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Tips & Tricks for Creating an Effective Instagram Ad

Instagram is the coolest Social Media platform today. Chances are you have one or two Instagram addicts amongst your close friends and guess what, we all do! People are slowly starting to prefer spending time on Instagram rather than Facebook, Snapchat or even Whatsapp. This is the reason why it makes sense to advertise your business on Instagram. Let’s review some of Instagram’s best practices so that you get started advertising on Instagram with the right foot.

Instagram is all about sharing high-quality imagery. Instagram’s filters will help you edit your photos before posting them and make them look great.

If you are running a special promotion, add overlay text to boost an ad’s effectiveness. You can create Instagram ad images with overlay text with Placeit.

Be authentic and natural, portray real life situations so that your followers can relate to your brand. Use your target audience’s demographics on your photos. 

✓ Bright and sharp images are always the most eye-catching. Keep your images uncluttered and use a strong focal point.

Resize your images so that they always follow the recommended dimensions of 1080×1080 pixels.

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Even though you can use up to 2,200 characters (including emojis) and up to 30 hashtags it’s better to go short and sweetWrite in the language/tone of your audience!

Your Instagram ad’s copy must be attention-grabbing and easy to read. Keep in mind the users’ “infinite scrolling” behavior. You must figure out what it is that is going to make them STOP and see your ad.

Don’t forget to use a Call-to-Action. Explicitly let your followers know which action you want them to take after seeing your ad. 

✓ Emotionally connect with customers and use feelings in your copy to get people to act. Appeal to customers’ needs and desires. 

Add urgency wording to make your ad more effective by hurrying your customers to take action.

✓ Create a hashtag for your business. Keep it short and catchy.

✓ Do competitive research. See what your competition is using and if it would make sense to use those same hashtags to boost YOUR business.

Every niche has its own hashtags. Find your niche tags and test results.

Keep your hashtags somewhere safe, create a doc file with your list of hashtags and copy and paste them on every post you share.

Creating an Instagram Ad Video Tutorial

Now that you know what your Instagram Ad must contain. It’s time for you to create your own! This in-depth video tutorial is all you need to get started today.

What to Measure on

Running an ad is only half the job. You will want to know how your hardly earned money performed. On the Facebook Ads Manager platform you will be able to measure and control the effectiveness of your Instagram ads.

Depending on your marketing objective, you should measure the following:

✓ Brand Awareness: Check for impressions, reach, and engagement.

✓ Reach: Check for reach.

✓ Traffic: Check for total Link Clicks.

✓ App Installs: Total mobile app installs.

✓ Video Views: Check for video watches at 50%.

✓ Lead Generation: Number of emails captured.

✓ Messages:  Check for new messaging conversations.

✓ Conversions: Number of completed goals attributed to your ad.

✓ Store Visits: Estimated numbers of store visits attributed to your ad.

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Easily Create Instagram Ad Images with Placeit

We know that many small business owners find advertising on Instagram overwhelming. In order to help you, we did the legwork and created this short but complete guide with everything you really need to know about promoting your brand with Instagram Ads (similar to what we covered on this Facebook Ads Guide). Whether you are promoting an apparel brand, an e-commerce website or an app, Placeit can help you create beautiful images that will boost your marketing effectiveness. Make Placeit your new online mockup editor and save time and money.

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