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Did you ever expect that Amazon would achieve the world’s most valuable brand identity? It seems astonishing, isn’t it? The brand value of Amazon has been estimated to be around $315.5 billion surpassing both Apple and Google. Now the question arises, what is the common element in them?

The answer to the above query is that consumers are always attracted by their compelling and unique brand identities and strategies that foster customers to the next level. Certainly, a unique brand identity can help you gain trust, attention, and loyalty from your customers. In this modern era, customer brand experience is witnessed in many distinct ways.

What You’ll Find: 

The success of any brand depends on your ability to recognize your target audience, to focus on user engagement and performance metrics based on your experiences which certainly boost your brand identity. Here we highlighted the top 10 factors that make your brand identity powerful and appealing.

1. Focus on Your Brand IdentityCoffee Shop Brand Indentity

Generally, the entire focus is to improve the quality standards of the brand. The focus will be to communicate with your targeted consumers in a personalized and manageable way. You should understand the quality of your products, and the concept of supportability which you are providing to empower your brand identity to the next level. So, make sure you leave a significant impression on your targeted audience.

In this modern era, you can easily identify the needs and interests of your target consumers. This way you can ensure that your brand identity is reflecting your objectives, mission statements, and vision.

Brand Logo Maker

If you have clearly determined your brand identity, values and attributes then your next step is to create an eye-catching logo for your brand. Initially, you must brainstorm about your brand perspective prior to the design process.

So, it is recommended to think wisely and make a unique logo with stunning fonts and colors.

There is a wide variety of online tools including Placeit’s logo maker and other essential tools. You can easily choose any template for your logo that suits and empowers your brand’s identity. Furthermore, it is important that you make sure that it appeals to your target audiences. Leading companies such as Apple, Google, and Samsung are implementing this concept to produce their logo designs.

3. Create a Website with a Focus on Usability

Website Usability
A website made of compelling and unique design can massively help you to devise a successful brand identity to the climax position. The site will showcase your products and services to gain valuable business insights and the trust of your customers. A website with an attractive design will make people much more aware of its sections. Your task is to integrate the logo on your site if you want to build your brand identity.
People have a short attention span, so a better user experience (UX) can make your website reach the next level. Meaning, easier navigation, transaction checkouts, and fast loading speed to provide a greater user experience. For Instance, the clothing and garments company ASOS provides a great user experience on their website.

4. Consider Mobile Optimization AspectsMobile Optimization

In 2018, it was estimated that over 69% of users worldwide would use their smartphones to access the Internet and the Web. If you want to build a successful brand identity, you can’t afford to ignore the value of mobile and handheld devices. Your website needs to be optimized for all mobile devices and you can even develop a mobile app to provide a better experience to your targeted consumers. Amazon knows this:

  • Amazon has introduced a new feature called Amazon Review in their App.
  • Amazon comprises a mobile app that is user-friendly and impressive.

A mobile app can be adjusted with your brand apart from your competitors. A user-friendly app that allows people to browse your products and purchase them, will boost your credibility and trust among them.

5. Create Valuable & User-Engaging Content
Valuable User Engaging Content

The most vital and impressive form factor is to build a compelling brand identity with proper content that you mostly use to boost your brand’s identity. Great content can help you grow your brand’s visibility. Create unique and engaging content to attract traffic to your business website.

  • You can use guest posts, infographics, blog posts, video scripts, and social media posts to engage your target audiences.
  • Devise a content marketing plan to measure versatile and valuable outcomes.

Plus, you can promote your brand and keep consistency in your marketing content by creating digital flipbooks and brochures. Brand your content by adding a company logo, custom background, and your own color palette to match your company style perfectly. This way, your digital content will always look professional on any device and will help you stand out from the crowd.

It is evident that as more informative and useful your content is it will drive traffic to your website. So, make sure to consider a proper digital marketing plan to be consistent when you are sharing social media posts and make sure that your content delivers valuable outcomes.

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6. Implement SEO Techniques

Seo Searches
If you own a business website, no matter how good it looks it is not enough to proceed ahead without implementing SEO techniques. If you don’t find enough target consumers you will not expose properly your brand’s identity.

Generally, SEO is used to optimize your website to reach the best rank on search engines like Google or Bing, this will also help to increase your ROI. It is advisable that you should develop a strong SEO strategy where you can accomplish a proper analysis of your competitors, and apply primary and secondary keywords that will drive traffic to your site. Other relevant factors such as content marketing can be considered essential for Search Engine Optimization.

7. Get Engaged Followers via Social MediaEngaged Via Social Media

In this era, social media plays a versatile way in reshaping the way consumers perceive your brand. According to the latest research, In North America, social media penetration is estimated at 66% as compared to the global average of 37% at a certain time frame. Further, 60% of consumers are already checking out average product reviews on social media prior to making purchases for in-store products and services. This is why good reviews add to building your brand identity. Make sure to have this in mind when you create a social media campaign :

  • The users are in high demand on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, make sure to include these in your campaign.
  • Focus your social media strategy on your brand identity.
  • Create shareable content consistently. Make sure that your social media posts are attractive and user-engaging in order to win more followers.

8. Potential Techniques to Devise Successful Brand Identity

Potential Techniques
You may need to incorporate several strategies to promote your brand awareness and make it move to the first position on search engines. Have a diversified social media presence using all of the suitable channels according to your desired targeted audience. Take into consideration Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.
You can also work with a digital agency.  They create a public release strategy that primarily provides placements in the right target channels. These consist of press releases, television, interviews, research, and digital journals. Make sure your company’s website and online reputation meet your brand’s goals and destinations. Always ensure your website is mobile responsive and user-friendly since searching aspects are made of multiple connections to communicate with your targeted market.

9. Analyze & Improve Your Brand Identity

Analyze And Improve
It’s crucial for your brand’s identity to establish an essential concept of the customer. It doesn’t mean this shouldn’t change within time. But, you should always remain at a competitive edge and most companies regularly analyze and make techniques to refine their brand’s target. To ensure they are approaching the correct target, the company focuses on their digital advertisement concepts by tracking them, targeting, and testing newer and improved strategies with digital tactics.
To make sure you don’t lose focus, regularly visit and re-visit your website considering certain stages from the beginning to the deliverance stage. Analyze if your business is promoting state-of-the-art products and services to the correct targeted audience with a mere focus on your quality metrics.

10. Maintain Online PresenceMaintain Online Presence

If you aren’t hoping to see your brand in the top position, then you won’t be able to proceed ahead in any way. Most of the targeted consumers will conduct in-depth research through organic searches and other inbound searches. The only way to devise your reputation from initiation is to have a strong online presence on various social network platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
If you are interested in different opportunities to diversify your strategic approach, for instance, sharing your social media status; various social media platforms are convenient for online advertising and promotion materials.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, if you are interested in branding your business then you will have to analyze the business requirements of your target audiences. You will have to devise an all-inclusive digital marketing plan made of social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, and online advertising campaigns. Hence, a sustainable and powerful digital marketing strategy can assist you in building successful brand identity in a short span of time.

About the Author

Mallory Barclay is a content writer at Webby Giants, a renowned web design services company in Hayward, California, US. His area of interest in content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.

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