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September Designs & Monthly Trends You Can’t Miss

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September is just around the corner, which means the start of fall is near! Although it might not be very chilly yet, now is the time to ensure you have your September campaigns and collections ready. If you’re still working on getting this sorted, check out these September designs, monthly trends, and upcoming holidays to ensure you’re ready for it all.

Stay on Top of These September Trends:

#1: Get Your Fall Aesthetic Down

The biggest change coming in September is the new season: FALL! The first day of fall is on the 23rd of September, so you still have time, but it pays to plan ahead.

This season is all about being cozy, enjoying the foliage, and football. There are plenty of major holidays coming in later months, but for now, just focus on fall.

Start by exploring color palettes and popular seasonal designs and put these into mood boards to guide your aesthetic. Keep your target audience in mind when creating your mood boards so you have a clear idea of what fall aesthetics appeal to them.

Learn how to make a mood board and organize your inspo for all your fall projects.

Define Your Fall Colors

While summer may be defined by bright colors and sunshine, autumn colors are almost the opposite. We tend to get less sunlight during this season, so darker and richer tones are often what dominate.

Some of the classic fall colors that brands use during the season include orange, red, yellow, brown, and green. Think of outdoor landscapes, the changing colors of the leaves, and seasonal fruits and vegetables to get on the right track. Check out some examples below:

Classic Fall Color Palette

Darker Fall Color Palette

Lighter Fall Color Palette

If you’re looking for something new to add to your fall color palette this year, check out Pantone’s trend report on the colors for Autumn/Winter 2022/2023.

Fall Designs and Motifs for Every Audience

When it comes to designing anything for fall, stick to what makes sense for your audience. This includes the designs themselves and the items you will put them on.

For example, if you sell apparel, then it makes sense to offer standard t-shirts, but also hoodies and sweatshirts for the chillier weather. And, if you sell apparel for children, then illustrated or cartoon-style designs might make more sense, while more classic prints will be more apt for an older audience.

With that in mind, let’s talk about popular fall designs. Look to your surroundings for inspiration once more and think about upcoming holidays when creating your designs. For general fall designs, some of the most popular design elements include leaves/foliage, acorns, apples, pumpkins, sweaters, football, pie, and hot chocolate/warm drinks.

You can worry about upcoming holidays later on and create specific holiday collections for them outside of your fall designs.

🍂 To design fall t-shirts and apparel, check out Placeit’s fall t-shirt designs!

Give off Cozy Vibes with Fall Templates

While thinking about your designs, it helps to know what items these will go on.

If you have been doing this for a while, then you may have a clear idea of the items your audience looks forward to during this time of the year. If this isn’t the case, stick to items that make sense for the season.

As we mentioned earlier, if you own an apparel shop, you can stick to basic items, like t-shirts, hats, and tote bags, but this is also a  great time to introduce seasonal items to your shop. Think about what items make sense as the weather gets cooler. Some items you might want to consider include hoodies, sweatshirts, beanies, long sleeve t-shirts, coffee mugs, and travel mugs.

🍁 If you sell home decor, check out these fall decoration ideas for your POD shop.

Promote Your Designs on Social Media

The eCommerce world can get competitive, so it helps to have a social media strategy in place to promote your fall items.

If you don’t already have social media profiles for your brand, now is the time to get on this! You can use these profiles to promote your new launches, a sale, seasonal promotions, or even to hold contests and giveaways! Create social media posts, stories, and even ads that include a fall motif and that feature your newest items or a sale code.

You can create everything you need for your social media profiles in no time with Placeit’s fall-themed social media templates. They’re easy to customize with your own copy and images and are ready to share in seconds!

🤑 Reach your sales goals with the guide to all the fall sales you should be preparing for!

#2: Football Season Is Here

If you’re a football fan, then you’re likely already gearing up for a big season! While preseason is already underway, the season doesn’t officially start until September 8th.

This means you’re still in time to create everything your audience needs to participate in a fun and competitive season. There isn’t a ton of time left before kickoff, so don’t put this off any longer!

Create Gear for the Dedicated Football Fans

Football fans are a dedicated bunch with a lot of team spirit. Celebrate this devotion to their favorite teams and players by offering your audience fan gear they’ll be excited to wear on game day.

Stick to using popular team colors in your football t-shirt designs along with traditional football motifs, like an actual football, yard-line markers, and players dressed up in uniform. You can come up with your own quote or use some that are popular with a specific team.

Get the Crowd Excited for Game Day

Hosting a game day party at your house or having a sale on your football merch? Make sure everyone knows about it!

Promote everything from your game day event to a new collection your audience will love with scroll-stopping social media posts! You can create Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, and even videos with a football theme to get the word out about everything you have going on this football season.

Have Fun with Fantasy Football

If you’re more excited about the chance to beat your friends at fantasy football this year, then don’t forget to create an awesome fantasy football logo for your league! You can create a custom football logo in any style that suits you and your league, whether you want to make it funny or serious.

#3: Prepare for the Biggest September Holidays

Now that the back-to-school season is coming to a close, it’s time to focus on the upcoming September holidays. Get to know what’s coming well in advance so you have time to prepare and solidify any plans for sales or fun promotions without the added stress of doing it last minute.

National Video Games Day

September 12th

This September holiday is for all the video game lovers out there. We all know at least one, so why not make this day a special one for them?

Make all video game lovers feel the love with cute merch featuring gaming designs and quotes that will make them laugh and feel included. Think cool gamer shirts and hoodies, customized desk accessories for PC gamers, like mousepads and desk pads, hats, and anything else you can think of!

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15th – October 15th

This month-long celebration is observed in the United States every year and focuses on highlighting the history, contributions, and culture of those whose ancestors came from Latin America and Spain.

Before jumping in on the celebration, be sure you or your brand are active supporters of the community throughout the year and not just using this holiday for monetary gain. It’s also a good idea to ensure this holiday resonates with your audience and doesn’t come out of left field for them.

There are a number of ways you can participate in this celebration. For starters, you can make merch that highlights the beauty of this community, important figures, and the rich history. Think t-shirt designs, hoodies, mugs, and more. Consider donating some of the profit from these sales to organizations that empower the Hispanic community this month.

It’s also a great idea to create social media content to spread awareness and highlight the importance Hispanic Heritage Month. Spotlight your favorite figures in the community and their contributions to the niche that you fall into.

Enjoy Oktoberfest

September 17th – October 3rd

This two-week-long celebration in Munich, Germany draws crowds from all around the world looking to join in the festivities. And, although most people tend to focus on the beer, there’s more to this historic celebration. In fact, German culture is on full display during Oktoberfest with traditional food being served while people dressed up in traditional clothing enjoy music, dancing, and games.

This celebration isn’t limited to Munich. Other cities across the world hold their own smaller versions of Oktoberfest during the same period. It’s essential that you prepare for this big celebration ahead of time and have things ready for your audience well before the big day.

To participate in the celebration this year, create merch shoppers can wear to an Oktoberfest event. This can be Oktoberfest t-shirts, hats, beer koozies, and more.

If you’re hosting an Oktoberfest event, create flyers to promote it online and around your town.

You can also use social media to promote your event or your merch. Just remember to start posting early so that your audience has time to purchase and receive their items for the big day.

📆 These aren’t the only holidays celebrated this month. For even more, check out the September t-shirt ideas calendar!

You're Ready for a Successful September

And there you have it! These are the most important September trends to stay on top of this year.

Remember that you don’t have to participate in all of them, but rather, pick out the ones that make the most sense for your brand. And, if this is your first year trying something new, take some notes on what worked and what didn’t so that you’re better prepared next year.

Don’t forget that Palceit by Envato has all the templates you need for your September plans, whether you’re in need of fall templatesfootball t-shirts, or anything else in between!

Of course, it goes without saying, but planning ahead and getting started on your campaigns early will be a huge plus. Feel free to bookmark this post for future reference and we’ll be back next month to help you prepare for what October has in store!

In the meantime, what September holidays are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below

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