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Share of Mind: Making Your Brand Memorable

Have you stopped to think why some brands’ values are over the top? When somebody asks you to think of a brand, any kind of brand, which one do you think of? In this post you will find all those rules designers think of when creating a custom logo and that marketers take into consideration to make successful brands stick to consumer’s minds. That is basically what you want to do for your business. We figured out what a good logo needs and made an incredibly simple tool for you to use. Get started or keep reading to learn some more.


We Made A Quick Survey To Learn Which Brands Live In Our Minds

In a quick survey, we asked asked 58 people what was the 1st. brand that came up to their mind, and guess which brands are still in our minds?

This is called Share Of Mind. These brands already live in our mind for many reasons, maybe they’re brands we normally purchase, publicity has had impact on us, or it’s a desirable brand. So, how can you apply this to your own brand?

1st. place Coca Cola
2nd. place Nike
3rd. place Apple & Adidas

Share Of Mind Is Accomplished By Few Brands, Is Your Brand One Of Them?

Accomplishing share of mind is something to be very proud of. And if you’re one of the most remembered brands in your market when somebody asks for something in specific, this mean that not only your logo is unforgettable but also you effectively communicated what your brand stands for.

Logo And Brand Are Not The Same

First of all, something we have to understand is that  logo and brand are not the same. And we´ll explain why. 

Coca-Cola brand logo

LOGO is the graphic that represents your service or product. It can only have text or a symbol, or both. It depends on it’s classification that we will see further in this post. This is what people describes when they try to remember your brand; color, figure or name. The Logo is part of a well constructed Brand.


BRAND is the idea your customer has about your service/product and this is thanks to: the concept you promoted through campaigns, graphics you used, people related to your brand (think employees/brand ambassadors). Basically, the experience your market, users or clients have when interacting with you.

Naming Your Brand Is A Big Step

Your brand name must be memorable and accurate with what you’re working on.
Research is very important for 3 main reasons:

  1. Meaning of words in different countries. A word that applies for your country may mean something weird or insulting in other places.


  2. Registered names, trademarks. See if it’s not a registered word in your country. You don’t want to start building a whole brand, and later on find out it’s already registered.


  3. Communication tone. Think of how you want to be perceived. Is your brand funny? Serious? Think of your brand concept when coming up with a name.

Make Your Logo, And Make It Right!

Brands always evolve, but you must have a great starting point for your logo. Having a solid logo will make rebranding your business easier in the future. Look into Coca Cola’s history.
Even though their logo was redesigned, it’s still the same idea since the 1900s.

Coca Cola Logo History

Understanding The 4 Types Of Graphics Brands Are Made Of

Choose your style according to what you want to accomplish:


This is made only by text or fonts like Coca Cola.


“Ima” comes from “image” and it is what we usually see, font + graphic like Mastercard.


This is a symbol & text together. You can’t separate them from each other. This is like YouTube's 1st logo.


Just the image, no need for text. This has been accomplished within time by Apple and Nike.

It takes a whole team to achieve it since it’s a lot of work like campaigns, publicity, experience with the product, interacting with the market, like in the movies. Have you seen the brand with your favorite actor or actress in their movies? “Brand placement”

So we have other categories on the Isotype. These are divided on 6 types of symbol:

Made by the initials of the brand. Like VW Isotype.
Monogram VW

This refers to syllables like Federal Express that was shorten to FEDEX.Anagram Fedex

The 1st letters of a name like CNN standing for Cable News Network or BBC meaning British Broadcasting Corporation.
Initial Cnn

This is the initial of the name like Honda’s H.1st.letter Honda

This is so unique  and authentic like Virgin brand.Signature Virgin

These are abstract figures like Apple.Pictogram Apple

Your Logo’s Color Palette Is More Important Than You Think

We have been exposed to colors since we were born, and a lot of them we normally associate to moments and sensations.
So let’s take a look at the meaning of each color and what they are normally associated with. Having this information in mind while you design a logowill help you stick to a more appropriate color palette. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t use the same colors when designing a medical logo as you would when designing a manufacturing logo.


This must be the most emotional color expressing contrary emotions. It can represent love or anger, it’s passion, it can also represent dynamism and since it's very high visibility color it’s universally used to prevent dangerous situations. It is also courage, strength and power. This color is also used on products related to food, like meat since it can remind you of fire. You will also see it on Fast Food brands since it represents dynamism.


This color as red is also encouraging and has that happy touch yellow gives. This makes it exciting, warn, fun and creative. This color stimulates and communicates fun. It also expresses freedom. It’s normally used on food and creative environments; like entertainment or sports.


If you wanna talk about freshness and youth, this is definitely your color. Most people perceive confidence and success from it. Positivity and happiness is part of it as well. If you want to energize or affect moods this color is perfect.


The passion from red and purity from white brings you pink meaning love and femininity. Tenderness and nurturing are also associated with this color. It’s normally used in fashion, beauty or services and products for women.


This color reminds us of the sea or sky, making it a trustful, serene and peaceful. If you want build loyalty and trust you may consider using this color.. Lighter shades of blue also help you make your brand seem more relaxed.. Technology, health, finances, accounting normally use these colors.


This color is about growth and health. Brands that use this color usually are health oriented or want to connect with people that have eco-friendly and health conscious lifestyles. Nonprofits, real estate, environment, banking will turn to this color.


A spiritual color which brings red’s power and blue’s calm. It inspires reflection and self awareness. Royalty, quality & luxury are associated with this color, and it’s normally used to inspire wisdom. Religious or humanitarian brands often uses this color.


Stability and a solid foundation are what this color brings to mind, since it reminds us of earth. It’s reliable and it makes you think of safety and confidence. This color creates warmth and it’s often used in the to agriculture, construction or transportation industries.


A color neutral that can sometimes cause some frustration. It’s considered a mature and protective color. It’s conservative, quiet and formal. It’sr normally combined with other colors in all industries.


The absence of color. It hides things so it may look like a barrier. It also represents power, elegance, control and sometimes intimidates. It can be perceived as sophisticated, sexy and secretive. This color is also combined with others in all industries.

The Font You Use Has A Meaning

One of the most important things to do while you are creating your logo is to choose the right font. Fonts are classified as Serif, Sans Serif, Scripts and Decorative Styles. Nowadays professionals in this topic out up a new classification richier and interesting to learn:


A serif is a small line attached to the end of a stroke in a letter. These types has them and they are classics, most of them were made from late 15th and 19th centuries. They have serifs which can be heavy or light weight. If you want your logo to look classy, elegant and serious you may want to try these.


San Serif are types  with no serif on their stroke. They seek to be perceived as minimalist and simple. Some are very clear to read and that is why you may see them on computer screens. This have a classic-practical style.


Script type is based on handwriting or calligraphy and you will find beautiful types. But you must be so careful since people might not read it right. Specially those that are decorative. Make sure to ask at least 5 persons if they understand what it says.


Decorative type are newer and made to reflect a culture or state of mind. They are not recommended for logotypes or Imagotypes. But you can think of them on other graphic applications.

Make A Professional Logo Design

There are 2 roads we recommend when you’re in need of a professional logo. Like everything if you feel confident about your skills or at this moment your budget can not increase, there is always a solution. The goal at the end of the task is for you to have your own logo.  So what will you choose?


Hire A Designer

When searching for a designer you can check platforms like:


You should expect from the Designer:

A lot of questions about your project or business in order to know that the designer really understands you and will create a good logotype or Imagotype for you.

They must apply a brief, these are questions about what you want to communicate and what your business is about.

The designer may show at least 2 proposals, some will just show one. If you ask for more, normally is a waste of time. The justification of the logotype is where our attention must be.

You’ll receive a: Vector File


Do It Yourself

If you want to create your own logo with this post, you now have all the basis of what you need to take into consideration. 

So you will need in order to create your own logo:

Adobe Illustrator  This is a vector design software.

Use web fonts This are online and are royalty free* (Make sure to read their terms of use and license to be sure of it.

Shop for your favorite font on webfonts On this website you must check the type can be used as a brand. Some are just made for applications and not logos.

Or you can use Placeit. This platform is very friendly to use. You can create your logotype without having to download or install any software. Just make those clicks on the graphic, font, and colors you need to express your business core.

You’ll receive a: PNG File

Start Designing Your Brand With This Logo Maker Tutorial

Since the first step is to have your own logotype or imagotype, you can accomplish this with Placeit. We have many business specific logos like a dental logo maker, an architecture firm logo, an academy logo maker, an automotive logo maker, a plumbing logo, and many more. If you’re a freelancer, you can also find logos to create your personal brand as a writer, personal trainer, and more! No need for special software, just start choosing the elements that best represents your idea of brand.

Remember the difference between logo & brand? Branding requires you to create a great team with different talents. The goal is to communicate correctly what you want people to think of your brand when they see it. Have fun creating this new entity, Placeit has you covered with the Logotype, Imagotype, Isologo or Isotype. Explore some options with our Logo Maker and start creating logos for different types of businesses, including HVAC logos or roofing logos. There are also tons of logos for restaurant businesses like organic logos, Mexican, Green, Fast Food and so much more! 

“I made my logo with Placeit’s Business Logo Maker and have been complimented on it so many times.”
Mark Sims 5/5

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