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Merch sales have been on a steep increase for the last few years. In fact, the estimated worth of the POD market is expected to reach 67.59 billion by 2032. Well, isn’t that something!🤩 With numbers like that, there’s never been a better time for you to make money from your creative designs with Print on Demand. Of course, while the space might be rich with opportunity, you still need a plan. Want to know how to sell more merch? Keep browsing! 🌟

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How To Sell More Merch: Tips To Elevate Your Game! 🤑

Onto our million-dollar question: “How to sell more merch?”. In a nutshell, the key relies on strategies based on data-driven decisions, understanding your audience, and adapting to the current market trends. Moreover, it also has to do with building a strong brand identity that stands out in a competitive industry. 🔝

👉🏻 Eager to get started? Here are 7 expert tips on how to sell more merch this year:

1. Find Your Niche 🎯

Finding an original niche in the print-on-demand space means targeting a unique market segment eager to buy distinctive products (like your awesome goodies!✨). Like all competitive marketplaces, common products lose traction over time as rising demand causes oversupply. 📈

What to do, then? Well, finding your market segment opens up room for originality and innovation. Think of it this way: you’ll be on your way to impressive sales numbers if you find a good niche that’s not overcrowded. 💸

How many niches are there?🤔 As many as you can think of! It will all come down to how you use your research skills to find ideas in a niche that is fresh, new, and generating sales. Use the power of Google, Amazon, Pinterest, and Wikipedia to find up-to-date and accurate lists of the hottest products, hobbies, and interests that take the world by storm. 🌍 Here are a few ideas to get you started:

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2. Define a Strong Brand Identity ✨

Understanding how to sell merch online goes beyond promoting awesome products. Once you’ve found your niche, building a strong brand identity is the next big step. Why? Consistent branding creates a cohesive and recognizable image among customers, thus making you stand out in a competitive market. 🚀

Moreover, it’s a way of communicating what your business is all about: its mission, values, and story. All in all, this will make your audience connect on a deeper level with your brand, boosting customer loyalty and trust. And, as your business grows, a strong brand identity will ensure you keep a consistent image regarding the products you sell or the marketplace you’re reaching. 

Is your inspo already kicking in? Great! These are 3 pointers to consider when building your brand and acing how to sell more merch:

👸🏻 1. Establish your brand’s personality. Clearly outline what defines your brand, as this will help you set the tone for your messaging and overall visual identity. For example, your business could be associated with excitement, uniqueness, sincerity, or friendliness.

🎨 2. Choose a consistent color palette. Selecting the color scheme that will define your brand goes beyond aesthetics. It has to do with the emotion you’re trying to evoke, aligned with your business’s core essence. To kick your inspo up a notch, check out Colors by Placeit!

®️ 3. Create a distinctive logo. Logos are often the first point of contact new customers have with your brand. A unique and well-thought-out design makes your business memorable and showcases professionalism.

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3. Get Great Designs 🌟

It’s simple: as a content creator, you will live and die by the quality of your designs. But it’s not just pure creativity. You can get halfway to a great design through intelligent research and a good strategy. 😀

Remember those niches? Well, suppose you already know that gaming-inspired t-shirts are about to take off because of upcoming movie releases. In that case, creating a popular design to respectfully and legally take advantage of that trend becomes much easier. 😌

Plus, you don’t have to start from scratch! Placeit by Envato has tons of professional designs crafted by experts. Moreover, we’re constantly updating all our assets to match current trends such as movie, TV, and pop culture references. Just take a look at some of our designs to get inspired! 🎞🍿

As you get more familiar with print-on-demand, you will learn how to use keywords effectively. They will inspire and inform you to make better and more relevant data-driven and design decisions. 🔎

Know that competition is fierce. So, if you are going to establish your footprint and sell more merch, quality, and originality should be at the top of your agenda. No worries! We’re here to guide you through the process. Let’s move along to the next tip on how to sell more merch. 😀

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4. Be Flexible and Pivot 😌

You might have made good sales on your gaming tees, but tastes change, trends evolve, and copycats will come knocking at your door. Be prepared to expand your winning designs by creating multiple variations of them. Don’t be afraid to pivot and experiment with new merch ideas. This is why flexibility is so important; it keeps your products fresh, exciting, and relevant among customers. ✨

You can change your designs entirely, or you can try to put them on different items. For example, if you’ve always concentrated on t-shirts, be flexible enough to try hoodies, mugs, or stickers. Part of being versatile is keeping an eye on your top sellers by monitoring how their performance changes over time. 🔎 If you pivot at the right time, you can stay ahead of the competition.

Wondering which are the most profitable products to sell online for 2024? Say no more! Here are 5 goodies you should consider adding to your shop:

🥶 Hoodies

🖼 Wall art

👒 Hats

👜 Tote bags

🛌 Blankets

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5. Get Help To Stay Ahead 🏅

It’s a mistake to think you have all the best ideas in your head alone when you’re figuring out how to sell more merch. We all hit a dry spell of creativity at one point or another, and that’s the time to get help from a graphic designer who’s got a different take on things. Keeping your conveyor belt of designs running smoothly will help you sell more merch this year. 🏷

You might even be in the lucky position of needing creative help because your business is growing faster than you can keep up with. Thus, be open-minded about this as you grow and start networking beforehand. 💬

But wait! There’s more. Want to stand out to customers in marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay? Take advantage of the smart online tools Placeit has to help you create unique product mockups that are perfect to showcase all your designs. 😌

🔥 Check out our awesome 3D mockups!

Merch Bundle Mockup Featuring A Pullover Hoodie And Two CD Digipaks

✨🚀 Boost your merch game by exploring one of the most preferred platforms of the moment! Dive into our guide on TikTok Merch to shine bright online! 

6. Automate Your Uploads & Publishing ✅

When we first talked about how to sell more merch, we couldn’t help but point out the importance of being strategic. Noted, this also has to do with how you direct your time and efforts. 

As you get more successful, you’ll have various high-quality designs already created. Imagine taking your existing assets and data and automating the uploading and publishing process to multiple major print-on-demand marketplaces. Think of how quickly you’ll gain more exposure, reach, and sales! 📈🤑

Automation makes uploading your designs so much easier. Take the hassle out of the manual process that you have to repeat for every e-commerce site. Want to try it out? You can automate your uploads to multiple POD marketplaces with Merch Titans Automation. This software will take your designs and automatically publish them on multiple marketplaces, thus allowing you to scale your business more quickly. 😌

Mockup Of A Woman Using A Macbook In A Colorful Workspace

7. Reach a Broader Audience 🌍

With the global print-on-demand marketplace always expanding, you could try to reach a broader audience. Your best designs could travel far and wide without too much extra effort. You can use the same keyword and niche segment research methods that worked in your home market to make a killing overseas. 🗺

Find out what’s hot in the United States, Europe, or Australia. It’ll be fun exploring new designs, color palettes, and aesthetics. With the right partner, like Merch Titans, you can use a suite of tools to research product and keyword ideas for what might work for you in other markets. 

👉🏻 For example, you could try out Merch Titan’s free Print-on-Demand Tag Generators. As their name suggests, they help you generate optimized tags for marketplaces such as RedBubble and Etsy

Want to explore more ventures? These are some of the best digital products to sell this year:

📕 eBooks

🧑🏻‍🏫️ Online courses

📒 Guides

🖨 Printables

🖌 Digital art

Merch Magic: Wrapping It Up! 🪄

As we wrap up, consider that starting a POD business can be very profitable when you know how to target the right niche, build a strong brand, and adapt to the changing market trends. Plus, you’ve already taken the first step, which is getting all the key info! 🤩

By this point, we know you’re already coming up with awesome strategies on how to sell more merch this year. And we can’t wait to follow along on your journey! Whether it’s through top-tier designs for your goodies or cool templates to boost your social media, know that Placeit has your back. 🌟

What do you say, ready to dive into the POD market? If you’d like more tips and insights, let us know in the comments! 😉

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