How to Use a 3D Book Cover Generator for Your E-Book Marketing

Use Book Cover Mockups to Promote Your Latest Book

When it comes to e-book marketing you can really never have enough tools to aid you. Of course, after putting all our effort into writing our next book it’s only reasonable we put in the same effort into creating compelling visual content to promote the title in the most attractive and accurate way possible. Thus, we need visual curation tools like a 3D book cover generator, helping us bring our latest work to life.

By now there are probably two questions popping up in your mind: 1. Where can one find such a tool? 2. Is it hard to design a book cover on your own? And most importantly, 3. Is it expensive?

To keep things simple: 1. In this post, 2. It’s not hard at all, and 3. It doesn’t have to be.

Now, where do we start…

Why Should I Use Mockups to Promote Ebooks?

As a reader, have you ever had that excitement/dread about thinking of your favorite author’s next release? On one hand, you’re finally getting a new guaranteed read, but on the other how long more do you have to wait for it? We need something to feed on meanwhile, right? And, if you’re following me, those small previews authors grant us, are essential to figuring out what direction exactly this book is heading, so we need good presentation!

Hipster Girl Reading Her Amazon Kindle Mockup
Hipster Girl Reading Her Amazon Kindle Mockup

In general mockups are wonderful visual assets that help us connect with our readers, letting us showcase a context, a beautiful ebook design and of course availability! Creating eBook covers is just the beginning, the real fun starts when we get to see our books in realistic mockups, just one step closer to a successful e-book release.

Plus, you don’t have to wait more than a few seconds to see what your professional book cover will look like in your reader’s hands, the 3D book cover generator will give you back time and money so you can concentrate on your creative work!

Create Your Own Ebook Cover Mockup

So now that we have know that making your own ebook mockup is really very easy, let’s see how exactly this works; for this, we have prepared a very quick guide to mock-up your covers into our incredible book templates:

  1. First, choose one of many ebook covers from our variety of print templates curated to fit your different title needs. 
    Floating Angled Paperback Book Cover Mockup
    Floating Angled Paperback Book Cover Mockup

    This ebook mockup for example features an angled paperback book floating over a transparent background and it can be customized easily with our 3D book cover generator in no time.

  2. Continue personalizing your mockup by simply dragging and dropping your artwork over the placeholder of the template you chose. Remember to use an image that has the closest possible size to the one indicated on the mockup for the best results!
    E-Book Cover Mockup Template over Transparent Background
    E-Book Cover Mockup Template over Transparent Background

  3. Finally, our 3D book cover generator will adjust your image automatically making the artwork fit perfectly onto the ebook design you chose and done. You now have a download ready to promote your latest ebook!

Yes, there’s only three simple steps to it, who knew there was such an online mockup app right? Check out these other great examples of photorealistic book mockups from our 3D book cover generator that will make your next book release easier and more attractive to your readers.

E-Book Mockup Standing on a Shelf at a Bookstore
E-Book Mockup Standing on a Shelf at a Bookstore

Want to see how your book will look like at the bookstore? Try this mockup out and let your cover illustrations stand out in a real-life scenario, captivate your readers with content they can connect with!

Hardcover Book PNG Mockup on a Surface
Hardcover Book PNG Mockup on a Surface

You could also go with a more minimalist approach and customize this book cover with your artwork, go ahead and try it out now with our 3D book cover generator. This photo mockup features a hardcover book lying over a surface on a PNG background, so you can create different themed scenarios!

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How Else Do the Pros Promote Their Books?

Another cost-effective marketing strategy is to use book mockup videos on your author website, Facebook Page or Facebook Ads campaign. By simply uploading your ebook cover art image file you can get a beautiful Book Video Mockup in seconds. No video editing skills are needed! Ready to surprise everyone with a book video mockup like this one?


Hey, but wait, I don’t even have a book cover yet!

How can that be a problem when you our book cover maker tool exists! Not so long ago it was still a thing to pay $200 USD to get a book cover designed. But not anymore, now, with online software like Placeit’s book cover maker you can now design your next book cover all by yourself! Follow the next easy steps to create our own original book cover art.


Spend less money and less time!

Creating book covers for less money and in less time is now possible with Placeit’s 3D book cover generator, and all you need is one of your designs to customize them. Your new favorite ebook marketing tool is here and ready to help all your best sellers achieve success, read more about boosting your sales with ebook cover templates.


Use Placeit's 3D book cover mockups to promote your books

It's not enough to tell your audience how great your book is, show them with an amazing ebook cover mockup! These mockups are incredibly easy to make and tremendously powerful as an asset for marketing. Let your audience see your book in 3D. Don't leave it up to them to imagine how great your book looks, show them!

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