Promote Your T-shirt Business with Plus Size T-Shirt Mockups

Placeit lets you create beautiful plus-size t-shirt mockups and videos to promote your best designs in a professional way. Forget about hiring a model, a photographer, and a designer. We have done all of that already! We’ll give you the finished template so you can easily place your image on it.

The plus-size t-shirt mockups on our site are made just for you and your business. There’s no better time than now to break the stereotypes and start showcasing your t-shirt designs on models that don’t fit into the societal standards of being ‘perfect’ and in a certain shape.

Here Are Some of Placeit’s Best Plus-Size T-Shirt Mockups:

Black Girl Wearing a Plus Size T-Shirt Mockup Near a Venice Sign

Plus Size Girl T Shirt Mockup
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Spread the good vibes by using this beautiful t-shirt mockup. Did you know Placeit’s t-shirt mockups get downloaded at a super high resolution of 1920×1280 pixels? Go and click on the image to start customizing yours! Click here to see more plus-size t-shirt mockups featuring women.

Plus Size T-Shirt Mockup of a Guy Wearing a Plain Shirt & Sunglasses

Plus Size T-Shirt Mockup of a Guy Wearing a Plaid Shirt and Sunglasses
In marketing, there’s nothing better than running experiments. While you might think that it is better for your t-shirt business to showcase your designs on models with industry-standard characteristics, you might be wrong. Test and try to check if, by displaying your designs on plus-size models, you get to connect better with your audience and boost sales!

Tee Video Mockup ft. a Young Plus Size Man Styling a T-Shirt in a Parking Lot

Customize this t-shirt video mockup with your own t-shirt design!

Have you seen a big company not using video to engage with their clients? Of course not! Video marketing is so recommended. Thanks to Placeit’s t-shirt video generator, you can download 1920×1080 px videos you can use to advertise your business in a better way. It’s as simple as uploading a t-shirt design created with one of these t-shirt templates or one that you already have, and voilá! In a matter of seconds, you will generate a video and be able to download it; it’s that easy.

Smiling White Elderly Woman Wearing a T-Shirt Mockup

Smiling White Elderly Woman Wearing a T-Shirt Mockup
Don’t forget elders also wear t-shirts! Is this an untapped market you could exploit? As I previously said, never stop testing. Go ahead and create a t-shirt mockup featuring a plus-sized elderly beautiful grandma.

T-Shirt Mockup ft a Big Man Showing His Latest Purchase/Gift

Plus Size Man Showing T Shirt Reduced
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This is an excellent plus-size t-shirt mockup you can use on your social media! Add some text like, “Another happy customer!” and add your t-shirt design and see how sales start growing.

V-Neck T-Shirt Mockup of a Girl Sticking Out Her Tongue

V-Neck T-Shirt Mockup of a Girl Sticking Out Her Tongue
Take a look at this T-Shirt Mockup featuring a young hipster plus-size woman sticking out her tongue in the street. Her cool style matches your brand identity perfectly and will connect with your consumers in no time! Change the color of the t-shirt with the color tool and make it look exactly like the t-shirts you are selling.

Trendy Girl with Sunglasses Wearing a T-Shirt in the Street Video Mockup

This mockup video of a trendy girl with pink hair and sunglasses wearing a round-neck tee in the street is perfect for you to display your latest designs. I can perfectly see this t-shirt video mockup being used as a header video on a t-shirt shop’s homepage. First impressions count, and showing a video of a plus-size model at the beginning of your homepage is an excellent idea.

T-Shirt Mockup ft a Plus Size Senior at the Library

Plus Size T Shirt Mockup Man In Library Optimised
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Upload your t-shirt design to this t-shirt mockup and reach the elder people in your audience. This demographic segment is usually looking for where to spend the money they earned over so many years of work. With t-shirt mockups, you will be able to attract their attention and achieve the sale.

Plus Size Tattooed Girl Wearing a Round Neck Tee in the City Video Mockup

This t-shirt mockup featuring a curvy girl is an excellent asset you can use to promote your t-shirt business with Facebook Ads. Using video in ads is a perfect way of going against the usual stillness of the news feed.

Elder Man with a Beard Wearing a Round Neck T-Shirt Video Mockup

Use this great plus size round neck t-shirt video mockup featuring an elder man with a white beard to showcase your latest designs! This realistic t-shirt mock-up is all you need to start growing your t-shirt business.

Final Thoughts

Did you choose a favorite mockup? Keep in mind that if you are creating a whole campaign, you can find more mockups featuring the same model. Simply scroll down past the mockup you’re customizing and look for the section that says ‘More Templates with This Model!’ Click the link, and you may find other plus-size mockups, like hoodies, bathing suits, tote bags, dresses, and more!

Let us know in the comments below which mockups are your favorites or if you think our library of mockups is missing something ⤵️


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