Making an Ugly Christmas Sweater Has Never Been Easier!


It’s holiday magic time! With every year comes this wonderful time of lights, love, Christmas spirit, family reunion, and gift exchange.

There is nothing ugly about Christmas, is it? Oh, wait! There is! The one and only ugly Christmas sweater, of course!

There’s a point when these seem to be all around, and EVERYONE wears them! People love them and hate them at the same time. But what would Christmas be without the unique ugly Christmas sweater? Somehow they are just a part of it.

What You’ll Find:

Christmas is around the corner, and you wouldn’t want to miss our best ugly Christmas sweater ideas. Placeit recently came up with tons of ugly Christmas Sweater templates, which gives you the opportunity to create your very own DIY ugly sweater in no time!

How to Make an Ugly Christmas Sweater Design

First, let’s just say that by using this tool, you can create all styles of designs or your Christmas merch, and you don’t even have to be a designer. You don’t even need to buy expensive design software or hire someone else. You can easily use this tool on your own and get stunning results! Let’s go over the process:

Follow 5 Simple Steps to Generate Your Ugly Sweater Design

  1. Open our DIY ugly Christmas sweater templates
  2. Enter your text and on the type boxes and choose your fonts and colors.
  3. Choose your background color on the right side. You can also leave it transparent.
    This option will blend in better when placing it on a colored sweater.
  4. Pep it up with a stylish top and center graphic on the right side; you can also search for something else if you are not convinced by the graphics shown on that template.
  5. Now, you only have to choose the size of the graphics and download it! You will instantly get a high-quality image ready to be placed on your sweaters! 

Perfect! You created your very own template. But hey, that’s not all! Now, you want to know how to make an ugly Christmas sweater mockup to display it? Keep reading!

Because using Placeit’s Christmas mockups, you can easily showcase all your ugly Christmas sweater designs. No need for photoshoots!

Some Examples of Ugly Christmas Sweaters in Real Life


Black Girl wearing a Ugly Christmas Sweater copy

Christmas spirit is spreading everywhere! When snow is falling all around you, there is nothing better than staying warm in a cozy ugly Christmas sweater. Have a stroll through a Christmas market,  get active while shoveling snow, or go out to do your last-minute shopping. These sweaters will keep you warm and, believe it or not, in style!


Girl wearing Ugly Christmas Sweater at Home

No matter what you do: Sitting under the Christmas tree, decorating the house, placing socks for Santa on the chimney, or lighting up the candles on the Advent wreath, an ugly Christmas Sweater is the perfect choice to get into the festive mood.


Boy wearing a Ugly Christmas Sweater and Zipping His Coffe

The holiday season is wonderful for all senses. The smell of fresh biscuits, the taste of gingerbread, along with a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows, the shine of candlelight, and the sound of crackling wrapping paper are all indicators that Christmas is just around the corner. In the winter season, there is nothing better than celebrating the best time of the year, wearing your own cozy, homemade ugly Christmas sweater.


Boy sitting in a Staircase wearing a Ugly Christmas Sweater

“Christmas is in the Air! I try not to breathe!” We get it! Not everyone loves Christmas! To all the Grinches out there: We’ve got something for you too! 

Create a unique anti-Christmas ugly sweater.  You can do it yourself! Try our t-shirt design maker to get the best DIY ugly Christmas sweater for the holidays.

How to Display Your Ugly Sweater Design on an Actual Sweater

Placeit provides you with perfect shots of real people in every situation, so you can take the design you just created with our tool (or your own one!) and simply place it on one of our photos. This is a perfect start to your seasonal marketing campaign promoting your ugly Christmas sweater designs with crewneck mockups, hoodie mockups, and of course, t-shirt templates!

Chirtmas Mockups

Not Feeling Creative Yet? No Problem

We’ve got some ugly sweater ideas for you!

These are our top 5 sayings; use them for your DIY ugly sweater

  1. Did Somebody say Christmas?
  2. I Stole Santa’s Cookies #badboy
  3. Dear Santa, I have been a good kid
  4. Santa LOVES me
  5. Make a Beautiful Christmas Wish!
blue ugly christmas sweater
blue ugly christmas sweater
pink ugly christmas sweater
green ugly christmas sweater
dark red ugly christmas sweater-compressed
blue ugly christmas sweater
blue ugly christmas sweater
pink ugly christmas sweater
green ugly christmas sweater
dark red ugly christmas sweater-compressed
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But of course, there is a whole lot that you can write on any of our ugly sweater Christmas templates! Plus, you got tons of fun graphics to use! From classic ugly Christmas sweaters to drunk elves, of course, cute pets, and much more. If you are not sure what kinds of sweaters you want to make, just wander around Placeit Christmas templates to get inspired!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Make a wish or…

Check out what else you can create with Placeit with our “31 Christmas Gift Ideas for POD Sellers” and start creating some awesome products! Also, remember you can promote your brand and your newest designs with beautiful Christmas online banners and Christmas card designs.


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  • Lorencz
    Posted at 4:15 pm 0Likes

    Ugly Christmas sweaters are quite trendy this year. We re having an Ugly Sweater party at our office this year. In fact, I need to find or make my sweater.

  • Everley
    Posted at 2:33 pm 0Likes

    Teespring also suggests creating brand new designs if you can. They list a host of tools including Placeit, Typorama, Canva and Creative Fabrica. (many are free!) you can use to come up with new and improved ideas.

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