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These Are the Top 7 Instagram Trends That Will Conquer This Year

Welcome to another exciting year! 👋 Undoubtedly, 2024 promises a dynamic year with some fantastic opportunities. To thrive in this dynamic environment, especially in the Instagram and social media field, preparation with the right information is key!

✨ So, let’s dive together into the 7 Instagram trends that will shape the culture of 2024, according to Gen Z.

  1. Fashion With Purpose: Playful and Eco-Conscious
  2. Is Instagram Becoming the New Facebook for Gen Z?
  3. Does Instagram Remain the Favorite Place to Flirt and Date Online?
  4. The Gen Z Eras Tour for 2024
  5. Adding More Greens and Variety to Spice Up 2024
  6. Gen Z Wears the Crown for Having the Biggest Fandoms
  7. Taking Action to Support What Matters

But First, Who Defined These Trends?

Instagram!  Each year, they create a special report covering various categories (beauty, fashion, social media, dating, for instance) with a particular emphasis on the youngest generation of our society, commonly known as Gen Z. These brave and full-of-life individuals are shaping the future as they take the lead in the digital world. Understanding their mindset is crucial for delivering trends that will dominate the upcoming months. Mastering your Instagram strategy is essential to make your brand or business stand out and capture the hearts and minds of Gen Z in 2024. 💡

However, as a notable update, in 2024, Instagram presented the 2024 Instagram Trend Talk on its official website rather than in a PDF report. 😌 But, keep calm; even though they introduced a new format, the primary goal remains the same: providing trends. These trends are predicted and based on a survey conducted in five continents worldwide, specifically targeting Gen Z individuals. Therefore, this approach ensures a global perspective on what we anticipate seeing on the platform in 2024.

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Three Young Girls From Generation Z Who Belong To Different Ethnicities, Posing For A Picture And Making Cool Expressions

Who Is the Generation Z (Gen-Z)?

By now, you might be wondering why they are so relevant. 🤔

Well, to start with, they have a new and disruptive way of thinking that has surprised all generations. Globally, they make up almost 30% of the world’s population. In the U.S., this number translates to 68.6 million people, making Gen Z one of the largest consumer population groups by 2026. In addition to these facts, 64% of Gen Z individuals use Instagram at least once per day, and over one-third of social media influencers belong to this generation.

✏ Source: Exploding Topics

⚡ So, as you can see, Gen Z is more than just a generation; they’re the demographic many brands are striving to connect with to evolve their Instagram strategy. 

Let’s unveil the Instagram trends that will dominate our feeds this year without further ado.

1. Fashion With Purpose: Playful and Eco-Conscious

It’s no surprise that this is our first trend to discuss. Since 2023, we’ve observed how Centennials are seeking ways to look amazingly good while also being eco-conscious about their fashion choices.

Finally, to keep up with this appearance trend, Gen Z loves learning about new hairstyles, skincare, and scents online.

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2. Is Instagram Becoming the New Facebook for Gen Z?

Well, this Instagram trend has a particular focus on social media, and according to the latest Instagram Trend Talk, social media will have a different impact in 2024. 

For 2024, we can expect the youngest generation to use this channel to connect and stay in touch with their friends and family, much like Facebook in the past. According to the report, Instagram will undoubtedly be a favorite platform for fostering and strengthening deeper connections through sending Reels or memes via direct message (DM) and expressing affection by liking posts and stories.

But that’s not all—in terms of social media, Instagram will also be a great channel for staying up-to-date on relevant trends emerging throughout the year. Do you think Instagram will take TikTok’s crown in terms of trends? Let us know in the comments. 😉

3. Does Instagram Remain the Favorite Place to Flirt and Date Online?

In 2023, we saw this Instagram trend that will remain for this new year. We explained how easy it was for Centennials to make the first move online without swiping right or left or exchanging numbers. 

However, this prediction does have a slight variation. For 2024, 63% of Gen Z respondents are proudly single, expressing a preference to focus on ‘strengthening current relationships’ (even if they’re merely friendships) rather than seeking new ones.

But for those curious about decoding Instagram flirtation, Gen Z offers some insightful signs:

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4. The Gen Z Eras Tour for 2024

In 2024, Gen Z will experience different eras, like a popular American singer (wink wink). 💪 The ones that are the most prevalent are three and focused on personal and even professional growth:

In addition, this generation’s top priorities are to stay healthy (work out, eat healthy, growth mindset), explore a wealthy career path, and travel! 

So, if your business is in one of these industries, 2024 is your chance to create lovable and shareable content targeting Gen Z, who is interested in these topics.

More than a third of Gen Z members believe self-employment is the most effective way to achieve wealth.

5. Adding More Greens and Variety to Spice Up 2024

In the online world, a topic that has become incredibly relevant is food—especially for those born from 1996 to 2012. This Instagram trend is about Gen Z’s willingness to try vegan and plant-based products. 🥑

They’re also exploring trending foods and ingredients, showcasing their openness to experimenting with different things once more until they find what they need. So, opt for creating yummy and tasty recipes that follow these criteria, highlighting the variety of using a single ingredient to prepare irresistible meals. Bon appétit!

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6. Gen Z Wears the Crown for Having the Biggest Fandoms

We know how easy it is on Instagram to stay updated about our favorite celebrities, and Gen Z is particularly adept at this. According to the 2024 Instagram trends report, 75% of Gen Z members consider themselves part of a fan army. The top 3 categories of celebrities they follow and admire are:

As mentioned in our #3 trend, Gen Z makes the most of their Instagram experience by directly messaging their favorite celebrities to express support and appreciation.

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Pro tip: Get inspired by some top world celebrities and start using photo dump (a carousel but with unrelated, messy, and blurred images to give a more natural, organic look) for your small business.

7. Taking Action to Support What Matters

Like last year (2023), Gen Z remains committed to supporting causes that matter and taking tangible action. In 2024, their top priorities include:

Through this trend, we recognize the crucial role of social media platforms, especially Instagram, in amplifying voices on issues that matter, fostering consciousness, and seeking solutions for diverse environmental and social causes. 

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Recommendations to Nail This 2024

The main goal is to inspire people to be more creative, help users find the content they love, and foster connections in the community. So, here are some decisive actions you can start implementing to make the most out of your year:

Wrapping It Up

Many of these Instagram trends correlate, have their roots in the pandemic, and come from a sustainability perspective. The latest generation has a very different idea of thinking and acting. Surprisingly, it’s a more intelligent approach concerned with making a positive change that contributes to them, their environment, and the world. While not all companies target this niche, you can always take innovative ideas and adapt them to your content.

So, tell us what you thought of these trends and which was your favorite. Did you see them coming? Also, before you leave, make sure to dive into our 12 social media and design trends that will rock this 2024! And visit Placeit by Envato to find all the Instagram graphics you need to shine online.

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