Boost Your Pod Store With The Best Anime Merch

Konnichiwa from Japan! (づ ᴗ _ᴗ)づ If you’re a print-on-demand seller looking to expand your business or tap into one of the most dynamic niches, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll explore the world of anime merch, and trust us, the possibilities are as vast as they are exciting! 

Did you know? The anime merch market is hands down profitable and only expected to grow worldwide. So, there’s never been a better time to jump on board! 

Whether you’re a seasoned online seller or just getting started, this guide has everything you need to succeed in selling anime merch and capture the hearts of anime enthusiasts worldwide. We’ve got you covered, from statistics and tips to the most incredible designs inspired by the most popular anime series and mockups to showcase your new collection!

First Things First: What Is Anime?

So, what exactly is anime? In a nutshell, anime (アニメ) can be understood as Japanese cartoons and is also the animated form of representing a story. But don’t get it twisted with manga, which is more about comics or graphic novels. Anime comes in all shapes and sizes, from awesome TV series to movies and video games! 

But anime isn’t just Japanese animation; it’s a global phenomenon that’s captured the hearts of countless enthusiasts. With its popularity skyrocketing worldwide, it’s a market you definitely want to be a part of! 

Must-Know Anime Statistics: Trends and Facts

Check out these astounding anime statistics and trends that’ll excite you about creating your custom anime merch line! We’ve included detailed information about the growth of the market, the most popular genres and series, and the preferences of anime enthusiasts worldwide.

Mockup Of An Illustrated Anime Girl Wearing A T Shirt In A Fantasy Land
  • The global anime market is booming, with a value of USD 31.23 billion in 2023, and expected to reach USD 34.22 billion in 2024!
  • And guess what? From 2024 to 2030, it's projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.8%, reaching USD 60.07 billion by 2030. 🚀
  • While Japan led the anime market in 2023 with a 40.7% share, North America is anticipated to witness the fastest CAGR of over 16%, fueled by the growing popularity of anime in the US and Canada.
  • As of 2023, merchandising accounted for over 30% of the anime market's revenue!
  • Action & Adventure takes the crown for the largest market revenue share in 2023.
  • And did you know? Anime ranks as the 3rd most in-demand subgenre worldwide, with a demand share of 5.5%! 🌟📺

✨ Check the sources here. You can also discover more anime statistics on this link.

Looking For More?

For some fascinating insights backed by survey research and presented in a visually appealing format, be sure to check out Polygon! Here’s a sneak peek at what they’ve found:

  • Gen Z is the biggest consumer of anime, with 42% of them watching weekly, while millennials follow closely behind at 25%.
  • Nearly half of the anime fans in Gen Z and millennials watch anime to get pumped up, and over 75% use it as an escape.
  • Over 65% of anime viewers say it has a more significant emotional impact than other media.

With stats like these, the anime world is undoubtedly exciting for sellers like you. 😉

Pullover Hoodie Mockup Of An AI Generated Character Inspired By A 90s Anime

The Top Anime Genres You Need to Know

Similar to other animated series, anime covers a wide range of themes, but a common feature is the development of complex plots across many episodes. Let’s delve into some of the most common genres:

  • For the little ones, there's kodomo anime, perfect for the youngest viewers, with classics like “Heidi”.
  • Next, we have Shōnen, which mainly targets a young male audience and includes iconic series such as Dragon Ball and Naruto.
  • Then there's Shōjo, designed to capture young girls' hearts with classics like "Sailor Moon".🌙
  • For the grown-ups, there's Seinen, which offers mature themes and gripping narratives with hits like "Monster".
  • For the feminine public, there’s an anime genre called Josei, with titles like "Nana".

In addition to these primary genres, anime often includes subcategories related to action, adventure, comedy, science fiction, drama, fantasy, romance, and horror. 

Understanding these genres and subgenres is key, especially if you’re thinking about creating your anime merch line! Each niche within the anime world has unique sub-niches, giving you the perfect opportunity to customize your products to match the preferences of your desired demographic! 💡👕

Stunning Placeit Designs Inspired by Popular Anime

Ready to dive in? Let’s explore the top-notch visual resources that  Placeit by Envato offers to help you create a fantastic anime merch line!🌟

At Placeit, we update our design templates gallery daily with new assets. Whether you’re looking for trendy, seasonal, or evergreen designs, you’ll find everything you need right here!

For this blog, we’ve selected some awesome designs inspired by the most popular anime worldwide. But the truth is our gallery is filled with tons of anime templates you will love; perfect for any anime merch item you have in mind! 

Stay tuned because we’ll also show you the hottest items that will be a hit with your next customers. 🚀

🔴 Demon Slayer-Inspired Designs

Demon Slayer is an all-time favorite, loved by fans for its great story and stunning animation. So it’s a great idea to add it to your anime merch line, as it has impressed so many fans worldwide, making it a fantastic opportunity for you to attract these enthusiasts. 

😊⭐ Good news: Placeit by Envato has Demon Slayer-inspired, copyright-safe t-shirt designs. Best of all, these high-resolution templates are perfect for any anime merch you can imagine. 

Demon Slayer Inspired T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Female Warrior
T Shirt Design Template With An Anime Illustration Inspired By Demon Slayer
T Shirt Design Maker Featuring An Illustrated Girl Inspired By Demon Slayer Anime
T Shirt Design Maker Featuring A Horror Demon Slayer Inspired Character Illustration
T Shirt Design Template Featuring An Illustrated Anime Sequence Inspired By Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer Inspired T Shirt Design Template With An Illustrated Character

🟠 Naruto-Inspired Designs

Another hugely popular anime classic is Naruto. This Japanese series has made a massive impact on anime culture worldwide. Even people who aren’t big anime fans know about Naruto! 

Naruto is a favorite because of its engaging story, relatable characters, and epic battles. Some ingredients that can make this series stand out and connect on an emotional level with the audience. 

✨🚀 Pro tip: Beyond t-shirt designs, you can find Naruto-inspired logos for your business at Placeit! 

Naruto Inspired T Shirt Design Creator With An Illustrated Character
Naruto Inspired T Shirt Design Template With A Female Ninja Character
T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Naruto Inspired Character
Naruto Inspired T Shirt Design Maker With A Cool Warrior Character
Cool T Shirt Design Template With A Character Inspired By Naruto
T Shirt Design Generator With An Illustration Inspired By Naruto

💡😃 Fun fact: Did you know that our t-shirt designs are super versatile? They’re not just for tees – you can use them for any anime merch you can imagine! Whether it’s anime hoodies, mugs, or wall art, our designs are 100% customizable and adaptable to suit whatever goodies you want to sell online! 

🟡 One Piece-Inspired Designs

One Piece is one of the most epic series of all time! With 33.1K searches in the US alone, its popularity is undeniable. Plus, it’s the best-selling manga in Weekly Shōnen Jump, the top manga magazine. With over 516 million copies sold worldwide (416 million in Japan and 100 million in 60 other countries). 

Not only is One Piece a beloved manga, but it’s also a TV series available on various streaming platforms, making it more accessible than ever.

You definitely need to add this series to your anime merch line! Placeit offers t-shirts designed by professionals and a new selection made with AI, ensuring you get the best of the best.  We also have a selection of One Piece-inspired logos perfect for anime stickers, mugs, packaging, and more. 📚🏆🌟

T Shirt Design Maker With A One Piece Inspired Skull Graphic
One Piece Inspired T Shirt Design Generator With An Anime Graphic And A Quote
T Shirt Design Creator Featuring A Comic Theme Inspired By One Piece
Anime T Shirt Design Maker Featuring A Pirate Inspired By One Piece
Quote T Shirt Design Template With An Illustration Inspired By One Piece
T Shirt Design Maker Featuring Illustrations Inspired By One Piece

🟢 Pokémon-Inspired Designs

Pokémon is another hugely popular anime that started as a video game. Due to its massive popularity, it evolved into a TV show, movies, trading cards, and anime merch to delight all the big fans.

And guess what? We’ve got a fantastic collection of design templates inspired by Pokémon! Whether you’re looking for shirt designs, stickers, YouTube thumbnails, logos, or avatars, we’ve got you covered. 

Dive into our Pokémon-inspired templates and start creating awesome anime merch for all the Pokémon fans! 

Anime Inspired T Shirt Design Generator With Pokemon Allusive Illustrations
Pokemon Inspired T Shirt Design Maker With An Anime Aesthetic
T Shirt Design Template Featuring Pokemon Inspired Graphics
T Shirt Design Template With Pokemon Inspired Illustrations
Anime Styled T Shirt Design Template With Pokemon Inspired Illustrations
T Shirt Design Generator Featuring Anime Graphics Inspired By Pokemon

🌟😉 Want to create your designs from scratch? Check out our Blank Canvas tool! And be sure to read our Ultimate Blank Canvas guide to learn how to use it like a pro.

🔵 Dragon Ball-Inspired Designs

Dragon Ball is another fantastic idea to incorporate into your next anime merch line, as this series is widely known worldwide by people of all ages. The anime has been broadcast in 80 countries! Starring Goku, “Dragon Ball” includes various versions and even movies, video games, trading card games, action figures, and soundtracks. 

To make all your anime merch goals a reality, you can find logos and t-shirt designs at Placeit. 🐉🎮🌍

T Shirt Design Maker Featuring A Dragon Ball Inspired Warrior
T Shirt Design Creator With An Anime Character Inspired By Dragon Ball
Anime T Shirt Design Creator Featuring A Warrior Riding A Dragon
Anime T Shirt Design Maker With A Character Inspired By Dragon Ball
T Shirt Design Template With An Anime Character In The Style Of Dragon Ball
T Shirt Design Template Featuring A Cartoon Inspired By Dragon Ball

🟣 Studio Ghibli-Inspired Designs

Movies are huge players in introducing anime globally, and Studio Ghibli is a perfect example to sustain this statement. This Japanese anime studio has a solid and recognizable presence worldwide, thanks to beloved and incredible films like “Spirited Away,” “My Neighbor Totoro” (which is also the figure in their logo), “Howl’s Moving Castle,” and the latest film launched in 2023, “The Boy and the Heron”, cinematographic materials that have helped discover anime. 

Luckily, our talented designers have been inspired by the animation of this famous animation company and have recreated amazing t-shirt designs and mockups. 

T Shirt Design Maker Featuring An Illustration Inspired By The Studio Ghibli Movies
Studio Ghibli Inspired T Shirt Design Generator With A Cat Graphic
Quote T Shirt Design Maker Inspired By A Miyazaki Film Featuring A Ramen Graphic
T Shirt Design Creator For Studio Ghibli Inspired Enthusiasts
T Shirt Design Creator With A Studio Ghibli Inspired Anime Graphic
T Shirt Design Template With A Cartoonish Flame Inspired By A Miyazaki Film

🤓✏️ Note: If you want to request a design, you can do it here.

And that’s basically a sneak peek of what you can find. However, as you know, at Placeit, we’re always adding new assets to our library, and the anime world can’t be an exception. You can discover even more fantastic content inspired by many great anime programs like “Spy x Family,” which launched a movie this April!  We also have design templates related to “Knights of the Zodiac,” “Attack on Titan,” “My Hero Academia,” and more!

But also some incredible assets inspired by Japan and the anime world to fulfill your most specific needs. ✨😊👏

Looking for an Eye-Catching Anime Logo?

At Placeit by Envato, we’ve got everything you need to bring your anime vision to life!

Our extensive collection of anime templates is packed with jaw-dropping designs and stunning mockups that will leave you in awe.

And guess what? We also have tons of anime logos to make your brand stand out. Thanks to our Anime Logo Maker, creating yours is easier than ever! Need a little guidance? Check out our helpful video tutorial for expert tips and tricks! ✨

Best of all, with Placeit, you can narrow down your search and craft a cohesive logo that truly represents your anime business. 🚀 Whether you’re aiming for an anime logo inspired by some of the most popular anime series or something bold and vibrant or more conventional, we’ve got the anime styles to match your needs.

Brand Logo Template For An Anime Clothing Store
Gaming Logo Template With A Fierce Character Inspired By Dragon Ball
Online Logo Template For An Anime Styled Store
Anime Logo Maker For A Clothing Store Featuring A Cartoonish Dragon
Brand Logo Template For A One Piece Inspired Apparel Store
Logo Maker For A Geek Anime Boutique

10 Must-Have Products for Your Anime Merch Line

Let’s delve into the world of unique anime merch ideas that can set your online store apart. Get ready to discover these profitable goodies that can also serve as anime gifts! 

🟥 Hats

Hats are an essential part of any anime merch list! They’re a great everyday accessory, perfect for sunny days or adding a style touch. 🧢✨

  • Ensure comfort and durability with materials like cotton or polyester blends.
  • Regarding printing, opt for Direct Film (DTF) Technology to ensure detailed prints or embroidery for a premium look and feel.
  • Showcase a variety of colors and designs featuring beloved anime characters.
  • Also, sell different hat styles, from classic caps to trendy dad hats, bucket hats, trucker hats, snapbacks, and cozy beanies. The key is providing something for everyone!
  • Choose clean, aesthetic designs, such as figures, silhouettes, or minimalist graphics, to avoid overwhelming a small area.
Cinematic Themed Mockup Of An AI Generated Bucket Hat
Totoro Inspired T Shirt Design Maker Featuring An AI Generated Graphic

🟧 Hoodies

Just like hats, anime hoodies are a must-have for fans looking to stay cozy on cold days or while watching their favorite series. Plus, they’re a hit year-round! ✨

  • Opt for cozy materials like fleece-lined cotton or cotton-polyester blends for your anime hoodies for maximum comfort.
  • Regarding printing techniques, the recommendation is to use screen printing, DTG printing, or embroidery for durability. You can also print the designs on the front and back of your anime hoodies.
  • Spice up your merch lineup with zip-up hoodies, pullovers, cropped styles, and even sweatshirts. Showcase images of each style to help customers find their perfect fit.
  • For stunning anime hoodie designs, put them in center stage or in the corners to ensure your design pops.
  • Additionally, offer personalization for that extra special touch. For example, matching hoodies with custom names or quotes makes fantastic gifts for anime lovers and boosts sales.

🟨 Mouse Pads

If you’re in tune with anime culture, you know that people who consume this content are also fans of technology and video games. Therefore, a standout item to add to your anime merch lineup is mouse pads!

Why settle for boring, generic items when you can offer personalized designs inspired by their favorite characters and shows?🖱️✨

So grab a pencil to take notes on how to make mouse pads a superstar in your anime merch line. 

  • Choose high-quality materials for both comfort and performance, such as cloth, which is known for these attributes.
  • Additionally, you can choose rubber and plastic to offer a smoother surface for faster movement.

For an optimal user experience, consider offering a variety of shapes, thicknesses, and sizes:

  • Shapes and Sizes: Offer square, rectangular, and circular mouse pads. Consider ergonomic designs with wrist rests or 3D textures for added comfort and style.
  • Desk Pads: Provide larger desk pads that accommodate a mouse, keyboard, and other essentials and offer ample space for movement.
  • Gaming Features: Ensure your mouse pads have an anti-slip backing and a smooth surface to guarantee precision and speed, especially for avid gamers.
  • New Features: Take your anime merch line to the next level with LED light desk pads! These pads illuminate the workspace with a colorful glow, creating a soothing and immersive environment perfect for gaming or work sessions.

When creating your mouse pad designs, keep these tips in mind:

  • Print a vibrant, full-cover design featuring popular anime characters or scenes. Or create a comic strip-style layout with diverse squares, each showcasing a different character. Also, it’s a great idea to incorporate customization options to let your customers add their names or favorite phrases for a truly unique item.
  • Finally, opt for darker colors as they’re less likely to show dirt and wear. Include care instructions to help customers maintain their mouse pads in top condition.
Mousepad Mockup Featuring A Cool Gaming Themed Setting
Anime T Shirt Design Maker Featuring A Harajuku Fashion Magazine

🟩 Mugs

Anime mugs can be your customers’ next favorite item for enjoying hot beverages, as they will have their favorite anime characters on them.

So, let’s check out some helpful tips to ensure these mugs become your next bestsellers. ☕️✨

  • Choose durable ceramic for vibrant, long-lasting anime mugs that preserve colors even after multiple washes.
  • Opt for sublimation printing to ensure your designs stay crisp and vibrant over time.
  • Add a touch of magic with heat-sensitive anime mugs that reveal hidden graphics when hot.
  • Complete your anime mugs by creating a set with custom mugs and coasters to elevate your customers’ experience.
  • Utilize our extensive anime template collection to create stunning mug designs effortlessly, whether patterns, illustrations, or collages.
  • In addition, to offer truly custom items, you can let your customers include their names, favorite characters, and quotes. 🌟
  • Finally, you can add fandom-inspired or funny quotes to complement your graphics. For example: 
    • “Have ANYA nice day”.
    • “Introverted but willing to discuss anime”.
    • “Eat, sleep, watch anime, repeat”.
    • “I like anime and maybe two people”.
Mockup Of An AI Generated Coffee Mug Placed In A Relaxing Setting
T Shirt Design Template With A Character's Face Inspired By Spy X Family's Manga

Need to remove a background? Head over to our new Background Remover to instantly make any background disappear in the blink of an eye! ✨🔍

🟦 Notebooks

Notebooks are fantastic additions to your anime merch lineup. They’re practical, fun, and perfect for anime lovers to write down their thoughts and ideas. 📒✨ Here are some tips you need to consider:

  • For the best quality, consider using 80 to 120 gsm paper for the inside pages to ensure a smooth writing experience and prevent ink bleed-through.
  • Ensure you offer a range of styles, including hardcover journals, spiral notebooks, and notebooks with extra features like document pockets, ribbon bookmarks, or elastic closures.
  • Additionally, you can surprise and delight your customers with free anime stickers to personalize their new notebooks. (Custom stickers are a fantastic way to make your collection more profitable). 

😊 Keep reading: How to Make and Sell Stickers: Make It Stick Online!

  • Incorporate a complete picture or eye-catching collage on the notebook cover for maximum visual impact.
  • Keep the back cover simple to maintain balance and avoid overwhelming the design.
Cottagecore Inspired Mockup Of A Notebook Placed On Grass
Anime Inspired T Shirt Design Maker Featuring Closeups To Faces

🟪 Phone Cases

Anime phone cases are a fantastic way to showcase your anime designs and offer your customers a unique accessory. 📱✨

Here’s how to create the perfect custom phone cases for your anime-loving customers:

  • Your anime phone cases will stand out and be long-lasting if you ensure these accessories are made from durable polycarbonate or TPU.
  • Also, it’s a good idea to give your customers the choice between matte or glossy finishes for a personalized touch.
  • Finally, use high-resolution UV printing to ensure vibrant, fade-resistant designs that stand the test of time.
  • Ensure you have a diverse range of anime phone cases to cater to customers’ needs and preferences. Showcase these goodies with multiple high-quality images from various angles. You can make use of our phone case mockup library for stunning visuals.
  • Consider pairing phone cases with matching pop sockets for an anime-themed accessory set.
  • Make sure your anime phone case design covers the entire surface for a seamless, eye-catching look.
  • Additionally, focus on one or two beloved characters or opt for dynamic patterns and collages to appeal to diverse audiences.
Mockup Of A Woman About To Grab A Phone Case
Trendy T Shirt Design Generator With A Japanese Illustration Style

🟫 Pillows

Pillows aren’t just for snoozing; they’re essential accessories in your anime merch lineup! Who knew, right? But trust us, they’re the perfect blend of comfort and style, making them a standout accessory for any anime lover’s home decor. ✨

  • Opt for microfiber or cotton blends for your anime pillows for that extra snuggle factor.
  • Keep it allergy-friendly with hypoallergenic materials for stuffing.
  • Include care instructions to preserve the anime pillows longer. 
  • It’s essential to provide a wide variety of pillow shapes and sizes so everyone can choose one that suits their needs. For example, square pillows, outdoor pillows, waterproof pillows, lumbar pillows, and tufted floor pillows.
  •  If you want to offer complementary items regarding home decor, look for pillowcases and blankets.
  • Cover the entire pillow with a stunning anime-inspired design for maximum impact.
  • Showcase beloved characters, incorporate eye-catching patterns, or draw inspiration from manga layouts.
  • Add meaningful quotes that resonate with fellow anime enthusiasts.
Relaxing Vibes Mockup Of An AI Generated Pillow Placed On A Couch
T Shirt Design Maker Featuring A Pirate Skull Inspired By One Piece

⬛ T-Shirts

When it comes to anime clothing, you can’t go wrong with t-shirts! They’re the ultimate must-have for any anime merch collection, beloved by fans for their versatility and cool factor. After all, who doesn’t love rocking their favorite anime on a comfy tee? 😄

  • Choose premium materials like cotton or cotton-polyester blends for your anime shirts. This choice not only ensures comfort but also reflects the quality of your brand. Also, pick print-on-demand providers that use top-notch techniques, such as screen or direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, for vibrant, long-lasting designs. For an extra touch of luxury, consider embroidery.

😦 Not sure what the best technique is for your anime shirts? No worries, keep reading: All T-Shirt Printing Methods Explained

  • Share care instructions to help customers keep their anime shirts looking fresh.
  • Also, ensure to sell a variety of colors to help your buyers find the perfect hue to match their style. Consider showcasing realistic color samples using our t-shirt mockups or ordering samples from your selected print-on-demand site. Additionally, include detailed and specialized size charts in inches and centimeters to make shopping a breeze and ensure everyone finds their ideal fit. For example, the size charts for babies and toddlers differ from the adult ones; even for adults, they vary for men and women.

✨ Keep reading Mastering T-Shirt Size Chart: Your Guide with Placeit’s Templates to learn more about this topic.

  • With Placeit, you won’t need to learn how to use complicated design software. Dive into our vast collection of anime t-shirt design templates and customize them in less than five minutes. Best of all, our designs are perfectly sized and resolution-ready, making printing a breeze.
T Shirt Mockup Of A Woman Inspired By A K Drama Series Eating At Home
Cat Themed T Shirt Design Creator Inspired By Japanese Antique Manga

⬜ Tote Bags

Elevate your anime merch collection with timeless classics – tote bags! These versatile accessories are not only lightweight and convenient but also trendy and a fantastic alternative to plastic bags.

Here’s how to make your anime tote bags shine:

  • Opt for sturdy fabrics like canvas or cotton to ensure longevity and functionality for everyday use.
  • The most common methods for printing tote bags are direct-to-garment printing for full-color and screen printing, which is affordable and has long-lasting results. 
  • Offer both conventional and eco-friendly tote bags to target environmentally conscious customers.
  • Also, explore options like foldable totes, zippered totes, pockets, and reinforced handles to add convenience and functionality.

🌱 You might like reading Go Green With 6 Eco-Friendly Print-On-Demand Sites.

  • Include a striking image, quote, or a combination of both placed prominently in the center.
  • Additionally, you can get creative with manga-inspired designs arranged in comic strip-like layouts for a dynamic and eye-catching look.
  • Or bet to incorporate multiple figures related to a single theme. For example, if you’re creating a Pokémon-inspired tote bag, feature a variety of Pokémon to make it extra special.
Mockup Of An AI Created Man Wearing A T Shirt And Carrying A Tote Bag In A Supermarket
T Shirt Design With Anime Characters Inspired By Demon Slayer

✨ Wall Art

Wall art is one of the best gifts for anime lovers, enhancing and elevating the aesthetics of any space. Let’s explore how to create the ultimate anime-inspired wall art and some pro tips to make it truly shine!

  • Opt for matte ultrasoft and 100% cotton for a luxurious feel.
  • Choose giclée printing for vibrant, fade-resistant colors that last a lifetime.
  • Give your customers options with a variety of finishes and framing choices. For example, matte, uncoated, textured watercolor, satin, or glossy – the choice is theirs!
  • Additionally, offer sleek wood frames in vertical and horizontal orientations for added versatility.
  • Don’t limit yourself to posters; include canvas and metal prints. You can also step into the world of printing stationery and create postcards, calendars, and stickers. 
  • Help your customers choose the perfect size with a handy wall art size guide.
  • Make hanging a breeze with clear, foolproof instructions and pre-installed hanging hardware.
  • Transport your customers to their favorite anime worlds with immersive landscapes, captivating character compositions, or striking single-character highlights.
  • Offer personalized designs using our avatar maker, allowing you to create art that reflects your customers’ unique style and personality.
AI Generated Mockup Featuring A Vertical Art Print Placed Next To Indoor Plants
Anime Inspired T Shirt Design Maker With A Portrait Of A J Pop Idol

The Best Anime Mockups for Showcasing Your Designs

Ready to take your anime merch to the next level? We’ve got just what you need with our amazing, up-to-date anime mockups! 🌟

Our team is always on the lookout for the best, and we’re excited to introduce our latest collection! Find from sweatshirt and hoodie mockups to tank tops and t-shirt mockups. Here are our favorite ones:  

⭐ 80s-Inspired Anime Mockups

Anime Themed Mockup Of A Man Illustration Wearing A Pullover Hoodie
Pullover Hoodie Mockup Of An Illustrated Anime Woman Standing Next To Her Pet
Retro Mockup Of An 80s Anime Woman Illustration Wearing A Rounded Neck T Shirt
Crewneck T Shirt Mockup Featuring An Anime Bearded Man Illustration
Anime Themed Mockup Featuring An Illustrated Man Wearing A T Shirt
Crewneck Tee Mockup Of An Anime Woman Standing Next To Her Cat At Home

💥 Pokémon-Inspired Mockups

Illustrated Mockup Of A Girl Inspired By A Retro Anime Standing Next To A Fantasy Creature
T Shirt Mockup Of An Illustrated Man Surrounded By Fantasy Flying Creatures
Anime Inspired T Shirt Mockup Of A Happy Kid And His Fantasy Pet Waving At The Camera
T Shirt Mockup Of An Illustrated Boy With A Fantasy Pet On His Head
Mockup Of An Illustrated Woman Wearing A Tank Top Next To A Fantasy Creature
Illustrated Tee Mockup Of A Smiling Boy Carrying A Fantasy Pet On His Shoulders

✨ Studio Ghibli-Inspired Mockups

T Shirt Mockup Featuring An AI Generated Young Woman Graphic Inspired By Ghibli Animations
Hoodie Mockup Featuring An AI Generated Woman With Her Boyfriend Inspired By A Studio Ghibli Film
Illustrated Mockup Of A Smiling Boy Wearing A T Shirt In Front Of A Heron
Illustrated Mockup Of A Kid Wearing A T Shirt Next To A Deer
T Shirt Mockup Featuring An AI Created Anime Man Posing Against The Sky
Ghibli Inspired Mockup Of An AI Created Woman Graphic In A Crewneck Sweatshirt

And the best part is that there’s no need to spend extra on professional photography. Our mockups include t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, sweatshirts, and tote bags. So, catch them all! If you’re looking for more items, you can always head over to our massive mockup collection to find everything else to showcase your anime merch in style!

Wrapping up Our Anime Merch Guide

To wrap up this anime merch blog, we leave you with some awesome tips to ensure your collection succeeds! 

Check out the wide range of products your audience will love! Print-on-demand companies offer a vast selection so that you can sell socks, candles, lamps, clocks, bean bag chairs, window curtains, doormats, blankets, balloons, storage boxes, drinkware, keyrings, and more. There’s something for everyone, especially in the anime merch world. 

Evaluate what you want in a print-on-demand site and make your choice wisely. 

Consider checking your selected print-on-demand product catalog, materials, printing methods, sizes and colors availability, shipping options, printing locations, pricing, integrations, eco-friendliness, and any other aspect that might be relevant to you. It’s also a good idea to read reviews -on sites like Trustpilot—to see other sellers’ experiences.

When diving into the anime merch world, it’s important not to infringe on copyright and respect the original artwork of the authors or studios. Fortunately, the designs and mockups showcased in this anime blog feature only inspired designs. So, it’s all safe and suitable for commercial use once you customize and purchase any item. ✨

Designs are what will set your anime merch collection apart from other sellers.

So, it’s important to take your time to evaluate what kind of designs you want to incorporate and spend time perfecting them to ensure you only upload and sell top-notch designs. For more design tips, check out our Top 10 Print-on-Demand Do’s and Don’ts for Boosting Sales.

Additionally, you can always find inspiration and spot unfulfilled opportunities on sites like Etsy and Pinterest. 💡

Keep an eye on new trends and movies to launch a seasonal collection inspired by these events. Stay ahead of the curve and keep your audience excited!

Luckily, Placeit is also working hard to bring these inspired anime designs to your laptop so that you can incorporate them into your anime merch! 🍿

And that’s it! We hope these design templates and tips help you on your journey to create a fantastic anime merch collection. See you on the next blog! (づ๑•ᴗ•๑)づ

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