12 Design Trends to Keep
an Eye On in 2022

Every year, it’s exciting to see what direction design will take because we can express and communicate more than we think through the design. By 2022, designers have turned the tables and changed the context. So, if you’re ready to discover the design trends that will mark 2022, you’ve come to the right place! You’ll find a compilation of 12 styles to try for your brand in this list.

Here Are the 12 Design Trends for 2022:

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T Shirt Design Template Featuring 90 S Illustrations With Warped Quotes 4370 Easy Resize.com
Illustrated T Shirt Design Maker Featuring 90s Gadgets 3940 Easy Resize.com

1. The 90S Are Coming Back

Nostalgia is always a great asset to add to your designs. People want to feel comfortable in brand designs again! We feel nostalgic about the world before the most recent pandemic. We’re missing the world we grew up in.

So, what can you include in your designs to stand out?

2. Choose 3D Design to Get Closer to Reality

This design trend has been standing out since 2020 in the digital and offline world. It’s ideal for giving realism, volume, detail, movement, dimension, and depth to any type of illustration and even typography. This peculiar effect makes each piece look realistic, and that is why many artists have been inspired by everyday life to create 3D pieces, although you can always take your canvas and start from scratch to create anything you imagine.

Avatar Template With A Cool Inspired Character By The Metaverse 5130c Easy Resize.com
3d Avatar Logo Maker For A Trap Musician 3428c Easy Resize.com
Earth Day Themed T Shirt Design Template With A 3d Cartoon Of The Planet 4906e El1 Easy Resize.com

Prop Tip: Also, don't forget that some NFTs designs in a 3D shape are conquering 2022!

Fun T Shirt Design Generator Inspired By Vintage Comics
T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Cartoon Of A Carrot Playing Video Games
T Shirt Design Creator Featuring A Monochromatic Collage With A Quote

3. Retro Vibes Rock!

Yes, the 60s and 70s vibe are definitely taking center stage nowadays. Those vibrant colors that harmonize with fun and playful waves are perfect for conquering a young market or creating nostalgia for those who enjoyed that era.

4. The Art of Ukiyo-E Flat

The best thing about design trends is that there aren’t written rules! And while we love 3D figures, the Japanese style called Ukiyo is a great success when it comes to giving a stylized touch to flat vectors.

Cool T Shirt Design Maker With The Illustration Of A Samurai 603a El1 Easy Resize.com
Lo Fi Album Cover Art Generator Featuring Two Happy Manga Characters
Illustrated Tote Bag Design Maker Featuring A Japanese Landscape 2400f Easy Resize.com
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Home Decoration Logo Creator With An Illustrated Sofa 4992b El1
Fresh Bakery Logo Maker Featuring An Illustrated Croissant 4987d (2)

5. For Logos, Less Is More

Colorful logos with several elements were a sensation in the past, but that has changed in the last few months. Different brands like KIA, Burger King, Volvo and Renault, have opted for a redesign, showing a fresher, cleaner but, above all, more straightforward look. Some brands have even reduced their logo color scheme to 1 or 2 colors.

This decisive action allows the logo to be adaptable to any size and medium. Additionally, when it comes to marketing, it manages to be more recognizable and show itself as a cutting-edge brand that constantly seeks to make improvements and even be willing to open its horizons and reach new audiences.

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6. Anti-design? Then, This Is Your Year

2022 is the year of the rebels since it seeks to break all the “rules” that have ever been written about design. This trend basically seeks to leave behind all the techniques and principles of design that may border on the old, the asymmetrical, the non-combinable, and the basic, applicable to typography and images.

Pro Tip: For some experts, it makes no sense, and it isn't aesthetic at all. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Urban Styled T Shirt Design Maker Featuring A Graffiti Flower Doodle 3247f
Album Cover Design Maker Featuring An Abstract Style For New Wave Music 4751f Easy Resize.com
Hip Hop Album Cover Generator With A Graffiti Aesthetic 4255e Easy Resize.com
T Shirt Design Template For Pride Month Featuring A Groovy Font And Cool Stickers 4543a Easy Resize.com
Instagram Quote Post Design Template With 3d Typography 3422 Easy Resize.com
3d Logo Intro

7. Have Some Fun With Bubble Fonts

Bubbles are here for lovers of rounded fonts! A design trend in 2022 that, although it can be thought of for the little ones, thanks to the fact that it transmits positivism, and lightness, it also symbolizes an upgrade for adults while keeping it casual and relaxed. 

8. Surrealism Reaches Imagination

Artistic designs, disorganized illusions, impossible combinations!
Surrealism exceeds standard techniques with no consideration for traditional borders or design rules.

Poster Design Creator Featuring Surreal Characters
T Shirt Design Template Featuring Surreal Illustrations Of Female Faces
Surreal T Shirt Design Template Featuring An Illustration Of A Hand With An Eye
Instagram Post Maker For A Carousel Featuring A Fashion Theme 4289 El1 Easy Resize.com
Astrology Themed Instagram Post Design Template With A Gradient Background 4700 Easy Resize.com
16 Vertical Business Card Mockup Easy Resize.com

9. All About Gradients

Since 2021, this design trend has won the hearts of hundreds of social media feeds. However, gradients go beyond! For example, they look amazing on business cards or packaging. In addition, they’re perfect for giving a stylish, attractive, and clean look, thanks to the fact that they’re combined with minimalism, and therefore, the design is not overloaded.

10. Expressive and Experimental Fonts

These are the fonts you need to challenge the limits of legibility and take the expression to the next step. This design trend is based on experimentation and personal expression. The argument behind this style is that if we live in a globalized world, why not go for fonts that go beyond the conventional?

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Polaroid Themed Instagram Post Design Template With A Collage Style 4716 El1 Easy Resize.com
Album Cover Maker Of A Man S Photo Featuring Butterflies

11. Grunge Style Rises From the Ashes

2021 is a year for environmental awareness, which also means more sustainable brands! Humans’ consciousness towards nature is, in fact, a growing trend that has tons of positive results. Many brands are developing and turning their products into environmentally oriented goods.

12. Get Ready to Try Parametric Patterns

They’re a design trend that seeks to break with rigidity through geometric shapes—resulting in an avant-garde work characterized by disorder, fluidity, and movement.

Logo Maker For A Handmade Candles Brand With Geometric Patterns 4599f Easy Resize.com
Cyber Monday Themed Instagram Post Design Template With Geometric Pattern Backgrounds 4148
Trippy Album Cover Creator With An Abstract Background With Geometric Shapes 4025f Easy Resize.com

And… That’s a Wrap!

This 2022 turns out to be very promising and dynamic. This list showed us specific trends that yearn for the past and others that seek to break with the traditional to give life to new creations. And after all, that’s what makes design so fascinating: we always have a wide range of possibilities to choose what goes best with our brand’s ideals. 
Now it’s time for you to pick your favorite design trend and let us know which you’d like to apply to your business or brand. Indeed at Placeit, we have a template to give your visual identity a refresh. đŸ˜‰
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