stars POD Case Study


A Quick Recap

Which POD Had the Best Ordering and Shipping Times?

In this post series, we’re focusing on figuring out which of our selected five is the best t-shirt Print on Demand site. In our last post, we focused on ordering and shipping and we collected a ton of interesting data. This time around, our post is centered around the overall experience of getting the t-shirts and our first thoughts on how they look and feel (and smell!) just out of the bag.

divider POD case study
divider POD case study

T-Shirt Unboxing and First Thoughts

Print on Demand T-Shirt Packaging

As you already saw in the last post, the t-shirts came in tear-proof and sturdy bags, two standing out from the rest because they came in branded ones (Redbubble and Society6). 
When we opened them:

  • Redbubble stood out because it looked like the garment bag was tailor-made for the shirt, it fit pefectly in comparison with the other bags. 
  • The bag for Spreadshirt was way too big which caused the tshirt to dance around in the packaging.

    We mention this because we believe it’s the details that matter and having a bag too big for the garment makes it feel less special, like there could be anything inside.  Other than that, as you can see in the image above, the shirts came folded, some with some special details…

What's That Smell?

While we were opening packages we couldn’t help but notice a vinegar smell coming from some of them. We figured it had to do with the printing process, and behold, Redbubble gave us a rather charming explanation on the sticker you see in the picture.

The smell is, in fact a by product of the printing process (Direct To Garment) and supposedly will go away after the first wash, we’re making a mental note to check for this on the third installment of this post series. 

Note: Spring mentions on their website that they use screen printing as well as DTG so we’re not really sure which one they used for our t-shirt. 

RB Smell Sticker

Trying Them On

How Did the T-Shirts Fit?

If you’ve ever bought a t-shirt online, or even if you’ve bought several, when you’re clicking *buy* there’s always that nagging feeling in the back of your mind asking “how will it fit me?”. We asked Cristian, one of the Placeit Team photographers to step in front of the camera to show you how these tees look on a real person. Also, we went ahead and asked him how they felt. 


Our Thoughts on Different PODs So Far

Redbubble vs Society6 vs Spring vs Spreadshirt vs Threadless

divider POD case study

Which T-Shirt Print on Demand Site is the Best?

In next post we’ll tell you which one has the most comfortable tshirt and the most durable print according to five of our coworkers who used them for a whole week, all this on our quest to find out what is the best site to design and sell tshirts online

“My revenue from tshirts has gone way up since using Placeit’s mockups”
Sarah Williams 5/5
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