When you discover your passion there is nothing that can stop you. You have the music inside and we want to show you how to release an album independently using our album cover maker and how to engage with your community to succeed.

Music is the universal language of mankind.

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

3 Ways to Raise Money to Create an Album

So you have the lyrics ready and the beats, but no money. We get it! The good thing about technology is that you can reach people that believe in new projects or join forces with other talents in your same situation and not only create emerging projects but also promote your music while raising money. In order to receive you have to give as well.

Use Crowdfunding Platforms​

Pledge Music
Pledge Music is a marketplace and a community for artists. They want you to stay connected with your fans letting them follow the process of your projects. You can use this platform to deliver exclusive content, like new albums or other items. They have more than 50,000 artists using their platform and take a flat 15% fee for items sold which covers the costs of hosting and support. They only get paid if you reached your goal.
Visit Pledge Music
You can use the platform for crowdfunding or as a marketplace. They want their community to discover innovative products before they are even on sale, so they can support the idea and then receive the final product. They have a music category. What I like about this platform is that it makes it very easy to understand the project and make the donation. Consider making a video explaining why you are doing this project and the rewards you’ll give according to the number of people’s donations.
Visit Indiegogo!
This platform bases their funding model on a “patron style” where your fans acquire a monthly paid membership. Basically, they are paying you to work on what you love but you must give them exclusive content in exchange.
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With our, Social Media Image Maker create your graphics to spread the word through your social media networks.

Grants & Sponsorships You Can Apply To

There are some brands that like to sponsor music projects:

Red Bull loves to give wings to creative people, so you must take into consideration they’ll be part of your event in case of approval.

NewMusicUSA has awards that can range between $250 and $15,000. Check out the guideline to apply and make sure you write down your project properly.

You can use our Book Cover Maker for your printed document or PDF. If you don’t know how to create a proper project proposal here is a guideline.

Team up with Other Bands on Gigs

You can team up with other similar bands to throw a gig and raise money. The good news is that both will win a new group of fans and you’ll be able to split expenses. So you will definitely need a poster and some flyers to pass them around. Look at these examples, you’ll love them!

We Have a Great Album Cover Maker for You!

Hiring a designer may sometimes be complicated, but we have the perfect tool for you. Why not design your album cover yourself? We have many templates with different styles like:

Choose the perfect cover according to your concept. If you’re asking yourself how can you translate your idea into graphics, well, keep in mind that this is a very subjective matter since it’s your own proposal. Stay true to your own feeling, emotion or statement, you’re very likely to find an image that will match your style.

How to Get Your Music out There

Try Music Aggregators

You may want to print your CD or Vinyl, but until you get a bigger budget, consider the best digital music aggregators. If you decide to upload your music on your own you may avoid extra fees, but think about the time invested in understanding the different platforms. You should focus more on creating and leaving the material ready for uploading or staying in touch with your fans. Here are our top picks:

Tunecore.com Is a digital music aggregator that sends your music to stores and then you get paid. They charge $9.99 per single and $29.99 per album, but you can keep 100% of your sales revenue and copyright.
Visit Tunecore
Altafonte.com You can find here digital or physical options to distribute your music. On digital, they create marketing strategies to improve your positioning and increase your visibility. They can also create strategies for your social networks such as sponsored ads. They have 10 offices in América, one of them is international.
Visit Altafonte!

Make Your Own Website

You don’t have to start from scratch, you can try out e-Commerce platforms or design your own website. We have 2 options for you and the perfect tool to share the news of your launching page on your social networks.


Shopify is an e-Commerce platform where you can select free themes or buy a specialized one according to your industry. You’ll have to do a monthly payment but will get 14 days of trial. They have 3 different plans, you could start with the 1st one and see how things work out.

Themeforest Specializes on Website Themes

Themeforest specializes in different themes for websites. This way you don’t start from zero. You can hire a web designer and buy a theme. You will need updates and technical support. Check out this template as an example. Consider buying a hosting plan and a domain name.

Music has infinite power to reach the gap between the heart and the soul to create infinite and ineffable joy.

- Debasish Mridha

How to Build a Supportive Community

The best way to succeed is through united fans that will create a faithful community devoted to your band. They will stay with you through important moments and probably be evangelists of your music. It would be wise to share with them the impact your music has had on your life, but also get to know how your music impacts them. This will help you connect with them in a more profound way.

Communicate a Clear Message of Your Project

The music industry, like any other one, is business. So you must not forget this and be able to represent your band in these matters as well. You need to come up with a clear speech about your project, or an elevator pitch. This way, you’ll be ready and confident to present it to anyone interested in supporting you.

Be in Touch Through Your Social Networks

The best way to keep in touch with your fans is through your social networks. These offer endless possibilities, think about live streaming a gig, hosting a live Q&A session, or presenting your newest single. You can also create merchandising with Placeit’s Design Templates and even fabulous Mixtape Covers so your fan community can show off their love by buying your merch. These are some ideas of what you can do with your graphics posts:

Let Music Lead the Way

Any project takes time, developing it is the longest stage before success. So make sure to have the right people and tools around you and make an album cover that stands out! Anything else you need to upscale your musician brand you can find it here including an awesome album cover maker to create designs in just a few clicks. 

“I found a lot of different options in Placeit for my album cover and it was so easy to create it. A must have for any musician!”
Peter Nelson 5/5

Musicians, We Have Your Album Cover Maker

If you're starting up a band this is the tool you need! Create your band logo, album cover, and all social media graphics with perfect branding. Show the world your creativity with our Album Cover Maker and CD mockups. Make sure to create your amazing merchandising like cups, t-shirts, posters and many other products. Let those fans show their love!

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