Design Amazing Back to School T-Shirts

It’s time to get back to school and what an excellent opportunity to make awesome back to school t-shirts! Using Placeit’s t-shirt designer, it’s super easy to make tons of designs for your merch in just a few clicks. You can update your shop with new designs, new products and new images.

You can create designs like  first day of school hoodies, back to school 2019 mugs, back to school teacher shirts and any kind of back to school templates! There are hundreds of templates to choose from to start making your own design.

You can find cute character designs for toddlers, bitter high-school jokes for teenagers and more! As always, you can customize any template to make your unique design! Just choose a template and change graphics, fonts, colors, and add you own message to it! Get ready to make awesome products in minutes!

PRO TIP: Use mockups to promote your newest designs with beautiful images using models or different scenarios to show your merch easily!

Promote Your Designs on Social Media

Remember you are not the only one promoting back to school products, so how do you get on top of it? Get ahead of your competition by showing off your newest designs and sales with engaging social media posts!

Using Placeit’s social media designs, you can create content and banners for all platforms,  videos too! Make amazing Facebook Ads, Instagram stories and even YouTube videos!

Like we said, you can create amazing posts for your Instagram feed, Pinterest’s pins, but also make professional videos that fit all of these platforms. You can create all kinds of videos too from tutorials to promotions! Placeit also has a HUGE library of ad banner templates that you can visit anytime!

Get the Word out with Back to School Flyers

If you are more traditional or you want your community to see your offering on the streets, you can also promote with flyers. Fortunately, you can use Placeit’s easy flyer maker to create your designs. Making a flyer is just as easy as making your products designs. Using pre-made templates you can customize your flyer in just a few clicks. 

Also! You can use flyer mockups to post your flyer online! This way, you got it all covered.

Use Placeit’s Back to School Designs to Make All Kinds of Merch

Got some inspirations yet? Use Placeit’s t-shirt designer to make all kinds of merch too! It’s not all about the t-shirts. Let’s spice up those back to school supply lists and get an awesome custom design. You can make backpack designs, water bottles, notebooks, pens, and much more!

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It’s Time to Get Back to School with a
Great T-Shirt!

Make awesome back to school t-shirt designs using Placeit’s design templates! You can also use these very same designs to make other merch like hoodies, mugs, backpacks, and so much more!

Make Back to School Designs

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