Make the Perfect Swimming Logo with This Tool

You can’t stay away from the water and you decided to do your business based on it? Great choice because we have the perfect tool to make you look like a pro! You can design a swimming logo today!

You understand that learning to swim is not a trend, it’s a life skill, so we will help you take this philosophy in a graphic way!

You Love Giving Lessons? Make a Trustworthy Swimming School Logo

If you love to share your passion with kids, fellowship with adults or support to high-performance athletes, you must show how professional you are about it. Start with your swimming logo. A logo is very important for your market, it’s the graphic they will remember you and the beginning of your brand. You must project the quality of your services and be catchy at the same time.  How can you identify your target? Think of your facilities and to whom it can be more resourceful. Here are some ideas for you.

Swimming School for Children
Make it playful but most of all safe. With bright colors, bold fonts, and cute graphics people will understand from the start that they will have fun for sure if you use a cartoonish style or with swimmers. Make sure to put out there the word or lesson of safety, since most of the time this is why parents seek for a swimming school.

Swimming School for Adults or High Performance Athletes
Communicate the essence of a club, make them feel part of a special group. People will identify with a concept that makes them flow through their practices. They need to be concentrated on their performance so a well-balanced brand would be great.  Try with abstract or with a swimming icon.

You Can Also Make a Desirable Swimsuite Brand
On the other hand, if you design your own swimwear line, think of what inspires you. This concept could be the main graphic in your logo and your brand’s totem. You could try an abstract style, figures or icons. The good news about abstract figures is that they can be applied to small products, like buttons or a special fabric pattern. Try abstract figures for your swimsuit brand.

Splash Your Brand with Great Colors!

There is a great color range, so don’t just stick to primary colors. Here is a perfect simple guide for you to choose according to the meaning you desire to communicate. You can also choose a spectrum of four extra colors to compliment all your brand. Normally blues or reds are a hit, yellows and oranges will always catch eyes. But it is really of what you wish to express.


It can represent love or anger, it’s passion, dynamism, courage, strength and power.


This color is about growth and health.


It’s considered a mature and protective color. It’s conservative, quiet and formal.


It represents an exciting feeling, warn, fun and creative. This color stimulates and communicates fun.


A spiritual color, it inspires reflection and self awareness.


Tenderness and nurturing are also associated with this color.


If you wanna talk about freshness and youth, this is definitely your color.


Stability and a solid foundation are what this color brings to mind, since it reminds us of earth.


This color reminds us of the sea or sky, making it a trustful, serene and peaceful.


It represents power, elegance, control, sophisticated, sexy and secretive.

Look How Easy It Is to Create a Logo and Pick Your Favorite Colors!

Placeit is a very friendly tool where just by clicking you will create in minutes your logo.  Select your image from our swimming logo images library, then your favorite color, and type in your brand’s name. That easy! You will be ready to download. Guess what is next? Yes, your social media strategy!

There's Plenty of Fish in the Web
Go for Them!

So you have a logo now, but it’s not only about creating a concept around your brand and waiting for clients to arrive. You need to nurture your brand and of course, share your concept with everybody! So it’s time for your social media strategy!

Create the Perfect Images for Your Social Media Network

If you normally dive into the water, now it’s time to do it on the web as well. With more than 3 billion users around the world for sure, somebody is looking for your service or product. Just to give you an example there are 3600 monthly searches for “swimming lessons near me” you could be that school! As for swimsuit brands, there are 1900 monthly searches. So let’s make those successful campaigns happen now with a few clicks! Create these amazing graphics with our Facebook Ad templates. 

Make a Cover and an Ad Post for Facebook

It’s easy! Just select your favorite template, upload your background and text in your information. With our social media image maker you can create discounts post images, covers, tips etc.

Make an Instagram Post and Insta Story

Instagram is quite a successful social network. Make sure you create beautiful instagram stories! People love these and with our Instagram story maker you’ll have many templates for your needs. 

Advertise Incredible Swimsuits with Our Mockups

So once you have your swimsuit logo, start creating that amazin brand! Place your logo and patterns into our mockups and they will look like professional pictures! With our mockup generator, you will have with a few clicks beautiful images of your swimwear brand.

Promote Your Team Work and Raise Money

You have been working hard to overcome your own timing but now it’s time to raise money and get you on the right track to your competition. Take your team logo or solo brand to your training kit. Check out these mockups that could help your sponsor visualize the things you need and how would they look on duffel bags, totes and aluminum water bottles.

May the Swimming
Spirit Reach All!

So you have the clients, the great facilities and incredible staff, now just make all that merch that will help you promote your philosophy among your clients and friends. Best recommendation comes from a happy client.

“Placeit’s logo maker was so easy!”
Diane Lloyd 5/5

Dive into This Great Design Template Tool!

Create your swimming logo for your school, swimming team or swimsuit brand. But don't stop there, you can also create excellent previews of how your uniform would look with our swimming mockups and all the graphics for your social media campaign. For sure you'll be a winner!

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