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TikTok is a great platform for content creators and any brand owner to show their creativity and engage with new audiences. However, navigating this dynamic platform can be daunting without the right TikTok tools at your disposal. From video editing to analytics, here are twenty-two essential TikTok tools that every content creator should consider leveraging to enhance their content!

Look For the Tool You Need!

The days of using fancy filming equipment to create your video content are long gone. Most avid TikTok users simply use their phones, a tripod, and the right tools! Which ultimately leaves all the hard work to your creative ideas! That’s what will set you apart from other brands.

TikTok Scheduler / Social Media Manager

Tiktok Scheduler

TikTok’s built-in Video Scheduler serves as a convenient and reliable option for scheduling your posts. However, it’s important to note that this feature is only accessible through TikTok’s desktop version; it’s not available on the mobile app. 

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If you manage your other social media scheduling tasks on a different platform, it might be beneficial to consider installing a TikTok integration tool. This way, you can streamline your scheduling process without needing to switch between platforms.

With TikTok’s Video Scheduler, you can plan your posts up to 10 days in advance. However, once you’ve scheduled your posts, editing them becomes unavailable. They are essentially locked in as published content. Therefore, if any adjustments are necessary, you’ll need to delete the scheduled post, make the edits, and then reschedule it accordingly.

There are also outside tools that can be super useful for your TikTok management.

1. Later


Later offers users to schedule TikTok posts in advance, to plan their content calendar, optimize posting times, and maintain a consistent presence on TikTok without having to manually publish each video.

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Later Pricing

2. Social Champ

Social Champ

Social Champ stands out as another top-notch social media management tool facilitating TikTok post-scheduling. It allows bulk scheduling, publishing, and collaboration capabilities, and offers video performance tracking, graphical visualization, and downloadable reports.

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The free tier only allows two weeks of data.

Social Champ Pricing

3. Loomly


Loomly is yet another user-friendly social media management platform equipped with functionalities for scheduling TikTok posts. With a simple user interface, you can preview scheduled posts.

Additionally, you can receive post notifications via app, Slack, email, and Microsoft Teams. Best of all, it’s easy to collaborate with clients and colleagues and obtain approval for posts.

Advanced features do require a subscription. 


Loomy Pricing

4. SocialPilot

Social Pilot

SocialPilot offers comprehensive support, encompassing scheduling and publishing not only for TikTok but also for eight additional social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Whether you’re drafting TikTok content or strategizing the optimal publishing schedule, SocialPilot caters to all needs, positioning itself as an indispensable tool for TikTokers.

  • You can manage multiple TikTok accounts. 
  • Customize posts: Draft captions with texts, hashtags, and emojis for your TikTok videos and image carousels and make your videos more captivating.
  • Integrate with Canva to export your designs and schedule posts across networks seamlessly.
  • Schedule in bulk.
  • Collaborate with your colleagues and clients by adding them to your SocialPilot account.
  • Get a panoramic view of your TikTok posts throughout the month with an editorial calendar.


Social Pilot Pricing

5. Buffer


Buffer is a comprehensive social media management platform that supports scheduling, publishing, and analyzing content across various social media channels, including TikTok. With Buffer, creators can streamline their social media workflow, collaborate with team members, and track performance metrics to optimize their TikTok strategy effectively.


Buffer Pricing

TikTok Analytics

Analytics tools help you understand how users engage with your content, their demographics, preferences, and more.

TikTok’s built-in analytics tool provides valuable insights into audience demographics, engagement metrics, and content performance. By monitoring key metrics such as views, likes, shares, and comments, you can gain a deeper understanding of your audience preferences and tailor content strategy accordingly to drive greater impact and engagement.

You will have insights into your TikTok account activity spanning 7 to 28 days. Users can access a comprehensive overview of their audience demographics, including average watch time, shares, and comments.

  • The data is organized into four main sections: Overview, Content, Followers, and LIVE.
  • In the Overview section, users can track engagement metrics such as video views, profile views, likes, comments, shares, and follower count.
  • The Content section offers detailed information about individual videos, including total play time, average watch time, fully watched videos, audience reach, and identification of trending content.
  • In the Followers section, users can analyze their followers’ growth rate, demographics, and activity over the specified time.
  • Additionally, the analytics tool provides insights from LIVE sessions, including total views, total time, new followers, unique viewers, and top viewer count, all within the selected date range.

There are a few other great tools you can use to track your performance coming from TikTok

6. Socialinsider

Social Insider

Socialinsider provides comprehensive insights into your TikTok performance metrics, including engagement rate, video views, follower growth, and other essential key performance indicators (KPIs).

One notable advantage of Socialinsider is its ability to analyze historical data for TikTok campaigns spanning more than seven days, a feature not available even in TikTok’s native analytics tool. Additionally, users can examine their competitors’ TikTok campaigns, leveraging this information to refine their own content strategy.

Furthermore, Socialinsider offers integration with Google Data Studio, offering an additional advantage for businesses utilizing the platform for reporting and analytics purposes. Here are the top 3 advantages of Socialinsider

  • Benchmarking feature for competitor analysis.
  • Great customer support.
  • Brings social media data of many platforms together in one place.

However, this might not be the best tool for you if you have a small following. 

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Social Insider Pricing

7. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media management tool and also has the ability to schedule, manage, and analyze TikTok campaigns on the same platform. This management tool saves you the manual effort that comes with having multiple social media accounts.

It offers a basic report on TikTok profiles with historical data on published posts, views, engagement, audience growth, best-performing posts, best times, etc. 

  • It provides seamless integrations with helpdesk and CRM tools.
  • Utilizes a Smart Inbox to efficiently capture and categorize incoming messages, enabling your team to promptly engage with followers.
  • Tracks your performance as well as that of your competitors across various social media platforms, offering insights into your comparative standing.
  • Automatically identifies the optimal posting times for your content.

However, it won’t provide in-depth analysis like other TikTok analytics tools and it cannot pull reports for TikTok ads.

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Sprout Social Pricing

8. Keyhole


Keyhole stands as another valuable TikTok analytics tool, enabling users to monitor both their own and competitors’ growth on the platform. By integrating profile trackers into Keyhole, users can gain insights into various metrics such as best-performing content, top hashtags, engagement rate, optimal posting times, most engaging content types, and more.

Additionally, Keyhole offers the ability to monitor brand-specific keywords and hashtags, allowing users to gauge audience sentiment towards their brand and competitors.


Keyhole Pricing

TikTok Video Editor

Edit your videos with fun transitions, effects, filters, texts, and the most friendly tools out there!

9. Placeit by Envato

Placeit Tiktok

Placeit’s collection of TikTok templates is designed by experts ensuring that you get only the best quality to make your TikTok videos stand out.

With Placeit’s TikTok video maker, you can edit your templates to reflect your brand or personal style easily. The result is a unique, eye-catching video that will capture the attention of your target audience and keep them engaged for longer.

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Placeit Pricing

10. InShot

InShot, a free mobile video editing app, presents a diverse array of features specifically crafted for social media content creation, including TikTok. Users can seamlessly trim, cut, merge, and incorporate music, text, and effects into their videos. Its intuitive interface caters to both novice and seasoned editors, making it an ideal choice for content creation.

Once you’ve done editing, you can share the final result with TikTok directly from the app.

It’s important to note that InShot’s audio library lacks royalty-free songs. It does, however, allow you to extract music from other videos and add it to your own video. 


All the basic features are free to use. If you need more robust features and watermark-free videos, you can subscribe to its paid plans, which start from ​​$3.99/month.

11. CapCut


CapCut stands out as a robust free video editing application designed specifically for mobile content creators. With CapCut, creators can explore their creativity by incorporating filters, effects, transitions, trimming, cutting, adding music, and stickers into their videos, simplifying the process of producing captivating content directly from their smartphones.

12. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is a versatile editing software, ideal for creating and sharing videos on the go, offering a diverse array of in-app templates. With its intuitive features, users can utilize a “magic wand” to enhance colors, incorporate music from an extensive library, customize transitions, and more.

This tool is well-suited for swift video edits on mobile platforms, providing pre-designed templates for titles, transitions, and audio, along with direct publishing capabilities to TikTok.

Whether adjusting aspect ratios or applying color grading effects, Adobe Rush empowers users to swiftly edit their TikTok videos, enhancing their appeal and engagement. Plus, it enables seamless publishing directly to TikTok.


This is a free app. If you want to unlock some premium, more advanced features and additional cloud storage, you might upgrade to a paid plan that costs you $10/month.

Adobe Pricing

13. Magisto by Vimeo


Magisto emerges as a straightforward video editing application, catering to even the most novice users. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Magisto offers automated editing features and provides analytics to gauge video performance. Additionally, the app houses a library of stock videos and templates for users to utilize. Users can enhance their videos with text, filters, styles, and stickers, as well as perform basic editing tasks such as cropping, trimming, and adjusting aspect ratios.

In addition to Magisto, Vimeo offers an online editor for its video-sharing platform, accessible to all members free of charge. However, the full breadth of Magisto’s media library and advanced editing capabilities is reserved for users with a paid subscription. Some users have reported encountering glitches during the editing and exporting process. But here are some good features you might like:

  • Library of stock videos and images.
  • Licensed music library.
  • Easy to use.


Magistro Pricing

Influencer Marketing Tools

Finding influencers who match your business is one of the most difficult jobs. That’s where influencer marketing platforms come in.

14. GRIN


With GRIN, you can effortlessly discover and connect with influencers within your niche, while also managing your relationship with them, from campaign setup to influencer payout.

  • A clean user interface that enhances usability.
  • Streamlined management of all influencer marketing tasks.
  • Templates for email outreach to influencers, facilitating communication.
  • Tracking of campaign performance and simplified commission payment processes.

However, it’s important to note that GRIN lacks mobile compatibility and may not be cost-effective for smaller teams.


GRIN offers various pricing tiers tailored to the needs and scale of a brand’s influencer marketing program. To explore these options further and determine the most suitable plan, it’s advisable to schedule a demo with a GRIN team member.

15. Social Blade

Social Blade

Social Blade serves as a valuable resource for gaining insights into the followers of a specific influencer or account. Recently, it expanded its platform to include TikTok and is currently testing TikTok analytics in beta.

In its current iteration, this TikTok tool offers information on a content creator’s followers’ growth, likes gained, videos uploaded, and related activities at no cost. 

  • Analysis of influencer account growth and engagement rate.
  • Convenient for small teams managing social media accounts.

However, it’s worth noting that the data provided by Social Blade for TikTok analytics is relatively raw, and this feature is still in the beta testing phase. Also, Social Blade does not offer real-time data for TikTok accounts.


Social Blade Pricing

16. Upfluence


Upfluence offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline influencer marketing efforts and enhance representation across TikTok. Users can leverage data-driven search engines to discover influencers, send automated bulk emails, organize campaign workflows, and measure ROI.

This tool facilitates the filtering of influencers based on various criteria such as social media platform, follower counts, engagement rates, gender, age, location, and target audience demographics.

Moreover, Upfluence integrates seamlessly with Shopify and other eCommerce platforms, enabling users to import customer details and assess their social reach. This helps identify nano-influencers or micro-influencers within their customer base. Here are some pros of using this TikTok tool:

  • Extensive influencer database.
  • Simplified influencer discovery and communication.
  • Transparent workflow for selecting, approving, and contracting influencers.
  • Dashboards for monitoring influencer performance and campaign results.

However, it’s worth noting that Upfluence may be costly for smaller teams.


Custom pricing: pay only for what you need.

17. Influencity


Influencity stands out as a premier influencer relationship management tool, boasting access to a vast database of over 170 million influencer profiles. The platform offers an intuitive interface and a wealth of valuable data that marketers can harness effectively.

In addition to standard filters like age, gender, and demographics for sorting content creators, Influencity provides filters based on brand affinities. This enables users to identify micro- or nano-influencers whose profiles align with those of larger influencers they wish to collaborate with.

  • Sleek dashboards for comprehensive performance tracking.
  • Extensive filtering options for discovering content creators.

However, it’s worth noting that the tool’s connectivity with social media platforms, particularly Facebook pages, can be inconsistent.


Influencity Pricing

TikTok’s built-in Ads Manager platform equips advertisers with a comprehensive toolkit for crafting, overseeing, and refining ad campaigns on the platform. With capabilities ranging from defining ad objectives to pinpointing target audiences, TikTok Ads Manager delivers powerful tools to enhance the effectiveness of advertising endeavors and achieve desired outcomes.

18. TikTok Promote

Tiktok Promote

If you’re aiming to amplify your existing content through a Creator profile, consider utilizing Promote, accessible to all TikTok users within Creator Tools. This native TikTok ad tool is geared towards expanding your video views, driving traffic to your website, and increasing your follower count.

Promote serves as an integrated TikTok feature designed to broaden your audience reach and spur growth in followers, engagement, and website traffic. The video you opt to promote must be public and will be showcased as an advertisement.

  • You have the flexibility to select your objective, whether it’s increasing video views, website visits, or followers. TikTok will then promote your video to individuals more inclined to take the desired action.
  • Define your target audience by specifying criteria such as gender, age, location, and interests.
  • Receive estimated views based on your budget and campaign duration.
  • Track various metrics including views, comments, likes, shares, and website visits for the promoted video.
  • Gain insights into the demographics of individuals who have viewed your video.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of adjusting your spending amount as needed.

19. TikTok Ad Library

Tiktok Ads

The library is sourced directly from the TikTok Creator Center, offering access to trends, advertisements, and insights within the app. As such, it serves as a valuable repository for studying successful ads and gaining insights into their performance.

Utilize the library to garner inspiration for the types of content that resonate with audiences and refine your own advertising strategies.

  • Efficiently navigate through the library using the search bar to find specific ad content based on keywords.
  • Sort ads based on metrics such as reach, click-through rate (CTR), and view rate to identify top-performing content.
  • Filter through the highest-performing TikTok ads by industry, objective, duration, country, and publication date for targeted analysis and strategic planning.

20. TikTok Pixel

Tiktok Pixel

TikTok Pixel is an HTML code that can be integrated into your website, enabling you to monitor the actions of visitors who arrive via a TikTok advertisement. With the Developer Mode Pixel installed, data regarding both the product and the customer is captured if a visitor makes a purchase on your site.

  • Configure the “events” or actions for which you wish to collect data. These events could include actions such as button clicks, product purchases, or page visits.
  • The default cookies associated with TikTok Pixel aid in measuring and optimizing your campaigns by gathering information on visitor behavior. This data is then utilized to create audience segment funnels and connect website visitors with TikTok users, ultimately driving more conversions.
  • Access an events manager where you can establish, add, or modify events as needed.

TikTok Pixel simplifies conversion tracking and offers the potential to refine your TikTok ad campaigns. Additionally, you can leverage the data collected by Pixel to create custom audience segments based on visitor behavior on your site.

TikTok Hashtag Generator

Using a hashtag generator tool for TikTok offers several benefits. Hashtags help your content reach a wider audience by categorizing it based on relevant topics or themes. 

Well-chosen hashtags can attract users who are actively searching for content related to specific topics. 

Manually researching and selecting hashtags can be time-consuming. A hashtag generator automates this process by providing instant suggestions based on your content, saving you time and effort in identifying relevant hashtags for your TikTok posts.

21. Hashtag Expert

Hashtag Expert

Hashtag Expert is a powerful tool designed to help creators discover trending hashtags and optimize their content for maximum visibility on TikTok. By analyzing hashtag performance metrics and providing personalized recommendations, Hashtag Expert empowers creators to enhance their discoverability and reach a broader audience.


Hashtag Expert offers a 3-day free trial.

22. Hashtags for Likes

Hashtags For Likes

Hashtags for Likes is a hashtag research tool designed to aid in expanding your presence within your TikTok audience. The tool asserts its effectiveness in enhancing reach and increasing followers. With this tool at your disposal, you gain access to instant hashtag recommendations and the ability to evaluate their potential effectiveness.

Hashtags for Likes provides a range of features aimed at bolstering growth on TikTok and Instagram through strategic hashtag usage. Users can monitor their Instagram profile’s performance and assess its discoverability, as well as access real-time TikTok statistics and devise hashtag campaigns.


Hashtags For Likes Pricing

TikTok in Platform Creative Tools

Tiktok Creative Tools

TikTok offers on-platform creative tools designed to empower users to unleash their creativity and produce engaging content directly within the app. These tools range from filters and effects to music libraries and editing features, allowing users to customize their videos and stand out in the crowded TikTok feed. Here’s a rundown of some of the key on-platform TikTok creative tools:

Effects & Filters

TikTok provides a wide array of effects and filters that users can apply to their videos to enhance visual appeal and add a touch of creativity. From face-distorting effects to AR filters and 3D stickers, TikTok’s effects library offers endless possibilities for users to experiment and create captivating content.

Music Library

One of TikTok’s most distinctive features is its extensive music library, which allows users to add popular songs, sound effects, and audio clips to their videos. With a vast collection of licensed tracks spanning various genres and moods, TikTok’s music library enables users to set the perfect soundtrack for their videos and enhance the overall viewing experience.

Text & Stickers

TikTok offers text and sticker tools that enable users to add captions, labels, and emojis to their videos, making it easier to convey messages and engage with viewers. Whether it’s adding witty captions, call-to-action stickers, or expressive emojis, these tools allow users to personalize their content and inject personality into their videos.

Editing Features

TikTok’s built-in editing features allow users to trim, cut, merge, and rearrange video clips with ease, enabling seamless storytelling and polished content creation. Additionally, users can adjust video speed, apply transitions, and add visual effects to enhance the visual appeal of their videos and captivate audiences.

Duet & Stitch

TikTok’s Duet and Stitch features enable users to collaborate with other creators and remix existing content, fostering a sense of community and creativity on the platform. With Duet, users can create split-screen videos alongside another user’s content, while Stitch allows users to clip and incorporate segments of other users’ videos into their own creations.

Green Screen

The green screen feature on TikTok allows users to replace the background of their videos with custom images, videos, or animations, unleashing limitless creative possibilities. Whether it’s teleporting to exotic locations, transforming into different characters, or showcasing dynamic visual effects, the green screen tool enables users to transport viewers to imaginative worlds and tell compelling stories.

Beauty Filters

TikTok offers a range of beauty filters and enhancement tools that allow users to refine their appearance and achieve their desired look on camera. From smoothing out skin imperfections to enhancing facial features and adding makeup effects, these tools empower users to feel confident and express themselves authentically in their videos.

Overall, TikTok’s on-platform creative tools provide users with the resources and flexibility to explore their creativity, experiment with different styles, and produce captivating content that resonates with audiences worldwide. Whether you’re a seasoned creator or just starting, these tools offer endless opportunities to create memorable and engaging TikTok videos that stand out in the digital landscape.

Last Words

Mastering TikTok as a content creator requires more than just creativity; it demands the strategic use of tools and resources to optimize your content, engage your audience, and grow your presence on the platform. By leveraging these twenty-two essential TikTok tools, content creators can elevate their content quality, reach a wider audience, and achieve their goals in the competitive landscape of social media. Whether you’re a seasoned creator or just starting, integrating these tools into your workflow can make a significant difference in your TikTok journey.

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