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As April peeks around the corner, it brings along the anticipation of Children’s Day!⭐️ This makes it an extra special day to cherish them and inspire them to explore, imagine, and follow their dreams. As a POD seller, it is the opportunity to promote unique merch that matches the magic of this celebration. Want to tap into this festivity? You’ve come to the right place! See all you can create with our handpicked selection of personalized gifts for kids. Let’s dive in! 😌

🧐 Curious about when is Children’s Day? In 2024, this joyful celebration falls on Tuesday, April 30 in Mexico; Sunday, June 9 in the United States; and Wednesday, November 20 worldwide. You can find this key info and other major seasonal events on our E-Commerce Calendar for Hustlers! 😌

In this blog, we’ll go over the best personalized gifts for kids to spark their imagination with magic in every detail. But hang tight, there’s more! We’ve also included a list of POD sites that sell these items. This way, you can select the items you want to showcase in your store and sprint right into action. Plus, we’ll share all the expert tips and insights to create these goodies and get those numbers rising. Ready to get started? Read on! ✨

Straight to the Fun: Take Your Gift Pick! 🌟

123, Let’s Glee! Why Sell Personalized Gifts for Kids 🌈

With Children’s Day’s cheerful arrival, now’s the perfect time to get your business ready to make some sweet sales. Nevertheless, the opportunity to boost your brand by offering personalized gifts for kids extends beyond a date. Let’s take a peek at why diving into this path can offer great potential for POD sellers:

1. Creating Unique Items With High-Perceived Value 🤩

Custom items stand out from mass-produced merch because they are tailored specifically for the recipient. In this case, personalized gifts for kids allow parents and family members to go above and beyond by picking out something truly unique and special. Whether it’s a design inspired by their favorite cartoon or a goodie with the child’s initial on it, this adds significant value both for the toddler and the gift-giver. 🎁

2. Fostering an Emotional Connection Through Merch 💖

The excitement surrounding personalized gifts for kids also thrives on cherishing precious moments and creating new memories. Think of it this way: this custom goodie can become a precious gem that reminds parents of a time when their baby was taking their first steps or their child snuggled up to their favorite toy. You could go that extra mile and add a significant date, a heartfelt quote, or a cute inscription on the item, transforming it into a sweet treasure. 🧸

3. Showcasing Diverse Products With Year-Round Demand 📆

While we can’t help but highlight the opportunity that Children’s Day brings for POD sellers, it’s important to notice that the demand for personalized gifts for kids persists throughout the year. Plus, there are tons of ideas to showcase! ✨

On the one hand, these types of goodies encompass a wide range of products including toys, apparel, books, accessories, and decor items, just to name a few. On top of that, special dates and milestones such as holidays, birthdays, graduations, school achievements, or family trips provide continuous opportunities for boosting your sales. 🚀

🛍🧸 Thinking of all sorts of goodies you can add to your store? Let’s supercharge your inspiration with our handpicked list of personalized gifts for kids! Keep scrolling. 😃

Unwrap the Magic of Personalized Gifts for Kids in Your Store! 🎁

As we uncover this selection, we also want to share awesome news! Drumroll, please…🥁All the designs for the personalized gifts for kids shown below can be fully customized with Placeit by Envato. You’ll just need to pick out your favorite, edit it, and download it. As easy as that! 

Moreover, all our designs are made by experts. So, you can get professional results in no time directly from your computer. On top of that, with a Placeit subscription, you’ll get access to our full library of templates, mockups, designs, and branding assets with unlimited downloads. 😌

Without further ado, let’s unwrap this incredible selection of personalized gifts for kids! ✨

1. Personalized Backpacks 🎒

We start off our list with an essential item for children of all ages. Whether they’re sporting it on their way to a playdate or school, personalized backpacks for kids are a must-have in functionality, practicality…and fashion! After all, the backpack’s design can include trendy colors, vibrant patterns, or the latest cartoon character they are excited about. 

This way, the item becomes more than just a plain bag, but a reflection of the child’s personality and unique sense of style. This adds an extra touch of joy to their everyday adventures. Plus, you can always take it one step further and offer personalized backpacks for kids alongside other on-theme items such as water bottles, pencil cases, stickers, and lunch boxes. ✏️

🚀 Want to diversify your merch? You can also include personalized duffle bags for kids with designs that match the adventure of a fun sleepover or a family trip.

💡 Key Pointer for POD Sellers

To offer customers the best personalized backpacks for kids, make sure you keep in mind details regarding the items’ functionality, quality, and durability. For example, check out if it’s made from lightweight material while still being sturdy enough to carry all necessary items. 

Another aspect you can consider is if it’s waterproof and if it has organizational features such as internal zippers, hidden pockets, or water bottle holders. The overall idea is that personalized backpacks for kids should be fit for everyday use no matter where their adventures take them! 😀

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling This Item

2. Personalized Blankets 😴

Personalized blankets for kids are the ultimate item for comfort, warmth, and cozy cuddles. Their soothing touch is perfect for snuggling up on a chilly morning or adding a touch of love to a baby’s nursery, wrapping the little ones in a soft embrace that feels just like a hug from mom or dad. 💖

Plus, there are endless possibilities for customization! Including the child’s name, initials, or an important date can transform this item into a treasured keepsake for parents and family members. Needless to say, personalized blankets for kids are a cozy, reliable companion that adds an extra layer of love and warmth to any space.

💡 Golden Advice for POD Sellers

When thinking of these personalized gifts for kids, you’d want to ensure the blankets are made from soft, high-quality materials. For instance, if you’re planning on selling custom baby blankets, it’s best to opt for cotton as it is a lightweight, breathable fabric. 

Additionally, don’t forget to include any special washing instructions and care details so customers know how to maintain their personalized blankets for kids in perfect condition. After all, the idea is to keep its snuggly softness intact for many cozy and lovely moments to come.

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling This Item

🛏 Blanket

🍼 Baby Blanket

3. Personalized Lunch Boxes 🍎

A personalized lunch box can turn snack time into a flavored fiesta, each bite accompanied by a colorful creative design. Just as we talked about the benefits of personalized backpacks for kids, this custom item can also be a great addition to the little one’s daily adventures. 🍌🍕🍉

But that’s not the end of it! A personalized lunch box is a lifesaver for parents, too. With the kid’s name or initial added to it, it can help prevent mix-ups and losses. This is especially beneficial in school settings where multiple children may have similar items. In other words, your unique, custom item is meant to stand out with designs like these:

Funny T Shirt Design Creator With A Silly Hot Dog Illustration
Kids T Shirt Design Generator With A Funny Monkey Graphic
Cute T Shirt Design Maker Featuring A Bunny And A Big Carrot

💡 Savvy Insight for POD Sellers

When comparing different POD suppliers for your personalized lunch box, keep in mind aspects like the dimensions, material, and overall functionality. For instance, a handle will make it easier for children to carry around this item wherever they go. 

Another detail you can consider is whether the personalized lunch box is insulated to ensure the food stays at the perfect temperature throughout the day. Of course, check out if there are any additional compartments, pockets, or zippers for better organization and fitting all the delicious snacks! 🍔🍓🍪

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling This Item

4. Personalized Pillows 😴

 Now that we’ve covered the perks of custom blankets, we couldn’t let personalized kids’ pillows pass by. These cozy, soft goodies are the perfect addition to our last showcased item and a game-changer for nap time or snuggling up on movie night. It’s comfort, warmth, and fun, all in one! 😀

Moreover, personalized kids’ pillows allow children to express their unique personalities through vibrant, stunning designs. Whether it’s their favorite color, animal, or hobby, these goodies can truly be an expression of their style and interests. Plus, as a POD seller, this is a great opportunity to boost your sales with matching blankets and pillow sets!

💡 Helpful Advice for POD Sellers

Custom pillows can transform the kid’s bedroom into a unique, welcoming space. Therefore, when picking out your designs, consider popular themes such as animals, sports, superheroes, princesses, or fantasy worlds to create eye-catching merch that appeals to children of different ages. 

With Placeit, this is easier than ever as we’re constantly uploading new designs that match the latest trends, cartoons, and movies! Just check out our Kid’s Designs Library to supercharge your inspiration and pick out your favorite templates.

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling This Item

5. Personalized Plush Toys 🧸

Personalized plush toys are the perfect, cozy companion for all the daily adventures little ones take part in. From nap time to playing in the garden or imagining all sorts of fantasy worlds, these lovely fluffy friends often become cherished keepsakes children hold onto for years. ❤️

But the excitement around personalized plush toys doesn’t end there! As they grow older, this cute companion serves as a nostalgic and heartwarming reminder of the kid’s childhood and the special memories they shared with it, which makes this a timeless and enduring gift.

💖 The magic of personalized products doesn’t stop here! Spark up your store with this lovely gift selection for Mother’s Day.

💡 Smart Move for POD Sellers

Whether it’s a fluffy bunny or a cute teddy bear, kids tend to form a special bond with their stuffed animals. In the magical world of childhood, these personalized plush toys become their friends. Thus, you can go that extra mile with your merch and include details that thrive on this connection. For example: a toy adoption certificate. 

This personalization enhances the toy’s value and makes it a cherished keepsake for years to come. On top of that, as a seller, this allows you to promote the plush animal as a special and exclusive product. It’s an experience kids will never forget!

Certificate Maker For A Preschooler First Day Featuring Color Graphics
Certificate Maker For A Preschooler Featuring School Themed Graphics

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling This Item

📌 Contrado

📌 Printify 


6. Personalized Puzzles 🧩

Personalized puzzles for kids are a great educational gift as they help with the child’s motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creative thinking, among other benefits. Thus, this is the perfect option for customers who want to provide not only entertainment but also meaningful learning experiences for their little ones. 🤓

On top of that, you can showcase different options of personalized puzzles for kids that vary in size, shape, and design, making it a versatile product for children of all ages. From vibrant jungle landscapes to cute fluffy friends, there are tons of themes you can explore as a POD seller! 🐯🐰

💡 Handy Hint for POD Sellers

When choosing the designs that these personalized gifts for kids will feature, consider the intended child’s age. If you’re thinking of catering this product to young children, keep in mind that you’ll need to offer larger puzzle pieces to ensure the kid’s safety. 

In this case, you should also contemplate personalized puzzles for kids with illustrations showcasing well-known objects and characters (for example, animals) that they are familiar with. This is to encourage children to solve the puzzle without overwhelming them. 

On the other hand, kids over eight can work with more complex designs and larger puzzles up to 260 pieces or more depending on their experience. As you see, being informed is key to piecing together the fun with personalized puzzles for kids. 😀

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling This Item

7. Personalized T-Shirts 👕

We’re more than halfway through our personalized gifts for kids selection! Let’s keep going for more wonderful inspiration. Of course, we couldn’t let this cool and stylish apparel item go unnoticed. After all, personalized t-shirts are top sellers in the POD world. 

Custom kids’ shirts are the best option for comfort, style, and creativity. With tons of designs to choose from, children can turn into superheroes, become little rock stars, or dive into the vibrant colors of the jungle, all while sporting the latest designs!😌 Just take a peek at these options you can create with Placeit:

Heathered Long Sleeve Tee Mockup Featuring A Baby Girl On A Chair At Home
Mockup Of A Kid S T Shirt Featuring A Toy Camera And Headphones
T Shirt Mockup Featuring A Cute Baby Boy Sitting On A Couch
T Shirt Mockup Of A Smiling Kid With A Cuddly Toy
Sublimated T Shirt Mockup Of A Baby Girl Playing With Toys
Long Sleeve T Shirt Mockup Of A Little Girl With A Toy

Click on Your Favorite T-Shirt Design to Start Customizing It! ✨

T Shirt Design Maker Featuring An Illustrated Pony With A Friendship Quote
Party T Shirt Design Creator To Celebrate A Child's Birthday Party
T Shirt Design Maker With A Cute Illustration Of A Monkey
T Shirt Design Maker With Bt21 Inspired Rockstar Characters
Cartoonish T Shirt Design Template With A Bluey Inspired Theme
T Shirt Design Creator Featuring A Magical Snake
T Shirt Design Templates With An Illustration Of An Octopus
T Shirt Design Creator For Babies With A Sweet Brontosaurus Doodle
T Shirt Design Generator Of An Elephant And A Teepee Tent
Cute T Shirt Design Template With Cartoonish Easter Characters
Party T Shirt Design Template For A Birthday Celebration
Kids T Shirt Design Creator With A Skating Banana Illustration

💡 Expert Advice for POD Sellers

There’s a whole world to dipping your toes into the t-shirt business! From selecting the best POD supplier, to customizing your designs, and working on your marketing strategy to reach new customers. And, more often than not, there’s just not enough time to do all the research from scratch. 

At Placeit, we know the ins and outs of managing a business. So, we’ve prepared a series of blogs focused specifically on print-on-demand t-shirts with expert tips and insights within the industry. Click on the following guides to learn more about the topics you’re interested in. 😀

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling This Item

🐥 Kids

🐣 Babies

8. Personalized Stationery 💌

Personalized stationery for kids who are a little bit more grown-up can be the perfect opportunity to encourage them to explore their creativity. Just think about it, whether it’s a custom notebook or journal to doodle, draw, or create fantastic stories, it inspires them to unleash their imagination and get in touch with their creative side. 

On top of that, these types of gifts are a great addition if you’re already selling custom items like personalized books for kids, backpacks, pencil cases, and pouches. This takes the school experience to another level with an A+ in style! Why go for plain, boring items when there are tons of fun, vibrant, and colorful options?

Name Tag Design Template With Cartoonish Zoo Animal Illustrations
Worksheet Design Template For Teachers Featuring A Connect The Dots Elephant
Worksheet Design Maker For A Kid's Birthday Party With Mermaid And Sea Animal Drawings
Worksheet Design Maker Featuring A Cute Connect The Dots Cat Graphic
Worksheet Design Creator Featuring A Coloring Exercise For A Kid's Birthday
Cute Name Tag Maker Featuring Adorable Animal Illustrations

🤑✨ Looking to skyrocket your back-to-school sales? Don’t miss out on these amazing back-to-school printables – you and your buyers will love them for the upcoming school season! 🍎😊✏️

💡 Pro Tip for POD Sellers

Not sure what type of personalized stationery for kids you can add to your store? No worries! We’ve got you covered. Besides notebooks and journals as we mentioned beforehand, you can sell scrapbooks for all the little Picassos, bookmarks for young readers, mouse pads for cool gamers, and personalized labels for kids to use wherever they like. It’s all about thinking outside the box! 😀

✨😊✏️ You might like reading How to Start a Stationery Business in a Pen-Tastic Way

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling These Items

📌 Contrado

📌 Gelato

📌 Gooten

📌 Printed Mint

📌 Printful

📌 Printify

📌 Prodigi

📌 Redbubble

📌 Teelaunch  ➡️ (click on the “Office” tag)

9. Personalized Stickers 🌈

Looking for a budget-friendly alternative? Well, among personalized kids’ gifts, stickers are a great option as they offer creativity without breaking the bank! Children often enjoy decorating their belongings, whether it’s a personalized toy box, their favorite book or their school supplies, and these colorful, vibrant designs add to the fun.

Moreover, personalized stickers for kids inspire them to unleash their imagination. This small, yet creative goodie is perfect for artwork, crafts, and decoration. Additionally, parents can use them for educational activities with their little ones such as sorting, matching, and identifying colors. Let’s stick around for more fun with these designs! 🚀

Sticker Sheet Maker Featuring Cute Pencil Characters With Motivational Quotes For Students
Sticker Sheet Maker Featuring Smiling Pencil Characters
Sticker Design Template Featuring An Ice Cream Kitty Graphic
Sticker Design Maker With An Illustrated Butterfly
Sticker Design Creator With A Smiling Sea Star Illustration
Illustrated Sticker Generator With A K Pop Theme Inspired By Blackpink
Sticker Design Generator Featuring A Cute Kitty Graphic
Sticker Design Generator Featuring A Cartoonish Character

💡 Top Insight for POD Sellers

To create the best personalized stickers for kids, it’s best to invest in high-quality materials to ensure your merch maintains its original and vibrant design, it’s durable, and is long-lasting. Also, keep in mind the different printing processes as they will make your stickers fit for adhering on various surfaces, which is a must for the little one’s fun and entertainment! 

Still not sure if it’s your cup of tea?🤔 You can always check our full guide “How to Make and Sell Stickers: Make It Stick Online!” to dive into the world of creating, designing, and selling stickers online like a pro. ✨

Mockup Of Circular Branding Stickers

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling This Item

10. Personalized Water Bottles 💧

Here’s the thing: every child needs a water bottle for school, camp, or to jump in their next adventure. So, personalized water bottles for kids are a must for parents looking for practicality, functionality, and a great design, all in one item! 

Personalized water bottles for kids also promote healthy habits among little ones. On top of that, as opposed to disposable plastic bottles, they’re an eco-friendly option to sell if your brand is thinking of going green. Want to test the waters into these products? Try incorporating colorful illustrations and cute patterns in your designs to make your merch stand out! 🌟

💡 Top-Notch Pointer for POD Sellers

As we mentioned beforehand, personalized water bottles for kids need an A+ in functionality to meet their intended purpose. With this in mind, look for items that are spill and odor-resistant to avoid any accidents and turn sip time into a splash-tastic adventure! 

Another feature you can consider is if the water bottle has a double-wall construction to keep the drink fresh. After all, who wouldn’t want a sip of their ice-cold favorite drink after a day of endless playtime? 🤩

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling This Item

📌 Contrado

📌 CustomCat

📌 Gooten

📌 Printed Mint

📌 Printful

📌 Printify

📌 Prodigi


📌 Teelaunch

Hold on! We’re not done with our personalized gifts for kids selection just yet!

🚨 Trend Alert! Personalized Beach Towels 🌴

With summer rolling around, personalized beach towels for kids are the ultimate goodie for a tropical escapade. Whether they’re splashing near the pool or dipping their toes in the sand, this item ensures endless fun and comfort under the sun! Set up your store for smooth sailing with these designs:

💡 Quick Tip for POD Sellers

Show the bliss of your personalized beach towels for kids in a sunny paradise with vibrant mockups. This will help customers envision what your summer designs look like in real life, making it more appealing and irresistible for their little ones to dive into summer fun! ☀️🌴

📍 Print-On-Demand Sites Selling This Item

Tying the Ribbon: Wrapping up Our Personalized Gift Adventure 🎀

And that’s a wrap! As you can see, there are tons of options for personalized gifts for kids you can add to your store ahead of Children’s Day or include as year-round merch in your catalog. Placeit’s vibrant, fun designs match the joy of this cheerful celebration with hundreds of templates, mockups, and visual assets created for you! ✨

Remember, the magic of personalized gifts for kids lies in the way they make children feel uniquely special. Whether it’s their name placed on a warm, cozy blanket or their new favorite toy, these heartfelt goodies are meant to create lasting memories. So, dive into the POD world and tap into this awesome opportunity with a unique collection! 

At Placeit, we’re excited to see your business thrive! Now, we want to hear from you. What other personalized gifts for kids would you like to see in this selection? Drop a comment below to let us know! Till next time and happy selling. 😀

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