How to Make a 3D Ebook Cover


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Post Updated: March 2017


How to Make 3D Ebook Covers

Your book isn’t really finished until you have a cover for it.  You might be thinking about creating a cover for your book or ebook right after you wrote the last word or when you are half-way there. There isn’t really a mandatory time for this task, but you know you need a professional looking ebook cover design. Here, I will show you how you can 3D ebook cover by yourself without a hassle.

Placeit is an online tool that allows you to design 3d ebook covers like the pros. Create an impact on your audience by designing an enticing 3D ebook cover that will take you and your ebook to the top charts. Truth is aesthetics matter and a lot of people choose books by their cover. A high quality ebook cover can make your ebook stand out on the iBooks library, on the Kindle Store, and wherever else you decide to publish and promote your ebook.

Without further ado, lets’s learn how to create a 3D Ebook Cover with our 6 step tutorial for Windows and Mac. (No Photoshop needed)

Step One

Head to and click on the Print tab on the upper left corner.

step one mini

Step Two

On the left side you will be able to see our Print catalog, click on Book. Now go and browse our more than 141 3D ebook covers.

step two

Then Select your favorite book design. You can choose a Landscape Book Mockup, Hardcover Book Mockup, Photorealistic Book Mockup, or many others.

step three

Step Three

Click on the Upload Image white button or simply drag & drop your ebook cover on top of the book area. Each design displays a recommended resolution, if your image is of a different size our powerful software will do the best to make it look professional.

(Screencast recorded with Recordit)

Step Four

Now click on Download!

Optional Step

Add Text / Effects as desired, apply, and save.

(Screencast recorded with Recordit)

Step Five

Click Download. Your download will now be processed in Placeit’s powerful servers.

placeit free download

Step Six

You will receive an email with a direct download link when your high-resolution 3D ebook cover is ready OR you can also get your image(s) by accessing to My Drive on the top right corner on

placeit mini
Final Product

This is how easy it is to create 3D ebook covers that fit all the ebook marketplaces and promotional campaigns. As you can see, there is no need to download any problematic PSD templates! Placeit’s 3D ebook cover generator is all you need.

Finishing your book might not even be 75% of the work needed to deliver a book but with the help of Placeit you will be right on track. Visit our guide with 10 Tips on How to Promote Your Ebook when you are ready to take the next step.

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