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Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular mobile devices in the market, and this is no surprise, considering all the possibilities that this sleek smartphone offers for both the tech savvy and the crowd that simply looks out for an intuitive and easy to use experience. The App Store presents thousands of new apps every day that aim to stand out from the competition, which is why most app marketers opt to showcase their new apps by using iPhone mockups that frame the app in a photorealistic environment.

By using free iPhone mockups, you will be able to present a use case to your consumer demographic so they will relate to the app and its features. Mockups are also a great asset to use for displaying updates in an existing app. Let’s say your app just went through a huge redesign and you are looking to showcase the new UI, then choosing an iPhone mockup template is the way to go, investors and clients will appreciate the insight on all the new changes.

Consider using these free iPhone 6 mockups as a part of your app marketing campaign to boost its impact on the competition, especially because Placeit offers hundreds of different scenarios and characters in which your new iOS app or mobile responsive website will be displayed by being used on an iPhone 6.

Try this iPhone 6 Mockup Featuring a Woman Lying on a Hammock at the Beach

Choose this Placeit stock photo mockup and get you app/website the attention it deserves! This iPhone mockup features a young smiling woman holding her white iPhone 6 in a portrait position. She is lying on a hammock at the beach. The ocean and the light give a peaceful, relaxed vibe to the image. The background is blurry, allowing consumers to focus their attention on the phone’s screen in the woman’s hand. It doesn’t really matter what kind of app you’ve created, this scenario could really work out with almost any app or website of your choice. To use this mockup, just drag and drop your desired screenshot onto the iPhone’s screen in the template or import a screenshot from a URL by clicking the “Grab Screenshot From URL” button and type in the URL so Placeit can do the rest for you. Make an impact on your consumers by making Placeit part of your new visual marketing strategy today! See more Device Mockups here!

Try this iPhone 6 Mockup of a Girl Sitting Cross-Legged in her Bed

Make an impression on your consumers today by using Placeit marketing tools stock photo templates to showcase your recently created website or iOS app! This stock mockup features a young woman sitting cross-legged on her bed with her white iPhone 6 lying in front of her in a portrait position. She gives the impression that she just woke up because she’s wearing pajamas and is having a cup of coffee. Use this real-life scenario mockup and relate to consumers, making your app more attractive and alluring to them. To create a custom mockup all you need to do is drag and drop a screenshot of your app or website directly onto the screen in the template or click on the “Grab Screenshot From URL” button above the photo and type in the URL so Placeit can do the rest of the work for you. Start using Placeit marketing tools today and make your marketing campaign an absolute success. See more Smartphone Mockups here!

Try this iPhone Mockup of a Man Walking Down a Set of Stairs

Use this iPhone 6 mockup to showcase your new app or website to your potential consumers in an original, relatable way. This image features a man walking down a set of stairs putting his iPhone 6 in his jeans front pocket. The background is blurry, allowing consumers to center their attention on your app being showcased on the phone’s screen. Create the perfect visual asset by making Placeit’s mockup templates part of your visual marketing strategy and start achieving success right away!

Try this iPhone 6 Mockup Template of a Man Holding an iPhone at Home

Isn’t this a stunning visual asset you would like to have as a part of your app marketing campaign? Well, good news is you can! This iPhone 6 mockup template allows you to showcase your new iOS app or mobile responsive website to engage with your consumer demographic, all you need to do is drop a screenshot onto the image and Placeit will deliver a compelling piece of visual content for your business. iPhone mockups here!

Try this iPhone Mockup of a Man Sitting at a Dinner Table Using an iPhone 6

Your new app will look beyond amazing once you start using stock photos to advertise it to the market. This iPhone mockup features a man sitting at a dinner table using his white iPhone 6 in a portrait position. Stock photos are the perfect marketing tool because they allow you to showcase your app’s features to prospective users, giving them a glimpse at how it works. What are you waiting for? Upgrade your visual marketing campaign now!

One more thing to consider when choosing one of these Free iPhone mockup templates is how easy to use they are; you don’t need any kind of editing software to put an app screenshot on the iPhone 6’s screen. So instead of going through the Photoshop hassle, simply drop your image onto the iPhone and it will be perfectly adjusted to fit and look amazing, and you can do this straight from the browser as Placeit is a web app, that’s right, no software to download or purchase. Even better, if you don’t have the screenshot image with you at the time, don’t worry, type a URL and Placeit will crawl a mobile responsive screenshot of the site to insert it on the iPhone 6 mockup. 

So if you just developed, redesigned or launched a new iOS app or mobile responsive website, you know have the perfect way to display it toworld to make sure it gets the correct exposure your hard work deserves. See for yourself how your app will stand out by being displayed in such beautiful settings, go ahead and try these iPhone 6 mockups, remember that all the small sizes are absolutely free!

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