A Gorgeous Wedding Venue Inspired By The Spring
A Pretty Wedding Venue During Spring
A Beautiful Young Bride Happily Posing With Her Bridesmaids, All Wearing Lovely Yellow Dresses
A Happy Couple Laughing And Kissing Together On The Beach During Sunset
A Colorful Set Of Wedding Invitations In Warm Colors Reflecting Spring
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Planning your dream wedding should feel like the Bride Wars intro: magical, full of joy, and hope. Like Emma and Liv in that 2009 film, you can now plan your ideal wedding and transform those dreams into reality. One of the initial steps is selecting the perfect colors, as they will set the tone and aesthetics for your wedding. While you may initially consider it a black-and-white decision, the truth is that there’s a universe of incredible wedding color schemes awaiting your exploration.

Whether you’re the radiant bride-to-be, a skilled wedding planner like Mary Fiore in The Wedding Planner, a bridesmaid like Jane in 27 Dresses, or simply a friend looking for inspiration, this blog offers 25+ handpicked wedding color schemes. From dark tones conveying timeless elegance and pretty pastel hues for a dreamy look to vibrant colors that will make any wedding pop.

Let’s see what’s in store for your big day! ✨😊💍

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The Importance of Colors in Weddings

When planning a wedding, colors are one of the top priorities, as they will set your big day’s tone, atmosphere, style, aesthetics, and cohesiveness.

Throughout some of our blog posts, we’ve seen how colors have their personality and can provoke different emotions, feelings, and sensations. This will help you narrow down your options. For example, pastel colors might be the best match if you aim for a dreamy, calm atmosphere.

Moreover, colors have the power to make your wedding truly stand out, ensuring it’s unlike any other. By choosing the perfect color palette, every little detail and big one will be different and special, from napkins, tablecloths, and utensils to your cake, bouquet, flowers, invitations, accessories, stationery, and even your bridesmaid’s dress colors. While the idea of choosing colors might seem daunting at first, we promise it’s not (especially with this collection)! So keep reading to discover all the wedding color schemes and best tips we’ve prepared for you. ✨🤗💖

Best Tips for Choosing Wedding Color Schemes

A Wedding Moodboard With Various Wedding Color Schemes
  • Think about colors that resonate with you on a personal level. For example, if the gentle hues of light blue speak to your soul, go for it. After all, this is your moment to shine, and your preferences should take center stage.
  • To select the perfect wedding color scheme, you need to consider things like your preferences, the season in which your wedding will take place, the location of the event, and how formal it will be. This will help you narrow down your options to choose your wedding colors.
  • Explore sites like Pinterest to seek more inspiration regarding wedding color schemes. For example, if you decide that summer wedding colors will be the ideal match, delve deeper into that theme to find more examples and how you can apply them to your wedding decor and accessories. You could also create a moodboard to have a clear vision and make it a reality on your own or with the help of your event planner.

🌸🌷🎀 Don’t miss out on How to Make a Moodboard: The Best Beginner’s Guide.

  • While having many colors might be tempting, sticking to the wedding color schemes we’ll provide is recommended, as they’re curated to ensure harmony.
  • However, if you decide to be your own Picasso and create your own palette, that’s completely fine. Simply follow this rule: ensure your wedding color palette has 2 to 5 colors to guarantee a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic. Also, pick one or two hues as your primary colors, then complement them with 1 or 2 secondary colors, ensuring at least one is a neutral shade. Finally, add a pop of fun with a vibrant accent color, but use it sparingly for maximum impact. 
  • While you might think choosing only cream and white colors might be the best match, sometimes this produces the opposite effect. So, it’s good to embrace the power of contrast in your wedding color palette to create visual interest and depth. Don’t avoid pairing light and dark shades or mixing bold colors with softer tones. Remember, the interplay of contrasts brings a sense of balance and harmony to your overall look!

Say Yes to 25+ Dreamy Wedding Color Schemes

Prepare to say “I do” to a beautiful array of curated wedding color schemes tailored to each season of the year, ensuring you find the perfect combination to bring your dream wedding to life! 

Best of all, we’ve included hex codes for each color, making it a breeze to replicate them in your favorite editing software, whether it’s Photoshop, Placeit by Envato, or any other! So, get ready to unleash your creativity as we guide you through customizing our wedding templates with your selected color palette. Whether you’re drawn to the vibrant allure of bright wedding colors, the timeless elegance of classic hues, or the soft charm of a pastel-themed wedding, this collection has it all and more!

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😊💡✨ Hex codes are alphanumeric codes consisting of six elements, starting with a # symbol. These universal codes simplify the process of selecting your desired hue, ensuring precision in every detail of your wedding decor.

🌷Spring Wedding Colors

Oh, the sweet spring, one of the most beautiful and expected seasons, as we’re saying goodbye to cold days and hello to a breeze of fresh air, sunny skies, and nature in full bloom.

The wedding color schemes for spring often include light and soft tones such as lavender, pastel pink, light yellow, dusty blue, sage green, light gray, and baby blue. As well as various shades of white, champagne, creamy, and peach. While most of these spring wedding colors are delicate, this season also includes bright and bold colors inspired by nature and flowers. So, if you intend to use wedding color schemes related to spring, choose colors that bring a sense of warmth, joy, renewal, and fresh starts, which are ideal for a wedding.

If this is the look you want to incorporate into your wedding, we’ve curated some pretty wedding color schemes for you to choose from.

A Set Of Colorful Spring Wedding Invitations As Part Of A Wedding Color Schemes Collection

#F28891 | #F2CF66 | #D9BF8F | #F2A341 | #F2ADA7

Wedding Stationery With Floral Hues As Part Of A Wedding Color Schemes Collection With Hex Codes

#F2CE1B | #F2A516 | #F2E6D8 | #F27127 | #F29991

A Wedding Color Scheme Inspired By A Spring Wedding Theme

#84BF04 | #D2D904 | #F29F05 | #F27405 | #F2F2F2

A Pastel Theme Wedding Example As Part Of A Wedding Color Schemes Collection

#A9CBB3 | #F25EB0 | #F2CE1B | #FAAB9A | #FEF9E6

🌸🌷🌺 Friendly Reminder: Spring begins on March 19th in the Northern Hemisphere. The last day of spring is June 20th, which marks the beginning of the summer season.

A Wedding Decor With Pink And Peach Colors As Part Of A Wedding Color Schemes Collection

#F29BAB | #F2D022 | #F29F05 | #D96704 | #F2A285

A Set Of Pretty Spring Wedding Invitations As Part Of A Wedding Color Schemes Blog

#F2C84B | #F2C299 | #F2EBE9 | #F2785C | #D98977

A Wedding Table Decorated With Soft Pink, Peach, And Yellow Tones Representing A Wedding Color Scheme Example

#F1F2D5 | #D98236 | #F26D3D | #F2E9E9 | #F2B6B6

A Beautiful Subtle Set Of Wedding Invitations As Part Of A Wedding Color Palettes Collection

#D9A3CA | #B4B9D9 | #D9C76C | #D98E32 | #D9A38F

🍉 Summer Wedding Colors

Summer is known as the wedding season, as it has long sunny days and perfect weather. It’s ideal for honeymoons, provides guests with more clothing variety, and offers stunning outdoor settings.

When it comes to summer wedding color schemes, think fresh and bright, such as sunny yellows, lively oranges, and vivid pinks, evoking the energy and warmth of the season. Of course, you can go one step further and incorporate more hues, such as mauve, deep navy blue, minty green, creamy neutrals, dazzling gold, mustard accents, taupe, salmon, magenta, berry tones, dusty rose, teal, turquoise, and sky blue.

Whether you’re aiming for a beachside affair or a garden soiree, these colors will infuse your wedding with warmth, sophistication, and a touch of whimsy. Check out some real wedding color scheme examples to inspire your summertime celebration!

Wedding Invitations With Various Shades Of Blue And Green As An Example For A Wedding Color Schemes Blog

#3E6E8C | #94A69B | #D9D9D9 | #255938 | #BFBA6B

A Lilac Wedding Stationery With Pink Hues As An Illustration Part Of A Wedding Color Schemes Compilation

#F2A0BE | #A877D9 | #BFC0D9 | #97A629 | #D9D0C7

A Wonderful Wedding Stationery Set Filled With Summery Bright Colors To Illustrate A Wedding Color Schemes Compilation

#BF2C47 | #D943A4 | #ADD9D4 | #D9C979 | #F29188

A Wedding Color Scheme Example With Summery Vibes

#F20574 | #F2BE7E | #F28B66 | #F2E6E4 | #F2BDBD

🏄‍♂️🏝️🥥 Mark Your Calendar: This beautiful season begins on June 20th and ends on September 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere.

A Beautiful Table Flower Ornament With Summer Wedding Colors

#D9667B | #BCBF56 | #A8BBDC | #F2C3A7 | #F2E9E9

An Original Set Of Wedding Gifts In Bluish Tones As Part Of A Summer Wedding Colors Collection

#ACD1F2 | #95BFB0 | #7CA67F | #F2EDDC | #A68C5D

A Soft Summer Wedding Color Infuse Into A Pair Of Wedding Invitations As Part Of A Wedding Color Schemes Collection

#F25E95 | #F2BC79 | #F27405 | #F2E0D5 | #F2BDBD

A Refreshing Citrical Wedding Collection Of Invitations To Illustrate A Wedding Color Schemes Collection

#DCAFD0 | #D9C252 | #F2B705 | #D97904 | #BF1304

✨ Fall Wedding Colors

With the leaves turning into pretty coppery tones, fall might be the best season for your wedding as it will add a cozy, romantic atmosphere. Fall wedding colors often include burgundy, burnt orange, jade, magenta, rust, mauve, dusty blue, cream, maroon, emerald, lavender, terracotta, brown, dove gray, dark green, black, deep red, purple, and dusty pink.

While many of these hues may lean towards dark wedding colors, they’re infused with a radiant glow that perfectly captures the essence of fall’s allure. Let’s see some pretty wedding color schemes with a fall theme:

A Soft Fall Color Theme On A Wedding Decor To Illustrate A Wedding Color Schemes Compilation

#D9C2AD | #D95204 |  #592202 | #A6633C | #590202

A Set Of Pretty Pink Muted Wedding Stationery As Part Of A Wedding Color Schemes Collection

#BF8892 | #A67C63 | #D9AA8F | #734E40 | #D9C1C1

An Earthy Wedding Stationery Set To Illustrate A Wedding Color Scheme Compilation

#A17654 | #F2E0D5 | #BF613F | #7E3225 | #260101

4 Beautiful Bridesmaids Wearing Fall Wedding Colors To Illustrate A Wedding Color Schemes Blog

#A6032F | #4A5928 | #A8BBDC | #BF5630 | #F2784B

🏵️🍯🥮 Keep in Mind: Fall will start this year on September 22nd and leave on December 21st.

A Soft Calm Neutral Wedding Invitations To Illustrate A Wedding Color Scheme Example

#FFFFF1 | #A38970 | #8C6056 | #A68785 | #0D0000

A Vivid And Colorful Fall Wedding Invitations As An Example Of A Wedding Color Schemes Blog

#234015 | #CF9C5A | #C06628 | #D95204 | #8C0303

A Wedding Color Scheme Example Inspired By A Wedding Bouquet With Fall Colors

#C85C42 | #425300 | #BC7C4C | #F2DDCA | #B13348

A Beautiful Wedding Decoration With Fall Colors As Part Of A Wedding Color Schemes Collection

#A68C5D | #D9BFA9 | #BF5D24 | #732002 | #400D01

⭐ Winter Wedding Colors

Finally, we’ve got a beautiful collection of wedding color schemes focused on the tones of winter that can create a fairy-tale and enchanting ambiance. Not to mention, winter weddings offer endless possibilities for creating unforgettable themes, from whimsical winter wonderlands to elegantly inspired holiday celebrations.

So, if this sounds good to you, you can expect mint tones, icy blues, silver tones, frost whites, lilacs, purples, vivid reds, bright crimsons, dark greens, gold hues, blush pinks, navy blues, and light pinks.

Let’s look at some pretty examples of these wedding colors in action to see how they will set the tone for your special day.

A Majestic Set Of Wedding Dark Colors As Part Of A Wedding Color Schemes Compilation

#989AA6 | #242B40 | #515A73 | #F2E4BB | #D9CAB8

A Winter Wedding Color Set Of Invitations With Red As Its Primary Color

#A60A27 | #8C0327 | #7E5D8C | #B7B8BD | #400101

An Elegant And Luxurious Wedding Decor Infused With Tones Of Gold As Part Of A Wedding Color Schemes Compilation

#D9984A | #BF7534 | #D9AC84 | #D9C6BA | #732A10

A Set Of Dark Green Wedding Invitations To Illustrate How Winter Wedding Colors Are Applied

#1C2625 | #455953 | #BFBAAA | #A6774E | #401801

🌨🧊🏂 Save the Date: This magical season begins on December 21st and ends on March 21st to give the welcome to the spring.

An Elegant Wedding Color Scheme Ideal For Winter

#586F8C | #192E40 | #0A2619 | #966658 | #D6B79A

A Beautiful Luminous Wedding Color Scheme With Purple Tones

#9368A6 | #E4C2F2 | #7569BF | #D9D5F2 | #F2E2CE

A Purple, Lilac, And Pink Table Flower Ornament As Part Of A Wedding Color Schemes Compilation

#D982B2 | #D9BACB | #7E5D8C | #A69D9C | #F2E4E4

A Beautiful Wedding Cake With Cool Tones To Illustrate A Wedding Color Scheme Example Focused On Winter

#E4F2F1 | #B6BFA8 | #BDBF75 | #737156 | #F2F2F0

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How to Customize Placeit Templates With Any Wedding Color Schemes

The Process Of Showing How To Substitute A Hex Code On A Placeit Template

Now that you’ve explored our gorgeous collection of wedding color schemes, it’s time to pick your favorite hues and start incorporating them into your wedding accessories or materials, such as invitations, social media graphics, and even your logo—you name it. And with Placeit by Envato, the process couldn’t be easier! Our collection of Wedding Templates offers everything you need to create everything for your big day in a breeze! 

Here’s how to use these wedding color schemes in our templates. 😉

Head over to Placeit and explore our extensive selection of Wedding Templates. Once you find a design you love, click on it to begin the customization process.

Whether it’s a text, a main graphic, a background, or a frame (on the selected template), choose the element you wish to customize with your chosen wedding color scheme.

Click on the color square to open up all the options Placeit has for you. In this case, go to the last tab that says “Custom.” Here, you’ll find the current hex code of the selected element; let’s say it’s #87D300. Then, simply choose that hex code, paste your desired and new hex code, and hit enter to apply the changes.

That’s it! You can repeat this process as often as needed to give any of our templates a fresh, new look that perfectly matches your wedding color theme.

✨😊✏️ Pro Tip: For a truly harmonious look, consider substituting the colors of the current template with those from your chosen wedding color scheme.

🌟🌈😌 Not a design guru? No worries, read a complete guide on How to Make Design Templates Not Look Like a Template.

Discover Gorgeous Wedding Templates for Your Big Day!

If you’re already in the editor mood, why not jump ahead to our dreamy wedding templates? Discover all you need for your big day, from details and RSVP cards, guest place cards, wedding programs, menus, logos, greeting cards, stickers, and t-shirt designs to Instagram stories, posts, countdowns, slideshows, and so much more. We’ve got everything you need to share the magic of your wedding with your loved ones. 

The best part? Customizing any of our templates is a breeze and will take you less than 5 minutes, allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your wedding day that deserve your attention.

Beautiful Instagram Story Creator For A Modern Wedding Invite
Instagram Post Maker Featuring A Background Picture Of A Newlywed Couple
Wedding Themed Instagram Story Maker For A Save The Date Announcement
Elegant Instagram Post Template With A Countdown For A Wedding
Instagram Story Template Featuring A Wedding Celebration Picture
Instagram Post Maker Featuring Wedding Pictures With Countdowns

💍👰🏻🤵🏻 Find more ideas and templates for your wedding by reading Say I Do to Beautiful Wedding Templates.

Wrapping up on Wedding Color Schemes

Weddings are downright magical, and we’re sure you want to make yours very special and different from others. As you embark on a fresh start, it’s a great opportunity to go beyond the traditional black-and-white and explore a universe of colors for your so-expected day. 

As we’ve learned, colors have the superpower to transform any ambiance; your wedding isn’t the exception. It’s about balancing your preferences, the feelings you want to convey, and wedding colors that work amazingly well together.

Feel free to let your creativity run wild and experiment with different wedding color schemes until you find your best match. After all, your wedding day is a reflection of your love story and should be as extraordinary as you envision it.

Luckily, Placeit by Envato has resources to help you find the best wedding color schemes and create some materials on your own. The best part is that Placeit has a brand kit, so you can upload your wedding color combos and fonts to make it easier to customize any wedding template.

So, have a happy day! Let us know what other wedding blog post you’d like to read about. 💍😊⭐

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