A Quick Guide on How to Create Sponsorship Packages

Kick Your Team Fundraisers into High Gear with This Team Sponsorship Template

Getting sports funding is hard so, where do you start? We made this handy template with tips and tricks on how to approach your team sponsor and how to create sponsorship packages that will convince even the most reluctant sponsor.

Don’t Go for All the Sponsors, Go for the Right Ones

Apart from the template, the downloadable presentation will also show you some tips like:

  • Having a clear objective when choosing which businesses are a good match to support your team.
  • Researching the sponsors to get to know the best way to approach them.
  • Some ideas of what your team can offer in exchange.

How to Use the Sponsorship Template

Just follow these simple steps to start building your own packages by downloading the presentation down below.

  1. Review the example we laid out for you.
  2. Click on “Customize the Template” to make your own editable copy of the Google Slides file. 
  3. Add your team logo, colors, and images to make it match your team.
  4. Choose what your packages will include and how much they will cost.


And there you have it, once you create your packages your team will be at the front of the sponsorship game in no time. Follow these amazing guides according to the sport you are involved with:

Basket Ball Logos
Soccer Logos
Baseball Logos
Football Logos

Or visit Placeit for our full sports resources, from logo makers to jersey mockups.

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