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Creating an animated video from scratch may seem like a tough challenge, but it can actually be very easy with the right tools. In fact, you can do this yourself without breaking a sweat! No need to rely on complex editing software to create exactly what you want. Take charge of your next project with a bit of help from Placeit by Envato. With the best video maker, you’ll be able to make all sorts of videos for just about every platform. Want to get started? Read on! 😀

Lights, Camera, Action! Navigate the Best Video Maker Like a Pro 🎥

Hit Play! Why Use Placeit’s Video Maker? ▶️

Render Mockup Of A Silver Macbook Air Floating Over A Surface Featuring A Video Edited With The Best Video Maker

🧑🏻‍💻️ User-Friendly Interface

Complex editing software makes it harder to make videos that match what you envisioned, especially if you don’t have the right tools at hand. With Placeit’s video maker, you can create any type of video directly from your browser by selecting your favorite template, customizing it with our easy-to-use tools, and downloading it instantly. As simple as that! 😌

⏰️ Time Efficiency

Creating a video from scratch can take up to weeks of filming, editing, and post-production work. More often than not, there are not enough hours in a day. Well, say goodbye to never-ending adjustments and refinements! Placeit’s video maker turns this task into a breeze with ready-to-use templates perfectly sized for the platform’s specific format. 📱

🎵 Royalty-Free Music Access

Placeit’s vast music library has tons of royalty-free tracks you can choose from to include in your videos. So, you don’t need to worry about it being taken down due to copyright issues, just pure fun and content creation on the go! From soft acoustic tunes to the catchy rhythm of techno, you’ll find the best beat to accompany your creation.

✨ Effortless Brand Integration

Maybe you’re planning to post your video on Instagram or your YouTube channel. Chances are you already have an established brand image you wouldn’t like to go unnoticed. Placeit’s video maker makes it easy and accessible to include your brand’s color palette in your chosen template with our Brand Kit feature. You’ll just need to click on it on the color selector and watch your video be transformed instantly.

🌟 Professional Results

Worried about not having the right editing skills?🤔 We’ve got you covered! All our templates are carefully made by our expert team and cover a wide range of industries, themes, and niches. Rest assured, you’ll find the perfect asset for you with Placeit.

Once you’ve chosen your go-to video template, it’s just a matter of tweaking the text, preset colors, and music until you’re fully satisfied with the results. With a few steps, you’ll get a polished, professional video in no time. 

➡️ Now that we’ve gone through all the cool perks of using Placeit’s video maker, let’s check out all the options you can make!

Explore All You Can Create With Placeit’s Video Maker! 🎞

1. Make a YouTube Intro in a Flash ⚡️

If you’re starting as a YouTuber, having a proper intro for your videos is a must. Not only will this give your channel a professional edge, but it can also help you establish a recognizable brand. Moreover, it’s a great way to engage your viewers within the first seconds of watching!

Placeit’s Intro Maker gives you tons of options for video intros, including logo reveals, text animations, and promo ads. Plus, you can also use these intros for presentations or tradeshows! ✨

Intro Video Template With An AI Generated Cat Picture For An ASMR Channel
Travel Themed Intro Video Generator Featuring A Top Ten Of National Parks In Canada

2. Create Custom Instagram Videos in No Time 📱

Since Instagram is a very visual social media platform, it makes sense to make eye-catching content for your feed. Now, here are the good news! You can effortlessly create custom videos that match your aesthetic using Placeit’s Instagram Video Maker

But, why stop there? Go one step further and take this magic to your stories too with Placeit’s Instagram Story Video Maker. Both options are super easy to use and will leave you with custom content your followers love to see! 

🌟 Check out our library with tons of video templates for fashion, sports, gaming, and more!

Fashion Influencer Themed TikTok Video Featuring College Outfit Tips

3. Present a Professional Slideshow Video With Ease 🤓

Are you looking for a hassle-free way of presenting information visually appealingly? Using a professional slideshow allows you to get your message across in a way that’s engaging and straightforward.  

With Placeit, you don’t have to worry about creating animations yourself since the templates will do most of the work for you. Check out the different options available in the Slideshow Video Maker and customize the one you like best.

Slideshow Video Template Featuring A Curriculum And Professional Experience Theme
Slideshow Video Creator With A Home Decor Theme

4. Share a Testimonial Video Your Customers Will Love 💬

Have you gotten some great feedback from your clients that you want to share? A customer testimonial video is an easy and engaging way to share those awesome comments and reviews with your audience. This makes your business thrive, highlighting the exceptional service your clients have received and building trust with your audience! 🤩

Don’t know where to start? You’re in luck! Placeit has testimonial video templates you can personalize right away with your text, images, and music. Bring to lo life the positive experiences your clients shared with the best video maker:

Instagram Story Video Template With A Pop Up Notification Of A Customer Review
Instagram Story Video Template Featuring A Christmas Theme And A Chat Review

5. Go Viral With a TikTok Video 🚀

With over one million active users, TikTok has taken the world by storm! Whether it’s a sneak peek, an unboxing, or a GRMW (Get Ready With Me) video, this platform thrives on short, engaging, and captivating content. Of course, awesome visuals take center stage! ✨

Whether you’re a content creator or a business owner focused on sports, fitness, fashion, gaming, traveling, or any other niche, you’ll find the perfect TikTok video template with Placeit. Explore our seamless transitions, upbeat music, and stunning images to create the perfect video in minutes!

TikTok Video Featuring Tips For Mental Health
TikTok Video Featuring Animated Text For A Fashion Influencer Tips

6. Teach Your Viewers Something New With a Tutorial Video 💡

Do you have tons of DIY projects you want to share with your followers? Use a video to share them! Create a step-by-step walkthrough with Placeit’s Tutorial Video Maker and get your content ready for the world in just minutes.

You can customize the number of slides, the information being presented, the transitions, the music, the colors, and the fonts for stunning results! Make each tutorial uniquely yours with the best video maker. 😀

Yoga Themed Intro Video Generator For A Posture Tutorial
Eyeshadow Tutorial Intro Video Creator Featuring A Barbie Inspired Theme

Trying to grow your audience on gaming platforms? Impress your followers with a logo animation that gets your content recognized instantly! From spooky characters to sportsy illustrations, these cool designs will make you stand out from the crowd. 

You can choose any template from our Animated Logos Library and customize it to fit the vibes of your channel perfectly. Are you looking for vibrant colors or sleek minimalistic designs? We’ve got it all!

Animated Gaming Logo Maker Featuring A Shooter Aiming With A Sniper
Animated Logo Maker With A Detailed Animation Of A Horror King Raising

How to Edit Videos With Placeit’s Best Video Maker 🪄

Macbook Pro Mockup Floating Over A Transparent Background Featuring A Podcast Video Edited With The Best Video Maker

➡️ Let’s uncover just how easy it is to make videos with the best video maker! Think of this as your step-by-step quick guide to creating awesome content:

1. Select a Video Template 📹

In our Video Library, you’ll find tons of templates you can easily customize. Remember, you can narrow down your search by selecting unique categories and filtering the options. Or, you can also go to our search bar and find the perfect match with specific keywords. For example “testimonial video”.

2. Start Personalizing Your Video 🧑🏻‍💻️

Once you select your preferred option, you’ll be redirected to the editor. Now, the fun part begins! Customize your video by switching the text and changing the fonts and colors. For the background, you can opt to switch the preset colors and add other elements like your own graphics and videos or use Placeit’s options.

3. Replace the Music Track 🎶

Click on the “Replace” option at the bottom of the editor and select the song that goes best with your video. You can browse through our various categories and play each tune until you find the perfect beat. Or, if you’d like, you can also turn off the music by deactivating the “Audio” option.

4. Add More Slides to Keep Editing 🎞

Need to add more info or create a longer video? No problem! You can duplicate the slide you’re already working on if you want to maintain the same style. Just hover over said slide and you’ll see the option “Duplicate Slide”, click on it, and that’s it! Now you can start editing your newly added slide right away. 

Or, if you’d like to work with a different template, you can select the “Add Slide” option next to the one you’re already using. Once you click on it, you’ll be shown all the different options you can add to your video. Choose your favorite to add it instantly to your video and customize it adjusting the colors, fonts, and effects. 

Do these steps as many times as you need until you’re happy with the results!

5. Play Your Video & Download It ⏩

Before you download your video, we recommend you preview it to ensure everything looks as you envisioned. Once you’re satisfied with the final cut, click on the “Download” button at the top, right side of the editor and that’s it! You’ll receive a high-quality video that’s ready to be shared. 

As you can see, using the best video maker to create top-notch visuals is a breeze! Sharing your video on social media? Make sure you use the hashtag #madewithPlaceit so we can all admire your stunning work! 🤩

Let’s Wrap up This Video-Making Adventure! ✨

By this point, you probably have all sorts of creative ideas waiting to be transformed into stunning videos. Now is the perfect time to get started! With the best video maker by your side, creating content is a piece of cake. 

Whether you’re showcasing a brand-new tutorial with your followers or preparing a sneak peek for upcoming content, using Placeit’s video maker sets you up for success. Now, the spotlight is on you! What other type of video-related topics you’d like us to cover next? Drop a comment below to let us know.

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Video Templates That Take the Work out of Designing

Making professional quality videos doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, with Placeit’s Video Maker, you can create all types of videos in just minutes! From Instagram story videos to tutorials, find all the tools you need to make your next video a success with Placeit!

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