, shoppers start their hustle for Christmas gifts, which means the Ugly Christmas sweater season is here. 

14 - National Free Shipping Day

Great time to promote last-minute sales, flash sales, or its not too late campaigns. 

21 - First Day of Winter (Northern Hemisphere)

Let’s welcome the official arrival of winter! Get inspired by our winter color palettes collection to get in the mood with this chilly weather. 

21 - Super Saturday

Encourage online shopping with free shipping!

24 - Christmas Eve

Get all your masterpieces ready for this day! Gather all your Christmasy designs and remember that by using festive mockups, you can promote your product more successfully. 

Christmas Templates

December 25 to January 2 - Hanukkah

Jewish festival of lights commemorating the recovery of Jerusalem. It lasts 8 days with tons of family reunions and festive spirits! 


Xmas Themed Mockup Of A Happy Woman Wearing Earmuffs And A Sweatshirt

26 - Boxing Day

Another great shopping holiday! This is a day to spend with friends and family and also to give to those who need it the most. 

31 - New Year's Eve

By this point, you hopefully have built your strategy for 2024! Starting Jan, it’s time to start a whole new chapter with your brand. A new year with all kinds of holidays, promotions, posts, and more to keep growing your brand! 

Celebrate a well-worked 2024, and have a happy new year! 

❄️  Also, check out this Winter Selling guide for online sellers! 

And that’s a wrap! What are your thoughts? Did we miss something? Let us know in a comment below.

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