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If you are looking for professional product shots to showcase your clothing brand in context, Placeit has the perfect mockups to make your business stand out and steal the spotlight while being displayed in-use.

Others have noticed Placeit’s success at creating photorealistic mockups to present screenshots, so they made their own attempts at building a look-alike platform, see for yourself how these services compare to the Placeit experience.

Adding Your Image to the Mockup


Placeit gives you two different methods for adding your screenshot or image onto the desired mockup template to make it outstanding and professional, and both ways are dead simple.

1. Drag and drop your screenshot straight into the device.

We advise that you upload it on the screen’s size (which we always show on the mockup template), but you will also be able to crop the image to fit the screen however works best for you.

placeit (22)
Source: Placeit

This finished iPhone mockup template features an image that was dragged onto the device. Notice how the screenshot adjusts perfectly to the image? Well, that’s because Placeit carefully adds the perfect glare, inclination, and crop so the end result is this photorealistic mockup of a lady relaxing at home while using a music app on her black iPhone 6.

2. Type a URL

Placeit will generate a new screenshot of the website based on the type of device on the mockup template. For example, if you are using an iPad mockup and type your URL, Placeit will deliver a mobile responsive version of that website to fit the screen smoothly.

Source: Placeit

For this tablet mockup of an iPad being held in a landscape position, we typed and within seconds, a screenshot of the mobile version of the site was perfectly set on the landscape positioned device.

Placeit Alternatives

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 3.48.19 PM

Other sites will ask you to upload an image to the device but won’t give you the option to select a crop area, grab a screenshot from a URL or add any kid on effect on the image to make it appear realistic. In fact, this squeezed image on a horizontal phone just looks sad.

Real People in Real Situations


App marketing is all about making your consumer demographic relate to your product and find use cases for it, that’s why Placeit is committed to representing real situations in which people would be interacting with the devices on the mockups. Placeit really cares about having a wide variety of people with different races, styles and ages. You will be able to showcase your product while being used by a senior, a teenager, a corporate businesswoman, and many more.

Source: Placeit

This iMac mockup template features two young women who seem to work at a creative studio, maybe in the design or marketing department. The image composition allows the iMac carrying the website screenshot to steal the spotlight, but it also presents a friendly scene in which these coworkers seem to be engaged in some sort of learning process. It’s all about the context, and this desktop mockup is definitely winning at building a real environment.

Placeit Alternatives

Source: Magic Mockups

While this iPhone mockup features a woman holding the iPhone, her facial expression and body language are not friendly or appealing. She looks awkward and her big red glasses steal the attention from the main object, which should be the iPhone.

Variety and User Experience


The homepage is a huge gallery that presents all of Placeit’s mockup templates for the user to select the desired ones. Placeit adds up to a dozen new mockup templates every day, and with over 1000 mockup templates, it gives you a wide variety of scenarios, characters, and devices so that you can find the perfect mockup for your app marketing.



Source: Placeit

But besides allowing a general overview of our assets, we also have a search bar and filters to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Let’s say you are looking for a mockup of a Macbook in a work setting. Just select Macbook as a device and Business / Corporate as a tag and you will have lots of results to choose from, take a look:

Source: Placeit

Creating a photorealistic mockup with Placeit is nice and easy. From choosing the exact template to adding your image and downloading, the whole process is seamless.

Placeit Alternatives

Other sites make it look like a simple process as well, but in reality, it’s just sloppy. Selecting a mockup is complicated because most sites don’t offer categories and filters. Also, it’s not always clear where are you supposed to add your image, or how.

Source: MockDrop

For instance, this site shows a poor quality iPhone mockup which was hard to use but also not possible to download. We tried several times and both downloaded files are blank, no mockup.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 3.41.34 PM

The following site is an example of a poor variety gallery of mockups. Even though the site has its assets divided into categories depending on the device, last time we checked, their total mockup count was 24.


Source: Mockups Jar

This site (which has remained as Alpha version for a while) is another example of a limited variety of mockups that don’t seem to be updated constantly enough. For example, the latest device they feature is the iPhone 5, which is 3 generations behind to the current one.

shape it app placeit alternatives
Source: ShapeItApp

Most of their mockup templates don’t offer a context or character interacting with the device, it’s just the device on a transparent background.

Original Photographs


Placeit finds it very important to offer original images that meet a high-quality standard, that’s why all of its images and videos are specifically produced for the mockup templates. We want to give you lots of options of original photographs for you to showcase your business in a unique manner that will make it stand out.

Source: Placeit

This iPhone 6 mockup template of a young lady getting ready for a workout at the running track is aimed towards a very specific consumer demographic, and since the photograph was taken for this purpose, you won’t find it elsewhere, meaning your app can stand out from the competition by not using the same images as everyone else.

Placeit Alternative

Sites like this one don’t really dedicate its efforts towards creating their own photographs, they crawl them from different sites and simply compile them all together. As you can see, almost each mockup has its own source.

Source: mockDrop



As we’ve mentioned before, Placeit is committed to helping you showcase your products in a clever and professional way, that being said, we want your app to look the best possible way with the right angle, orientation and image composition.

This iPhone app demo video features a young woman using her iPhone to browse a fashion blog. This is one of Placeit’s split screen videos, which allow you to display a recording of your app or website while being used by a real person in a real life environment. Not only is the video beautifully shot, it features an attractive model and a compelling scenario that will boost your website or app’s conversions. The overall quality and composition of this video makes it a professional marketing piece, and the best part is you can customize this video template for your business and add it to your website or Social Media channels in seconds!

Placeit Alternatives

Upside down screen

Source: Dunnnk

This Apple Watch mockup seems like it could be a good option to display an iOS app; unfortunately, the image is upside down, which makes it confusing for the viewer since you don’t get an accurate display of the app, even though the image has a nice composition, it is not really useful to showcase an Apple Watch app.

Image doesn’t fit

Source: Mockups Jar

Another example of poor quality mockups is this one, in which the final output doesn’t show the full screenshot. Besides, if you look closely into the final mockup, you will notice how the image doesn’t even fit the iPhone’s screen, it’s simply pasted over it.

Pixelated screenshot

Source: Magic Mockups

The overall quality of this iPhone 6 mockup template is pretty good, however, the screenshot we added into the iPhone seems to be pixelated and stretched, even though we uploaded the right size.

So, Why Choose Placeit?

As a one of a kind service that combines great variety, user experience, and quality, Placeit offers different price ranges depending on what you are looking for and the use you will give to the assets. Besides, all of the small size images and videos are still free, so go ahead and use them for whatever you need!

Visit Placeit and take a look at our work, we are sure you will find just what you are looking for.

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