Instagram Trends 2023

These Are the Top 11 Instagram Trends That Will Conquer 2023

But First, Who Defined These Trends?

Instagram! Every year they create a special report that covers some categories. But 2023 is all about Gen-Z: the ones who are defining the future and, as they’re leading the digital world, it’s crucial to get into their minds to deliver the trends that will rule the following months. 

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And Who Is the Generation Z (Gen-Z)?

And you might be wondering why are they so relevant? 🤔

Well, to start with, they have a new and renovated way of thinking. Plus, globally, they represent almost 32% of the world population. In comparison, in the US, this number reaches 27% of the people, meaning that by 2026, Gen-Z will be one of the largest consumer population groups. 

1. The Powerful and Fashionist 3 R’s

As a group, these three R’s are largely concerned with sustainability, which will be a major priority for Gen Z in 2023.

To achieve this impactful goal, the youngest generation plans to design and create their clothes using elements they already have but with a fun twist. This action will not only help against consumerism but also allows them to save money while finding their style.  

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2. Taking Action to Support What Matters

According to Instagram trends’ latest report, Gen Z will be willing to invest in the social causes they really care about.

Also, they said there need to be younger politicians who are in syntony with their thinking and lifestyle. Such is the case of Maxwell Frost, who became the first Gen Z politician in the US.

Finally, as we discussed inclusivity in our design trends for 2023, this generation highly encourages seeing and following more influencers with any disability. At the end of the day, the thing is building up an inclusive and open community where everybody has the chance to shine.

3. Beauty Is Self-Expression and Consciousness

No doubt makeup is a way of expressing who we are, but this 2023 is all about expressive and experimental makeup that makes Gen Z feel comfortable and pretty in their skin.

Moreover, following the consequences of climate change, 2 out of 3 centennials intend to protect their skin against UV rays with climate-proof products. 

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4. AI and Avatars Are Sources of Inspiration and Expression

Again, these popular online graphics are a perfect example of how anyone can express their true colors and individuality. The best part is they include a wide variety of body types, skin tones, hair, and clothing styles. Besides, centennials admitted they would look for inspiration in different avatars and online influencers regarding beauty and fashion. Not to mention the use of Ai tools will keep prevailing.  

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5. A Responsible Way to Earn Money From What We Love

Since 2022, the internet’s content has been focusing on showing how anyone can make money from social media, affiliate programs, content, and so on. This is an Instagram trend that significantly impacts Gen Z’s financial lifestyle. 

🤑 64% of Gen Z users will create content to make money from it

But also, to achieve this financial path, they’re willing to invest their time into reading and understanding economic literature to improve their financial skills and be ready to compete in a fiery competitive world. The best part, this initiative is not only to make money just because. Instead, they are finding a passion that is fun but profitable. 

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6. Cuisine Is a Good Way to Learn About Another Culture

In the online world, a topic that has become incredibly relevant is food—but highlighting the flavors of different cuisines and cultures. In this way, Instagram is a fantastic ally for finding various content creators showcasing the nicest and most authentic flavors that can easily break popularity rankings.

Here you can opt to rank foods, give instructions on preparing a recipe, or romanticize in quick steps how anyone can cook something aesthetic and delicious within seconds.

7. Face-To-Face Meetings With Influencers Gen Z Admire

This Instagram Trend is to get in touch with Gen Z’s favorite online influencers. While everything has become virtual since the pandemic, 2023 will likely be a year to connect in person. So many centennials are on the wait to reunite with the influencers they admire the most. Finally, something relevant is that many influencers are creating podcasts and, again, seem to be well-received by their loyal and younger community. 

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8. When It Comes to Beats, Diversity Is Key

We’re almost at the end of this Instagram Trends list, so we’ve seen how Gen Z today has become incredibly diverse, and for this reason, we see a change in something that has always been there – music. Gen Z is listening to a wider array of genres, like Asian or Latin music for example, that have opened our eyes to new ways of thinking and feeling.

We clearly can see this through all the Instagram Reels, Stories, and Videos that aren’t only English music but many other beats from various cultures and countries. 

9. Is Instagram the New Dating App?​

Apparently, Instagram claims it is. This is because it’s easier to break the ice and initiate conversations through DM. Plus, you can be transparent but also witty. Nowadays, so many witty quotes are online to approach anyone’s crush. The best part is that, in comparison with dating apps, on Instagram, you can send not only pure texts but memes, gifs, and for the daring ones, voice notes. As a social media, Instagram has so much information from each person without leaving that much mystery or having to switch right or left.

Lastly, regarding dating, Gen Z is aware of horoscopes and compatibility, and so many of them have responded they wouldn’t date someone who isn’t an astrological match. 💖

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Recommendations to Nail This Year

The main goal is to inspire people to be more creative, help users find the content they love, and motivate connections in the community. So, here are some powerful actions you can start implementing to make the most out of your year. 

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Let's Wrap It Up

Many of these Instagram trends have their origins in the pandemic and come from a sustainability perspective. The latest generation has a very different idea of thinking and acting. Surprisingly, it’s a more intelligent approach and concerned about making a positive change that contributes to them, their environment, and the world. While not all companies target this niche, you can always take innovative ideas and adapt them to your content. 

Tell us what you thought of these trends and which one was your favorite? Did you see them coming? Also, dive into the 12 design trends that will rock this 2023! 

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