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As the pages of our calendars turn towards June, excitement fills the air for one of the most cherished times of the year – Father’s Day! And, in a world where superheroes often wear capes, dads need special attire, too. So, it’s time to get those creative juices flowing and start designing some great-looking Father’s Day shirts that will be this year’s runaway hit and have other t-shirt sellers scrambling to catch up. 🚀✨

Remember to circle June 16 on your calendar! Don’t just let this Father’s Day pass without trying your hand at some awesome dad shirt designs. With Placeit’s T-Shirt Design Maker, creating an exclusive line-up of dad-inspired t-shirts is easy. And, better yet, you can even showcase several variations to test which ones perform best on your storefront. Ready to boost your sales? Keep scrolling! 😃

Discover Your Roadmap to Father’s Day T-Shirt Sales! 😀🔍

A Dad T-Shirt for Every Dad! 👕

As we get closer to Father’s Day, your customers will wonder, as they do each year, what they should get their dads as a gift. Let’s be honest, everyone is busy. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll settle for just anything for their dads. That’s why Father’s Day shirts are best-sellers! 

Use this third Sunday in June as an opportunity to make your clients’ lives easier by providing them with some unique dad shirts they can gift their everyday heroes. This lovely token of appreciation stands as a thoughtful and unique present that won’t be tossed after one use. 

Make this Father’s Day easy for your customers (and you!) with some awesome Father’s Day t-shirt designs your customers will love with a little help from your friends at Placeit by Envato. Read on to see how easy it is to make tons of unique and professional designs. 😌

➡️ Feeling inspired already? Take a look at these fantastic Father’s Day shirts, pick your favorite, and start customizing them right away to make this day one to remember! 🤩

Father's Day Themed T Shirt Design Maker Featuring A Quote
T Shirt Design Creator Featuring A Quote For Father's Day
T Shirt Design Creator With An Illustration Inspired By The Mandalorian
Father's Day Themed T Shirt Design Generator With A Graphic Of A Dog
T Shirt Design Template With A Bomb Icon For Father's Day
T Shirt Design Generator For Father's Day Featuring A Hero Quote
Quote T Shirt Design Maker For Father's Day With A Baseball Style Heart
Father's Day Shirt Design Template With Dinosaur Clipart

💝 Moms deserve some love too! Check out these lovely Mother’s Day designs and go one step further with your sales by adding one-of-a-kind gifts for mom to your store. 

Double the Father’s Day Fun (& Sales) With Father Son & Father Daughter T-Shirt Designs! 🥳

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create some complementary father-daughter and father-son t-shirt designs! This is the perfect way to offer your customers with small children something they can purchase for themselves and their little ones on that special day. Just imagine the pictures, they would be the cutest! 💖

With Placeit’s father-and-son t-shirt mockups, you can easily design complementary or matching father-and-son shirt designs and quickly turn them into stunning ads for all your marketing channels. This makes it easier for customers to picture how their father-and-son or father-and-daughter t-shirt designs will look in real life. 😃 

Plus, it adds a joyful touch to your stunning Father’s Day shirts with heartwarming family moments displaying a hug from dad or a funny playdate together! Catch a glimpse of all you can customize with Placeit for this joyful date and tons of other holidays!

V Neck Tee Mockup Of A Happy Father Playing Video Games With His Kid
T Shirt Mockup Of A Dad Playing With His Little Girl On Father's Day
T Shirt Mockup Featuring A Bearded Man Posing With His Son Against A Wooden Wall

📆 Making Father’s Day shirts is just one of the many design ideas you can tap into as a POD seller. Take a peek at our T-Shirt Calendar and explore all you can create year-round with Placeit!

How to Make Amazing Father’s Day Shirts Easily in Seconds ⏰️

If you’re used to using online tools or have tried some of the other options available on the market, you’ll immediately appreciate the simplicity and the speed of Placeit’s T-Shirt Design Maker.

There’s no dragging graphics or text around, no web apps crashing or freezing on you, and definitely no complicated and clumsy interfaces. Here’s how you can use Placeit’s t-shirt templates to make some incredible dad shirts your customers will love: 

  1. Head over to Placeit and on the menu click on Designs > Apparel & Print > T-Shirt Designs.
  2. Once you’re in our T-Shirt Design Library, start browsing through our tons of templates until you find an option you like.
  3. You can use our tags to narrow down your results with a more specific search. 
  4. Select the template that suits you best, there are tons of options to choose from!
  5. Click on your favorite t-shirt design. You’ll be instantly taken to Placeit’s editor where you’ll be able to customize your template and preview it in real-time. 
  6. Now, it’s time to start personalizing your design! Play around with the fonts, colors, and text until you’re happy with the results. Additionally, you can include new text and graphics by clicking on the “+Add” button at the bottom of the editing features.
  7. Once you’re done customizing your t-shirt design, hit the “Download” button at the top right side of the page.

📹 Hit Play!

➡️ Want to see the magic in action? You got it! To make a Father’s Day t-shirt using Placeit, simply watch the video tutorial below for a visual walkthrough of the steps:

A T-Shirt Seller’s A/B Testing Dream Come True 🌟

As most online t-shirt sellers know, the only thing constant about the t-shirt business is that’s always changing. New trends pop up overnight and others die out without apparent rhyme or reason. That’s why successful entrepreneurs are always on top of them and finding ways to incorporate them into their niche.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not entirely sure what type of design would work best for your niche right now. One of the great things about Placeit’s T-Shirt Design Maker is that with our subscription you can use our templates to create an unlimited number of variations of one design and test them to see which one resonates the most with your audience. 

If you start testing a week or two before Father’s Day, you can narrow down which designs will be most effective and focus on just promoting those as the special date draws near! In the example below we made several variations of one design in a matter of seconds. With Placeit, it’s incredibly easy to test and quickly get feedback! 😌

T Shirt Design Template With A Bomb Icon For Father's Day
T Shirt Design Template With A Bomb Icon For Father's Day Light Blue Variation
T Shirt Design Template With A Bomb Icon For Father's Day Dark Blue Variation

🚀 By the way, don’t skip out on the best print-on-demand niches to get your sales rising this year!

Time to Showcase Your Father’s Day Shirts! 🚀

Once you’ve created some unique Father’s Day shirts, you’re definitely going to want to promote your designs on your website, social media, or any channel you normally use to sell your designs. Nothing helps display your fantastic dad shirt designs like professionally shot and edited t-shirt mockups. 😃

Father’s Day Mockups to Promote Your Sweet Designs! 📸

Say goodbye to organizing long and expensive photoshoots or buying tons of props! These Father’s Day mockups are specially created to help you show off your t-shirt designs with visual clarity and quality. From heartfelt family moments to playful scenes, these images perfectly capture the magic of this day. ✨

Don’t just stop at making great Father’s Day shirts, make sure they look incredible and stand out from the competition with high-quality mockups! Placeit’s dad mockups are just what you need to remind your customers that if they still haven’t bought a gift for their father, now is the perfect time. 🎁

➡️ Below are a couple of examples of Placeit’s great Father’s Day mockups to give you some ideas and get you started for this festivity: 

Social Media Templates to Give Dads a Shoutout on Their Day! 💫

Social media templates are an effective way to promote your latest Father’s Day designs or simply to congratulate all dads on their day! With unique, vibrant designs that match the festive spirit of this day, these visual assets ensure your content stands out on every platform your brand has a presence on. 

➡️ Need some inspiration? Use these ideas to boost your social media as the countdown for Father’s Day begins! 🤩

Special Father’s Day Social Media Post Ideas 📱✨

⏰️ Create Countdown Posts

Get everyone excited and start building anticipation by creating countdown posts leading up to Father’s Day. You can use this content as an opportunity to promote a special sale, exclusive discounts, or upcoming releases regarding this date. Don’t forget to include eye-catching visuals and enticing captions to keep your audience engaged.

🎁 Run Contests & Giveaways

Encourage your followers to share a meaningful memory about their dad or any father figure in their life. Create a specific branded hashtag to enter the contest, and let the stories begin flowing on social media! Another idea is to invite followers to participate by sharing, commenting, or tagging friends for a chance to win free Father’s Day shirts.

💬 Share Interactive Polls & Trivia

Use a Father’s Day-themed IG story template to create a fun and lighthearted personality quiz related to this date. Ask questions that help participants discover which type of dad they are or what kind of shirt design would best suit their dad’s personality. Share the results and offer personalized product recommendations based on their answers.

📸 Encourage User-Generated Content (UGC)

You can create activities such as “Fan Photo Friday” to invite your audience to share photos of themselves and their family wearing your Father’s Day shirts. Use a social media template to announce the weekly event and provide instructions on how to join in the fun. Don’t forget to tag your followers and thank them for showcasing their creativity!

Instagram Post Maker For A Father's Day Promo Sale Discount
Father's Day Instagram Story Generator Featuring A Special Deal Offer Ad
Instagram Story Generator With A Colorful Background Pattern For Father's Day
Instagram Post Maker With An Illustration Of Two Dads And Their Kids

Let’s Wrap This Up! ✨

Facebook Story Template With Gift Ideas For Father S Day
Sublimated Tee Mockup Of The Back Of A Dad Kissing His Baby
T Shirt Mockup Featuring A Happy Kid Posing At A Studio With His Father
Father S Day Themed Instagram Story Creator With Ideas For Presents
11 Oz Coffee Mug Featuring A Girl With Her Dad On Father S Day
Mockup Of A Man Putting Sugar Into His Mug

Father’s Day is just around the corner! Don’t miss out on offering your customers unique and charming Father’s Day t-shirt designs they’ll actually want to buy for their dads. Give your audience a better alternative to the boring tie, golf club, or electronic gizmo that will end up in a drawer or a closet somewhere. 

As we’ve seen throughout this blog, Father’s Day shirts stand as thoughtful and charming gifts they’ll end up cherishing and actually using! As you embark on your sales endeavors, let your designs celebrate fatherhood and the extraordinary dads who shape the world with love, care, and joy. 🌍💕

Now, we want to hear from you! Have you noticed any emerging trends or popular themes in Father’s Day shirts this year? Drop your insights in the comments below and share your expertise with fellow hard-working entrepreneurs like you! For now, happy selling and happy Father’s Day! 😌

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