Professional Label Mockups

Stop your search for new marketing tools to boost your current visual marketing campaign and check out Placeit’s label mockups right away! Label mockup are outstanding marketing tools that will allow you to portray your designs within a real-life image, making it easier for your potential consumers to relate to your products, so why not give them a try?

Using label mockups its pretty easy, all you need to do is drag and drop an image featuring one of your designs onto the template of your choice and within minutes Placeit will deliver a compelling image ready to be added to your marketing campaign! How cool is that? By making label mockups the latest addition to your marketing tools never again will you have to deal with Photoshop or any other complicated software, so what are you waiting for? Start using them now!

Here’s a list with some of our original label mockups for you to check out!


If you’re looking for a new way to promote your latest products, then waste no more time and go ahead and check out Placeit’s label mockups today!

What better way to attract your potential consumers attention than by using real-life photo mockups to showcase your latest products and designs? This label mockup features a woman in a kitchen holding a dry soup bag in her hand. Use this great mockup to help you boost your visual marketing campaign and appeal to your specific target market in no time. To customize this image all you have to do is drag and drop an image of whatever it is you would like to advertise onto the template and Placeit will resize it for you. Stop suffering with time-consuming marketing campaigns and start using Placeit’s today!


This new label mockup from Placeit could be just what your business marketing strategy needs. This label mockup features a takeaway coffee cup and a paper food box sitting on top of a glass table in a kitchen. Use this eye-catching image to showcase a new product, idea or design and relate to your consumers right away. To make this photo mockup part of your visual marketing campaign all you have to do is choose an image, drag and drop it onto the template or input a URL and Placeit will adjust it for you. Now thanks to Placeit you can generate outstanding visual content you can start using right away in just a matter of minutes! How amazing is that? Check out our paper bag mockups here as well!


At Placeit we know that when it comes to advertising a new product, things can become a bit complicated and that’s why we are constantly coming up with new mockups to help you do this in an original, up-to-date way. Photo mockups are a great option when it comes to marketing tools because they help you portray your ideas within real-life situations, making your products and ideas more appealing to a wider range of viewers. This label mockup features a set of wine bottles stacked inside a wooden container. Customize this beautiful image by simply dragging an image onto the template and let Placeit resize it for you. It’s time to start not only saving money but also time, and what better way to do this then with the help of Placeit’s label mockups, so waste no more time and make them part of your business marketing plan today!

 Introducing a new product into the market can sometimes turn into a very difficult task, and that’s why at Placeit we are constantly coming up with new ideas to help you do this. Use one of our mockups and solve your marketing problems in no time! This label mockup features a granola bar in a woman’s black purse. Use this real-life scenario mockup to advertise your new product and catch your consumers attention right away. Keep in mind that by making real-life mockups part of your marketing strategy you will make your products more relatable to consumers. To customize this mockup all you have to do is drag and drop an image of your choice onto the template and let Placeit handle the rest of the work for you. What are you waiting to make label mockups from Placeit part of your marketing strategy?