25+ Rad Logos You Can Make Using This Instagram Logo Maker

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All Brands Are on Instagram! Are You?

It’s no secret that Instagram is today the social media platform where businesses go to visually express what their brand is about. Billions of people use Instagram every day to discover new things, and that includes new brands and products! If you want to learn more about growing your business, check out Instagram stats for businesses today.

From major brands to small shops, having a well rounded Instagram account will trigger your follower count to grow, as well as your engagement. In the end, you will see more sales! Selling on Instagram is a smart move for any retail business, so with that said, let’s start with an awesome Instagram logo design! Don’t feel overwhelmed, you can simply start with this Instagram Logo Maker.

Use Placeit’s Instagram Logo Creator to Brand Your Account Like a Pro!

Whether you are selling clothing products on Instagram, or any other business, or if you are simply promoting your personal brand, Placeit has all kinds of beautiful designs to make a logo that represents your brand! Take a look at the following and get inspired to make your own!

You will find logos for brands like design studios, publishers, architects, wedding planners, florists, visual artists, interior designers, photographers, bakeries, clothing stores, hotels, coffee shops, and practically any business you can think of. You can create your logo using this tool!

How Do You Make an Instagram Logo Design?

Step 1: Got to Placeit's Logo Maker

You go to Placeit’s Logo Maker and type your brand’s name in the text box. Then select the industry you are working on to get more personalized templates.

Step 2: Choose a template

Choose a template that you like and start customizing it. You can change the fonts, colors, and graphics until you get your own unique design. There are endless customizations possibilities. 

Step 3: When you are done click on the “download” button

When you are done, simply click on the “download” button and share right away. You can also download your vectorized logo for any future changes or updates you may want to do to your new logo.

And just like that, you have a professional brand logo to post like the pros on Instagram, to brand your account and look like a more trustworthy brand for your followers!

Get Your Original Instagram Logo & More

Your followers will love your new logo. Guess what else they will love? You can brand more content now that you have a logo with a consistent image. Take advantage of Placeit and make awesome customized assets to post on your stories and on your feed. Keep your followers updated with awesome Instagram post videos, Instagram stories, feed posts and more! Also, promote your latest sales and discounts using professional Instagram Ads. Making these assets is just as easy as making your logo, all you have to do is choose a pre-made template and customize it!

Instagram videos are great because you can use templates or upload your own clips and add music, text, and animations using this video maker. Posting daily quality content just became super easy! Using videos is just a great strategy for any business. If you want to go a little deeper on how to market using videos please read this video marketing guide

And if your are wondering… What is the difference between an Instagram logo and a logo-logo, that’s really easy to explain: none. Your Instagram logo can be your business brand logo and can be used to showcase your brand and you can even print it anywhere else! Use it on business cards, presentations, promotional products, and more. All logo templates are made by professional designers to ensure that whatever customizations you make to it, you get a high-quality professional logo you can use to represent your business. 

Display Your New Logo on Your Website

As Instagram lets you only have one link, having a website you can link to is crucial to getting your message across. An easy way to do this is connecting your followers to all you can offer by linking them to your very own site. In comes the Milkshake App, the easiest way to create an Insta website (for free!). Try it out today. 
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Make Amazing Posts & Videos for Your Instagram

You can grow your account from a simple business Instagram to a more popular and professional one. In just a few minutes on Placeit, you will be creating an awesome logo and some cool designs to post on your newsfeed. Get your new Instagram logo on every other social media profile you own and even your online shops! Also, want to know how to grow you follower count? Follow this link

Making your Instagram logo is the first step to level up your account. With Placeit you can also make amazing Instagram stories, posts, ads, videos, and more to engage more followers! Try it now!

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