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Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner!🏈 Are you ready to support your favorite team?🤩 For POD sellers, this is the perfect opportunity to score big on sales with a wide variety of sports merch for all the football fans out there. How about a Super Bowl jersey design to kick off the season? Well, with Placeit by Envato, you can get top-tier tier design templates to gear up for this A-list event. Let’s sprint right into creativity! 🏃🏻

📆 Save the date! Super Bowl 2024 will be played on Sunday, February 11th. Make sure you don’t skip out on other major events and holidays with our E-commerce Calendar for Hustlers!

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Why Design Merch for the Super Bowl? Sprinting Into Success! 🏆

The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated sporting events around the world. 🌍 In 2023, 115 million viewers tuned in to witness the finale, making it the most-watched Super Bowl in history. Wow, talk about numbers! 🤩 For POD sellers, this is a golden opportunity to tap into the excitement surrounding this weekend and create themed products that audiences will love.

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Still not sure if making a Super Bowl jersey and other merch is the right move for you?🤔 Don’t worry! Let’s dive further into the reasons why this can be a winning strategy for your business:

1. Passionate Fan Base 🙆🏻

Football viewers are fiercely loyal to their favorite teams, and Super Bowl Sunday is no joke! This results in a passionate fan base that actively seeks ways to showcase their sports spirit. Therefore, offering personalized items that embrace this excitement and foster an emotional connection is a win-win. 😀

2. Massive Popularity 🎉

From the big game to the halftime show, it’s no secret that the Super Bowl is a crowd favorite. As social media buzzes with conversation among the championship, memes, and trends, this is your chance to jump into the hype around this event. Besides selling products and goodies that resonate with your audience, this is also a great opportunity to boost your brand’s visibility. 🌟

3. Limited-Time Appeal ⏰️

The excitement that leads up to this date creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity around personalized merch. Whether you opt for a Super Bowl jersey design, hats, hoodies, or other fan favorites, you can play on this limited-time appeal. Offer seasonal promos, flash sales, or giveaways to encourage customers to seize the moment and join the sports vibes. 🏉

Winning Ideas to Make Your Own Super Bowl Merchandise 🏈

What do you say, ready to get your numbers rising?💸 To help you get started, here is our top selection of Super Bowl merchandise to take the lead during this event. Of course, we’ll also share some of our favorite designs so you can pick out your top choices and customize them to fully fit your brand’s style. Keep scrolling! 😀

1. Support Your Team by Making Your Own Super Bowl Jersey 👕

Super Bowl jerseys are more than just apparel. They symbolize camaraderie among fans; a celebration of the sports spirit that shines through each game. From team colors to funny quotes, these designs create a sense of unity, boost the enthusiasm leading up to the big day, and capture significant memories clients will cheer forever. 🥳

Football Jerseys Jersey Front And Back Against Solid Backdrop

Football Logo Maker by Placeit 🏈

Simply put, it’s an opportunity your business simply can’t pass by! Feeling inspired already? Take a look at these Super Bowl shirts and designs you can create with Placeit. 😉


2. Gear Up With a Stylish Super Bowl Hoodie 🏉

Did you know that, for the first time in NFL history, the Super Bowl 2024 will take place in Las Vegas? What a way to celebrate and join the hype around this weekend! Still, the weather during February is predicted to be chilly. So, even if fans are watching from home or joining the thrill at the Allegiant Stadium, they might want to bundle up in a warm and cozy Super Bowl hoodie. 🥶

Pullover Hoodie Mockup Of A Cheerful Woman With Headphones And A Beer

Football Logo Maker by Placeit 🏈

3. Kick off the Day With a Super Bowl Mug ☕️

We all know the Big Game celebrations should start early in the morning. ⏰️ Feel the energy kick in and spend the whole game awake with a cup of coffee that supports your favorite team. You could even add funny quotes and puns that match the vibrant spirit of the Super Bowl. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • No Talking Zone, the Big Game Is Already On 😎
  • Football Is the One Habit I Just Can’t Kick 🏈
  • I Can’t Keep Calm When My Team Is On 👏🏻
  • On Sundays, We Watch Football 🏉
  • Today’s Forecast: 100% Chance of Winning 🏆

Sticker Mockup Placed On An 11 Oz MugT-Shirt Design Template with Tons of Possibilities by Placeit 🌟

4. Top Off Your Sports Look With a Super Bowl Snapback 🧢

Are your customers on the other side of the country soaking in the winter sun? Or, maybe they’re hosting a Super Bowl BBQ. Well, help them shield their faces from the sun in style with a Big Game snapback. These accessories are a must for comfort and elevate their game-day look with cool sports logos, designs, colors, and fonts. 😎

Mockup Of A Snapback Hat On A Table With Delicious Looking Food

Football Logo Maker by Placeit 🏈

5. Carry the Excitement of Game Day With a Super Bowl Tote Bag 🛍

Keep the Super Bowl party mood going! Promote Super Bowl tote bags where fans can stuff every goodie they’ll need to enjoy the weekend. Make sure to offer customization options like adding their name or their favorite player’s team number. You can even go that extra mile and make sure your packaging embraces this event’s vibrant spirit with a colorful design. 🥳
Cropped Face Mockup Of A Woman With A Sublimated Tote BagT-Shirt Design Template by Placeit 🌟

6. Huddle up the Whole Family in Super Bowl T-Shirts! 🏆

Needless to say, sports events as important as this one are the perfect time to host fun gatherings with loved ones. Why not offer friends and family the perfect ensemble with a range of sports-inspired t-shirts with their favorite team’s color? Picture the entire household scoring big at this year’s Super Bowl BBQ with matching styles like the ones showcased below. 🤩

T Shirt Mockup Featuring A Family Of Four In A Studio

T-Shirt Design Template by Placeit 🌟

But it doesn’t stop there! Thinking babies are too young to be a part of the party? Showcase how kids can love America’s favorite sport with their first Super Bowl baby onesie. Just imagine the family picture; it would be the cutest! 😀

Mockup Of A Baby Wearing A Onesie Featuring Some Toys

T-Shirt Design Template by Placeit 🌟

Bonus: Show Your Team Pride With Placeit’s Score Bug 🌟

Why not go one step further and boost your social media channels by updating them with the latest score using Placeit’s Score Bug? Just select an image and add the latest game update. You can also join in the fun and post fan’s predictions! Once you’ve got your template, download it and post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever you see fit to let your followers know how the championship is going. ✨

🔥 Want to ace your Super Bowl sales strategy? Learn everything you need to know about promoting your merch with these expert tips.

Score Big This Season With Placeit! 🏉

As the Big Game approaches, there are tons of opportunities to sell and promote cool merch that matches the football thrill! So, make sure to prepare for this season by using Placeit’s design templates. Whether you’re looking for a sports logo or a Super Bowl jersey design to kick off your sales, we have you covered. 😌

The best part is that all our templates, designs, and mockups are ready to be customized and downloaded in seconds! Now, we can’t wait to hear from you.  Are you planning on doing a special sale during the Super Bowl? What are your best tips and insights for fellow POD sellers? Feel free to share your comments below. 😀


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