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The print-on-demand industry is full of opportunities to skyrocket your sales! Every new season or special event on the calendar, like the upcoming holiday season, is a chance to connect with both new and loyal customers and boost your revenue. And with travel on everyone’s minds, what could be more perfect than crafting custom travel accessories? Sounds exciting, right?

If you like this plan, then buckle up! Get ready to unlock the hottest travel accessories that will become a sensation on your online store. We’ll also share expert product and design tips to make the most out of these items and reveal the top print-on-demand sites to bring your vision to life. Let’s begin! ✈️🌟😊

Peak Travel Seasons: What POD Sellers Need to Know

The peak travel season, when most people have the chance to travel and go on holidays, varies around the world. 

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✨🌊🌺 In the USA and many countries in the Northern Hemisphere, the peak travel season in 2024 is from June 20 to August 22.

Additionally, another significant travel period is December, which is the well-known holiday season that covers Christmas and New Year. During these dates, people often travel to see their families, get out of their routines, and take advantage of school holidays.

To help you plan and promote your travel accessories line, here are the peak travel seasons for different regions:

On the other side of the world, the peak travel season in Asia is from June to September.

The Caribbean also experiences its peak travel season differently, from December to April.

In most North American countries and Europe, summer is the peak travel season, primarily from June to August. Additionally, the holiday season, from December to January for Christmas and New Year, is also highly profitable.

In the USA, Thanksgiving (in late November) and various long weekends throughout the year are also significant travel times.

✏️📅✨ Pro Tip: Never miss any important date again with our awesome e-commerce calendar! You can also explore our t-shirt ideas calendar for some really cool celebrations.

In these regions, summer is the peak travel season, but it occurs during our winter months. The most profitable months for travel are December and January, as these countries are in the southern hemisphere.

Travel Accessories Market Statistics

The travel industry is inherently exciting and as broad as the world itself. For this blog, we’ll focus specifically on travel accessories. You might not have considered this niche yet, but with the data we’ll present, you’ll soon see why exploring this lucrative market is worth it.

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Travel accessories can be profitable year-round because people constantly travel and look for custom items to enhance their adventures. Plus, by targeting different countries and travel seasons, you can ensure a steady stream of customers, whether they’re embarking on a long trip abroad or just taking a short holiday weekend.

Print-on-demand services make creating and selling custom travel accessories easier than ever! That’s why this travel blog provides the most reliable print-on-demand sites to help you create and deliver these travel goodies to your customers. 

According to Yahoo Finance:

  • In 2021, the Global Travel Accessories Market had a value of USD 48.2 billion and is expected to reach USD 95.7 billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 6.4%.
  • Millennials and Gen Z travelers’ need for visually appealing, Instagram-worthy travel gear has increased due to the rising impact of social media and travel influencers.
  • Consumer preferences have shifted towards durable, stylish, and practical travel accessories. Today’s travelers seek items that fulfill their functional requirements while expressing their individuality and sense of style.
  • Increasing environmental awareness is driving the market towards more eco-friendly and sustainable products. Tourists are looking for accessories made of recyclable materials or biodegradable textiles.

Key Categories
  • Travel Bags: Travel bags led the market in 2021, with USD 19,899.3 million, and are forecast to grow at a CAGR of 5.8% by 2031 to USD 37,464.5 million. The demand for travel bags has increased due to the rise in tours and travel for both work and pleasure.
  • Distribution Channels: Supermarkets and hypermarkets contributed the most to the market in 2021, with USD 15,349.0 million, and are expected to reach USD 26,581.6 million by 2031. However, this is a perfect opportunity to create custom travel accessories instead of mass-produced, generic items. 😉

With the product and design tips we’ll provide on this travel accessories blog, your chances of being successful in this market are high. Ready to dive in? Let’s get started on this exciting journey! 🚀🌍

10 Must-Have Travel Accessories for Your POD Store

Here comes the most exciting moment! Now that we have covered the basics, it’s time to reveal our top 10 travel accessories list (which you can design with Placeit by Envato 😉). These goodies will make a big difference in your online store and help you increase your revenue during the travel and holiday season.

Let’s start!

🌟 1. Custom Suitcases

Let’s start this travel accessories guide with a must-have item for your POD store: custom suitcases. Traditional retail stores are often filled with plain or uninspired suitcase designs, making personalized suitcases a fantastic option for travelers looking for something unique and easy to spot.

  • Look for print-on-demand providers that offer 360-degree swivel wheels and extended and comfortable handles to facilitate movement through airports and cities.
  • To guarantee your personalized suitcases have everything your customers might need in this travel essential, look for integrated TSA-approved locks to keep their belongings safe. 
  • Offer suitcases with extended storage options for added convenience. Also, ensure they have dividers, mesh pockets, and compression straps.
  • Choose materials such as polycarbonate for its lightweight and durability.
  • Make sure designs are printed on the front and back for a top-notch look.
  • Display the available sizes of your custom luggage on your online store. Indicate the capacity and dimensions of each suitcase variant (carry-on, medium, large) to help customers select the right size for their travel needs.
  • Let your customers personalize their luggage by choosing the color of the suitcase shell, handle grips, or zipper pulls.

When it comes to design, there are various possibilities. You can: 

  • Create designs featuring iconic landmarks, world maps, or travel quotes that resonate with wanderlust. Use vibrant colors or vintage-inspired motifs to make the suitcase easily identifiable on luggage carousels at the airport. 
  • Offer customizable templates where customers can upload their travel photos or artwork. Provide a preview tool to visualize the suitcase’s design.
  • Use minimalist designs with subtle textures or monochrome patterns for a sophisticated look. To maintain a sleek aesthetic, incorporate initials or a small emblem.
  • Design matching sets for families or travel groups. This cohesive approach appeals to customers looking to coordinate their luggage while traveling together.
  • Printify: Prices start at USD 140.63 + shipping.
  • Contrado: Prices start at USD 177.00 + shipping.
Mockup Of A Large Travel Suitcase With A Travel Themed Design Resembling An Airplane Ticket
Phone Case Design Maker Featuring An Inspiring Travel Quote

🏄🏼‍♀️🐠 Pro Tip: Offer luggage covers to protect suitcases from damage during travel. Sell them as single items or bundles (suitcase + covers) for added value.

🎒 2. Custom Backpacks

Next up on our list of must-have travel accessories are backpacks! These classic and beloved items can be the perfect companion for any trip. Custom backpacks can make all the difference and add tremendous value to your product line. Let’s dive into some essential tips:

  • Since these backpacks will accompany your customers on various adventures, ensure they’re made with waterproof materials.
  • People also love backpacks with multiple compartments. Look for options with laptops and water bottle holders. As well as hidden, side, and interior pockets for small or valuable items.
  • Additionally, prioritize comfort with padded shoulder straps, breathable back panels, and adjustable sternum straps for weight distribution.
  • Provide backpacks in different sizes (small, medium, large) suitable for various purposes. 
  • Finally, machine and care instructions should be included to help customers maintain the backpack’s quality.

Custom backpacks are another item that offers versatility, so here are some design ideas you might like to consider for this travel accessory:

  • Offer a range of colors from neutral tones to bold hues.
  • Allow customers to personalize backpacks with their initials, names, or favorite quotes.
  • Create designs inspired by outdoor adventures, wildlife, or natural landscapes.
  • Patterns are always an excellent choice for backpacks. They’re versatile and visually appealing.
  • Consider tiny graphics, custom names, or quotes for a more minimalist option.
  • SPOD: Prices start at USD 23.82 + shipping.
  • Printful: Prices start at USD 32.95 + shipping.
  • Printify: Prices start at USD 40.80 + shipping.
  • Threadless: Prices start at USD 59.88 + shipping.
  • Contrado: Prices start at USD 159.00 + shipping.
Backpack Mockup Featuring A Travel Pattern
Travel Quote T Shirt Design Template Featuring Colorful Doodles For Travel Accessories

✨ 3. Custom Duffle Bags

Duffle bags are a versatile favorite among travelers, and they definitely deserve a nice spot on this travel accessories list that will skyrocket your sales this season. With ample room for clothing, towels, shoes, and accessories, duffle bags fit into tight spaces and are known for their durability and comfort. Imagine the possibilities when they’re personalized! Here are some handy tips to make this product stand out:

  • Ensure the personalized duffle bags you sell online have numerous pockets for your buyers’ convenience. Also, a comfortable and adjustable shoulder strap is a must. It’s a bonus if it’s also removable. 😉
  • Select a duffle bag with a waterproof interior PVC coating or a section for wet items or shoes.
  • Look for durable materials like canvas or ballistic nylon for these versatile travel accessories.
  • Offer different duffle bag sizes to meet various travel needs. Specify each variant’s dimensions and capacity. 

For your custom duffle bags, consider offering a variety of design options:

  • For example, solid colors are great for those customers who are fans of minimalistic designs. So, choose soft pastel tones for a dreamy vibe. Darker colors, on the other hand, might appeal and be more useful to adventurous souls.
  • If you want something more vibrant, try patterns, whether stripes, camo prints, or floral designs. If patterns aren’t your thing or don’t attract your buyers, include motifs related to popular topics like sports, outdoor activities, or travel-themed icons. Tailor these to your niche. ✨
  • Let your customers add a graphic they love or their initials or names in playful fonts or a graphic they love. Additionally, allow them to choose the color of shoulder straps or handles to match their personal style or preferences.

😊🧵✨ Pro Tip: To make standout features even more special, consider embroidering them. This adds longevity, ensuring they don’t wash off over time. 

  • Gooten: No prices available.
  • Apliiq: Prices start at USD 19.75 + shipping.
  • Printify: Prices start at USD 41.64 + shipping.
  • Printful: Prices start at USD 56.95 + shipping.
  • Contrado: Prices start at USD 630.00 USD + shipping.
Mockup Of A Duffle Bag With Shoulder Strap
An Electric Blue Background With Geometric And Abstract Figures In Contrasting Colors

🧋 4. Custom Travel Mugs

Travel mugs have become essential travel accessories—who doesn’t love sipping their favorite beverage on the go? Here are some great tips to help you offer the best travel mugs for your customers:

  • Look for stainless steel travel mugs. They’re perfect for keeping your customers’ beverages at the right temperature for hours. Not to mention, these travel accessories are eco-friendly and can attract eco-conscious travelers.
  • Additionally, choose travel mugs with spill-resistant snap-on caps to prevent messes and keep liquids safely inside, making travel easy and worry-free.
  • Bet for handles to add major convenience.
  • Provide different types of travel drinkware in order to meet different styles and needs. This could include tumblers, thermoses, enamel mugs, and more.
  • Patterns look fantastic on travel mugs. Consider travel-themed graphics or inspiring quotes to make them stand out.
  • If you prefer a minimalist approach, opt for sleek designs with solid, bold colors and minimal text.
  • If you want to print the travel spirit on these travel accessories, create designs inspired by global destinations featuring landmarks, maps, or cultural symbols. This resonates with travelers who cherish memories of past trips or dream of future adventures.
  • Additionally, bold typography is great for showcasing travel quotes or slogans related to exploration and adventure. However, always ensure the selected typeface is legible and complements the overall design aesthetic.
  • For truly custom travel mugs, let your customers add their names or favorite pictures. This option is perfect for personalized gifts, whether for your buyers or their loved ones.
  • Printify: Prices start at USD 17.11 + shipping.
  • Printful: Prices start at USD 19.95 + shipping.
  • Contrado: Prices start at USD 29.95 + shipping.
Travel Mug Mockup With A Purple Background
Bookmark Design Template For World Book Day With Smiling Faces And Flowers

🍧🌸💕 Pro Tip: Looking for similar products? Then don’t miss our 2024 Best Print-On-Demand Summer Items products list.

👕 5. Custom Hoodies

Hoodies are always a superstar in the print-on-demand world and an excellent choice for travel outfits. Custom hoodies offer style and comfort, making them perfect for airport waits, long car rides, or morning excursions.

Let’s elevate these travel accessories to make them irresistible as personal items or thoughtful personalized travel gifts.

  • If you want to guarantee top quality, look for cotton blends, such as cotton-polyester, which provide the softness and breathability of cotton while ensuring durability and wrinkle resistance.
  • On the same quality line, direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is ideal for custom hoodies, providing top-notch and durable prints. Embroidery can add a premium and hand-made touch, especially for small designs.
  • Provide a comprehensive size chart and offer a range of sizes from XS to XXL to accommodate diverse body types.
  • Give your customers more similar options, such as short-sleeve hoodies, hoodie dresses, or sweatshirts.
  • Design matching hoodies for all family members. This will make for adorable travel photos and help families stay coordinated during their trips. 
  • If you want to design a minimalist approach, opt for simple graphics like mountains, a world map, or a plane in the upper corners or the center of the custom travel hoodie. 
  • Or keep your hoodie design simple by adding your customer’s name or a meaningful quote. Ensure the fonts complement each other (read this font pairing guide for non-designers) to make the text pop. Here are some quote ideas that will be perfect for these travel accessories: 
    • “Travel club.”
    • “Travel more, worry less.”
    • “Eat, sleep, fly, repeat.”
    • “Life is an adventure.”
    • “The world is my playground.”
  • But if you want to capture the essence of travel, create designs related to specific destinations, highlighting iconic elements of that place. For example, if you’re creating custom hoodies with a Mexican theme, you can incorporate some spicy chili graphics. Just be aware of copyright when working with other landmarks.
  • Gooten: Prices not available.
  • Apliiq: Prices start at USD 13.15 + shipping.
  • Inkthreadable: Prices start at GBP 17.07 + shipping.
  • Gelato: Prices start at USD 19.29 + shipping.
  • Printify: Prices start at USD 20.64 + shipping.
  • Printful: Prices start at USD 23.95 + shipping.
  • Prodigi: Prices start at GBP 21.00 + shipping.
  • Contrado: Prices start at USD 89.00 + shipping.

🍃🌳⛰️ Did you know Gelato and Inkthreadable are categorized as eco-friendly print-on-demand services? Visit our updated 2024 blog to learn more about these sites and their catalogs.

Pullover Hoodie Mockup Featuring A Rectangular Brand Tag
Retro T Shirt Design Creator With A Tiki Aesthetic

Looking for only garment mockups? You’ve got it! 🌟 At Placeit, we have a beautiful collection to showcase the beauty of each goodie you sell; no models are needed! 😎👕

💫 6. Custom Fanny Packs

We’ve officially surpassed half of this travel accessories list designed to boost your sales, and we still have various travel products that will be best-sellers in your online store 😉. One of these is custom fanny packs—an incredible travel ally ideal for carrying cell phones, wallets, tickets, passports, and other small accessories.

Let’s see how to transform any fanny pack into the perfect travel companion that your customers will love!

  • Fanny packs can hold a lot, so it’s important to choose sturdy materials. Polyester, for instance, is an excellent choice because it’s durable and wear-resistant.
  • Additionally, make sure the straps are adjustable to fit any body type and can be worn crossbody or as a waist purse while traveling.
  • On the same line, multiple compartments are essential. Look for fanny packs with back and front zippers, various card holders, hidden pockets, and inside divider liners to help with organization.
  • Let your customers add their names using a variety of typefaces that match their personal style. Including short travel quotes is another great option. For a minimalistic look, use solid colors to keep it aesthetic.
  • For more vibrant designs, cover the entire fanny pack with patterns. Play with the space, using separated or closely placed graphics to give a fresh twist to traditional patterns.
  • For the best of both worlds, offer a combination of graphics and personalization. Suggest cool graphics or let your customers send their favorite images. At Placeit, we have many professional and trendy designs, ensuring a high-quality product.
  • Gooten: No prices available. 
  • Printify: Prices start at USD 20.80 + shipping.
  • Printful: Prices start at USD 20.95 + shipping.
  • Contrado: Prices start at USD 99.00 + shipping.
Fanny Pack Mockup Featuring A Plain Background
T Shirt Design Template For Zodiac Signs Enthusiasts Featuring Sticker Graphics

🛣🏞🗺  Pro Tip: Looking for more travel accessories? Get creative and design as many products as you like! At Placeit by Envato, we offer a fantastic collection of design templates and travel mockups to help you create everything with total ease. 😀

✈ ️7. Custom Passport Holders

Passport holders are essential travel accessories that help keep important documents organized and secure. Personalized passport holders add a unique touch, offering both convenience and security for stress-free travel. Let’s explore how to design the perfect custom passport holder.

  • Regarding personalized passport holders, there are various alternatives available at some print-on-demand sites. You can find passport wallets and covers, so explore all the options to find the best fit for your online store. 
  • Whatever choice you make, ensure the passport holder has a strap for easy carrying and security, preventing it from getting lost. Lightweight materials and zippers add extra protection.
  • Additionally, look for designs with various compartments to hold passports, cards, tickets, cash, and other essentials, keeping everything organized on the go.
  • Offer various colors, including popular choices like orange, gray, pink, purple, white, black, red, and dark green.
  • Specify the dimensions in inches and centimeters in product descriptions to ensure compatibility with various passport sizes worldwide. This attention to detail enhances customer satisfaction.
  • If you want to level your passport holder, opt for faux or PU leather for a premium feel and durability. Ensure the material is also water-resistant to protect documents from spills or rain.
  • Incorporate timeless travel elements like world maps, maps of the customer’s country, or iconic elements from their favorite destination. Provide a selection for customers to choose from. You can also pair it with an inspiring travel quote. Here are some ideas: 
    • “This is where the journey begins.”
    • “Adventure awaits.
    • Come fly with me.”
    • Explore, dream, discover.
    • “Let’s get lost.”
  • Additionally, add your customer’s name or initials in the lower or upper corner for a clean and aesthetic look.
  • Patterns are also a great match. For instance, you can include elements related to the travel world, such as palms, water, and beach and nature elements.
  • Printify: Prices start at USD 14.06 + shipping. You can also check the passport wallet for USD 6.25 + shipping. 
  • Contrado: Prices start at USD 45.95 + shipping. You can also try their travel wallet for USD 129.00 + shipping. 
Mockup Of A Passport Cover With A Pink Gradient Design And A Travel Quote
Instagram Story Creator With A Chunky Typography For A Travel Accessory

☁️🍃✨️Pro Tip: Bundle passport holders with matching luggage tags, travel wallets, or fanny packs to create cohesive travel sets. This upselling strategy appeals to customers looking for complete travel accessories.

⭐ 8. Custom Pouches

Pouches are versatile items that can become must-have travel accessories. They serve multiple purposes, including makeup storage, electronics organization, and keeping various products safe. Let’s explore how to make your travel pouches irresistible to customers!

  • Prioritize waterproof pouches, as many are used in bathrooms or near wet surfaces while traveling.
  • Choose pouches made from specially spun polyester threads to ensure they retain shape and don’t require ironing. Or, offer options in cotton canvas or eco-friendly materials like recycled polyester to attract customers looking for durability or sustainability.
  • Sell pouches in different sizes and provide recommendations for each size’s use (e.g., small for jewelry, medium for toiletries, ample for electronics). 
  • Incorporate pouches with handles into your catalog for added convenience.
  • Create designs that reflect seasonal trends or holiday themes. For instance, summer-themed prints for beach vacations or festive patterns for holiday travel can attract seasonal buyers. Also, patterns like stripes, waves, flowers, or marine creatures work great for all-over print pouches.
  • For extra customization, let your customers send you their images or artwork for custom pouches. This appeals to those looking for unique gifts or personalized travel gear. Additionally, let them include short quotes, names, or initials. 
  • Gooten: No prices available. 
  • Printify: Prices start at USD 6.67 + shipping.
  • TPOP: Prices start at EUR 8.60 + shipping.
  • Threadless: Prices start at USD 11.80 + shipping.
  • Prodigi: Prices start at GBP 12.00 + shipping.
  • Contrado: Prices start at USD 34.95 + shipping.
Mockup Of A Sublimated Pouch Placed Over A Purple Surface
T Shirt Design Creator Featuring Mountain Graphics And Travel Quote

🛣🏞🗺 Pro Tip: Feeling witty? Use our Blank Canvas to run wild with your imagination. Incorporate various travel elements like planes, tickets, passport stamps, and globes to create unique and eye-catching designs.

🌙 9. Custom Eye Masks

Eye masks are simple yet powerful travel accessories ideal for long flights or to avoid getting too much light, ensuring a comfortable rest. What’s better than a custom eye mask to be stylish throughout the flight or trip? Let’s see how these items can be transformed into something truly unique with Placeit!

  • Opt for satin or silk for softness and comfort. These fabrics are soft and delicate for the skin around the eyes and provide a luxurious feel, enhancing the relaxation experience during travel.
  • If possible, ensure the printing covers the front and back of the eye mask, including the elastic strap. This allows for a fully customizable design that stands out and reflects the customer’s style.
  • Offer small and large options to accommodate different head sizes and coverage preferences. Include a size chart with measurements in inches and centimeters to help customers choose the right fit.
  • Customers can choose from various typography options to add their names, initials, or favorite quotes. Previews of different font styles can help customers visualize their personalized eye mask. With Placeit, you can edit one design as many times as you want, so take advantage of it. 🌟 
  • Not sure which travel-themed quotes would be perfect for these travel accessories? No worries! Let us help you surprise your customers. 
    • “Taking a break.”
    • “Dreaming of the next destination.
    • Jet lag is my middle name.”
    • “Wanderlust dreams.”
    • “Do not disturb, travel mode on.”
    • Waking up in a new city.
    • See you at the next stop.”
  • But if you don’t feel like adding text, incorporate a winning design: patterns. You can include stars, airplanes, palm trees, cocktails, flowers, moons and stars, sunbursts, landmarks, or elements representing favorite travel destinations (e.g., sushi in a kawaii shape for Japan)
  • Contrado: Prices start at USD 39.00 + shipping.
Mockup Of An Eye Mask With A Travel Design In Vibrant Colors
Bookmark Design Maker With Words Over A Checkered Background

🎟️ 10. Custom Luggage Tags

Let’s talk about luggage tags to wrap up this list of must-have travel accessories! These small but mighty tags can make a whole difference when it comes to identifying your customer’s belongings. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Choose plastic with a glossy finish or leather for luxury and longevity.
  • Offer various shapes, like round or rectangular, to meet different customer needs.
  • Additionally, it’s a plus if you offer information tags where customers can add their name, address, city, and phone number. You can, for instance, create matching designs for the luggage tag and the information card to make them a perfect pair!
  • Add inspiring quotes with graphics of popular destinations, like “Meet me in Mexico” with images of cocktails, tacos, palms, and guitars. Customize with representative elements and the customer’s name. Or you can include messages like  “Hi, I belong to (your customer’s name)”. 
  • Use complementary or matching designs on both sides of the luggage tags. Patterns work wonderfully.
  • Printify: Prices start at USD 11.72 + shipping.
  • Contrado: Prices start at USD 28.95 + shipping.
Close Up Mockup Of A Luggage And Its Luggage Tag With A Brazilian Theme In Vibrant Colors And A Custom Message
Instagram Story Maker To Announce A Brazilian Carnival Live Stream

Wrapping Up!

We’ve reached the end of our travel accessories guide. We hope these tips help you make informed decisions when selecting the right print-on-demand partner and applying the design tips to turn your custom travel accessories into best sellers for the holiday season. 🌟

💡 To calculate your costs and margins, use our free profit margin calculator to find the right price. Also, get ideas from Etsy to see what competitors are offering. Remember, different prices reflect varying quality—plastic vs. leather, regular inks vs. eco-friendly ones—so evaluate these factors before setting your final price. 🌱

Now, with Placeit by Envato, you’re ready to elevate your sales year-round! What other travel accessories would you include on this list? ✈️😊✏️

🌟 Keep diving into this Travel Marketing Guide for Sky-High Succes, and don’t forget to explore our Travel Aesthetic blog for all the tips you need! 🚀

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