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From stunning, hyperrealistic images to visually captivating graphics in the blink of an eye, it’s no secret that AI has revolutionized the creative industry. As it continues to take the world by storm, it opens the door for new tools and features that enhance the artistic process achieving groundbreaking results. At Placeit by Envato, we’ve embraced this cutting-edge technology and now, we’re beyond excited to share with you our impressive selection of AI shirt design templates. Ready for a spark of inspiration? Keep scrolling! 😌✨

In this blog, you’ll find some of our favorite AI shirt design ideas for your store. Whether you’re looking for vibrant sports templates to kick off the game season or lovely, aesthetic prints that match the latest trends, we have you covered. Plus, we’ll also share how to customize your chosen template in less than 5 minutes. Without further ado, read on! 😀

Placeit’s AI Shirt Designs: Take Your Pick! ✨

+70 AI Shirt Design Ideas You Can Create With Placeit! 🤩

Spooky vibes for boogie time 👻, cool sci-fi styles to travel back to the future 🚀, and pawsome designs for all the pet lovers out there 🐕, at Placeit we have the perfect option for every brand! Want to get your numbers rising? Browse through this AI shirt design collection we’ve picked out for you.

1. Anime & Manga AI Shirt Design Templates ⛩️💥

Did you know that, just in the U.S., around 72% of people watch anime regularly?🌍 Wow, talk about numbers! As you can see, this niche has a very passionate and engaged audience actively seeking out merch related to their favorite series, movies, comics, and characters. As its popularity continues growing, tapping into anime and manga can be a highly profitable opportunity for your brand. 😌

T Shirt Design Creator Featuring A Comic Theme Inspired By One Piece
T Shirt Design Template With Illustrated Anime Vignettes Inspired By Neon Genesis Evangelion
Manga T Shirt Design Template Featuring An Evangelion Inspired Graphic
T Shirt Design Template With A Giant Sentient Machine Graphic Inspired By Evangelion
T Shirt Design Creator Featuring An Akira Inspired Cat And A Motorcycle Illustration
T Shirt Design Maker Featuring A Female Humanoid Illustration Inspired By Evangelion

🔴 Key Point: The anime and manga styles are very distinctive as they tend to use intricate illustrations, striking landscapes, and iconic imagery that add to their unique and dynamic storylines. This opens a wide range of possibilities for creating eye-catching merch! So, when customizing your AI shirt design, aim for vibrant color palettes to make your template really stand out.

🎨 Splash a world of color into your AI designs! Check out Colors by Placeit to find spectacular combinations curated by our expert team.

2. LOL to the Top: Funny AI Shirt Design Templates 🤣😹

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? No, but seriously, the humor niche is no joke! When done right, it can help you connect positively with your audience, leverage trends, and make your brand stand out by being perceived as authentic and relatable. 

After all, content like memes has become a huge part of mainstream culture through social media. Just take a peek at how Placeit taps into this theme with hilarious and edgy AI-generated design ideas. 😉

T Shirt Design Generator With AI Themed Graphics Inspired By The Dissociating Cat Meme
T Shirt Design Maker Featuring An AI Generated Classical Composer With A DJ
Funny T Shirt Design Creator With AI Generated Grumpy Cat Illustrations
AI Generated T Shirt Design Creator Featuring A Meme Of A Sad Dog
Meme Style T Shirt Design Generator Featuring An AI Created Howling Wolf
T Shirt Design Maker Featuring A Cat Parody Theme Inspired By Jaws

😀 Top Insight: Not all types of humor may sit right with your audience, so it’s important to get your tone right! To nail your AI t-shirt design using this theme, make sure you know your demographics: their interests, hobbies, lifestyle, and values. For example, Gen Z humor is more digital-centric as it tends to rely on viral content, online culture, and platform-specific trends like TikTok references.

3. Holiday Hues: Seasonal AI Shirt Design Templates ⛄🎄

Time for some holly-jolly sales!🎁 The appeal of seasonal AI designs is their year-round appeal and the possibility of adapting them to your brand’s unique identity, target, and market. For example, let’s say you’re preparing merch for Christmas and your store specializes in the animals and pets niche. Well, you can bring these two concepts together to create standout visuals that truly resonate with your customers. 🤩

T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Thrifted Shop Painting Graphic
T Shirt Design Creator Featuring A Fall Theme With AI Generated Ghost Graphics
T Shirt Design Maker Featuring A Day Of The Dead And A Chicano Style
Catrina Themed T Shirt Design Creator To Celebrate Day Of The Dead
AI Generated T Shirt Design Template With A Bootleg Xmas Theme
T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Fun Xmas Theme With Reindeer Graphics

📆 Friendly Reminder: While mainstream holidays usually take center stage, don’t forget to keep an eye out for other cultural celebrations and commemorative events. They can offer fresh opportunities to connect with your audience, inspire on-theme merch, and spot market gaps. Make sure to check out our E-commerce calendar for hustlers so you don’t miss out on any dates. 😉

4. Spooky Style: Horror AI Shirt Design Templates 👻🎃

Let’s spice things up! The popularity of the horror theme extends beyond traditional ghost stories (though we love them too!). As a niche, it holds the potential for a scalable market as its popularity thrives on video games, films, television, literature, and other forms of mainstream media. 🎬🕸

From iconic characters to eerie settings, your visuals can be hauntingly engaging for a wide fanbase looking for all things spooky. Feeling inspired? Dive into these spooktacular AI shirt design ideas by Placeit:

Horror T Shirt Design Template Featuring A Macabre Nightmare Character
T Shirt Design Template With A Cut Out Picture Inspired By A Cult Halloween Film
T Shirt Design Maker For Halloween Featuring A Vintage Picture Inspired By A Horror Movie
Anime T Shirt Design Template Featuring A Theme Inspired By Junji Ito
T Shirt Design Generator Featuring An AI Created Horror Illustration With A Spooky Font
T Shirt Design Maker With Two Macabre Sisters Inspired By The Shining

🕷 Tips & Tricks: At first sight, you may associate this theme strictly with Halloween. However, the truth is that your merch and designs can sustain their popularity by catering to your audience’s interests in sub-themes such as the supernatural, mystery, or fantasy. This will extend their appeal to horror enthusiasts beyond this spooky festivity. 🐈‍⬛

5. Fan Favorites: Movie-Inspired AI Shirt Design Templates 🎥🍿

From all-time classics to cult favorites, movies hold a worldwide appeal that transcends the screen.  As beloved characters, iconic catchphrases, and memorable scenes have captured the hearts of millions, there’s no denying that this theme can be highly profitable. Consider it this way: you’ll be reaching an enthusiastic audience of moviegoers and film connoisseurs eager to express their passion through unique and personalized products. 🎬

T Shirt Design Creator With An AI Generated Extraterrestrial Creature Inspired By An Alien Movie
T Shirt Design Creator With An AI Generated Snake Inspired By The Hunger Games
T Shirt Design Generator Featuring An AI Cat Inspired By A Star Wars Tv Show
T Shirt Design Creator Inspired By Dune Featuring AI Generated Graphics
T Shirt Design Creator Featuring A Cat On A Flying Broom Inspired By Kiki's Delivery Service
T Shirt Design Creator Featuring A Wonka Inspired Quote

🎟 Golden Ticket: Think outside the box! Besides keeping tabs on upcoming movie releases, stay on the lookout for anniversaries of iconic films, emerging trends in pop culture, and industry-related events such as award season. This will allow you to explore overlooked concepts, themes, and aesthetics, thus capturing the essence of the movie niche in innovative ways. 🎞

6. Tune in With Style: Music AI Shirt Design Templates 🎶🎤️

As a theme for your AI shirt design, music has the power to evoke strong emotions that resonate deeply with the audience. This makes your merch stand out as more than just an item. Instead, it becomes a cherished expression of their love for an artist, a particular song, or a significant event in their lives. 🎵

Moreover, an AI shirt featuring the music theme has tons of possibilities for creative designs!🎸 From stylish graphics inspired by popular boy bands and iconic lyrics to new album releases, you can capture the attention of fans in endless ways. 🎷

T Shirt Design Creator With A Music Player Layout Inspired By The Weekend
T Shirt Design Creator With A Beyonce Inspired Illustration
Retro T Shirt Design Maker With An AI Generated Graphic Inspired By Taylor Swift
AI Generated T Shirt Design Creator Featuring A Theme Inspired By Taylor Swift's Eras Tour
K Pop Themed T Shirt Design Creator Inspired By Bts
Lana Del Rey Inspired T Shirt Design Maker With A Song Lyric

🎼 Key Note: Do deep research to understand your demographics. In this case, you’ll need to dive into their music preferences including their favorite genres, artists, and aesthetics. But it doesn’t stop there! Go one step further and explore aspects like their inside jokes and the names of their fan bases.

For example, K-pop lovers refer to themselves as K-popers, whereas Taylor Swift fans are often called Swifties. Including these types of details in your AI-generated t-shirts will show your brand is aware of the industry. 😀

🌟 Want even more design ideas to add to your store? You got it! Get a creativity boost with the best POD niches to rock 2024.

7. Purr-Fect Picks: Pets AI Shirt Design Templates 🐶🐱

Before we get into some pawsome AI shirt design ideas featuring these lovable friends, let’s break down some numbers! In the US, around 86.9 million homes own a pet, with dogs being the most popular choice (65.1 million households), followed by cats (46.5 million households). 🐕🐈

As you can see, these cute pals are the perfect choice for tapping into a niche with growing popularity. Plus, creating cute designs with this theme holds a special significance for audiences, as pets are considered family members for many. 🐾

AI Generated T Shirt Design Maker With A Ghostbusters Inspired Cat Illustration
AI Generated T Shirt Design Template Featuring A Funny Dog Meme
Funny T Shirt Design Template With Howl's Moving Castle Inspired Cat Illustrations
T Shirt Design Template Inspired By A Mexican Retro Aesthetic With A Dog Graphic
James Bond Inspired T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Cat Graphic
T Shirt Design Template Featuring A Shiba Inu Dog With A Fedora Hat

🐩 Handy Hint: Let your creative flair run wild when customizing your AI designs! You can pair it up with other themes such as movies, holidays, music, and so on. On top of that, the illustrations and graphics that you choose can also highlight the different quirks, expressions, and traits that pet owners often associate with their adorable buddies. Plus, don’t forget to check out the purr-fect POD pet products to showcase your designs! 

8. Old School Vibes: Retro & Vintage AI Shirt Design Templates 🏎✨

From stunning classic cars that bring back the golden era to cool comic-inspired designs that take you back to simpler times, this niche plays on a feeling of nostalgia. Moreover, its unique visual appeal is perfect for creating customized merch like a t-shirt design with AI or a unique poster featuring bold colors and eye-catching illustrations. 🪩

Kitsch T Shirt Design Creator Featuring A Retro Collage
T Shirt Design With Alien Spaceship Illustrations For Retro And Vintage Print On Demand Niche
AI Themed T Shirt Design Template Featuring A Classic Car Graphic
T Shirt Design Template Inspired By A Ghost Vintage Painting With AI Generated Illustrations
Retro T Shirt Design Maker Featuring Kitsch Collage Graphics
Retro T Shirt Design Creator Featuring A Classic Cars Theme

🌟 Golden Advice: Make sure to include visual elements that match the style of each aesthetic. For instance, vintage-inspired designs tend to use neutral color palettes with a splash of contrasting colors to make their graphics stand out. On the other hand, you can ace the retro vibes by going for vibrant hues, bold typography, and references to pop culture like movie posters or music. 🕺🏻

9. Out of This World! Sci-Fi AI Shirt Design Templates ​​🚀👽

Picture this: an AI shirt design that explores galaxies far, far away with futuristic landscapes, intriguing creatures, and radiant colors. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?🛸Well, with the sci-fi theme, you can showcase unique concepts through striking illustrations, graphics, and styles. We’re talking about alien encounters, intergalactic adventures, and spaceships taking your POD merch out of this world, literally. 🌍

🚀 Want to take your inspo up a notch? Skyrocket your sales with space-inspired designs!

Sci-Fi T Shirt Design Maker Featuring A Futuristic Aesthetic
T Shirt Design Generator Featuring An Illustrated Moon In A Martian Planet
Aliens Themed T Shirt Design Generator With An AI Created Spaceship Graphic
T Shirt Design Creator Featuring Vintage Illustrations Of Astronauts Inspired By Retro Comics
T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Sci-fi And Futuristic Theme
T Shirt Design Template Featuring Illustrated Martians For A Horror Movie

🪐 Pro Tip: While there are recurrent graphics on sci-fi AI designs like aliens and futuristic technology, you can set up a differentiator by catering to a wide range of preferences. For example, you can showcase different t-shirts exploring various styles like retro, vintage, cyberpunk, pop art, or minimalism. The exciting part of the sci-fi theme is that imagination and creativity know no bounds, so you can venture into different aesthetics!

🔥 Step up your creative game with 14 Design Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2024!

10. Gear up for Victory! Sports AI Shirt Design Templates 🏈🏀

Sports enthusiasts are a very passionate fanbase always looking to show their support for their favorite team. Whether there’s an upcoming match or the world championship, t-shirts are an excellent way to join the excitement of the game. Plus, with various seasons, tournaments, and events making their way to the calendar, this type of merch maintains a year-round appeal. Ready to score big? 🤩

T Shirt Design Template Featuring A Quarterback Wolf Running With A Football
T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Football Athlete With A Cowboy Hat
T Shirt Design Maker Featuring An Aggressive Tiger With A Football
T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Flaming Basketball Illustration
T Shirt Design Creator Featuring An Illustrated Football Athlete For A Sports Team
Football Inspired T Shirt Design Template With A Cartoonish Bull Illustration

Game Plan: Be mindful of the advertising and copyright laws when preparing your AI shirt design using references from sports teams and leagues. This will help you avoid any infringement issues and maintain your brand’s reputation. For more information, take a deeper dive into our  “A 101 on Copyright for T-Shirt Design” guide for POD sellers.

11. Font-Tastic Fashion: Typographic AI Shirt Design Templates ✏️💬

Typography designs offer versatility in style, which makes this theme perfect for catering to your client’s unique tastes and preferences. From the timeless appeal of a minimalist font pairing to the retro vibes of bold, colorful quotes, they’ll find the perfect option in your store. Plus, this is a great opportunity to feature different personalization options such as heartfelt messages and even your customer’s initials or name. The possibilities are endless! 😀

Sports T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Soccer Player Graphic
T Shirt Design Maker Featuring An Illustrated Vandalized Statue
Retro Aesthetic T Shirt Design Template For An Established Sports Club
Streetwear Style T Shirt Design Maker Featuring A Cherub Illustration
Retro Style T Shirt Design Maker For A Golfing Club
T Shirt Design Creator Featuring A Statue Bust Illustration With A Phrase

💡 Spotlight On: Font pairings not only determine your message’s readability. They also impact its tone, influencing how viewers perceive it and their emotional response. So, think about what you want to communicate and what fits the overall style of your AI shirt design. Don’t know where to start? No worries! Check out Font Pairing Made Easy: A Guide for Non-Designers to supercharge your inspiration. 🚀

12. Power Up! Superheroes AI Shirt Design Templates 🦸🏻‍♀️🦸🏻

Superhero AI designs are here to get your numbers flying high! From classic comic books to modern movie adaptations, these beloved characters are widely recognized and admired by many. Plus, this theme also taps into a feeling of nostalgia as it allows fans to relive the excitement of their favorite stories or remember fond childhood memories through your fantastic AI shirt design.

Quote T Shirt Design Creator Featuring A Quote Inspired By The Spiderverse
AI Generated T Shirt Design Creator Featuring An Illustration Inspired By Batman
Comic Styled T Shirt Design Maker With A Graphic Inspired By The Marvels
Superhero Themed T Shirt Design Generator Featuring A Graphic Inspired By Batman
AI Generated T Shirt Design Template Featuring A Spiderverse Inspired Theme
The Marvels Inspired T Shirt Design Maker Featuring A Comic Style

⭐️ Super Tip: Compliment your superhero-inspired design with symbols, emblems, and graphics that capture the essence of these courageous characters. For example, you can add shields, capes, masks, bolts, or stars to provide visual cues that connect your audience to their favorite hero.

🌟 Bonus: Trendy AI Shirt Design Templates!

Hold on, this selection isn’t over yet! As a business owner or POD seller, knowing what’s buzzing keeps your brand on top of the game. The good thing is our professional team constantly adds new AI shirt design templates to our ever-growing library. 🤩

This ensures all your selected assets match the latest trends and styles within the industry with Placeit’s extra spark of creativity. Want to take your inspo up a notch? Just check out what AI for design looks like on our awesome templates:

T Shirt Design Maker With Pink Bow Inspired By The Coquette Trend
T Shirt Design Maker Inspired By Ternurines With A Mean Girls Reference
T Shirt Design Creator Featuring A Girly Theme And Coquette Inspired Graphics
Cute T Shirt Design Maker With A Ternurines Inspired Graphic
Coquette Inspired T Shirt Design Maker Featuring An Illustrated Pink Bow
Calico Critters Inspired T Shirt Design Creator With A Cute Animal Toy And A Coquette Quote
T Shirt Design Maker Featuring An AI Generated Cat With A Coquette Style
T Shirt Design Template With An Adorable Tiny Toy Inspired By Calico Critters

How to Customize Your AI Shirt Designs With Placeit 🪄

Once you’ve selected your favorite AI shirt design templates, the fun begins! Here’s our quick step-by-step tutorial on how to use Placeit’s editor for personalization perfection. 😉

1. Head over to Placeit and on the menu click on Designs > Apparel & Print > T-Shirt Designs.

Placeit's T Shirt Design Menu Dropdown

2. Once you’re in our T-Shirt Design Library, start browsing through our tons of templates until you find an option you like.

3. You can use our tags to narrow down your results with a more specific search. In this case, we’ll click on the AI tag to explore all of Placeit’s cool ideas for a t-shirt using AI

4. Select the template that suits you best, there are more than 1000 options to choose from! 🤩 

5. Click on the AI shirt design. You’ll be taken to Placeit’s editor where you’ll be able to customize your template and preview it in real-time. 

6. Now, it’s time to start personalizing your design! Play around with the fonts, colors, and text until you’re happy with the results. Additionally, you can include new text and graphics by clicking on the “+Add” button at the bottom of the editing features.

7. Once you’re done customizing your AI t-shirt design, click on the “Download” button at the top right side of the page. 

➡️ Downloading Your AI Shirt Design

There are two options for downloading your design:

💸 Purchase it individually for $2.95 USD. Or,

🌟 Obtain a Placeit subscription to get your AI shirt design and access all our templates, logos, mockups, and branding assets with unlimited downloads.

Placeit's Payment Options For Downloading An Ai Shirt Design

Once you’ve selected the option for you, you’ll be able to get your AI shirt design in high-resolution PNG format. But, wait! We still have a few tricks under our sleeve. 😉 Why not go one step further and showcase your incredible design with top-notch, photorealistic AI mockups? ✨

Take Your Designs to the Next Level With Placeit's Mockups ⭐️

Placeit’s mockup generator is the go-to ally for business owners, POD sellers, and content creators who want to showcase their awesome designs and merch. There’s no need to buy tons of props or organize expensive photoshoots, everything you need is in one place. The best part is that you’ll be able to customize it and download it in no time! 😌

➡️ That being said, here’s a peek at some of our brand-new AI-generated images and mockups:

T Shirt Mockup Of An AI Generated Woman With A Retro 80s Look
Spring Themed Mockup Of An AI Generated Man Wearing A T Shirt
T Shirt Mockup Featuring An AI Generated Woman With A Coquette Inspired Style
T Shirt Mockup Of An AI Generated Woman With Afro Hair Cheering
T Shirt Mockup Of An AI Generated Woman In A 90s Inspired Outfit With Baggy Garments
Round Neck T Shirt Mockup Of An AI Generated Man And Woman With An 80s Style

Innovation at Your Fingertips: Placeit's AI Design Tools 🪄

Besides our top-tier AI t-shirt design generator, Placeit also has the ultimate AI design tools for all your projects. Just select the option that suits your creative needs the best, and watch how it transforms your images. It’s like working with magic! No hassle, just quick, easy, and professional results to step up your game. 🌟

✨ Brand new!

Remove the background from any JPG or PNG picture with just one click.

⏰️ Coming soon!

Turn any JPG or PNG pixel-based image into high-quality vector graphics.


⏰️ Coming soon!

Make your small images four times bigger without losing quality.


🚀 Unlock the power of AI! Here’s everything you need to know about our Background Remover tool.

And That’s a Wrap! 😌

Wow, what a ride! As you can see, with Placeit, using AI to design t-shirts is a breeze. No need for complicated editing software or creating a template from scratch. You can select, edit, and download all your assets without ever leaving your browser. 😀

In this blog, we just gave you a sneak peek into some AI shirt design ideas you can create with Placeit. However, as we mentioned before, there are more than 1000 AI shirt templates to choose from! Plus, new assets are added constantly. So, check out our library and never miss out on any exciting updates. ✨

Now, we want to hear from you! What other AI designs would you like to see next? The comment section is all yours. Till next time! 😉

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