The iPhone 6 is bringing sexy back. Its sleek design and retina display are gorgeous. It is a huge step up from its predecessors, adopting the curved edges of an iPad and giving us a bigger and better display. The iPhone 5 looks clunky and outdated compared to the iPhone 6.  With everyone clamoring for one, we had to get one right away to make the best iPhone mockup out there just for you. Now you don’t have to go and buy the $200 phone for your mockups. Here are our 5 best iPhone 6 mockups.

1. For the Party People

This is one of the best iPhone 6 mockups for social apps. This gorgeous shot really displays all of the iPhone’s best qualities. You get a great view of the size of the phone and its sleek design. It is set up at a party in the middle of a beer pong game. The lighting is perfect; coming from in between the classic red party cup and a beer bottle. You can use this to show off the next best thing for the avid party-goer. Truly though, when have you seen beer pong look this classy?

iPhone Mockup iPhone 6 at a Party

2. The Perfect in-Office Shot

The must have in-office mockup is now available for the iPhone 6. There is a huge market for people who need apps to help get them through the day; apps that keep their life and job organized. These apps always look best in an office or work setting. The great angles on this mockup give you a really clean setting. You can really get the background to work for you here without having it distract from the screen shot present on the phone.

iPhone on an Office Table

4. The Great Outdoors

There are some really cool hiking and outdoors app out there but there are not enough mockups for them. We have a great outside shot of the iPhone 6 on a wooden bench for the crowd that loves being outside. This is for the runners, hikers, and campers. The shot is really organic, and the wooden bench and bright green grass play perfectly together. The iPhone 6 looks spectacular on the sunlit bench and is casting a long shadow. You can use this for all kinds of screenshots and has so far been a crowd favorite.

White iPhone Outdoors on a Wooden Table

5. The iPhone 6 on any background you want

In the event that you can’t find a stage with the perfect background, we have an option to pick from a set of various backgrounds so you can find the one that best showcases your app. If you still can’t find something that you are impressed by we have a transparent background so you get a mockup of just the hand and phone. The iPhone 6 gives you much more space on the screen so you can fit bigger, higher resolution, screenshots on the phone. This stage also gives you a great wide shot of the backgrounds to really set the mood. With the iPhone 6’s new camera this is a good place to show off a photography app.

White iPhone 6 Mockup in a Hallway

These really are the best iPhone 6 mockups around. They are clean, beautiful backdrops for your mockups. Not to mention they are some of the first. You can really take full advantage of these mockups to enhance any app design you have.

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