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With May sprinkling its magic, it’s the perfect moment to start planning how to show appreciation for all the amazing moms out there. That’s right, Mother’s Day is peeking around the corner! As a POD seller, this is a golden opportunity to tap into a heartfelt celebration that cherishes the extraordinary journey of motherhood. Shower this holiday with love by showcasing a special selection of personalized Mother’s Day gifts to warm her heart! Ready to discover how your business can spread joy and make some sweet sales? Read on! 💖✨

Mother’s Day Magic: Find Your POD Gift Pick! 🎁

Placeit’s Top Guide to Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts 💝

Long gone are the days of generic, off-the-shelf products. Today, customers opt for meaningful, unique items that truly embrace the essence of treasuring their loved ones. That’s why, in this blog, we’ve compiled a list of personalized Mother’s Day gifts that bloom with beauty and affection. 🌷✨

And that’s just for starters! We’ve also made sure to include the best POD sites that sell these goodies. Along with our full guide of personalized Mother’s Day gifts, you’ll also find design ideas, cute patterns, and professional mockups you can unlock with Placeit by Envato to create and showcase your merch like a pro. 

That way, you just need to pick your favorite template and spring right into action! Without further ado, let’s go over our top-notch selection of custom gifts for Mother’s Day. 💕

1. Personalized Bags 👛

Whether they’re darting from school drop-offs, organizing fun family outings, or managing work calls, moms are always on the move! A personalized bag ensures they’re equipped for every adventure their whirlwind lifestyle brings. How about a cute tote bag for the outdoor explorer or a clutch for the fashionista gal kind of mom?🍃 It’s all about conquering the day with ease and style! Take a peek at these designs to get your creative mojo on:

🌟 Pro Tip

Ready to bag some success with these goodies? As with all personalized Mother’s Day gifts, details are key for providing high-quality products. So, check for features such as adjustable straps, inside pockets, and water-resistant materials to ensure these items are the ultimate companion for moms everywhere as they conquer their daily to-do list. 😌

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling This Item

📌 Printful

📌 Printify

📌 Prodigi

📌 Redbubble


2. Personalized Blankets 😴

Mothers are always pampering their loved ones with sweet cuddles and hugs. Why not cherish them with a goodie as sweet and nurturing as their warm embrace? Enter personalized blankets for mom! Their soothing touch is ideal for snuggling up on a cozy evening, wrapping them in a soft haven of relaxation and peacefulness. Amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this item brings an extra touch of comfort to any space. 🤍

🌙 Cozy blankets are a top choice regarding personalized gifts for a new mom as their sweet design is perfect for a baby’s nursery. Want to explore a lovely selection for the little ones at home? Check out this top guide to POD gifts for kids! 🎁

🌟 Key Pointer

Personalized blankets for moms serve as the ultimate canvas for tons of customization options that warm hearts and homes alike! Besides showcasing a wide range of color palettes that go from soft, soothing hues to vibrant, exciting shades, you can play around with design elements such as images, texts, and illustrations to offer one-of-a-kind goodies. 

Need some inspo? We’ve got you covered! Here are some customization ideas you can add to these personalized Mother’s Day gifts:

✏️ Names & Initials

📆 Special Dates

💖 Sweet Quotes

🟨 Custom Patterns

📸 Photo Collages

💫 Inspirational Messages

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling This Item

3. Personalized Candles 🕯

Juggling soccer practice pickups, taking on afternoon errands, running with their little ones on the playground, and so on. Needless to say, moms’ everyday life can get pretty hectic. So, what better way to pamper them after a long week than with the soothing touch of special Mother’s Day candles? Let their sweet and luxurious fragrance whisk them on a blissful journey of relaxation and serenity that fills the home. ✨ Of course, pair up your merch with design ideas like these:

Candle Container Mockup Featuring A Plant
Label Maker Featuring A Celebratory Message For Mother's Day
Scented Candle Mockup Featuring A Decorated Setting With Flowers
Label Creator Featuring A Mother's Day Message
Mockup Of A Candle Featuring A Comfy Setting
Label Maker To Celebrate Mother's Day

🌟 Smart Move

Want to offer planet-friendly items in your store? Then, these personalized Mother’s Day gifts are the perfect option for you! For instance, you can promote scented candles made from natural wax ingredients such as soy or coconut. 🥥🌴

On top of that, to really embrace an eco-conscious journey, review non-toxic alternatives free of plastics, parabens, leads, and phthalates. Your customers and the planet will appreciate your positive impact on the environment with these lovely Mother’s Day candles! 🌍🌿

🌱 Going green is in! Take a look at these environmentally responsible POD companies that are all about ecology and top-notch prints.

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling This Item

📌 Contrado

📌 Gooten

📌 Printful

📌 Printify

📌 Prodigi

4. Personalized Home Decor 🏠

Moms know how to turn a house into a home with their nurturing love, care, and a sprinkle of magic. So, for our next set of personalized Mother’s Day gifts, we couldn’t forget to include timeless items that serve as a daily reminder of how special they are. We’re talking about custom prints, posters, and wall art to style every room with a touch of joy, spark, and color. 🌈🧡✨ Catch a glimpse of some of our stunning designs and pick your favorite:

🌟 Savvy Insight

Want to visualize how your awesome personalized home decor will look like in real life? We have your back! With Placeit’s POD mockups, you can preview how each design will fit into different settings and everyday items such as portraits, art prints, and canvas frames. From chic, art déco-inspired lounges to cozy, homely settings, we’ve got just about every option, theme, and style you can think of. 😉

💡You might want to check out everything about using mockups to save time! ⏰️

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling These Items

5. Personalized Jewelry 💍

Custom Mother’s Day jewelry offers a one-of-a-kind gift experience that exudes timeless beauty, elegance, and sophistication, all in one single item. Whether it’s a glamorous bracelet or a sparkling necklace, this piece becomes more than just an accessory. Instead, it is a token of appreciation moms can keep close to them, a symbol of love, and even a cherished keepsake that can be passed upon generations. So, it’s time to shimmer, shine, and accessory in style! 💎✨

Example Of Custom Made Jewelry By Contrado

Custom Made Jewelry by Contrado 💝

Example Of Custom Made Jewelry By Prodigi

Custom Made Jewelry by Prodigi ✨

Example Of Custom Made Jewelry By Printify

Custom Made Jewelry by Printify 💖

🌟 Golden Advice

As we mentioned before, this precious token is all about beauty and elegance. As such, you can present it with delight and elevate the whole experience by adding a custom design to your gift box options.  Plus a cute, heartwarming message to go with it. 💖

For instance, you can opt for a monogram pattern for a sleek, finished look. Or maybe a timeless, minimalistic logo that gives your personalized jewelry a professional appearance. Sounds like your cup of tea? Glam up your merch and dazzle your audience with these stunning design ideas! ✨

Print Pattern Design Creator Featuring Botanic Icons
Print Pattern Design Template With Abstract Terrazzo Graphics
Terrazzo Inspired Print Pattern Design Generator
Seamless Terrazzo Print Pattern Design Generator
Wrapping Paper Mockup Of An AI Generated Woman Giving A Gift To Someone

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling This Item

📌 Contrado

📌 Printify

📌 Prodigi

📌 Teelaunch  > Click on “Jewelry” Tag

6. Personalized Journals 📔

Personalized Mother’s Day gifts thrive on cherishing precious moments. Thus, a personalized journal is the ultimate present for moms to treasure those sweet memories. As they fill every page with love and care, this item becomes a cherished companion for sharing their hopes, dreams, and goals. Moreover, a custom design including their name, a heartfelt message, or a cute quote makes it a thoughtful gesture that sure won’t go unnoticed. ✏️💝✨

Sparkling Notebook Cover Template For An Honest Journal
Notebook Cover Design Creator Featuring An Illustrated Floral Pattern
Patterned Notebook Cover Design Template With Flowers
Notebook Cover Design Template With Floral Graphics
Notebook Cover Creator With A Magic Themed Pattern
Notebook Cover Design Maker Featuring Botanical Patterns

🌟 Key Point

When designing your personalized journal cover, consider how all the visual elements will come together to create a cohesive image for the final product. For instance, a flowery, earthy theme can pair up nicely with soft hues that embrace the tranquility and peacefulness of nature. 🌿🌾

Of course, there are tons of themes, aesthetics, and niches you can tap into with these personalized Mother’s Day gifts! Animal prints, minimalistic patterns, abstract designs, astrology-inspired illustrations… you name it! It’s all about creativity and a little bit of help from Placeit. ✨

Now, if you’re looking to enhance your Mother’s Day designs for your personalized journals, be sure to check out this expert guides we’ve prepared for you:

Planner Cover Design Maker For An Introspective Journal

✏️ Font Pairing Made Easy – Create font-tastic combinations for any text and template with expert tips for non-designers. 

🌈 Colors by Placeit – Splash into the vibrant world of colors and create stunning palettes for your designs.

🪄 2024 Design Trends – Unlock the best graphic design predictions that will conquer this year and boost your merch.

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling This Item

7. Personalized Luggage ✈️

Is mom planning her next escapade to a dreamy destination?🌍 Then, a beautiful set of personalized luggage might just be the perfect option for her. Whether she’s the fashion guru who loves to travel in style or the outgoing explorer who’s always taking on a new adventure, this gift stands out as a must-have for every traveler. Plus, as a customized item, it’s sure made to stand out no matter where she goes. Time to say bon voyage with these designs by Placeit! 🛬

🌟 Top Insight

Get ready for your sales to take off!✈️ Along with a set of personalized luggage, you can also showcase a merch line specifically catered for traveling. That way, you’ll diversify your product offerings by providing customers with everything they need for their next adventure, all in one place! For instance, you can offer:

🏷 Personalized Luggage Tags

🪪 Passport Covers

💵 Travel Wallets

👝 Fanny Packs

💳 Card Holders

👛 Pouches

🧼 Toiletry Bags

💎 Jewelry Travel Cases

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling These Items

💼 Travel Bags

📌 Contrado

📌 CustomCat

📌 Gooten

📌 Printful

📌 Printify

📌 Redbubble


👝 Travel Accessories

8. Personalized Makeup Bags 💄

The next personalized Mother’s Day gifts are all about pampering moms with stylish goodies they can use to glam up on the go. Tailored exclusively for her, this cute accessory can be the ultimate sidekick for holding all her beauty favorites and other essentials whenever she goes. It’s all about fashion and functionality in one single item! Let’s take a look at these lovely print ideas so you can choose your next design for this merch. ✨😉

🌟 Handy Hint

As we’ve mentioned, personalized makeup bags can become the ultimate companion for a daily dash by equipping moms with all the essentials they need. To ensure this merch maintains its top-notch quality and fashionable finish, make sure to include all necessary washing and care details or tips along with the product. That way, you’re making this goodie stay in perfect condition for years to come as her beauty buddy! 😌

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling This Item

📌 Printify

📌 Redbubble


9. Personalized Pajamas 🌙

What’s better than personalized Mother’s Day gifts that are perfectly fit for unwinding after a long day? Pajamas are the ultimate comfort goodies that transform the nighttime into a space of love, self-care, and relaxation for mom. So, whether you offer cute patterned pants, luxurious robes, or cozy lounge sets, these custom apparel items embrace the simple joys of being at home. Just take a peek at these dreamy designs! 😉🌃✨

🌟 Quick Tip

One of the great things about offering personalized Mother’s Day gifts is the opportunity to create unique merch that captures the magic of this day. Why not go one step further with your customization options and celebrate the bond between families and loved ones? 💖

For instance, stylish mom-and-daughter matching pajamas are a lovely option for cherishing precious memories and creating new traditions. Whether they’re laughing together during movie night or enjoying Sunday pancakes on a warm morning, these sets make every moment truly unforgettable. ✨

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling This Item

📌 Contrado

📌 Gooten

📌 Printful

📌 Printify


10. Personalized Phone Cases 📲

Of course, we couldn’t skip this selection of personalized Mother’s Day gifts without a tech essential! After all, almost everyone has a cell phone nowadays. So, why not guarantee it stays in top-notch condition while adding a touch of style? Whether it’s a cute picture of their loved ones, their favorite quote, or a stylish monogram pattern, using a custom design will make even the busiest days feel a little brighter for mom as she’s reminded of the love and joy that fills her life. 🤩

🌟 Important Point

While aesthetics play an important role regarding personalized phone cases, consider aspects such as the product’s overall functionality and durability. For instance, compare POD sites that provide different alternatives such as clear, tough, and impact-resistant cases to offer a wide range of options to your audience. That way, customers can select an option that app-solutely suits their needs and preferences for this Mother’s Day gift! 📱✨

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling This Item

11. Personalized Pillows 💭

We’ve talked about the wonders of a cozy blanket and a beautiful set of pajamas. Now, it’s time to complete this dreamy selection of personalized Mother’s Day gifts with another comfy essential: pillows! From soft, pastel colors to stunning, vibrant illustrations, there are tons of customization options you can offer for these goodies. Transform every corner of the house with a touch of warmth and sweetness with these designs! 🤍

🌟 Friendly Reminder

Besides our lovely selection of Mother’s Day templates, Placeit has stunning visual assets from various categories, themes, aesthetics, and styles for all your projects. Want to tap into another holiday or festivity? We’ve also got you covered! Dive into our holiday collection or browse our full design gallery. 😀

Whether it’s the vibrant pop of color from our retro designs or the spring sweetness of our floral templates, you can easily adapt every option into any personalized pillow you have in mind. Plus, tons of other merch! 🌟

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling This Item

12. Personalized Shirts 👚

This is an all-time favorite when it comes to personalized Mother’s Day gifts. After all, custom t-shirts are more than just apparel, they’re a tangible (and stylish!) expression of the love and appreciation that fills mom’s heart every day. Whether you opt to showcase a sweet quote that cherishes soon-to-be moms or a colorful, vibrant design that reminds mamas of how cool they are, this is a lovely keepsake that mothers will treasure for years to come. 💝

Check out these personalized mom shirts you can customize with Placeit! ✨

🌟 Expert Advice

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the t-shirt business or have become a seasoned seller over the years, staying on top of trends and industry insights is a must for standing out in the POD world. And as an entrepreneur, sometimes there are simply not enough hours in a day to do all your research from scratch. 

At Placeit we want to see your business thrive! That’s why we’ve prepared a series of expert guides and blogs centered around t-shirts with expert tips regarding the POD industry, branding, and marketing. Just select the topic you’re interested in and get the full scoop on this print-tastic journey! 🚀

💸 How to Set Up a T-Shirt Pricing Strategy for Your Business

👕 All T-Shirt Printing Methods Explained

✔️ A 101 on Copyright for T-Shirt Design

📣 Marketing Tips for Your T-Shirt Business

🔎 Best SEO Tips on Keywords for a T-Shirt Brand

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling This Item

📌 Printful

📌 Printify

📌 Prodigi

📌 Redbubble


🚨 Trend Alert! Personalized Tumblers & Mugs 💙

If you’ve scrolled through TikTok or any other social media recently, you’ll know that there’s a tumbler hype that has just about everyone on the hook for upcoming merch releases. After all, what’s not to love about a personalized tumbler? Its smooth finish pairs up perfectly with vibrant and sleek designs that make it the ultimate goodie for moms to sip their favorite drink on the go.

💫 Impress your customers with stunning visuals using our stunning travel mug mockups!

Of course, we couldn’t forget to add a personalized coffee tumbler or even personalized coffee mugs in the mix as they offer a daily dose of warmth and comfort for moms. Every time they sip their morning brew, these goodies serve as a cozy reminder of the endless appreciation their loved ones have for them. Surely, there’s no better way to start the day! ☀️☕️

Tap on the Latest Trends & Boost Your Business With Placeit 🚀

With Placeit, there are tons of templates you can choose from, each one professionally made and ready to be customized in minutes. Plus, our creative team is constantly adding new assets every day! So, you’ll always find the option you’re looking for. 

On top of that, with a Placeit subscription, you’ll get full access to all our designs, mockups, videos, logos, illustrations, and branding assets with unlimited downloads! Everything your business needs in one single place. 😀

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling These Items

💧 Tumblers

📌 Gooten

📌 Printed Mint

📌 Printful

📌 Printify

📌 Prodigi


☕️ Mugs

Wrapping up Our Mother’s Day Picks! 🎀

By this point, you’re more than ready to tap into Mother’s Day with personalized gifts that are surely going to become best sellers!✨ Need some more inspo? Keep your business thriving all year round with our E-Commerce and T-Shirt Calendars for upcoming seasonal celebrations. Or, if you’d like, check out our Best Print-On-Demand Niches Guide to explore more design ideas and themes for your awesome merch. 😌

As always stay updated, do your research, and strategize to make the best out of this festivity. Now, let’s keep the convo going! Are there any other personalized Mother’s Day gifts you’d like to see on this list? Let us know in the comments. Till next time and happy selling! ✨

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