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Throughout this series of posts, our goal has been to give you the best information on which t-shirt POD site is the best for your t-shirt business. In our last post we showed you how they fit and felt from our perspective, now we decided to ask real t-shirt wearing guys to use them for a week, and tell us their thoughts on the them.

divider POD case study
divider POD case study

Who Tested out the T-Shirts?

We wanted to test out the shirts on real people to see what they thought of them, how they felt and how they would do after wearing and washing them. We chose five of out teammates based on the size shirt they wore (M) and asked them to use the shirts for a week. So say hi to our guinea pigs test subjects:

We asked them to grade the t-shirts on three key aspects:

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Did the t-shirt smell when you got it? Did it hold in smells when you used it?

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Was the shirt comfortable, tight, itchy? How did it feel doing everyday things?

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How did the fabric and print look on the first day vs the last day you wore it?

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So, Did all the T-Shirts Smell?

All but one of the guys mentioned that the t-shirts had a very strong vinegar smell, but this was expected as we mentioned in our last post. There was one of them that didn’t smell and it was Teespring. Leandro told us that not only it didn’t smell, but it didn’t hold smells in after using it for a while.

We were happy to corroborate that after the first wash, all the t-shirts smelled like fresh laundry and the smell went away.

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How Did the T-Shirts Look?

When the guys got the t-shirts, most of them were really vibrant, with the exception of Teespring which Leandro noted that even though the colors weren’t too bright, the print was still nice. 

Mario who wore Spreadshirt and Cristian who wore Redbubble both said that their shirts were vibrant all through the week, even after washing them several times. 

Only Jan mentioned problems with the brightness of his Threadless shirt. He said that the colors were very bright on the first day but considerably faded after the first wash. 

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How Did the T-Shirts Feel?

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The T-Shirts after Five Days of Use (and Wash)

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So Guys, How Do You Rate Your T-Shirt?

After wearing the shirts for five straight days, we asked the guys to rate the shirt they got, here are their final thoughts and raitings.

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Final Thoughts

I’ll start by saying that we, in the Placeit Blog team, were very excited to do this experiment. We’ve been writing for so long on print-on-demand sites and the benefits they have for our users that we wanted to be a part of the discussion and bring you valuable information. We hope these print-on-demand site reviews help you decide which one is the best fit for your designs. Once you succeed selling your designs on t-shirts you should go ahead and expand your product line! If you don’t have your official logo, make sure to create it. Make a strong brand. As always, if you have any questions or would like to know specifics we might’ve missed, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment.

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