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New season, new uniforms!🏈 As a player, few things feel as good as opening a uniform box filled with brand-new jerseys, excitingly looking for the one with your name, and trying it on for the first time. Woah, what a feeling! Custom football uniforms transform enthusiasts into a team capable of amazing things. Stop thinking about them as a league requirement, but more as a strengthening tactic. 🌟

Since we previously guided you on how to create a football team logo and how to create football jersey mockups, we might as well help you figure out which websites have the best online football uniform builders. This will make the ordering process way easier! 

Now, we took a deep dive into a selection of football uniform builders out there, so you don’t have to. We discarded the outdated and difficult-to-use tools and created this shortlist with only the good stuff. Ready? Let’s do this! 😌

🏈 Pro Tip: Most websites ask you to first register and create an account before starting the customization process, which we strongly recommend. This way, you can save your mockups or uniform previews for later. As a guest, you will lose your progress once you close your browser.

📌 Best Custom Football Jerseys Manufacturers List


1. Under Armour Custom Football Uniform Builder 🌟

Custom Football Uniforms Under Armour Editor

Under Armour’s Football Uniform Builder is an online leader when talking about sports uniform manufacturers. Their online designer makes it easy to upload your team logo to the many available football templates on the site. You’ll just need to click on your favorite jersey design, add the location in which you want your logo, and upload it directly from your computer. As easy as that! 😀

Moreover, you can easily add every player’s name, number, and jersey size to the editor. Plus, Under Armour’s stock color selection offers awesome combinations for you to get professional-looking custom football uniforms without a hassle. Once you’re done editing your football jersey mockup, you can save your template as a PDF. This makes the purchase process way easier as it also allows you to add a name to the design.



2. Rawlings Football Uniform Customizer 🌟

Rawling's Custom Football Uniforms
Rawlings Football Uniform customizer allows you to fully personalize your jersey by selecting your favorite style, fabric color, fit type, and cut type with their online editor. Once you’ve chosen all these features, the fun begins! Your custom football uniforms wouldn’t be complete without including the following:

🏈 Team name

🏃🏻 Player name

👕 Front / Back number

🔢 Sleeve number 

®️ Custom logo

Once you’re happy with the results, you’ll just need to save your design and fill in all the required information to place your order. Besides custom football uniforms, their wide range of personalized items also includes protective gear, athletic apparel, bags, gloves, and even balls for all the sports enthusiasts out there. So, rest assured you’ll find the option you’re looking for! 😀


3. Pro Look Football Uniform Customizer 🌟

pro look football uniform customizer

Pro Look Football Uniform Customizer has one of the best football builder tools of the websites in this selection. On the one hand, it’s very easy to personalize your jersey and make it look exactly as you want it to. Plus, we can’t help but emphasize its modern and realistic visualization option which offers a glimpse of how your design will look in action. 😀

As with most of the football designer tools in this list, you can submit your team’s roster and order for everyone on your team. With an estimated delivery time of 3-5 weeks, it also makes it one of the brands in this business with the fastest turnaround times. Want to go one step further? You can also customize your football pants, your team’s flag, and other sports-themed apparel and accessories! 😉

Need to See Your Uniform Idea on a Real Person? Head Over to Placeit! 🤩

Editing A Football Mockup With Placeit

By this point, you probably have awesome design ideas for custom football uniforms you can’t wait to show your teammates or sponsors. Why not go that extra mile and present them as actual apparel? Or better yet, in an actual football setting!

With Placeit by Envato, you can create photo-realistic football uniform mockups that can give you a realistic preview of how you and your team want the new uniforms to look. For example, every part of this football mockup is editable. From the facemask color all the way to the socks! 

Plus, every applied change is immediately shown on the screen so that you get to try as many color combinations as you need until you get the uniform that perfectly captures your vision. Want some help creating a winning color palette? You can always check out Placeit’s Color Guide to get your inspo on! 🎨😀

Once you’re done, you can download your custom football design and send your file to any sports uniform supplier. With your mockup, it’s very easy to let them know how you want your design to look like.

🏈 P.S. Looking for cool logo ideas for your team? Check out our Football Logo Maker to get a top-tier design! Then, add your logo design to your football mockup image too. Are you in a rush? Don’t miss out on this blog post with some of our favorite custom football logos created on the website.

Cost 💸

  • You can purchase the mockup individually for $7.95 USD to receive a high-quality image, free of watermarks. Or, 
  • Get Placeit’s subscription to access all the mockups, logos, templates, and designs you want. Our professional team adds new branded assets every day!

Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good 😌

Don’t sweat it! Having an awesome-looking uniform nowadays is easier than ever before. Simply visit any of the previously mentioned sites, create your design, fulfill your order, and wait a few weeks for your brand-new custom football uniforms to arrive. The smiles on your team’s players’ faces when first wearing their brand-new uniforms will make all the effort worth it. 😉

On that note, don’t forget to visit Placeit by Envato Apparel section to create football mockups that will help you promote your team’s merch and even earn some extra money to purchase new gear for the squad. Actually, have you considered creating Super Bowl merch? We also have a full guide on how to advertise your sports team using your uniform as a key element.

Are there any other tips and insights you’d like us to share in the future? Feel free to drop a comment below! 😃

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