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How to Make Custom Basketball Jerseys for Your Next Fundraiser

Once You Use Our Basketball Jersey Template You’ll Never Go Back To Complicated PSDs

how to make basketball jerseys

Are you ready for the next basketball season? Are you in the process of designing new uniforms for your team? Let me paint you a picture. Let’s say you’re part of the fundraising committee in charge of getting you basketball team a swanky new uniform for next season. Usually, you would go around to different print shops trying to figure out colors, styles and every little detail to have the perfect jersey. Well, with Placeit’s basketball jersey templates you can show your uniform provider and team how you want the new uniforms to look in real life.

Now that you know how to create an original basketball logo using Placeit’s Basketball Logo Designer, I’ll show you how easy it is to create a realistic mockup of your design in real settings, with players wearing uniforms you can customize to match your team’s colors, as well as showcasing your brand new logo.

Using Placeit’s Basketball Jersey Templates Will Feel As Good As A Three-Pointer

They say that wearing the jersey is what gives teams unity and strength, so you want the best design possible for your players, right? Now, going to a print shop and getting the uniform printed before approval can be tricky and can set you back a few hundred dollars. Why not use one of Placeit’s custom basketball jersey templates to show your players or clients how the final design will look?

Wait A Minute, Why Would I Use A Jersey Template?

There are a lot of ways of showing off a design like sketching it up and showing it to other members of the fundraising committee, you could show your clients a flat digital design of what the final product might look like, or you could show everyone a cool action shot with real life players sporting your design in awesome settings like this one:

Basketball jersey maker featuring a young tall man with basketball in an urban court

  • You can try it out on different color combinations, our templates are fully customizable to match your team’s colors.
  • You can show your jersey sponsors how they will look in real life, once they’re printed out.
  • You can hype up your players with the amazing new gear.

So, Is Showing Off My Design The Only Thing I Can Do With These Mockups?

No! You can do so much more like promoting your jersey with parents or school staff. Also, other supporters might want to wear their team pride and selling custom basketball jerseys is a great way to fundraise for your organization.

Also, you can use Placeit’s apparel mockups to show your logo in other settings and sell some awesome merchandise for family, friends, and fans to support your team and cheer them all the way to the top!

Custom logo on three girlfriends having fun wearing different tshirts mockup while sitting in a basketball court

But, How Do I Make A Basketball Jersey Mockup?

Using Placeit’s custom basketball uniform maker is super simple and it only takes a few minutes check it out:

First of all, you’ll have to select the basketball jersey maker you want, there’s a lot of them so make sure to scroll and look at them all.

Basketball jersey mockups collection


When you’ve selected the template you’d like to work with, upload your logo. For the one I selected, you can upload two logos, one for the jersey and one for the shorts. You can also change the number, its font and most importantly the color.

custom basketball jersey maker upload

Next up, it’s time to choose the garment colors. In this basketball jersey maker, you can change the color of the jersey, shorts and compression shorts. Here you can choose your team’s colors, that way when you take it to the printers they will have a clear idea of how you want it to look.

Basketball jersey customization step 2



Finally, you’re ready to use it! Click download and in a few seconds, your custom jersey template will be ready to use!

Basketball jersey customization step 3


What Will I Get When I Click Download?

You will get a high definition 1440 x 1920 pixels png image file to be used as an advertising material or to be sent to your basketball uniform provider as an example of how you want the final product to look like.

I know it sounds too simple to be true, but believe me, it is.

Is There Any Other Way of Making Basketball Jersey Templates?

Some custom jersey sites provide previews but usually, the pictures turn out flat and boring and this is not what you want from a picture that’s supposed to hype up your team!

There are other ways of making basketball jersey mockups. If you know how to use Photoshop you could use PSDs, but finding good templates that don’t look cheap or basic is a hassle, and it’s a bit hard to make them look realistic. Also, they take a ton of time that you could be using training for the next big tournament!

There Must Be A Catch, Is It Super Expensive?

You don’t have to break the bank to make these awesome mockups. Each high-res download costs only $8 USD per image or as low as $3 USD when you subscribe to the Casual plan. Hiring a designer is much more expensive and it can take up to a week to have your basketball uniform template ready to use. Why not try this jersey template maker to save money and time?

Want to see a tutorial for making this amazing custom basketball jersey step by step? Here it is! It only takes minutes and you don’t need any Photoshop!

Visit Placeit to create a basketball jersey template to promote your team’s logo and colors!