T-Shirt Mockups for Your Clothing Line

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Thinking about launching a new t-shirt design into the market, but can’t seem to find the right marketing tools to do it? Don’t stress because at Placeit we have the perfect solution for you, t-shirt mockups! T-shirt mockups are great because they allow you to see your designs within context even before having to actually produce them. How cool is that?

Using your t-shirt mockup it’s really easy and fast, all you have to do is choose an image featuring your designs, drag and drop it onto the template and Placeit will automatically resize it and adjust it for you. In just a matter of minutes you will get original, eye-catching visual content you will be able to add to your visual marketing campaign. By using Placeit’s t-shirt mockups you won’t have to use Photoshop or any other editing software anymore, so making them part of your marketing tools might be a great idea! Here’s a list with 10 of our latest t-shirt mockup for you to check out:



If you’re looking for an eye-catching, modern stock photo to showcase your latest designs then you definitely need to check out Placeit’s clothing mockups! Try this t-shirt mockup featuring a tattooed hipster man at a building rooftop and display your designs within context. To customize this clothing mockup just simply grad and drop an image featuring your design onto the t-shirt on the template and see how your ideas come to life! Keep in mind that by using real-life mockups it’ll be easier for you to reach consumers and appeal to them. So what are you waiting for? Start using mockups now!
If you feel like it might be time to upgrade your clothing business visual marketing campaign, then go ahead and check out our latest clothing mockups. This t-shirt mockup features two cheerful friends hiking. Imagine if your new t-shirt design was featured on the t-shirts being worn by these young ladies, don’t you think consumers would love it? Customize this mockup today by simply dragging and dropping an image featuring your design onto the template and see how your ideas look within context. Now thanks to Placeit you can once and for all say goodbye to Photoshop and all those other editing software.
If you have a new t-shirt design waiting to be showcased, then this t-shirt mockup featuring a folded t-shirt lying on top of a wooden table at a clothing store could be just what you need. Use this relatable, eye-catching mockup to display your designs within context and catch your consumers attention right away! Just choose an image, drop it onto the template and see your ideas come to life. Placeit makes it really easy for you to create outstanding t-shirt mockups, so don’t think about it twice and start using it right away!
This t-shirt mockup features a young man wearing a tshirt and blue jeans as he talks on the phone and walks down a flight of stairs. Use this t-shirt mockup to showcase your designs in a compelling manner that will draw the attention of your clients and partners, all you need to do is add your image and Placeit will do all the necessary adjustments to deliver a compelling visual asset for your clothing line’s advertising.


This mockup features a familiar scene to which your consumers will easily relate to, so adding it as part of your visual marketing campaign might no be such a bad idea. This t-shirt mockup features a woman at a boutique shopping for some new clothes. Customize this mockup right away by uploading an image of your latest design onto the template and let Placeit handle the rest of the work for you. In just a couple of minutes, you will get a compelling image featuring your design for you to showcase it to potential clients. So what are you waiting for? Start using clothing mockups now!


This tshirt mockup is just what your clothing line needs to enhance its advertising campaign! Using apparel mockups is a great way to showcase your designs to the world, especially because Placeit makes it super easy for you, skip Photoshop and simply add your design to the image and Placeit will deliver a compelling mockup of a bearded man wearing a t-shirt carrying your design. Go ahead and try it out right away!


If you are thinking about launching a new t-shirt design into the market, then use clothing mockups from Placeit! Placeit’s clothing mockups are the perfect marketing tool because they allow you to see how your designs will actually look even before having to produce them! That’s useful don’t you think? Try this t-shirt mockup featuring an athletic, handsome man jogging today, and see how your designs come to life! To customize this mockup all you have to do is simply drag and drop an image of your choice onto the template and let Placeit resize it for you. In no time you will have an outstanding t-shirt mockup featuring your design!


This tshirt mockup is a great visual asset for you to add to your clothing line’s advertising campaign. The tshirt mockup features a young woman wearing a tshirt carrying your design paired with denim shorts, a baseball cap and a backpack, she is at an urban environment surrounded by graffiti, the perfect scenario for your designs to stand out in a compelling way, try this tshirt template right away!


If you feel like it might be time for you to upgrade your business visual marketing campaign, then Placeit’s t-shirt mockups might be the perfect way for you to do this. Use this beautiful young woman in a sleeveless t-shirt mockup to display your designs within real-life context and make sure to catch your consumers attention instantly! Keep in mind that when using t-shirt mockups you can change the color of the t-shirt on the template in order to find the one that works best with your design. To customize this t-shirt mockup all you have to do is upload an image onto the template and let Placeit resize it for you! Placeit makes it easy and fast for you to create original visual content you can add to your visual campaign in just a matter of minutes, so waste no more time and make it part of your marketing plan right away!

Want to know more benefits of using t-shirt mockups for your business? Waste no more time and make Placeit’s t-shirt mockups part of your marketing strategy starting now!


Now you can also create T-shirt Video Mockups with Placeit!

Follow the same simple steps to create a t-shirt mockup and create a T-Shirt Video Mockup in seconds. Surprise everyone with a t-shirt video mockup like this one:

What are you waiting to upgrade your marketing communication strategy and boost t-shirt sales?

Post Updated: June 2017