Placeit by Envato offers various design and marketing tools to grow your brand, including video mockups! Video mockups are a dynamic way of showcasing your designs or products in real-world scenarios, adding a more engaging and realistic touch to your marketing materials.

Elevate Your Brand with Cool Video Mockups

Just like our image mockups, you can either drag and drop or upload your image design, easy as pie. There are tons of different POD products you can make videos for, not only t-shirts! Find coffee mugs, hats, hoodies, jerseys, tote bags, and more. Here’s a quick guide to get you started.

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1. Find Your Video

Go to the category “Mockups” on the navigation bar and use the top filters to select “Videos”. You can also use the left-side tags to filter results. Choose the video mockup that best matches your needs!

Video Mockups Placeit

2. Choose the Garment Color

T Shirt Video Mockups

3. Add Your Design

Once you have the video template you want and have selected the product’s color all you need to do is simply drag and drop your upload your image from your device. If you use our own designer,  choose the “Upload from Downloads” option. You will be able to zoom in and out, crop, and re-position.

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Note: your image must be a .jpeg or .png lower than 5MB and smaller than 5000 wide or high.

Resizing your designs for apparel video mockups

4. When Done, Download!

Once you are done with your design, simply hit the “Play All Slides” button on the bottom to preview your video mockup.

Play All Slides

If you are satisfied with the result, you can hit the blue “Download” button and you will get your file in no time!

THAT’S IT! In no time, you will receive a high-quality and professional video to share right away. You can make further edits using this online video cropper if you need to.

Placeit will do all the magic for you! You can even export your video to YouTube to add royalty-free music or sound effects.

Why Use Video Mockups?

Using Placeit’s video mockups can offer several advantages for your business. Here are some reasons why you might choose to use Placeit’s video mockups:

1. Professionalism

Placeit provides professionally made templates that can add a high-quality look to your shop, your social media, or marketing materials. The realistic scenarios in the video mockups can enhance the professionalism of your visual content.

2. Engagement

Video mockups are more dynamic and engaging than static images. They can help capture the attention of your audience and convey a more immersive experience, making your designs or products stand out.

3. Versatility

Placeit offers a wide variety of video mockup templates for different purposes, industries, and platforms. Whether you’re showcasing a logo, website design, app interface, or product packaging, you can likely find a template that suits your needs.

4. Time & Cost Efficiency

Creating high-quality videos from scratch can be time-consuming and expensive. Placeit’s templates allow you to quickly generate professional-looking video mockups without the need for advanced video editing skills or expensive software.

5. Customization Options

Placeit typically provides easy-to-use customization options, allowing you to upload your own designs, logos, or videos into the templates. This flexibility enables you to tailor the mockups to match your specific branding or design requirements.

6. Consistency Across Platforms

If you’re promoting your brand or products on multiple platforms, using consistent and professional-looking video mockups can help maintain a cohesive visual identity across various channels.

7. Inspiration for Creativity

Placeit’s library of video mockups can serve as a source of inspiration for creative ideas. Seeing your designs in different contexts can spark new concepts for marketing campaigns or design projects.

Before using Placeit or any other platform, it’s essential to consider your specific needs, the licensing terms, and the overall suitability of the service for your projects. Always review the latest features and options on the Placeit website to make informed decisions based on the current offerings.

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Start making t-shirt mockup videos today!

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