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Thinking about renewing your shop this 2024? What about some cool trend to get the best t-shirt design inspiration for this year!

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Coquette style is another form of vintage style that involves feminine, cute, delicate details. Bows, laces, pink, and pearl are just a few of the popular elements surrounding this design style.

The 2000s are back thanks to a a great popularity on nostalgic trends. An time popular for being the beginning of the digital era. 

Designs with bright neon colors, retro futuristics aesthetics, iconic pop culture images, retro video games, pixelated designs, glitch effects. Use block fonts and retro style

When in doubt look back at the 2000s fashion!

Artsy designs with bold live colors, brush strokes and more!

This trend was very popular on the 60s and 70s, use artistic fluorescent graphics, tie dye, stimulating visual effects. Also, use groovy fonts to complete the look. 

Post-pandemic years have strengthened this trend more and more. Make designs of well-being and self-care.

Futuristic designs will also have a rise this year. Use Cyberpunk, neon, sci-fi graphics to get the look. 

Make designs full of positive vibes and love! Use inspirational messages, symbolism, esoteric vibes, zodiac signs, and more! Be very mindful of what you use on your designs keep it respectful always. 

General rebellion spirit, tattoos, piercings, spiked accessories are all part of the punk fashion. Use messy fonts, collages, and clippings to design you punk style shirt. 

The Barbie trend is still relevant and keep on that way for a while. Pink designs, 80s fashion, feminine vibes, bright tones and graphics inspired in the most famous doll in the world.

How to Create a T-Shirt Design That Sells

Before getting into selling, remember that all of Placeit’s assets are royalty-free so you won’t get into trademark claim issues by using them. Look at every design you can create with our ultimate design templates guide. If you want to read up a bit more on how to do a trademark search, we’ve got a post on that, make sure to check it out. 

Now, are you designing for a specific niche? Check out here the most profitable POD niches. If your answer is yes, we have t-shirt templates all the way from Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Templates to Valentines Day Templates, to Father’s Day shirts , or 4th of July Templates.

Why Design for a Specific Niche?

Selecting a specific niche allows you to become an expert on what they want. For example, designing for parties is a very broad niche, but designing for bachelor and bachelorette parties narrows down the audience and makes marketing your designs way easier. 

What Type of Design Do You Want to Make?

There are two main types of designs in the t-shirt world. One of them is text-based, the other one is text + graphics. If you’re trying to decide between the two, think of this: 

  • Is the text more important than the graphic? 
  • Does the text need to be supported by an image to understand it better?

Here are two examples, which would work better with the design you have in mind?

Text + Graphics

Text Based

Some Considerations When Designing Your Tee

  1. Use contrasting colors. If your image is light, print it on a dark tee or vice-versa.
  2. Make sure the text is legible, this depends on the font size and the thickness of the font.
  3. Think of the printing technique you want to use before designing. If you use too many colors, it might be more expensive. We have a post with a handy infographic on printing techniques to help you decide which one is the best for you, check it out. 

Where Can I Get Some T-Shirt Inspiration?

Pinterest and Google Images are always good places to get inspiration for new designs. We recommend checking out our Popular T-Shirt Designs of the Week chart which is updated weekly with the top sellers for each POD site and you should also check our 2018 T-shirt Calendar full of T-shirt Design Inspiration for the whole year! These resources will give you an idea of what’s trending so you can make something similar or something completely different to get ahead of the competition.

Wondering How to Design a Shirt? Keep Reading!

Watch this video tutorial on How to Make a T-Shirt Design using Placeit

Using Mockups to Promote Your Designs

Once you’re done designing, you can use mockups to have a preview of what your design will look like. This is super useful if you’ll be selling your designs on a print on demand site. Using mockups will let you show potential clients what the design looks like in real life situations. Get this and more t-shirt marketing tips here.

Mockups are also useful if you’re taking designs to your local print shop because this way, you’ll have an example of how you want the final product to look. Wrong placements and printing errors will be a thing of the past!

Finally, mockups are a great way to promote your designs on social media without having to go through the hassle of setting up a photoshoot, paying the photographer and paying the models. Just imagine trying to set up a photoshop for Mother’s Day T-shirts!  We’ve done all of that for you, just choose the mockup you’d like to use, upload your design and promote your brand with high-quality images like the ones down below: 

Placeit’s library is full of images that will help you design the best t-shirt for your niche. 
Didn’t find what you were looking for? Drop us a line and we’ll do our best to get it for you. 

🔥​ Check out our How to Make a T-Shirt Design from Scratch post! Check our Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirts, to get some inspiration on supporting event T-Shirts! 

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