Creating Social Media Images: Best Practices

Making your social media accounts stand out might seem difficult, but with this guide and Placeit’s social media images, you’ll have the best graphics in no time. Just select the graphics and colors that go with your account’s aesthetic and you’ll have images that will wow your audience and create that professional look you’ve always wanted for your personal or business accounts.

What social media platform are you using? Click the icon below to go to that section and roll over the images for an example:

What Makes a Facebook Cover Great?

When using a Facebook photo cover maker, try keeping text to a minimum. A good practice is to place important information towards the top of the image so you don’t block anything important with your profile picture.

How to Make An Amazing Facebook Post

Facebook post images should be bold and have easily readable text. A good practice is writing a Call To Action (e.g. “Buy Now!”, “Call for Information”, “Coming Soon!”). Make sure that your text-only covers 20% of the image so Facebook will accept it as an ad.

Making an Eye-Catching Twitter Header

Having a strong Twitter cover photo can help you communicate the personality of your brand, as well as any seasonal or recent promotion you have. Make sure to use a Hi-Res image and keep the text to a minimum.

What Makes a Great Twitter Post?

When thinking of your posts, make sure the Twitter banner size fits the window shown on Twitter. That way, you’ll get your customer's attention from the endless scroll of their timeline. Images that are high contrast and bold will also stand out.

How to Make a Banner for Youtube

A great youtube thumbnail can make a viewer click or not on your video, make sure they are eye-catching, and get the point across on what the video will be about. Still, images from your video can be a way to go, but also having contrasting colors and graphics can be a great way to get the viewer’s attention.

What Makes a Compelling Instagram post?

Instagram is mainly a visual social media platform, so you have to be careful about what you post, and how you post it. A good idea is having an Instagram theme, which means following certain visual rules (set by yourself) when posting. It can be as easy as always posting with the same colors or filters. Your Instagram text posts can also follow these guidelines.

How to Make an Awesome Instagram Story

An amazing Instagram story can be created with video, pictures, or text. Make sure to balance out your story between the three of them. To include images you did not take inside of Instagram: Download your images to your camera reel and once inside stories swipe up. This will show you images from the last 24hrs. Select the one you want and use it for your story!

How to Make Better Pins

Make high-quality images that capture the user’s attention, think of pins not as a temporary thing, but a long-lasting one. Pins are permanent in the sense that once it's pinned by someone else, it gets replicated, making the content viral.

Social Media Size Cheat Sheet

Placeit Resizer Tool

Using Placeit’s free resizer tool you can modify all your images completely for free and right on your browser! Resize and/or crop any image in seconds.

Placeit Free Resize

Make sure to check out Placeit’s Social Media Image Maker to create amazing visuals for your social media accounts. They’re super easy to use and all the social media image sizes are already there (just select the preferred size from a drop-down menu), so you don’t have to research them online. Also, if you would like to know more on the subject you can read our Create Awe-Inspiring Social Media Graphics in Less Than 5 Minutes, Creating social media graphics has never been so easy!

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