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With April knocking on the door, National Pet Day is almost here and we’re ready for it!🐶 This wholesome celebration cherishes those adorable pals who bring joy to their families, one cute wag at a time. As a seller, this is the opportunity for your business to make some sweet sales by tapping into a festivity loved by many, plus a highly profitable niche. Want to make the most out of this date? Let’s go over the best print-on-demand pet products with a pawsome selection we’ve put together for you. Read on! 🐕

📆🐹 Mark your calendar! Wondering when is National Pet Day? This lovely celebration falls this 2024 on Thursday, April 11. Make sure you never miss another date or holiday with our E-Commerce Calendar for Hustlers! Plus, get more inspo for your merch with our T-Shirt Ideas 2024 Calendar.

In this blog, we’ll go over high-selling print-on-demand pet products for those fluffy companions and their owners. And that’s just for starters! We’ve also compiled a list of POD sites that sell these items, so you can just take your pick and jump into action. On top of that, we’ll share expert tips for creating the best merch, entrepreneur’s edition. Without further ado, let’s get right into it! 😌

POD Pet Products: Fetch Your Favorites! 🐾

Pawsitive Profits: Why the Pets Niche Is a Seller’s Best Friend 🐕

Before we jump into our print-on-demand pet products selection, there may be some doubts regarding whether this is the right move for your business. No worries! We’re here to answer all your questions. First, let’s take a quick peek at why the animals and pets niche can be a great venture to explore as a POD seller:

1. Tapping Into a Niche With Growing Popularity 🚀

Did you know that, just in the U.S., around 86.9 million homes own a pet? That’s a whole lot of pet-loving! But wait, there’s more data at hand: dogs are the most popular choice (65.1 million households), followed by cats (46.5 million households). This makes the pet niche a blooming opportunity for POD sellers aiming to capture the hearts of animal lovers nationwide. How? With personalized goodies that celebrate their adorable pals! 💖🐕

2. Creating Products That Cherish an Emotional Bond 💜

When you tap into this niche, you’ll be offering more than just pet products. Instead, you’re providing customers the opportunity to show their love and value treasured moments with their cute companions through your merch. After all, these buddies are considered like family for many. So your brand’s unique, personalized items can foster an emotional connection that thrives on this bond. 🐈💝

3. Showcasing Merch With Year-Round Appeal 🗓

While National Pet Day 2024 is one of the numerous festivities that celebrate the joy these lovable pals bring into people’s lives, the excitement around this bond extends beyond a date. Whether it’s a birthday, a holiday, or a “just because” kind of moment, pet owners are always looking for ways to pamper their fluffy sidekicks. Hence the demand for purr-fect custom pet gifts, like those you will sell! 😀✨

🌟🛍 Eager to add some fantastic print-on-demand pet products to your store? Don’t miss out on the pawsome selection ahead. 🐾

Purr-Fect Finds: Best Print-On-Demand Pet Products! 🐶🐱

Are you in for some printastic inspiration? Great! We’ve put together this list with the best-selling print-on-demand pet products to sell in 2024. For this selection, we’ve included both items catered specifically to these adorable buddies, plus ideas their owners can rock, too. This way you can download a wide range of goodies in your store. 

The best part? You can create all the designs for your print-on-demand pet products with Placeit by Envato. From lovely personalized dog shirts to cute cat mats, there are tons of templates, graphics, and mockups professionally made and curated by our expert team. Just select your favorite, customize it, and showcase your designs! It’s that easy. 😌

Of course, feel free to choose the print-on-demand pet products that resonate the most with your brand and target audience to prepare your business for National Pet Day. Our Pet Templates Library has everything you need at your fingertips. Now, let’s cat-ch a glimpse of these items! 😺

🐕 For Pets

1. Bandanas 🐩

A dog or cat bandana is a great way to put a stylish and trendy spin on pet accessories. From vibrant, fun patterns to a personalized design featuring the pup or kitten’s name, there are tons of options you can showcase as a seller! 🐶

Moreover, consider that this item is more than a fashion goodie. For example, a dog bandana is also the perfect option for pet owners who love doing outdoor activities with their pals as it serves as protective gear from sun exposure and dirt.  🌤

🐾 Golden Advice for POD Sellers

When you choose the POD supplier you’ll work with to sell this item, make sure to check out that its catalog offers a wide variety of sizes for different breeds. On top of that, whether it’s a cat or dog bandana, opt for soft, breathable, and lightweight fabrics to provide comfort and functionality.

📍 Print-On-Demand Companies Selling This Item

2. Bowls 💦

Needless to say, bowls are essential for any pet owner. So, this is definitely a must-have for your online store! Now, while these print-on-demand pet products serve as everyday items for hygiene and convenience, you can always go one step further with your personalization options. 

Think of it this way: custom pet bowls can also be a great way to showcase the personality of these adorable pals through creative designs. You can offer customization options that go from choosing the colors and font pairings to adding their pet’s name, initials, or a cute quote. 🐱

🐾 Pro Tip for POD Sellers

As daily essentials, these print-on-demand pet products must be on top of their game regarding functionality and quality. Therefore, to offer the best options for your customers, consider bowls that are dishwasher and microwave-safe, as well as resistant to tarnishing. This will ensure they are suited for their intended use.

📍 Print-On-Demand Companies Selling This Item

3. Collars 🦮

Of course, this pawsome print-on-demand pet products list wouldn’t be complete without another must-have for all the fluffy buddies out there. From going on a daily walk to sporting the cutest design, a collar is one of those items pet owners just can’t skip.

After all, with options like adding the kitten or pup’s name and owner’s contact number on the tag, collars also serve as a safety net. In other words, they ensure all companions are easy to identify should they get separated from their family in one of their adventures. It’s all about safety and style all at the same time! 🐕‍🦺

🐾 Key Pointer for POD Sellers

When preparing your design for these print-on-demand pet products, consider opting for a vibrant color palette. The overall idea is that this item should make it easier for pet owners to spot their fluffy friends, even in the crowd. 

Moreover, research which material POD suppliers use for this product. You’ll want to make sure the collar is durable and resistant, while still being comfortable for the pet. 🐶

📍 Print-On-Demand Companies Selling This Item

4. Mats 💤

As an important part of the family, pets need a designated space to relax at home, too. Why not pamper them with a cozy mat they can rest in, keep their toys, and enjoy a treat? Of course, these are perfect custom pet gifts

The best part about these print-on-demand pet products is that you can let your creative side run free with cool designs or patterns. You can even offer unique mats shaped like a heart, a bone, or a fish to make your merch extra special. 💗

🐾 Savvy Insight for POD Sellers

As with our other print-on-demand pet products we’ve mentioned, one of the key aspects in ensuring safety, functionality, and comfort. In this case, it’d be best to look for pet mats that are made out of soft and cushioned materials. 

As one of its main uses is intended for eating, another aspect to keep in mind is if the item is water absorbent. Finally, check if the POD supplier provides options with non-slip bottoms to turn any potentially messy antic into an adorable moment. 😀

📍 Print-On-Demand Companies Selling This Item

5. Dog & Cat Shirts 🎽

Pet owners are always looking for ways to make their fluffy pals look the cutest. Hence why a custom pet shirt is the perfect option to showcase a unique style through fun, colorful, and creative designs. Just imagine all the possibilities!

From lovely seasonal designs perfect for a holiday card to matching attire for a family picture, personalized pet shirts offer a paw-sitevely adorable way to include these fluffy friends in every special moment. Ready for an extra dose of charm and cuteness?😍

Lovely T Shirt Design Generator With A Mongrel Dog Graphic
T Shirt Design Template Featuring A Dog Graphic And An Adoption Quote
T Shirt Design Generator For Dog Owners Featuring A Quote
Cute T Shirt Design Template Featuring Two Cats In Love
Cartoonish T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Cat Graphic And A Quote
Funny T Shirt Design Creator With A Schnauzer Illustration
Kids T Shirt Design Creator Featuring A Cute Kitten
T Shirt Design Maker Featuring A Funny Puppy Doing Yoga
Cat Themed T Shirt Design Generator With A Sweet Quote
Fun T Shirt Design Template Featuring An Illustration Of A Cute Cat Playing In A Box
Funny T Shirt Design Creator With A Hanging Cat Graphic
Illustrated T Shirt Design Creator To Celebrate A Dog's Birthday
Pet Themed T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Labrador Graphic
T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Funny Kitty In A Devil Costume
T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Confused Kitten Graphic
T Shirt Design Template Featuring A Funny Kitty Ballerina Graphic

🐾 Handy Hint for POD Sellers

Offer the best fit for each pet! You can create a size chart for dog shirts and cat shirts to ensure every pet owner knows exactly what to order. Additionally, include any important information about washing or care details to maintain the custom pet shirt in perfect condition.

📍 Print-On-Demand Companies Selling This Item

⭐️ The pets niche offers tons of possibilities for awesome merch! Want to explore further and dive into other themes and designs? Check out the best POD niches for 2024.

👩🏻 For Pet Owners

1. Mugs ☕️

What better way to start the morning than with a daily reminder of the love and companionship pet owners share with their pals? Of course, we’re talking about a custom pet mug! This thoughtful item is a meaningful way for people to celebrate the special bond they share with their adorable buddy, all while they enjoy their favorite drink. ☕️

The great thing about these types of print-on-demand pet products is the wide range of personalization options you can choose from. Just picture this: the custom pet mug can feature the pet’s name, photo, a cute illustration, a wholesome quote, puns, or even paw prints for a unique, lovely design.

🪄 Bring your designs to life with our top-tier travel mug mockups!

🌟 Expert Tip for POD Sellers

To ensure the chosen design for your custom pet mug maintains the vibrance of its original colors, research the best printing options provided by the POD company. For instance, sublimation is great for these print-on-demand pet products as it makes the prints more resistant to daily use. Additionally, look for alternatives that are microwave and dishwasher-safe to make this goodie more appealing and practical for customers.

📍 Print-On-Demand Companies Selling This Item

2. Pillows 😴

A custom pet pillow is the perfect gift for animal lovers. Whether it features a lovely picture or a heartwarming quote, this sweet item allows pet owners to feel close to their fluffy friend, even when they’re apart. It’s simply the cutest option to cherish their shared moments. 🐱

Moreover, a custom pet pillow also serves as a great piece of home decor. The best thing is you can fully customize these print-on-demand pet products to fit the client’s style and preferences, adding a personal touch to any room they decide to put it in. It’s customization perfection all the way!

🌟 Helpful Advice for POD Sellers

Wondering which details you should pay attention to when picking out a custom pet pillow from a POD supplier? Keep in mind the type of fabric they use on this item. For example, polyester might be a good choice as it is lightweight and prevents the item from wrinkling. Additionally, consider that some clients might prefer a hidden zipper for a more polished look.

📍 Print-On-Demand Companies Selling This Item

3. Shirts 👕

Pet owners are going to love this cool, new addition to their wardrobe! Whether it’s a cat dad shirt or a dog mom shirt, this custom apparel item is a lovely way of expressing their love for their fluffy pal. Style, creativity, and cuteness overload, all in one piece of merch. 😀

Moreover, the options are endless! As a POD seller, you can display designs featuring a cartoon that highlights the pet’s quirks, seasonal celebrations, or a sweet quote about the perks of having these companions. Or, how about some matching dog and owner shirts? Just imagine the pictures, they would be the cutest!

Quote T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Books Over Dudes Theme And A Cat Graphic
Illustrated T Shirt Design Makers Featuring Constellations And A Dog
Father's Day Themed T Shirt Design Generator With A Graphic Of A Dog
Fun T Shirt Design Template Featuring Puppies With Speech Balloons
Monarchy Themed T Shirt Design Generator Featuring An Illustrated Corgi With A Crown
T Shirt Design Maker Featuring Cute Kitten Illustrations
Quote T Shirt Design Maker For Dog Owners
Funny T Shirt Design Creator With A Mean Cat Illustration
T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Dog Personalities Theme
T Shirt Design Creator With A Cute Pet Quote
T Shirt Design Creator With A Cartoonish Angry Cat Illustration
T Shirt Design Creator Featuring A Cat Illustration And Colorful Abstract Graphics
T Shirt Design Maker With A Cute Vira Lata Illustration
T Shirt Design Template Featuring An Illustration Of A Cute Cat In A Witch Hat
T Shirt Design Template Featuring An Illustration Of A Vira Lata Caramelo Dog
T Shirt Design Creator Featuring A Lovely Quote And A Weird Cat

🌟 Top Insight for POD Sellers

Invest in apparel options with high-quality materials and printing techniques to ensure that your shirts are durable, comfortable, and visually appealing. For instance, you can opt for lightweight, soft fabrics such as cotton. Additionally, consider the desired shirt’s fit by checking out features like the seams, collar, sleeves, and shoulder taping.

📍 Print-On-Demand Companies Selling This Item

4. Stickers 🌈

Custom stickers offer a fun and creative way for pet owners to express their love. Whether it’s a cute cartoon depiction of their adorable pal or a clever catchphrase, these goodies show the unique bond between people and their animal companions. 

Now, when it comes to print-on-demand pet products, stickers can be top-sellers as they’re not only versatile but also budget-friendly. This makes them an accessible souvenir customers can use on laptops, car windows, notebooks, water bottles, and more. There are tons of options!

Sticker Design Creator With An Introvert Cat Cartoon Reading A Book
Illustrated Sticker Generator With A K Pop Theme Inspired By Blackpink
Sticker Design Generator Featuring A Cute Kitty Graphic
Sticker Design Template Featuring A Dog Graphic And A Coffee Quote
Sticker Design Generator Featuring An Anxious Bunny With An Introvert Themed Quote
Sticker Design Generator With A Shy Dog Illustration And An Introvert Themed Quote
Sticker Mockup Featuring A Macbook Pro At A Studio
Sticker Mockup Featuring A Notebook And Some Markers
Mockup Of Two Branding Pages Featuring Circular Stickers

🌟 Smart Move for POD Sellers

Custom stickers can also work as a sweet and affordable gift option to compliment your merch. While it may seem like a small detail, it can actually help you increase your brand’s visibility and exposure. On top of that, showing your business is willing to go that extra mile with this nice gesture also fosters a favorable interaction with customers, leading to increased satisfaction and a positive brand image.

📍 Print-On-Demand Companies Selling This Item

5. Tote Bags 🌱

Many animal lovers are also environmentally conscious and prefer eco-friendly options that promote sustainability. With this in mind, a pet tote bag is the perfect item for pet lovers who want to show their love and support for their fluffy companions while on the go. 🐶🌿

But, that’s not the end of it! A custom tote bag also serves as a practical accessory that pet owners can use to carry all the essentials they need for their cute pals. Treats, toys, and water bottles, everything can fit in this goodie!

🌟 Eco-Friendly Tip for POD Sellers

To align with green initiatives, consider offering custom tote bags made from recycled materials or organic fabrics. This will appeal to environmentally-conscious clients, while still maintaining a stylish, creative, and practical accessory for their everyday adventures with their fluffy pals.

📍 Print-On-Demand Companies Selling This Item

💡 Not sure which POD site to choose? Take this quiz to find the best supplier for your business!

With National Pet Day 2024 just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start selecting which awesome goodies you’ll sell. As you can see, there are tons of print-on-demand pet products you can market for the upcoming celebration! From adorable custom dog shirts to fashionable tote bags, it’s all about letting your creativity run wild. With Placeit by Envato, creating wonderful designs for your merch is a walk in the park! 🐕

Wrapping up Our POD Pet Journey!🐈

Well, there it is! We’ve reached the end of our pawsome print-on-demand pet products selection. As we wrap up this journey, we can’t help but highlight how jumping into this celebration or even diving into the animal’s niche can be a great opportunity for your business. 

Of course, whether you tap into seasonal celebrations or go for year-round merch, do your research on trends, popular designs, and what resonates the most with your target audience. That way, you’ll have a solid strategy to work on and boost your brand!

Now, we want to hear from you! Which print-on-demand pet products are you planning to sell for National Pet Day? Maybe some dog-lover t-shirts or a cute cat bandana? Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know. At Placeit, we’re excited to see where your POD business takes you. Till next time and happy selling! 🐱🐶

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