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Use a Book Cover Mockup to Promote Your Latest Children’s Book

Any self-published author knows how much of a lifesaver book cover mockups can be. If you’ve just finished editing your latest children’s book and are looking to advertise your book online, using a mockup is a must. Use images of your book in the hands of real children and show off that book cover design you worked so hard on! Not sure where to find book mockups for your audience? Placeit has plenty of high-quality, eye-catching mockups you can use to advertise and promote your latest children’s book!

Book Mockup of a Little Boy Reading and Smiling

Book Mockup Of A Little Boy Reading And Smiling 23726

Use this mockup featuring a little boy who is happy, curious, and empowered while holding his favorite book to promote your latest children’s book.

Book Mockup Featuring a Surprised RedHead Little Girl 

Book Mockup Featuring A Surprised Redhead Little Girl 27529 (1)

Looking for an eye-catching mockup for your book? This is definitely the one! This book cover mockup featuring a pretty little girl is all you need to show kids and parents how much of a difference a good book like yours can inspire and encourage the habit of reading. So grab it now by clicking on the title of this mockup.


Boy Sitting In Bed With His Little Bear 

Book Mockup Of A Boy Sitting In Bed With His Teddy Bear M26943

This one is a beautiful scenario to keep promoting your fantastic children’s book. Get this cute mockup featuring a happy boy reading a book in bed with his teddy bear.

Book Mockup Of a Girl Reading On The Floor

Book Mockup Of A Girl Reading On The Floor M26929

If you’re looking for more scenarios for promoting your book cover, then take a look at this one. This beautiful, dreamy mockup features a happy girl enjoying her lecture time while on the living room floor.

Girl Reading a Book Sitting at the Library Mockup

Girl With A Yellow Sweater Reading A Book Mockup Sitting At The Library

Promote your latest written work with a great paperback book mockup! This one, which features a girl reading at the library, is sure to catch the attention of your target audience. Simply upload your book cover design onto the mockup and you’re ready to show it off!

Boy Reading a Paperback Book Mockup Sitting Against His Bed

Boy Reading A Paperback Book Mockup Sitting Against His Bed

Use Placeit’s book mockup generator to create the perfect images of your book! Show just how captivating your book is with this mockup which features a young boy lost in a book.

Book Mockup Featuring a Small Girl Reading At Night Time

Book Mockup Featuring A Small Girl On A Bed 23700

Of course, at Placeit by Envato, we couldn’t miss a classic and beloved situation: reading books for bedtime. Make your kid’s book stand out with this adorable mockup, which is perfect for dreaming of fantastic characters and amazing stories. 

Mockup of a Little Girl Reading a Book

Mockup Of A Little Girl Reading A Book

Self-publish your book and ensure it makes plenty of sales with this photorealistic book mockup! If you’re a young adult writer, a mockup that shows a teen reading your book is the perfect way to attract the right audience.

Happy Girl Reading a Book Lying on the Library’s Floor Mockup

Happy Girl Reading A Book Mockup Lying On The Library's Floor

Want your book to stand out? This mockup will display your children’s book cover front and center so you don’t have to worry about it getting lost in the background.

Little Kid Reading a Book By His Bed Mockup

Little Kid Reading A Book Mockup By His Bed

Easily create a book mockup online with Placeit’s easy-to-use book mockup generator! Simply choose a mockup that suits your niche, like this one which shows a young boy reading in his room, and upload your book cover. Just like that, you’ll have a great promotional image of your book!

Book Standing Against Other Books on a Shelf Mockup

Book Mockup Standing Against Other Books On A Shelf

This book mockup template is perfect if you want to feature your book among other great-selling children’s books. Show your audience that your book belongs among the many great children’s book titles out there!

Happy Little Girl Holding a Book at the Library Mockup

Happy Little Girl Holding A Book Mockup At The Library

We’re sure your customers will be happy once they get their hands on your book. Show them how happy your book will make them with this mockup which features a young girl smiling while holding onto her favorite book.

Book on a Bookshelf Near a Plant Mockup

Book Mockup On A Bookshelf Near A Plant

Get creative when promoting your self-published children’s book by using a standout mockup. This book mockup puts the spotlight on your book, ensuring it won’t get lost among the rest.

Boy Sticking His Tongue Out Holding a Book Mockup

Boy Sticking His Tongue Out Holding A Book Mockup Against A Yellow Wall

A fun and colorful children’s book mockup can help increase your book sales. Simply upload your children’s book cover design to a mockup like this and you’re set!

Book Mockup Being Picked up at a Library

Book Mockup Being Picked Up At A Library

You know your book is worth picking up and reading, so make sure everyone else knows it! Use a book mockup like this one to advertise your book on your social media pages, on print-on-demand sites, and anywhere else you can think of!

Use Placeit’s Book Mockup Templates to Promote Your Latest Work

If you’re planning on self-publishing your first book, be sure you have the right resources to not only do it but to do it well! Placeit offers easy-to-use book mockups as well as a book cover maker that you can use to draw all the right attention to your latest written work. Still, feeling a bit uneasy about publishing a book yourself? These additional resources can be a huge help!


Advertise Your New Book Using the Best Book Cover Mockups

If you want to increase your book sales, make sure you know how to effectively advertise your work. Using book cover mockups is the perfect way to produce great images of your book that you can share across social media and on POD websites. Instead of letting your book fade into the background, help it stand out by using a high quality book cover mockup to promote it!

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