Tiktok Seo Turn The Algorithm In Your Favor

Feeling stuck with just a few views on TikTok? No worries, that’s about to change! 🚀😉 One of the best ways to leave this stagnant zone is by applying the TikTok SEO magic. 

This powerful SEO strategy will not only deliver your TikTok videos to the right audience (including their FYP page, AKA TikTok’s homepage) but also get your content to the top search positions to boost discoverability and engagement. 

So let’s learn how to turn the TikTok algorithm in your favor in an easy peasy way. 🕺🪩✨

What Is TikTok SEO? 🚀

TikTok SEO is the practice of optimizing your TikTok videos (video content instead of a website with text) to rank higher in TikTok’s search results and land a spot on the For You Page (FYP). So, when someone consumes or searches for a specific topic, keyword, or hashtag, your video can steal the show and grab that coveted top spot in the results.

It’s pretty interesting how TikTok has become more than just a fun app. Nowadays, it’s the go-to source for information, especially among Gen Z and Millennials. 40% of them are ditching Google Maps and Search and turning to TikTok and Instagram for their queries. This data reveals that making TikTok SEO is more important than ever. 🕵️‍♀️💡 

In a way, it makes sense, as TikTok is incredibly popular due to its short vertical and easy-to-consume videos. Its cool music and the ability to cover various topics by experts and newbie content creators make it appealing to worldwide users. 

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Why Is TikTok SEO Important? 💡

TikTok SEO is your golden ticket to reaching the right audience whenever you post something. ✨ When done right, it allows you to appear in the top search positions and the For You Page (FYP) of your targeted users, resulting in more views and engagement. This way, you can quickly go from 100 views to thousands effortlessly. But hold on, there’s more! 😌

Check out how to go viral on TikTok in 2024!

🔍 Boost Discoverability

TikTok aims to boost video discoverability, ensuring users find exactly what they’re looking for (and stay longer within the platform). TikTok SEO makes this magic happen, keeping users hooked and coming back for more.

🌐 TikTok on Google?

Surprise! TikTok videos are now making appearances in Google searches, expanding your content’s reach beyond TikTok’s borders. TikTok SEO not only works within TikTok but extends its magic to other popular search engines.

Tiktok Video Appearing In Google Search Results For The Term 'rosemary Oil Tutorial

👏 Credit to Your Creativity

Make your content and your work worthwhile! Keep creating, and let TikTok SEO ensure your content reaches your dream audience. TikTok SEO allows you to unlock tons of views and raise engagement in your videos across a broader community that loves your content.

🔍 Elevate Searches

TikTok is not just for the young ones! Users of all ages are turning to TikTok for answers, content, and inspiration and to discover their favorite brands and creators. A broader audience = more searches = discoverability of your videos. 🌈✨

🚀📈 Drive Traffic Like a Pro

Also, it’s possible to gain followers, direct traffic to your profile, and lead your target audience to valuable links—your brand store, for instance. Take a cue from the success of Bobbiegoods, or check how Placeit by Envato sends traffic to valuable links! 


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TikTok SEO Ranking Factors ✏

To better understand TikTok SEO, we need to revise what factors the TikTok algorithm considers to rank the content users create. 🚀✨

🔍 Video Information

This refers to the hashtags, keywords, sound clips, effects, and captions/transcripts you include in your videos. All these factors are relevant when a user looks for a specific topic.

🕺User Interaction

Like many social media platforms, TikTok gives a star to those users whose videos are more liked, commented on, shared, marked as favorites, or even followed by other accounts.

Additionally, the TikTok algorithm rewards those videos that were watched from the beginning to the end and even re-watched. In this way, TikTok gets a clear idea of what content turns out to be more relevant and helpful to each user, classifying your videos as valuable to the user.

“The For You feed is part of what enables that connection and discovery…When you open TikTok and land in your For You feed, you’re presented with a stream of videos curated to your interests, making it easy to find content and creators you love. This feed is powered by a recommendation system that delivers content to each user that is likely to be of interest to that particular user” – TikTok Newsroom

🔧 Device and Account Settings

With over 1 billion active users worldwide and with so many languages, TikTok will filter and recommend content to users according to their device settings and preferences. For example, language, country, posting location, and type of device are some factors considered. 

5 Steps to Incorporate TikTok SEO Into Your TikTok Videos 🪄

Did you know your videos could miss thousands of views just because they’re not hitting the FYP or the search bar? 😱 No worries, though! 🚀 We’ve got your back with 7 super easy steps to skyrocket your content through TikTok SEO! 📈✨

Say goodbye to the days of your videos going unnoticed, and hello to the spotlight! Let’s dive in and make your TikTok game stronger than ever! 

1. Understand What Your Audience Is Looking For ✨

First things first, identify your niche and target audience and thoroughly research their interests to create engaging content that resonates with them. 

🌟 Pro tip: For advertisers, TikTok provides audience insights, allowing exploration of users’ interests, behaviors, and demographics. These insights are valuable for planning campaigns and even discovering interesting hashtags.

Also, clearly defining who you’re targeting allows you to understand the best way to communicate with your viewers. Avoid using technical jargon if your audience is not familiar with it. Speak in a way that resonates with them, keeping them engaged in watching your videos.

🪄 Content Enhancement

By having a well-defined niche and target audience, you can focus on creating content that genuinely mesmerizes them. This is another crucial factor in TikTok SEO. Remember the ranking factors? Well, likes, favorites, and shares play a huge role. If you achieve this, you’re doing well, ensuring the algorithm prioritizes your videos because your audience enjoys them. This, in turn, helps deliver your content to the right audience and similar audiences. On the other hand, creating non-appealing content will likely result in fewer interactions.

So, it’s possible that TikTok may classify your video as less important and thus not spread it to a broader audience.

🤩 Pro tip: Educational, how-to, and funny situation videos are like magnets for shares! Share-worthy content is the key to expanding your reach.

Also, it’s important to keep loyal to your selected niche. Imagine if your feed went randomly from kitchen recipes to skincare— what a twist! Not only would it confuse your followers, but it’d also throw the TikTok algorithm for a loop. So, before posting content, ensure you genuinely want to create this type of video and remain consistent. Over time, people will recognize that the content you produce is closely tied to your chosen niche or topic, much like Khabane Lame, who specializes in reacting to funny TikTok videos.

@khaby.lame Bro why you ruined a T-shirt ?👕😔It was so easy.... - Fratello perché hai rovinato una T-Shirt?👕😔#learnfromkhaby #LearnWithTikTok #ImparaConTikTok ♬ suono originale - Khabane lame

✅ Pro tip:  Want to take your videos to the next level? Grab your audience’s attention from the very start! 🎬👀 Don’t keep them waiting; dive straight to the point or offer a solution. 

2. Research and Use Appropriate and Relevant Keywords 🕵️‍♂️

This is the holy grail of SEO. Keywords are essential for SEO and the algorithm to understand the content of your video and ensure it reaches the right audience. 

Therefore, keyword research is your first step and must be included in your TikTok strategy. Why? It helps you uncover the words or phrases your audience is searching for, allowing you to know which words to incorporate into your video and reach those users searching for that specific topic.

Where to Research Keywords?

You can utilize tools like Ahrefs, Google Trends, and Semrush, but it’s important to note that these tools gather data from Google, not TikTok. However, turn to the TikTok search bar for a more authentic and entirely free option! It’s one of the best choices for understanding what TikTok users are actively seeking. Best of all, just like Google, TikTok’s search bar predicts the rest of the topic. Here’s an example:

Some Keywords Being Searched In Tiktok's Search Engine

💡 Pro tip: To explore more content and keyword options, similar to Google, try using all the alphabet letters in your TikTok search. For example, ‘skincare a…’, ‘skincare b…’ and so on. 

👉 This approach gives you a broad understanding of the specific content you want to post and optimize for your next video.

However, for a data-driven approach, visit the TikTok Keyword Insights tool to explore trending keywords and discover related or similar ones.

A Screenshot Of Tiktok's Keyword Insights Tool

Additionally, draw inspiration from your competitors or other content creators you admire or share similar content. Activate your research skills 🔍🤓 to analyze the first videos that appear on TikTok’s search section and the FYP. Pay attention to elements like the script, keywords, title, hashtags, music, effects, and captions to understand what the creators have done to secure top positions.

🙌 Optimizing and refining titles, descriptions, hashtags, and keywords ensures your target audience can easily discover your TikTok account.

Add Relevant Keywords To Your Video Content

Now it’s time to apply the keywords you’ve collected from your research to your TikTok videos. Part of TikTok SEO involves incorporating these lists of keywords into:

😉 1. Your Script and Subtitles

When speaking in your videos, be loud and clear and use specific keywords—TikTok rewards videos where the keywords are verbally spoken.

You can edit the subtitles to ensure the right words are being said.

🏷️ 2. Titles

Once you know your keywords, implement them in your video title. It means adding the main topic of your video through text in the first seconds of your video and also saying it out loud. 

Note: If you edit your video on other apps, wait to include the text and add your text directly on Tiktok’s editor to implement SEO right. 

📝 3. On-Screen Texts

 Input all of your text (including the title/main topic) directly on TikTok because the app won’t pick up any text done outside of it, hindering video optimization. When uploading and editing your video, place the main keyword at the beginning (in text) and also on the cover. 

You can also incorporate additional keywords but drag them off-screen; your users won’t see them, but TikTok will understand what your video is about.

✏ 4. Descriptions

 It’s crucial to include a clear, conversational description that aligns with the content of your video. Incorporate hashtags and repeat the keywords mentioned in your video for better discoverability.

Keep in mind that you now have more characters available in the video description field; it was initially limited to 300 characters, but now it’s extended to 2200. So take advantage of it! 

💬5. On Your Profile

Last but not least, incorporate some keywords into your profile. This not only aids in TikTok SEO but also provides potential viewers with a clear understanding of what your profile is all about.

By implementing these steps, your content might appear among the first positions in the search results for that query, increasing the likelihood that users will click on the first few videos.

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3. Incorporate Hashtags Into Your Video Descriptions ⭐

On TikTok, hashtags are an essential component of TikTok SEO. If you open the app, you’ll notice that nearly 95% of videos include hashtags, whether they’re funny or informative. 

Here are the top secrets to nailing this strategy: these hashtags function as keywords, helping the TikTok algorithm better understand the content of your video.

Use the Correct Hashtags

As a beginner, it’s easy to fall into the broad hashtag trap. Here’s the golden rule: specify thoughtful keywords (you want to rank for) that also match your channel and content. Instead of using #food, narrow it down to something specific like #chickentikkamasala, just like @tommywinkler does. 🍔🍟 Also, notice how he uses a branded hashtag: ‘#thefoodguy’. 

😉 Moreover, knowing that the optimal number of hashtags is between 3 and 5 is helpful. Use a combination of niche and trendy/broad hashtags, and also create a branded hashtag to boost brand awareness and make it easier for users to find your content. 

Likewise, you can utilize the TikTok Trend Discovery Tool to identify what is currently performing well on TikTok. Explore videos, content creators, hashtags, and songs—and best of all, filter by country! 

Screenshot Of The Tiktok Trend Discovery Tool Showing The Latest And Most Popular Hashtags

Or keep it simple by utilizing the search bar to discover relevant or related hashtags. 😉

4. Utilize Trendy Tracks and Investigate What’s Currently Popular 🔍

Who doesn’t love TikTok tracks? They rock and make content cooler, fun, and entertaining. Data can confirm this: 88% of TikTokers agree that audio is necessary in their videos. Now, we also know it’s beneficial for TikTok SEO as well. 😉

🔥 Including popular songs in your videos can enhance your visibility in the TikTok search engine.

One way to identify trendy sounds is by checking specialized blogs like Later or Envato. You can also explore Tokboard for some of the most popular TikTok audios or visit the Creative Center in the Songs section. Or simply spending time on TikTok. That’s the best way! It’s up to you. The resources are unlimited! ✨🤩  

Keep an Eye on Trends, Too!

Additionally, while TikTok is well-known for its incredibly catchy sounds, there’s more to explore. Dive deep into TikTok, explore who or what is trending, understand the reasons behind it, and identify the latest trends or memes. Consider how you can integrate these trends into your brand strategy. For instance, the recent popularity of ‘Greg’s Diary’ prompted content creators and brands to incorporate it into their video content. Check out how Placeit did it:

⚡ Remember that trends move quickly, so prepare and act soon before a new one takes the spotlight!

5. Track Your Progress 📊

Even though TikTok is known for incredible music, dances, and trends, there’s a more serious side that involves data. 

It’s crucial to constantly monitor your analytics if you’re a business owner or brand. This helps you determine the effectiveness of your implemented TikTok SEO strategy, allowing you to understand which videos are performing the best. So help yourself through the integrated analytics and pay attention to the numbers of your videos and your channel. 

💡 Additionally, to ensure your TikTok SEO efforts are on the right track, pay attention to the search bar on each of your videos. If it only says ‘find related content,’ TikTok has no idea what your video is about and won’t show it to more people. However, if it’s something specific to what you’re explaining in the video, you’ll appear on the search engine.

@lauragalebe When it comes to gua sha consistency is KEY! It takes about 1 week to see initial differences and i saw most of the difference from 6 months to 1 year of consistent use. Save this video, pause and follow each step, repeating each movement 3-5x!! #guasha #guashatutorial #guasharoutine #lymphaticdrainage ♬ original sound - Laura Galebe

Now you’re ready to start making incredible TikToks with a savvy SEO strategy 🚀✨ Complement it with the best TikTok templates (available at Placeit), let the creativity flow, and start raising your numbers!

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Extra: Engage With Other Accounts and Users 🤩

Many content creators need to remember that there needs to be real interaction between them and their viewers. A good practice that helps SEO is to spend some minutes responding to comments, preferably those that support or provide solutions, fostering genuine connections with your followers.

💡 TikTok is a great platform for these interactions, as users feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions. Reciprocate this intention!

To wrap things up, remember to incorporate each of these awesome steps into your TikTok strategy for small businesses! Remember, to be successful, you can’t rely on or execute one action solely – it’s all about weaving them together seamlessly for a holistic approach! 🌟

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Last Words 😌

Don’t underestimate the game-changing impact of TikTok SEO! 🚀 TikTok holds the key to unlocking your channel success, attracting more views, elevating your engagement and brand awareness, and even reeling valuable customers. 

Gone are the days when having a TikTok account was optional. Today, content creators, influencers, brands, and even large companies recognize the immense value of joining TikTok to elevate their brand. With continuous growth on the horizon, it’s more critical than ever to embrace TikTok SEO for heightened visibility, engagement, followers, and community building – all of which seamlessly contribute to driving sales. 

Just remember that implementing TikTok SEO successfully requires patience, discipline, and consistency to see the fruits of your efforts. 🌱

We hope this guide has been helpful in turning the TikTok algorithm in your favor.

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