Quarterly Trends January To April

We’re just in time to review all the first-quarter trends, holidays, campaigns, and more to start the year just right. But that’s not all! We gave it a special focus to prepare for the big quarterly event: Spring Sales!

So say hello to spring, and let’s make your business bloom this 2024 with our recently updated post! 🌸🌷🌼

First Quarter of the Year in Holidays

Below, we’re sharing all the special occasions that light up the year’s first quarter. Discover the most important dates you can take advantage of to boost your business visibility and skyrocket your sales. 

A calendar will be your best ally to ensure you don’t miss any important dates and keep yourself re-leaf and organized in advance. Let’s explore what January to April has in store for you! 

⭐ January Calendar

While most business owners might think January is a slow and low month for sales, the truth is far from it. January has important dates that can benefit your business. Plus, it’s a great month to start planning all your marketing goals. So, use this time to plan for brand awareness campaigns and target new and existing customers.

T Shirt Design Maker With A Black History Month Illustration Of Martin Luther King
Patriotic Tee Design Maker With Indian Landmarks
Sci Fi T Shirt Design Maker Featuring A Futuristic Aesthetic
T Shirt Design Template To Celebrate Australia Day
Tote Bag Design Maker Featuring A Cute Bunny Sticker
T Shirt Design Template With A Space Cowboy Hat Illustration

Calling all science fiction enthusiasts! Explore our sci-fi templates to win the hearts of this niche and elevate your business.

Get creative and design your own stickers for any special date! Check out our guide on ‘How to Make and Sell Stickers‘ to nail this art! 

Express solidarity through impactful designs on social media or t-shirts, advocating for racial justice and kindness.

Celebrate India’s most important day with our templates—ideal for creating representative shirt designs or custom merch.

Let’s celebrate big like Aussies by unlocking and customizing thoughtful or funny designs! Let’s make this day as special as it can be! 

🦔💡 Looking for more events and celebrations? Visit our e-commerce calendar for hustlers to avoid missing important dates all year long.

🚀 Explore the Latest Placeit Content Available Now!

While not everything revolves around seasonality or memorable dates, why not blend your efforts with the latest trends, most of them born on TikTok? Dive into our newest additions that freshly arrived to Placeit in January 2024.

Calico Critters Inspired T Shirt Design Creator With A Cute Animal Toy And A Coquette Quote

These adorable characters have taken social media by storm, capturing the hearts of Gen Z. Explore a wide range of t-shirt designs to enhance your online store.

 January 2024 brought us the enchanting TikTok trend—Coquette! Dive into the soft, playful, and romantic look adorned with bows and soft pastel colors infused into t-shirt designs, Instagram and Facebook posts, and YouTube thumbnails

The iconic 2004 classic got a new version two decades later! With a fresh take on this timeless favorite, search volumes have skyrocketed. Get ready to unlock the best t-shirt designs inspired by this ‘so fetch’ musical movie and ride the wave of its renewed popularity!

While Chinese New Year is in February, we’ve already rolled out a set of beautiful designs in line with this year’s theme—the Year of the Dragon. So, unlock our social media and t-shirt templates to have good fortune this year!

🐉 Learn how to develop a successful Chinese New Year Campaign 

A popular horror video game is coming back with the highly anticipated Chapter 3, set to release on January 30th. So, get ready to unlock our collection of inspired shirts made with the power of AI.

  • T-Shirts: St. Patrick’s Day, Black History Month, Steamboat Willie, Betty la Fea-inspired, Roman Empire trend, Pizza Day.
  • Logos: Thrifting, World Book Day, Neurodiversity, World Cancer Day Marathon, Transgender Visibility Day, Festivals, Neon Aesthetics, Autism Awareness Day, Space-related.
  • YouTube Thumbnails: Travel Series, Color of the Year 2024, Spring Sales.
  • Social Media: Cologne Festival, Valentine’s Day for Pod Sellers, Easter, Spotify Canvas, Indoor Cycling Studios, Biblical and Religious, Travel Tips, Avatar-inspired, Football. 
  • Gaming: Twitch Streams for Just Chatting.

Mockups: Tailgate Party, Hanged Garments, Latinos, 3D Mugs, Harakuji, Cosplay, Boho.

💘 February Calendar

February is well-known for being the month of love, but guess what? There are some other fantastic dates to look forward to in these 29 days! Plus, it’s the ideal moment to start taking action toward your spring sales. Hold tight for now – we’ve got some awesome strategies coming your way soon! But first, let’s explore the top 5 exciting dates in February 2024.

Anti Valentine's Day Themed T Shirt Design Creator With A Cartoonish Heart Illustration
T Shirt Design Maker Featuring Colorful Carnaval No Rio Themed Graphics
Chinese New Year Instagram Post Template Featuring An Illustrated Dragon
T Shirt Design Creator With A Quote By Maya Angelou For Black History Month
Pizza Day T Shirt Design Maker Featuring A Cool Quote
T Shirt Design Template Featuring A Football Helmet Illustration With Bold Text

Let’s celebrate and acknowledge the achievements, contributions, and history of African Americans. Learn more here

 If it applies to your customers, you can get festive designs and promotions to acknowledge this day or make a successful campaign

Celebrate this Brazilian holiday with +30 Brazil shirts and carnival templates for this colorful festivity. If you’re into carnivals, check our Mardi Gras images for the 13th of this month. 

All football fans are ready for this popular sporty event. So, why not create Super Bowl-inspired merch to boost your February sales?

Celebrate friendship and love with super cute designs for friendship and love, or add a new Valentine’s Day gift to your shop.

🌺 What Content is Coming to Placeit in February?

Get ready for a sneak peek of our incredible templates that revolve around popular trends, launches, and more! Check out what you can expect to arrive at Placeit during the second month of the year.

T Shirt Design Generator Featuring An Ai Generated Character Inspired By Star Wars

With the latest release of ‘The Boy and the Heron’ movie, we’re working on creating a collection inspired by this Japanese animation studio. Best of all, we’ve decided to fuse our designers’ talent with artificial intelligence to create incredible mockups, videos, and t-shirt templates. So stay tuned!

As the famous singer gears up for concerts in 2024, Placeit is crafting inspired logos and shirts capturing the essence of her and her music.

  • T-Shirts: 420, Spider-Verse*, Kewpie*.
  • Logos: Star Wars, One Piece-inspired, Tattoo and Piercing.
  • YouTube Thumbnails: Palword.
  • Social Media: Karaoke Bars Promotional, Spring Sales.
  • Mockups: Metalheads, Street and Sneakers, Earth Day.

🚀🌈 *Projects made with AI.

🥝 March Calendar

March is officially the kickoff to spring! Lucky for you, spring blooms on the 19th, giving you a few more days to wrap up your fantastic spring sales campaign. But hey, don’t stop there – make the most of the third month of the year with other seasonal campaigns.

We recommend analyzing different events and considering how relevant and impactful it is to create a campaign around any of these dates. Remember that constantly launching seasonal sales and trends is an awesome strategy to elevate your brand awareness and retain existing customers while attracting new ones. 

T Shirt Design Maker With An Adorable Dragon Reading A Book Illustration
St. Patrick's Day Inspired T Shirt Design Maker With A Cartoonish Leprechaun Drowning In Beer
Women's Day Themed T Shirt Design Maker Featuring A Female Face Illustration
Funny T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Cute Bee And Flower Illustrations
T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Spring Break Theme
T Shirt Design Maker Featuring An Easter Bunny And Flower Illustrations

Start a book club, create cool prints for your books, or even better, design custom merch for all those book lovers.

Speak up and support women’s rights by creating empowering designs

This week is variable depending on the institution, but it’s almost entering our March calendars. So, make a splash into our Spring break templates to refresh your brand.  

Dress your brand with this iconic green color and create everything you need to make a memorable day! Unlock all our St.Patrick’s Day templates!

For 2024, this celebration arrived early! So be sure to create something special. At Placeit by Envato, we’ve got tons of resources, and we’re continually adding new ones for you to get equipped, whether it’s something cute and delicate, something thoughtful and religious, or even something for streaming online.

  • T-Shirts: Telenovelas, Gen Z Slang, Highland Crows.
  • Social Media: Gardening and Foraging, Music.
  • Gaming: Bird Emotes, Pokemon Badge.
  • Logos: Pilates Studios, Glasses Brand, Luxury Clothing Brand, Party Supplies, Night Club, Photobooths, Kids Hair Salon, Pets and Yoga.
  • Mockups: New Pop Wave, Coquette, Wall Art, Graduated Kids, Non-Binary.

🐰 Don’t miss these fresh Easter marketing ideas to take your brand to the next level this spring!

🌈 April Calendar

April is here, and it feels like time is flying! This month is loaded with diverse cultural and conscious days, creating fantastic opportunities for your print-on-demand niche. While some events are globally celebrated, others are niche-oriented, providing an excellent chance to elevate your brand to the next level. 

Let’s explore the top 5 relevant dates, but remember; our ecommerce calendar is your go-to for all the useful dates to keep your brand fresh and shining. 🌟

T Shirt Design Generator For Autism Awareness Day
T Shirt Design Template For A 420 Celebration With Cartoonish Characters
Earth Day Themed T Shirt Design Maker Featuring The Earth On Fire
Fun T Shirt Design Creator Featuring A Cartoonish Vegetable Graphic
Illustrated T Shirt Design Template With A Cheems Inspired Dog Graphic
T Shirt Design Maker With A Happy Beer Cartoon

P.S. Want to take your inspo up a notch? Here’s how you can stay ahead and find the best t-shirt ideas for the season. 😌 

To show your support, use a light blue ribbon and create educational posts about this day to make a positive impact together.

It’s a special day to celebrate health and spread messages about prevention. Make use of our health resources to put your messages in the spotlight.

Design all kinds of cute pet merch to show off your love and unlock different niches.  These are the best POD products for all the fluffy pals out there! 

Promote your designs for cannabis products or have a special sale for them! 

It’s an essential day to raise awareness about our planet and promote initiatives that favor the environment. This also includes looking for eco-friendly products, printing methods, and print-on-demand services.

  • T-Shirts: Godzilla x Kong*
  • Social Media: Graduation season, Cinco de Mayo, International Children’s Day, Memorial Day*, DJ music, Kombucha, Pokemon Cards
  • Logos: Boxing club
  • Mockups: Hip-hop legacy

🚀🌈 *Projects made with AI.


T-Shirt Templates to Start the Year Right

If you’re in the apparel or merch business, you definitely want to check out these calendars to make sure you are designing according to the season’s highlights! Here, you can find geeky, funny, interesting, and cultural dates and events that you might find helpful. So, take a look!

Prepare for Spring Sales

It’s that time of the year again to get deep and personal with your sales prepping for the first quarter of the year, and we are getting ready for the Spring sales! 🌻 ✨ 🍄

Springmaingraphic (1)

Before You Start

Clean up your customer base to target a renewed and clean list of clients. Newsletters, blogs, and social media look for outdated information, check out bounce rates, check which content trends the most, and analyze your performance. Preparing will make your April sales succeed in your brand goals!  

Design Basics for Spring Sales

T Shirt Design Ideas For Spring

Popular Spring Colors

Pastel colors are very popular during these months because spring is all about rebirth and blooming flowers after a harsh winter. Think soft lilac, canary yellow, sky blue, and robin egg blue.

🌻 Get inspired by the best spring color palettes to get you ready for this season!

Spring Motifs

After a long winter, the great outdoors are finally dusting off the snow and getting ready to bloom once more. Popular designs this season include flowers, nature, animals, butterflies, bees, rain, rainbows, bunnies, and gardening.

🌷 Get the freshest spring templates, some spring inspo and design tips to celebrate this season’s arrival.

Spring Fonts

As every season changes and brings a new, different air, so do fonts! To nail the aesthetics of your spring sales, pay attention to one of the key design elements: fonts. So, instead of looking all over the internet for the best combinations, check out our recommendations made by professional designers.

Marketing Ideas for This Season

Apparel Mockups For Spring

1. Offer Incredible Seasonal Discounts

Who doesn’t love discounts, especially when it comes to a favorite shop? It’s very likely that your customers are eagerly anticipating your promos, so take advantage of the anticipation and excitement to launch incredible discounts. 

Consider promotions like 2×1, 3×1, 50% off, a gift on purchases above a certain amount, or even offer a special price for spring bundles. Additionally, provide free shipping or create a custom loyalty program to reward your most loyal customers.

To infuse your promos with life, use our lovely spring templates. We’ll be adding even more templates during these months, so stay tuned!

2. Make Your Digital Channels Spring-Ready

If you’re running a spring sale, adapt your brand across various platforms. Update your website with a vibrant banner capturing the freshness of spring. Don’t forget to extend the theme to your YouTube channel, Pinterest profile, and Facebook cover for a cohesive look.

While eye-catching design is key, don’t overlook the power of engaging copy that resonates with the season’s vibe.

3. Bring Your Social Media Posts to Life

With the wonderful arrival of spring, you need to align the tone of your posts, too. Get creative and design educational posts, share a countdown of your latest products with an Instagram story, and create a spring-themed video showcasing different ways to use your products—the possibilities are endless!

Instagram Post Generator To Promote A Special Spring Discount Offer
Spring Sale Instagram Post Maker Featuring Floral Graphics
Instagram Post Maker Featuring Leaf Graphics For Spring Sales
Instagram Post Maker Featuring A Spring Fashion Sale Promo
Instagram Post Generator With Funny Shape Characters For A Spring 2x1 Offer Ad
Spring Sale Themed Instagram Post Creator With A Floral Frame

🌷Check out our Instagram account for a dose of inspiration on how we add that perfect seasonal touch to our posts.

4. Spruce up Your Inbox With the Freshest Emails

Emails are a fantastic way to keep your customers and potential clients in the loop about your latest promos, new products, spring sale clearances, and more. But why stop there? Share informative tips, sneak peeks of what’s blooming in your business, offer exclusive pre-orders, or showcase different looks achievable with your products.

So, start planning dazzling email marketing campaigns for this vibrant season of growth and renewal.

🍓 Consider using Envato Elements to incorporate the prettiest spring motifs and graphics into your emails to achieve this season’s aesthetics!

5. Launch Fresh Seasonal Products

New year, new season! What better way to bid farewell to winter than with the blooming arrival of spring? It’s a season that’s all about light, freshness, soft colors, flowers, happy animals, and a mood change.

Starting in January, brainstorm ideas to infuse spring themes into your business—consider new seasonal product launches or bring back a spring best-seller that wowed customers last year. 

Need inspiration? Check out our collection of spring design templates and mockups! Don’t forget to consider our spring sales design basics to ensure your products reflect the perfect look for the season.

6. Find New Opportunities to Bloom

While boosting sales is a great goal, remember the power of growing your community! Luckily, this quarter is full of vibrant green and cultural events, offering the perfect opportunity to give your brand a unique twist and build meaningful connections.

Imagine organizing a tree planting or clean-up on Earth Day. On Women’s Day, how about hosting a special workshop that not only aligns with your brand but also empowers women? And for St. Patrick’s Day, you could organize a virtual treasure hunt! You can provide clues on social media, and the winner gets a small gift or discount.

As you can see, these actions go beyond immediate sales; they foster long-term growth and showcase your brand as positive, responsible, and impactful. So, if it resonates with you, take action and witness the incredible growth that follows. 

There is no talking about trends if we are not mentioning social media, huh? Great news! We’ve just updated the most relevant trends to keep in mind in 2024! Let’s check what’s trendy these days on TikTok. 

🍋 January

Trend: Murder on the Dancefloor

Thanks to the latest and somewhat controversial Saltburn movie, this hit track is taking over TikTok! The reasons? It’s catchy and can be used in so many videos and themes. From classic dances inspired by the movie to sharing GRWM, stories, and more!

As months are making its entrance, we’ll be updating this section. 😉

Trend: We Are/ I Am

This TikTok trend consists of saying ‘I’m’ or ‘We’re’ to describe something specific about a business, profession, nationality, or lifestyle, just like this example. Check out City of Melbourne’s Reel to get more examples. 

The goal is to inform others about what your brand specifically does, mostly emphasizing the positive sides.

Last But Not Least

Spring sales are right around the corner, and they’re a crucial campaign to level up your business in terms of awareness and sales. No matter if you’re a pod seller, a content creator, a local brand, or anything in between, you can take the power of spring sales to adapt them to your brand and foster growth in the first quarter of the year.

We be-leaf in you! ✨ With all the resources and inspiration at your fingertips, we’re confident your spring sales and seasonal events will be the best your business has seen so far!

Thinking ahead to summer? We’ve got your back! Check out our summer sales blog post to get everything covered for the second quarter of the year. 🏄🏼‍♀️🐠🏝️

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