In this series, we’ll share the best resources, apps, tips and guides to improve your app marketing strategy. We’ll go through all the options available and select the best apps and guides so you don’t spend hours on it and can get right to work.

It doesn’t matter if you’re deep into your app’s promotion or just getting started, this app marketing guide will be your best bet at staying at the top of your game. App marketing is no longer an option but a requirement for any app to be successful, be it for iOS or Android.

Monetization and Ad Networks

Monetization is the key to the game, especially if your app is free. After all, making apps is a business that you have to sustain somehow. Developing apps is exciting, and sometimes makes us forget the tough side: how to make money off them. These links will help you monetize your app.

There are many tools and networks available because monetization is not a straight forward game, but we have carefully selected a few that should make your life easier. First, you should read the following guide:

Now that you are ready to take the next step, we have compiled a few monetization tools and the best ad networks you can join to really make the best out of your app.


Monetizing a paid app versus monetizing a free app are two very different things. It’s important to create a monetization strategy that is specifically (and carefully) designed for your app. That way, you can maximize your success while keeping your customers happy.

  • Avocarrot – Review coming soon
  • Kiip – Review coming soon
  • Smaato – Review coming soon

Each one of these tools is different from the other, so make sure to study their features before selecting one. They are all, however, highly recommended.

Ad Networks

One of the best ways to monetize your app is to be part of an ad network, adding valuable income for every ad seen in your app. The best side of ad networks is that your app wins too, because you get advertised on other people’s apps. They work like a community. A community of winners.

From these, the ones that stand up the most (and the ones you should check out first) are AdMob and iAd. Why? Because they are the ad networks from Google and Apple, respectively.

However, the other networks are very powerful too. Tap for Tap, for example, helps you exchange views with other great apps with similar audiences. That way, you are both growing your customer base but also gaining ad revenue.

Whichever strategy you choose, monetizing your app carefully is an essential part of the app development cycle. Plan it carefully and check all available options.


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