Start Displaying Your Business’ Designs With Placeit’s Brochure Mockups

Do you have a business that you are looking to promote but can’t find good enough visuals? We’ve got a solution for you, we’ve made brochure mockups just for you! Take a look at this compilation of great brochure templates, we’ve gathered the most versatile and professional brochure mockups that we’ve made so far so you can start promoting your company in a friendly and beautiful way. Note how you’ll be able to change the color of the backgrounds in some of these templates, go ahead and play with them to see how your design looks on each one of these brochure mockups.

Don’t forget to also check out all of Placeit’s brochure mockups to see which kind of them will suit best with your company. Whether you are looking to display a trifold brochure mockup or a bifold brochure mockup, we have the right template for you. Start using Placeit and make your revenue grow!

Look at them and choose the brochure mockup that you like the most:

Open Trifold Brochure Mockup Lying on a Multicolor Surface

This trifold brochure mockup features a flat surface that allows you to change the color into different shades of the same tone, the image will have to be 1650x1280px for it to fit the brochure.


Mockup of an Open Manual on a Black Surface

Simple and beautiful images are the most powerful to the human eye, besides these will allow your work to stand out from the image. Use this beautiful open bifold brochure on a black surface to promote your brand or services and start selling more.


Open Booklet Template on a Transparent Backdrop

Choose this open bifold brochure mockup if you want a versatile image to showcase your design in different ways. Put it on your website against a cover!


Set of Three Brochures Template Lying on a Transparent Surface

Use this mockup of three trifold brochures against a transparent surface to promote your business!


Mockup of a Trifold Brochure Open Against a Transparent Backdrop

An open trifold brochure like this one is a great picture to showcase your latest branding or graphic design project to your audience. Since it’s against a transparent backdrop, you can use it in many different ways!


Floating Open Booklet Mockup Against a Bicolor Background

Start using this mockup of a floating open booklet against a bicolor background by choosing a combination of colors for the background that matches your brand.


Angled Mockup of an Open Trifold Brochure Lying on a Solid Surface

Portray your designs using this angled mockup of an open trifold brochure lying on a solid surface! You will just have to drag and drop a JPEG or PNG image over the interface.


Mockup of a Bifold Brochure Lying on a Solid Color Surface

Use an image of 1400x2000px, that way it will fit like a glove in this bifold brochure. If your image is different than that, don’t worry; Placeit’s cropper will help you adjust it to make sure you make the most of it to deliver a professional visual asset that promotes your brand like the pros.


Open Square Booklet Mockup Lying on a Two Colors Background

Looking for a brochure with a long 2:1 horizontal design? This is it! You can change the background colors to make your design stand out or leave them white.


Trifold Brochure Template Lying on a Solid Color Surface

This trifold brochure template is an all-time classic if you are looking to promote your business. To promote your design in the most perfect way, you will need a 1100x2200px image. If your image is different, we will help you with the cropper.


Start showcasing your latest designs to your audience in the most beautiful way with Placeit’s visual assets. Go to Placeit’s gallery to find tons of different mockups—don’t limit yourself to just one image! Click this button to see all of Placeit’s brochure mockups!


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