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Charity walks are a great way to support a good cause and get some exercise at the same time. The only thing better than that is to have your friends join in! 

Below, we have a list of some of the biggest charity walks and runs in the United States and some design ideas you can use to make charity t-shirts for your team.

Top 7 Biggest Charity Walks / Runs Causes


Breast Cancer Awareness Runs

Make a breast cancer awareness shirt for your sorority and support the cause as a team!

Easily design some breast cancer shirts for your office team.


Arthritis Awareness Walks

Cool looking Jingle bell runs for arthritis shirts are sure to help your team stand out.

Design a unique arthritis awareness shirt for someone who is afflicted with the illness.


Premature Birth and Infant Mortality Walk

Make great looking charity walks shirts for your whole team and show your support!

Help the young ones have fun while they learn about the cause with cute charity walks shirts.

Learn more about premature birth and infant mortality:
Premature Birth – CDC
Infant Mortality – Wikipedia


Autism Awareness Walks

With Placeit, autism awareness shirts are easy to make for your church team!

Add a hashtag to your autism awareness shirts and share information about the cause on social media.

Stopping Sexual Assault and Gender Violence Walks

Make professional charity walks shirts you can wear year round to raise awareness.

Keep wearing your custom walk a mile in her shoes t-shirt as a conversation starter to let other people know about the cause.


ALS Awareness Runs

Make great custom ALS awareness shirts not just for your charity run team, but for an entire event!

Design custom ALS charity walks shirts for your sports club and run together!

Why Make Custom Charity Run T-shirts?

1. Helps your team feel like they’re really supporting the cause as a team.

2. You can wear them after the event as conversation starters to talk to people about your specific cause.

3. Use them help an afflicted loved one feel like they’re not facing their situation alone.

Make a breast cancer awareness shirt for your team and show your support for a loved one dealing with the illness.

Who to Invite to Your Charity Run Team

Family members – Use the opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones

Coworkers – Get to know the people you work with better and rally around a good cause

Schoolmates – Get your friends from school together and form a school team

Sorority / Fraternity members – Coordinate fellow members to run or walk as a team

Church members – Organize a charity walks team for your church.

Easily design an ALS charity run t-shirt design and form a team with your people
from your school to support a cause that you all find important.

Start your Own Charity Walks / Run Team

Follow these simple steps to organize your own charity run team!

Charity Run Checklist and Resources

Steps to Start Your Own Charity Run Team

Your charity walks team can be as small as two or as big as a school or a church congregation. The important thing is to find people you like spending time with and are interested in a good cause.  

 Make a whatsapp group or a Facebook group to organize everyone. You can use this group for the following steps. 

Bonus tip – If you want to start a large charity run group online you can use the following tools to recruit team members.

Websites to recruit team members

• Meetup
• Citysocializer
• Peoplegogo

Register your team for the charity walk you are going to take part in. Most events have registration pages on their website.

Design a charity walks t-shirt for your team. Having your team wear the same t-shirt really helps everyone feel like they’re part of the group and working towards a common goal

Take orders and purchase race shirts for your team. 

You can order your shirts from the following companies and have them shipped directly to your home:

• Printful
• Spring
• RedBubble

BonusIn-depth guide to the best print-on-demand websites

Arrange transportation and logistics so everyone on the team can arrive and participate.

Tools to organize your charity race team logistics

• Google Docs
• Asana
• Trello

Have fun walking or running with your team!

Bonus tip (Don’t forget to bring plenty of bottled water and snacks to keep your going strong. If the race is a 5k then you might also want to bring a clean change of clothes, some deodorant, toilet paper and depending on the weather, some sunglasses, a raincoat or sunblock.)

Websites to check the weather and plan for any inclement weather

• intellicast

What are you waiting for? Choose a charity walks near you, gather some friends, make some cool t-shirts for your team and run for a good cause! Simply follow the easy steps in the checklist and with a little help from Placeit’s charity run t-shirt design maker you’ll have a team in no time!

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Dylan Hadfield 5/5

Make Custom T-Shirt Designs for Charity Runs and All Occasions

Placeit's t-shirt design templates are an easy way to quickly make professional t-shirt designs in seconds. Whether you're starting a charity run team or starting an online t-shirt store, Placeit's t-shirt design templates offer a cost effective way to make great looking designs of all style and for all occasions.

Design a charity run t-shirt!

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