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New season, new uniforms! As a player, few things feel as good as opening a uniform box filled with new jerseys and desperately looking for the one with your name and trying it on for the first time. Woah, what a feeling!

Uniforms convert a bunch of individuals into a team capable of amazing things. Stop thinking about uniforms as a league requirement but more as a team bonding and team strengthening tactic.

Since we previously provided guidance on how to create a football team logo and how to create football jersey mockups, we might as well help you figure out which websites have the best online football uniform builders, which will make the ordering process way easier.

We took a deep dive into the plethora of football uniform builders out there so that you don’t have to. We discarded the outdated and difficult-to-use tools and created this shortlist with only the good stuff.

Tip: Most websites ask you to first register and create an account before starting the customization process, which I strongly recommend. This way, you can save your mockups or uniform previews for later. As a guest, you will lose your progress once you close your browser.

Ready? Let’s do this!

Best Custom Football Jerseys Manufacturers List

    • Wilson’s Custom Football Uniform Designer

      football jerseys wilson final

      The Wilson Custom Football Uniform Designer works like a charm. I really liked how you always have a 360° view of every jersey design, which gives you a real look and feel throughout the creation process. When you are done configuring your football mockup, you can download a PDF with your selections and a preview of your order.

      You start by typing in your team’s name and choosing the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors that your uniform will have. Then you have to choose whether you need an adult or youth sized uniforms. You can then select the jersey quality, which can range from inexpensive and sturdy ones to professional and very light ones.

      When you are satisfied with your jersey or a uniform design, you can print the PDF file you get and send it to one of the many official Wilson dealers in the US to have it manufactured.

      Average Cost:
      Jersey = $74.40
      Pants = $91.45


    • Team Sportswear Football Jerseys

      team sportswear

      Team Sportswear is an online leader when talking about sports uniform manufacturers. Their online designer makes it easy to upload your team logo to the many available football templates on the site. It’s one of the most straightforward uniform builders on this list. One of the main takeaways of this website is the team/volume discount. The more uniforms you order at once, the cheaper they get. You can choose to customize youth or adult-sized custom football uniforms depending on your needs.

      Average Cost:
      Jersey = From $24.99 to $108.99


    • Under Armour Custom Football Uniform Builder

      under armour football uniform builder
      Under Armour’s Football Uniform Builder also delivers incredible results. You can customize every single part of your jerseys and add your team logo without a hassle. The possibility of adding a roster for bulk orders is great. You can easily add every player’s name, number, and jersey size.

      Once you are done editing your football jersey mockup, you will receive a PDF file where you can review your order. Customer Service will send a confirmation email, including a ship date and cost, within 24-48 hours of submission.

      Average Cost:
      Jersey = N/A


  • Pro Look Football Uniform Customizer

    pro look football uniform customizer

    Pro Look Football Uniform Customizer has the best football builder tool of the websites in this list. It’s very easy to customize your jersey and make it look exactly as you want it to. I really liked the realistic and modern look and feel of this custom football uniform builder. Part of its awesomeness also comes from the fact that at the end of the customization process, you can introduce your shipping and billing info and place your order straight away.

    As with most of the football designer tools in this list, you can submit your team’s roster and order for everyone on your team. With an estimated delivery time of 3-5 weeks, it also makes one of the brands in this business with the fastest turnaround times.

    Average Cost:
    Jersey: Starting from $67.18

Need to See Your Uniform Idea on a Real Person?

placeit football uniform builder

While you can’t order custom Football uniforms from Placeit by Envato, you can still create photo-realistic football uniform mockups that can help you make up your mind on how you and your team want the new uniforms to look. Every part of this full-body football mockup is editable. From the facemask color all the way to the color of the socks. Placeit’s interface is amazing. Every applied change is immediately shown on the screen so that you get to try as many color combinations as needed until you get the uniform design you long for. Once you download your custom football design, you can send your file to any sports uniform supplier and let them know you want a uniform that assimilates your mockup file.

Tip: In case you don’t already have a logo, you can create a team logo with Placeit and add your logo design to your football mockup image too. Also, here’s a blog post with some amazing custom football logos created on the website.

Mockup: $8

Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good

Don’t sweat it; having an awesome-looking uniform nowadays is easier than ever before. Simply visit any of the previously mentioned sites, create your uniform, fulfill your order, and wait a few weeks for your brand-new custom football uniforms to arrive. The smiles on your team’s players’ faces when first wearing their brand-new uniforms will make all the effort worth it.

Don’t forget to visit Placeit’s Sports and Apparel section to create football mockups that will help you promote your team’s merch and earn some extra money to purchase new gear for your team. Actually, have you considered creating Super Bowl merch? Click here to learn more We have a full guide on how to promote your sports team using your uniform as the key element.

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