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In this series, we’ll share the best resources, apps, tips, and guides to improve your app marketing strategy. We’ll go through all the options available and select the best apps and guides so you don’t spend hours on it and can get right to work.

It doesn’t matter if you’re deep into your app’s promotion or just getting started, this app marketing guide will be your best bet at staying at the top of your game. App marketing is no longer an option but a requirement for any app to be successful, be it for iOS or Android.

App Store Optimization

The world of App Store Optimization (ASO) is deep and intricate. To navigate it properly, you need to learn the proper terms and tactics. It is important to read these guides, from beginner to detailed, so you can know which tools to choose and more importantly, how to use the tools to improve your app’s store optimization.

The first two guides you should check out are these beginner articles. One will show you what the basic concepts mean and the other some beginner tactics.

After you have a grasp of the concepts, the following steps will be much easier, specially if you have some background knowledge of SEO. App Store Optimization is similar in that you need to do some keyword and trend research to understand how to rank higher and get to your customers’ devices.

The following guide will prove you with more detailed information on techniques and tactics you can employ.


💡 Check out these 10 app store optimization (ASO) mistakes you should avoid.

ASO Tools

App Store Optimization is SEO for your app. Plain and simple. By optimizing your app perfect for the store, you are effectively improving your chances of being ranked higher, getting more views and eventually getting more downloads. There are tons of tools to do this, but we have listed some essential ones here.

We recommend that you start with AppMind, so you can first understand what other apps are doing. That way, you can use one of the other tools to perfect your ASO strategy.

If you want to know more about App Marketing, check our main guide.

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