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Your ultimate Christmas gift is here! You can now create beautiful banners for the holidays with Placeit’s Christmas Banner Maker.  Placeit makes it super easy; you can design as many ads with this online banner maker as you can imagine! Even when you are not feeling creative at all, you will always find some cute designs to download!

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The good thing about using Placeit’s Christmas Templates for your banners is that you don’t have to worry about dimensions and quality or any design aspect. If you do need to resize or crop an image, this is easier than ever, thanks to Placeit’s online image cropper. When you use a pre-made template, it is very hard to mess it up, plus you will always receive a high-quality file that looks great online everywhere and even in print.

Why even bother, you ask? A professional-looking banner will amaze your potential clients, and it will also increase the quality of your business. People notice the quality of your images, so when you use poor visuals, it makes your business look unprofessional. So you can stop using awkward lame designs now!

Where Can I Use My Online Banners?

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Your brand-new online banners are great for advertising your brand everywhere! You can share them on your social media feed or as an ad (Placeit banners have the exact proportion of text so that your ad runs effectively); you can pin them on your blog, post them on your company landing page, or in your online shops. The best part is that you can find all sorts of banner styles, making it easy to create the perfect banners for exactly what you’re advertising.

Christmas And Holiday Sales Templates

One of Placeit’s Online Banner Maker’s best features is that using it is as easy as breathing! You won’t spend hours figuring out a design for your Christmas promotions; just choose a template a follow the next video step by step.

Top 12 Christmas Promotion Ideas for Your Banners

1. Host a Christmas Giveaway

You can either host a giveaway on yourself or collaborate with other brands.

2. Try a “Buy One, Get One Free” Promotion

Christmas Banners Copy

3. Brand All of Your Business Images with Christmas Designs

4. Promote Limited Edition Products that Will Run Out

5. After Christmas, Christmas Discounts

Start the year with the best discounts to try to avoid the big fall of January.

6. Give Christmas Gift Cards with Purchases

You can create a whole strategy around gift certificates that your customers will want to have!

Giftcard Mockup

7. Run a Holiday Email Campaign

You can include all your Christmas products, discounts, and best wishes to your customers.

8. Get Cute Branded Packages for Everyone Buying Christmas Gifts


9. Get Involved with Relevant Events in Your City

Maybe even sponsor some Christmas charities.

10. Make a Fun Christmas Video You Can Post It Everywhere

11. Social media!!!

Social networking is a powerful tool to get the word out.

Social Media

12. Give Loyalty Gifts to Special Customers

There is nothing better than a personalized gift for your customers, and no, an email doesn’t count.

What Else Is There in Placeit’s Christmas Aisle?

You can also create other great Christmas designs with Placeit, like Christmas card designsChristmas flyers, invitations, gift cards, social media images, social media covers, and so much more! With one single Placeit subscription, you get unlimited downloads for all the Christmas designs you can create! Try it today and save tons of time this holiday.
Christmas Emplates

Take a step back before your Christmas holiday sales and make some amazing banners for your Black Friday PromotionsIf you’re a t-shirt seller, get your customers in the holiday mood with Placeit’s Christmas mockups. Start your shopping season with these useful bits of advice on how to market your brand’s discounts, promotions, and much more. Also, let’s not forget about Placeit’s amazing Christmas sweater designs.


“The tool is really simple! I’m making all of my banners with Placeit’s banner maker!”
Lucia Fiore 5/5


Design Christmas Banners to Celebrate the Holidays!

You can get the word out on your best sales and discounts this Christmas with this super easy tool! Use Placeit's online banner maker and customize a holiday banner with your brand's information! You will love it!

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