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Ready to put your best foot forward in the POD world? At Placeit by Envato, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest product addition: shoes mockup templates to step out in style with your business! If you’ve been thinking about revamping your catalog and including a brand-new goodie in your storefront, now is the time. These high-quality, customizable, and vibrant mockups are just what you need to step into success. Eager to break new ground in the print-on-demand market? Let’s dive right in! 😌👟✨

In this blog, we’ll show you how to design your own shoe mockup with Placeit’s eye-catching and stunning designs. But wait, we’re just getting started! To help you kickstart your journey and stride confidently into the print-on-demand market, we’ve made sure to include the best POD sites to bring your ideas to life. Plus, we’ll also reveal the top online platforms where you can sell your unique footwear creations. 😉🌐🚀 

Let’s kick off your POD adventure with these fantastic shoes mockup templates! 😀

Stride Through This Blog’s Essentials! 🏃🏻‍♀️

⚠️ New Product Alert: Placeit’s Shoes Mockup Templates!

Say hello to our latest game-changer: shoes mockup templates! This collection will simplify your POD journey by showcasing creative designs through high-quality, customizable visual assets. Just imagine your shoe designs on sleek sneakers or a stylish apparel photo that wows your customers. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? 🤩

If you’re not convinced yet, no worries! Here are three more reasons why you should include shoe templates in your POD product catalog:

Sneak(ER) Peek: The Benefits of Using Shoe Mockups 🌟

Using shoes mockup templates allows you to bring your designs to life effortlessly, capturing the attention of potential customers. Placeit’s friendly editor allows you to customize each visual asset changing the background color, adding texts and graphics to perfectly match your brand’s vision.

All our mockups are ready-to-use and professionally made by our expert design team. Just browse through our shoe template library, pick your favorite option, and start personalizing it right away. This allows you to save time from organizing photo shoots and editing, allowing you to focus on unleashing your creative ideas and promoting your awesome goodies.

No need to buy props or hire models, mockups are a cost-effective option that maintains the high-quality standards fitted for social media, marketing materials, or your brand’s website. Give your business a professional edge using versatile shoe templates for digital campaigns, catalogs, and more!

Mockup Of A Pair Of Thick Soled Sneakers

Step up Your Style With Placeit’s Shoes Mockup Templates! 👟

By this point, you’re probably eager to take a sneak(er) peek at the shoes mockup collection we’ve got lined up for you! For this selection, we’ve included three categories for you to choose the sneaker template that best fits your brand. Once you’ve found the perfect match, just click on it to start personalizing it right away on Placeit’s editor. Get ready to kick off your creativity with our shoe mockup showcase! 😀

Fashion Forward: Shoes Mockup Templates Starring Models 😌

As we’ve highlighted before, one of the great advantages of using shoe mockups is avoiding the hassle and expense of lengthy photo shoots. So, whether you’re into a minimalist or urban aesthetic, these professional visual assets present any custom shoe design in real-world settings alongside effortlessly chic models. What’s more, you can also personalize other trendy apparel pieces such as hoodies or t-shirts to tie up your whole collection with flair! ✨

Shoes Mockup Featuring A Woman Posing
Mockup Of A Man Wearing A Gildan Hoodie And High Top Sneakers
Oversized T Shirt Mockup Of A Serious Woman In The Street Wearing Sneakers

🌟 Need a bit more creative spark for your apparel designs? Don’t miss out on our T-Shirt Calendar for seasonal inspo to keep the sales going year-round! Or, you can always explore other top-tier collections such as our space-themed pieces or our AI selection, and discover your next best-seller!

Dress to Impress: Shoes Mockup Templates Featuring Apparel 👕

Why stop at footwear when you can create your very own apparel line? These shoes mockup templates are perfect for showcasing how your designs seamlessly pair up with different styles and aesthetics, boosting the visual appeal and marketability of your products. Retro, boho, or classic, we’ve got you covered! Capture the heart of fashion lovers everywhere and unleash your creativity with these ideas:

Shoes Mockup Featuring Some Casual Accessories
Sneakers Mockup Featuring A Flat Laid Women's Outfit
Shoes Mockup Featuring A Women's Outfit

Color Pop: Shoes Mockup Templates With Vibrant Backdrops 🎨

These shoes mockup templates put the spotlight on your stunning designs! Its customizable background is the ultimate creative setting for highlighting your products’ details and features. Choose between bold hues or sleek neutrals to match your brand’s style perfectly. Want to include an extra something? Click on the “Add” button at the bottom left of the Editor, then “Add Background Image” and browse through tons of gorgeous options from Placeit’s gallery. 🧡✨

Mockup Of A Pair Of Canvas High Top Sneakers With A Blue Background
Mockup Of A Pair Of Sneakers On A Customizable Light Green Background
Mockup Of A Pair Of Sublimated Canvas Sneakers
Shoe Mockup Featuring A Plain Pink Background
Mockup Of A Pair Of Canvas Sneakers With A Plain Background
Sneakers Mockup Featuring A Colored Backdrop

💡 Pro Tip: Got a style envisioned for your sneaker design template? After you’ve selected the “Add Background Image” option, type specific keywords that match the theme or aesthetic you want to convey in the search bar. For instance, “gradient”, “abstract”, or “urban” will display different visual assets you can use as backdrops.

Mockup Of A Single High Top Sneaker Against A Gradient Backdrop

Gradient Background 💜

Mockup Of A Single High Top Sneaker Against An Abstract Backdrop

Abstract Background 🌃

Mockup Of A Single High Top Sneaker Against An Urban Backdrop

Urban Background 💥

Creative Kicks: Design Inspo for Your Print-On-Demand Sneakers ✨

You’ve got the mockups, now it’s time to select the best shoe design ideas for your products! For this section, we’ve prepared trendy prints that will certainly stand out and capture your audience’s attention. From fun, colorful patterns to elegant florals and gorgeous gradient hues, Placeit’s got something for every style.  🌸✨🌈

Let’s dive into some design magic with these custom shoe design ideas! 😌

1. Cartoon-Inspired Shoe Designs 🎀

Step into a world of fun and vibrant colors with cartoon designs for your custom shoes! These playful and trendy graphics are perfect for adding a touch of creativity to your products, appealing to kids, grown-ups, and those young at heart. Browse through our “Cartoonish” tag to explore options full of unique charm and personality with sweet phrases, clever puns, and popular themes. Make your shoes mockup templates pop with lovely characters, bold colors, and inspiring illustrations that are sure to spark joy among customers. 🤩✨

As a theme, cartoon designs offer a wide range of options, going from playful to mature and stylish. Do consider your target audience when planning out your next model. You can also explore different niches and play around with graphics and illustrations aligning with that category. For instance, visuals featuring planets, constellations, and moons for the astrology niche or sports-inspired graphics featuring uplifting quotes for the fitness industry.

Mockup Of A Pair Of Canvas Sneakers Featuring A Flower Design
Mockup Of A Pair Of Sublimated Canvas Sneakers With A Cartoon Peach Design

2. Gradient Shoe Designs 🧡

Looking to create an edgy and trendy shoe mockup? Gradients offer a modern and dynamic look that seamlessly blends colors to create eye-catching footwear. With its sleek color blend, this option is perfect for custom sneakers! Whether you choose soft, subtle transitions or bold, dramatic shifts, this style adds depth and boost to your goodies, appealing to a stylish audience. Just imagine these visuals displayed on your website or social media! 🤩

When researching the printing methods for your custom sneakers, keep in mind a technique that maintains quality when working with multiple colors. For instance, sublimation is a great choice for gradients as the primary colors are blended to get precise tones, ensuring your design stays vibrant and sharp.

Mockup Of A Single High Top Sneaker With A Gradient Design Against A Colored Backdrop
Mockup Of A Single Sneaker With A Gradient Design On Customizable Background

3. Floral Shoe Designs 🌼

Infuse your shoes mockup templates with the timeless beauty of floral designs! This lovely print idea never fails to conquer, evoking a sense of romance and elegance. Plus, there are tons of options to choose from! From beautiful delicate blossoms to bold botanical patterns, this concept can cater to a wide range of tastes and styles. Why not add this theme to a nature-inspired or spring collection and bring a breath of fresh air to your products?  🌾🌻🍋

Don’t be afraid to explore different palettes! Experiment with contrasting and complementary shades to make your floral designs pop. Bright and lively hues can attract attention, while muted tones can offer a sophisticated look. Not a design expert? Not a problem! Turn into a color guru with Colors by Placeit and dive into our curated selection of color palettes crafted by experts.

Mockup Featuring A Sublimated High Top Sneaker With A Floral Pattern
Shoe Mockup With A Floral Pattern Featuring A Gradient Background

4. Pattern Shoe Designs 🟣

Patterns are a fantastic way to add a touch of color and excitement to your shoes mockup templates. Whether it’s classic stripes, playful polka dots, geometric shapes, or intricate illustrations, these designs make footwear truly stand out from the crowd. What’s more, it’s the opportunity to use different color combinations, layerings, and illustrations to create a pattern that truly resonates with your audience. How about these options by Placeit? 😀

Consider the scaling when selecting patterns for your custom shoes. Small, intricate illustrations might work better on smaller accessories, while larger prints are more suitable for footwear, ensuring the design remains visible and impactful. Want to learn more about how to make the most out of print patterns? We’ve compiled all the tips and designs you need in this guide! 😌

Mockup Of A Pair Of Sneakers With A Floral Pattern On A Customizable Surface
Close Up Mockup Of A Pair Of Sneakers With A Print Pattern Featuring Dogs

5. Minimalist Shoe Designs 🤍

Embrace the elegance of simplicity on your shoes mockup templates with these designs! Now, simple doesn’t mean boring. The minimalist aesthetic focuses on clean lines and sleek, modern looks. This makes it perfect for those who love sophisticated, subtle details in their footwear. The appeal of this aesthetic lies in its versatility, as minimalist custom sneakers can easily complement any outfit. Just take a peek at these effortlessly chic designs! ✨

As we’ve mentioned, minimalism thrives on simple, elegant designs. So, avoid overcrowding your shoes mockup template with too many visual elements. Instead, focus on a single, unique feature to make your footwear stand out. For example, this could be an interesting shape, a single line, or a small logo or phrase placed strategically to draw attention.

Still on the hunt for shoe design ideas? Look no further! At Placeit by Envato, we’ve got visual assets for every niche, theme, and style imaginable. Dive into our Design Library or explore some of our top picks in the next section! 😀✨

💡 P.S. Become a design pro with How to Make Design Templates Not Look Like a Template

Minimalist Shoe Mockup Design Featuring A Single Sneaker Against A Solid Color Backdrop
Mockup Of A Woman Wearing A Pair Of Minimalist Sneakers

Take a Stroll Through More Shoe Design Ideas! 💫

How to Design Shoes Mockups With Placeit — A Walk-Trough 🪄

Let’s break down how to transform any shoe design template with Placeit! 😌

1. Select a blank shoe template from Placeit’s Library. Remember, you can use the Tags and Dropdown Menus to narrow your search and find specific mockups. 

2. Once you’ve found the shoe mockup that best fits your purpose, click on it. You’ll be taken to Placeit’s Editor.

3. Pick your design importing it from your Placeit Downloads or your device. 

4. Adjust the placement and size of your shoe design. If needed, you can always use Placeit’s Image Resizer beforehand to get the perfect dimensions for your blank shoe templates.

5. Customize the sneaker, lace, sole, and detail colors. 

6. When you’re happy with the results, click on the “Download” button at the top right side of the page. And that’s it!

Selecting A Shoe Mockup From Placeit's Library
Editing A Shoe Mockup With Placeit's Editor

When you’re done editing your shoes mockup template, you’ll receive a high-quality, PNG image ready to be shared on your website, social media, or marketing materials! If you’d like to get more insights, be sure to check out How to Create Custom Designs & Add Them to Your Shop. Or if you’d like to dive into the top POD partners to create personalized sneakers and shoes, go ahead to the next section! 😌

Top POD Platforms to Kickstart Your Shoe Design Journey! 💻

Printful offers a diverse selection of custom footwear including slip-ons, canvas sneakers, athletic shoes, and lace-ups, making it an ideal choice for launching a unique apparel line catered to every need and style. Moreover, its wide product catalog includes over 300 custom items, allowing you to complement your collection with on-pair accessories and goodies such as personalized socks, sweatpants, joggers, t-shirts, and leggings, just to name a few!

Bringing over a decade of expertise to the POD market, this company now owns fulfillment centers and partner facilities worldwide, turning the selling process into an easy, seamless experience for entrepreneurs and customers alike. They’ve been in your shoes, quite literally! So, they’re on a mission to “help people turn their passion and ideas into brands and products.” 😌

Shoe Design By Printful

Printify boasts an extensive array of custom shoes, ranging from high and low-top tennis to mesh sneakers and canvas boots. These staples are the perfect statement pieces for customers to wear on any occasion (while setting trends!). What’s more, as a seller, its free version grants you access to unlimited product designs and up to 5 stores per account, making it a great option if you’re first starting as an entrepreneur.

With over 100 printing locations and more than 950 custom products, Printify stands as one of the top choices in the POD market. Founded in 2015, this platform is focused on building the next generation of e-commerce by helping savvy sellers (just like you!) “earn more money, with less effort”. As of today, they’ve partnered with millions of merchants around the globe! 🌍

Low Top Sneaker Design By Printify
Mesh Sneaker Design By Printify

Searching for unique custom footwear? Look no further! Contrado offers fully customizable lace-up espadrilles as part of their vast collection. What’s even better is they include vegan-friendly and vegetarian options. This makes it a fantastic alternative if you’re looking to adopt green practices within your business and offer eco-conscious items to your customers.

With over two decades of pioneering in the POD market, this London-based company stands as a one-stop production facility focused on delivering high-quality, exclusive items including custom fabrics, wall art, home furnishings, apparel, accessories, and more! All their products are developed in-house and then shipped worldwide with a mission to “facilitate other people’s creativity and change the way people buy things”. 🛍

Espadrilles Design By Contrado

🧐 Unsure about the best place to design your own shoes online? Take this quiz to find the best POD partner for your business!

Where to Sell Shoes Online? A Checklist for Entrepreneurs ✅

After selecting the top shoe design website for your business, what’s left to do is launch your products! If you haven’t decided on a marketplace yet, don’t worry! That’s why we’re here. Below, you’ll find some of the top choices for sharp entrepreneurs and sellers like you. 😌🛍

Digital Mockup Of An AI Generated Macbook Featuring The Etsy Logo And A Coffee Mug Placed On Winter Setting

📌 97.3 million buyers

📌 Countries With the Highest Traffic: United States, United Kingdom, and Germany.

💡 Data

📌 310 million active users

📌 Around 230 million Amazon customers are from the United States.

Data 💡

Mockup Featuring A Macbook Pro Featuring The Amazon Logoplaced On A Teacher's Desk
Mockup Of A Macbook Placed On A Graphic Designer's Desk Featuring The eBay Logo

📌 134 million buyers

📌 Average Spend on Sneakers per Buyer:  2,400 USD.

💡 Data

Let’s Tie This Up! 🎀

And so we’ve reached the end of this guide! Whether you’re just starting your POD entrepreneurship or looking to step up your design game, we hope you found plenty of inspiration and tips to make your custom shoes and sneakers a hit. 👟😀✨

Remember, the right shoes mockup templates can elevate your products and boost your store. So, kick off your creative journey with Placeit by Envato’s resources, templates, and designs by your side!

Now, let’s keep the conversation going! What other POD inspo guide you’d like to see? Share your comments below. Till next time and happy selling! 😌

📦🌟 Go one step further with a custom shoe box design and display it in a shoe box template!

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