Winter Is Upon Us, Show off Your Designs on a Hoodie Template

Keep Your Customers Warm This Winter with Awesome Hoodies

As some might say, winter is coming and maybe your customers won’t want to wear those cool t shirts they bought for summer. Why not give them some options? With Placeit’s hoodie and crewneck mockups your customers will be able to keep sporting your awesome designs.

Already Have a T Shirt Design? Promote It on Hoodies Too!

Fall and winter are the seasons to stay warm and cozy, that’s why print on demand sites such as Teespring and Spreadshirt are now focused on crewnecks and hoodies. Check the example down below the same design applied to a tshirt and to a crewneck hoodie.

Sell More Hoodies by Using Mockups This Holiday Season

A lot of times, taking professional pictures of your designs is time consuming and quite expensive. Cut time and costs by using Placeit to display your hoodie designs in context using our hoodie templates.

When using a sweatshirt template you’ll be able to choose between dozens of different models to sport your designs.

If you’re not sure what hoodie color your design should be availible in, mockups are a great way to play around with it and decide.

When sending your crewneck design to the printers, you’ll want an example of how they should look, this way there will be no room for error when having them printed out.

Hoodie mockups let you showcase your design on real setting and in context. Models are shot by professional photographers so that you have the best hoodie templates to display your designs.

How Do I Use a Hoodie Mockup?


First step is to choose a hoodie template to work with. Then, you’ll have to have a hoodie design ready and with a transparent background for best results. After you upload it, you’ll be prompted to position and resize your design to make it look exactly as you want it to.

If you don’t have a design yet, check out this post on making the most out of our design templates


Once you’ve chosen the design you want to work with, choose the color of the jersey you want. If you already have a Hex Code you can apply it by clicking more. 


Finally, click Download to get your mockup. You’ll get a 1920x1440px image that you can use on social media, print on demand sites or your website. As easy as that. 

If you want a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to promote your hoodie designs using Placeit, 
check out the video below:

Don’t miss the opportunity to promote your designs all year long and keep your customers toasty all through winter, use the hoodie templates we have for you and start selling those awesome designs this fall/winter season. If you decided to make a business out of it, check out our logo maker and create a great clothing brand.

“My hoodie designs look amazing on Placeit’s mockups.”
Julie Sanders 5/5
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